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Year 2, April 23rd

So… There's a new apprentice now! Her name is Aqua. That's right… HER. The new apprentice is a girl. And I am more than okay with that. I actually like her. Not like like her. I mean, girls are gross, and they complain way too much. I just like her. She's nice. And pretty. Oh no, I said the 'p' word… I know I said that I wanted this apprentice to be a boy, but…

True to his word, Master Eraqus and Terra had left the Land of Departure the next morning in the search of a new apprentice. However, it had been more than half the day and they still had not found one. There had been plenty of prospective apprentices, but in the end, something had always gone wrong. It seemed to Terra that keyblade wielders were rarer than he thought.

"Master Eraqus, where are we again?" his small voice spoke up. "We've been to so many places, I can't remember." Eraqus looked down at his young apprentice and smiled gently. It had been a long day for the young brunette, and he could see that he was beginning to become disheartened.

"This world is known as Shimmering Isle." Eraqus responded with a smile, patting Terra's shoulder comfortingly as they walked on. "It is known for its blue water and white beaches." The two were currently walking along one such beach, on their way into the small village.

"Oh. There is a lot of water here." Terra observed, looking up at him, and the black haired man chuckled softly. "Do you think that we'll find someone?" Eraqus looked back up and sighed.

"I hope so, Terra." He told the boy, before beginning their walk once again.

It was nearing sunset when Master and apprentice made it to the little sea-side village. It was clear to Eraqus that Terra was tired and disheartened. It was about time that they thought about leaving the world and heading home, even if it meant arriving at the castle empty handed.

The two made it as far as the square before they were stopped. A small crowd had gathered in it, making it impossible to see what was happening. They heard what sounded like yelling, followed by laughing. Eraqus pushed his way through the crowd that had gathered, pulling Terra along with him, until he had reached the front edge.

In the middle of the square stood a young girl, looking at the crowd through frightened, yet determined ocean blue eyes. She looked to be about seven years old, with bright blue hair and a pale complexion. Her fists were clenched at her sides, and there was a defiant glint in her eyes. Terra couldn't help but smile. Eraqus looked down at his young apprentice and smiled as well.

'So Terra feels what I am feeling from this girl.' He thought to himself with a satisfied sigh. 'I think that we both know that she is the one. It is about time.'

It happened so quickly that neither Master nor current apprentice had time to act. A blonde haired boy who had been standing around the edge of the crowd had marched up to the girl and hit her across the face. Terra watched in disbelief as the girl fell over, hitting the ground hard.

"You get what you deserve, you blue-haired freak." The young boy sneered at her. "Why don't you go somewhere else where no one can see you?" Terra took a small step forward.

"Master Eraqus?" Terra quietly spoke up, looking to his Master for guidance. His fists clenched when he saw that he was simply watching.

'Don't meddle in the affairs of other worlds.' Terra fumed quietly. 'How am I supposed to stand here and do nothing?' The sudden urge to protect the girl surprised the brunette. Something inside of him kept telling him to help her, no matter what the cost may be. He had never felt anything like it before. It was as if the blonde was hurting his best friend, and Terra was confused. How could he feel so strongly about a stranger?

"And what right do you have to hurt someone else? He's never done anything to you!" the girl asked, her voice strong and steady. She picked herself up, cheek already bruising. It was then that they noticed there was a young boy hiding behind her back.

"Get out of my way, you orphan." The boy sneered, shoving the girl to the side. She made no move to fight back, falling hard onto the ground yet again. "If people knew what you could actually do…"

"And who are they going to believe? You? You have no proof!" the girl screamed back, a look of fear crossing her face for the first time. The boy laughed once again before going around her, going towards the small boy. He raised his arm to grab the boy around the neck. But once again, it was the blue haired girl he got instead. She had thrown herself in front of the boy yet again. He lifted her off of the ground and threw her to the side. The blue haired girl pushed herself up and positioned herself in front of the boy yet again. She wasn't going to give up, wasn't going to let him hurt another who had done no wrong.

"Go!" she yelled to the smaller boy. He looked at her with wide eyes before he stood up and ran off, never looking back.

"Maybe I have to take care of you first. You deserve everything you get anyway." The boy continued, laughing. He raised his arm again, and walked towards her. "Maybe I should just continue until-" She squeezed her blue eyes shut, waiting for the next hit to come. It never did. Instead, a new voice reached her ears.

"Touch her again." Terra spoke in a calm voice. He had run over when the boy had raised his hand yet again, and had grabbed his arm before it could hit the girl. "Leave." The boy took one glance at the look in Terra's eyes and took off running, leaving Terra with the blue haired girl.

The girl opened her eyes and looked up at her savior. It was a boy who looked to be about seven with chocolate brown hair. For some odd reason, she felt drawn to him. There was something about him that told her she could trust him, that she needed to trust him. She was drawn to him, but she couldn't explain why. The blue haired girl looked back down at the ground, waiting to see what would come next.

