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This idea came about while I was writing Terra and Aqua's journal/diary, respectively, for Moments Gone Wrong. Let's just say that Ven and Vanitas are really nosy people. What you're going to see in this fic are excerpts that I wrote, but didn't make the cut or are only summarized in MGW. The little excepts left a lot to be desired because I could only give opinions and the like, and I thought that those of you who are reading MGW would like a full story about those entries. So, this fic came to be. And it's been stuck in my head since I started writing.

A little about the title. More Than You Know refers to the fact that most of the stories are going to have personal entries from Terra and Aqua, often about each other. And you don't really read other people's diary or journal (unless you're Ven and Vanitas), so they'll never know what the one has written about the other. Or how they feel about each other. So I really hope that you guys enjoy it! And please leave a review, it makes my day! =D

Year 1, March 15th

My name is Terra. I am seven years old. I was picked by some guy- er, Master Eraqus- to be something called a keyblade wielder. That's okay, I guess. But only if my keyblade is as cool as his. I start training today, and- Why am I writing this? Only girls keep diaries. But this guy keeps telling me to keep track of what I'm thinking. So I guess I have to do this…

Year 1, May 4th

It's been a while. Every day is the same. Wake up early, training, play by myself until it's time to go to sleep… I'm the only apprentice in the Land of Departure. That's where I live now. And… Do I really have to keep a diary? I'm a boy. Boys don't write down their feelings.

Year 1, September 22nd

Master Eraqus asked if I kept this stupid thing up to date. I can't lie to him. He told me to write about my day. So… I'm doing good in training. I made a wooden keyblade so I can practice. He thinks I'll be best at attacking and strength. Still the only apprentice.

Year 1, November 3rd

Started magic today. I don't want to write about it. It snowed last night. I couldn't go out because the Master was busy. Sometimes I wish there was someone else here…

Year 2, March 14th

It's been a year. Hard to believe. Master Eraqus offered to take me home for a visit, but I said no. I don't want to go back there…

Year 2, April 21st

Spring is here. Still can't do anything outside. I'm so bored. I really wish that there was someone else to at least talk to… Maybe I'll ask Master Eraqus if he'd think about taking on another apprentice tomorrow…

It was the beginning of another beautiful day in the Land of Departure, rain clouds finally giving way to rays of sunshine that spread across the morning horizon. Flowers had begun to dot the now green, grassy hillsides, and a soft warm breeze was making the blades dance. A black haired man stood at the window and smiled softly at the beginning of a new day.

"Master Eraqus?" a tiny, hesitant voice came from behind him. Eraqus quickly turned around to see his young apprentice standing in the doorway. The boy was seven years old, nearly eight, with chocolate brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. He had a determination that was unwavering, and a spirit that never seemed to die. Eraqus had chosen him just a little over a year ago to be his first apprentice.

"Yes, Terra? Is there something you need?" he asked the boy kindly, motioning with his hand to signal to the boy that it was alright to enter.

"No…" Terra responded, walking over and stopping once he was at his Master's side. Eraqus frowned.

"Is something the matter?" Terra shook his head.

"No, that's not it either…" Eraqus placed a comforting hand on the young boy's shoulder.


"It's just…nothing." The young boy replied, averting his eyes before he looked back at his Master. "Can we do some training today? It's finally nice out again." Terra's eyes were hopeful, and Eraqus smiled once again.

"Of course. I think that we can continue training today. I apologize for not having more time lately." The brunette smiled, although it didn't completely reach his eyes.

"It's okay. I understand." He told his Master. Eraqus nodded.

"Well, then. Go and get ready, Terra." He told the boy. "I think that it is time to learn something new." Terra's eyes quickly lit up and he smiled once more before he turned and sprinted from the room. Eraqus smiled as he watched the boy leave the room before he turned to the window. His smile became a slight frown.

His young apprentice had meant to ask him about something else, that he knew for certain. But what was it? It was true that he had not had much time for the boy in past weeks, as one of the worlds had been in trouble. It had consumed most of his time, and Terra had been left to fend for himself. It hadn't seemed fair to leave the boy alone, but it could not be helped. Eraqus noticed that he was becoming more and more solitary as time went on.

Eraqus sighed, and then froze. Had that been what Terra had come to talk to him about? The boy was rarely at a loss for words, and yet he had not been able to speak his mind.

'Is he lonely?' he mused to himself quietly. 'Does he wish for someone else to be here?'

His mind made up, he turned from the window and walked from the room. He would ask his young apprentice if that held true. If it did… It was time for him to start thinking about preparing for a new apprentice.

Training with Terra had gone well, as most of the sessions now did. Eraqus had been teaching the boy a new way to disarm his opponents with the wooden keyblade the brunette had carved by himself. Physical moves seemed to be Terra's specialty. When Eraqus had tried to teach him magic, the result had been less than desirable, and they had stayed away from lessons like that ever since. Eraqus smiled as he watched the young boy flop backwards onto the grass, exhausted from training.

"Terra?" Eraqus called to him. The boy lifted his head off of the ground to look at him.

"Yes, Master Eraqus?" Terra asked curiously.

"I am thinking about going to look for a second apprentice. What do you think? Would you like to have someone else here?" Eraqus watched as Terra's face went from confusion, to surprise, and finally settled on joy.

"That would be awesome!" He quickly jumped up and ran to his Master. "When? Is it a boy? Or a girl? I hope it's a boy, girls complain too much. Where are they from? What's their name? How old are they? Why-"

"Terra, calm down." The black haired man chuckled, and put a restraining hand on the boy's shoulder. "I do not know if it will be a girl or a boy. I do not know where they will come from or how old they are, or what their name is." He watched as Terra's face fell.

"Oh. But-"

"As for when… Would you like to go tomorrow? We will travel to other worlds looking for someone who has a good heart, and a strong will. I do not know the answers to your questions because I do not even know them myself." He explained.

"Tomorrow? I get to go?" Terra asked, his excitement back once again.

"Yes, of course. This person will be living here with us. He or she will be your new training partner, possibly a good friend. It is important that you are comfortable with this decision." The boy's smile widened.

"I can't wait! I can show them around the castle, the library, the training courts…"

'It seems as if I was correct.' Eraqus thought to himself as Terra's voice faded into the background. 'He was lonely. But that has now passed. Now, it is time to ready myself and the castle for a new apprentice.'

Year 2, April 22nd

I can't believe it. Tomorrow, Master Eraqus said that he would be looking for a new apprentice. That means someone to talk to around my own age, someone to train with… And he wants my help in deciding! I really can't wait…

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