"That is enough." They both heard Master Eraqus yell to the surrounding crowd. "You should all be ashamed of yourselves, letting something like this happen…"

Terra crouched down and sat in front of her as he heard his Master's voice trail off. He had to know who this girl was, and why he felt so drawn to her.

"Hi!" he started brightly. "My name's Terra. What's yours?" The girl slowly lifted her head, ocean blue eyes meeting cobalt blue eyes for the very first time. Their bond was formed the second that their eyes met.

"Aqua." She replied quietly, her eyes guarded.

"Oh, wow. It fits you really well. You know, with your blue hair and eyes. Not to mention you live on an island. It's pretty. And so are you." Terra saw shock flit across her eyes.

"Thank you." A small smile graced her pink lips as she blushed. Her eyes lit up, all traces of wariness gone. Terra smiled widely back, rubbing his nose, a small blush forming on his cheeks.

"How old are you?" he asked in return. He didn't notice Master Eraqus watching the two with a small smile on his face.

"I just turned seven. My birthday was on April fourteenth." She told him, once again looking down at the ground.

"Really? I'm seven too! But I'll turn eight on May eighth." He saw her nod, and he frowned. "What was going on just now? Why was that blonde boy trying to hurt you and the other boy?" She shrugged her shoulders.

"He's a bully. And people don't like me. There's no need for me here. But I couldn't let that boy be hurt, I had to do something. It's been like this ever since my parents left…" She trailed off, not finishing her sentence. "But thank you. For helping me."

"You're welcome!" he replied before standing up, and offering her a hand. After a moment, she smiled once again, and let him help her up. Her eyes met his once again, and Terra knew that she was the one they were looking for. Aqua would be the new apprentice. Even after all that she had been through, she was smiling.

"Hey, wait here for a minute, okay?" he asked her. He waited until she nodded before he ran back to Master Eraqus. The black haired man looked at him curiously, a soft smile on his face.

"It's her." Terra told Eraqus confidently, smiling widely.

"Oh? Are you sure, Terra?" Eraqus looked over to where the girl stood, watching them cautiously from afar. He knew that he felt the same thing that Terra felt, even if the brunette did not know what exactly it was. He knew she would make an amazing apprentice. There was a strong light in her heart, and he knew it would not waver. It took a strong will and determination to do what she had done. And when she had not retaliated against that boy, even after all that he had done to her, Eraqus was sure. If the brunette had not suggested that it was her, he himself would have.

"Yes. She's so nice, Master Eraqus. Even after what that boy did to her… I know we'll make a good team. And all I had to do was see her, and I felt like she was the one, that there was a connection… I don't know how to explain it…"

"But I thought that you wished for the new apprentice to be a boy, Terra."

"I don't care. I want her. It can't be anyone but her. It's just….ugh, I don't know how to explain it! She just… fits."

"Alright, Terra. If she wishes to join us, then she shall be the new apprentice." Terra's smile widened and he grabbed his Master's arm, dragging Eraqus back to where Aqua was waiting.

"Aqua, this is Master Eraqus." He explained to the girl as Eraqus offered her a smile.

"Hello, Aqua." He greeted her gently, a comforting smile on his face. Once again, the same thing that had told her to trust Terra told her to trust this man.

"Hello, Master Eraqus." She answered quietly, eyes curious but hesitant.

"Aqua, there are many worlds out there beside your own, and they all need protection. That it my job, and one day it will be Terra's as well. And possibly yours." He explained, watching as her face lit up in wonder. "Would you perhaps like to come with us to train to become a Keyblade Master, and keep peace between the worlds?"

Terra crossed his fingers and let out a sigh of relief when Aqua nodded her head. Eraqus smiled and summoned his keyblade, chuckling at the stunned look on her face. He knelt down on one knee and offered her the hilt, which she hesitantly wrapped her small hand around. She gasped as she felt the blade transfer its power.

"In your hand, take this key." Eraqus began, and Terra smiled. "So long as you have the makings then through this simple act of taking its wielder you shall one day be." The brunette paid little attention to the rest of the speech, already beginning to imagine all the things that he would be able to show Aqua back at the Land of Departure.

As soon as the last word was spoken, the keyblade disappeared, and Eraqus stood up. Terra shook himself out of his daydream and grabbed hold of Aqua's hand before he pulled her off towards the beach.

"Let's go home."

It makes me so mad when I think about how that boy treated her. How can someone do that to someone else? It's not right. But it's over now. Now she has me and the Master. But I promise you now, Aqua, that I will NEVER let anything or anyone hurt you ever again.

22nd of April, Year 1

Master Eraqus handed me this book when we arrived at the Land of Departure today. He told me to write down anything that I wanted. So, my name is Aqua. I am seven years old. And today I was made a keyblade apprentice to Master Eraqus. He is very nice, and I think that I will like being an apprentice here. I live here now with him and Terra. I can't believe that I get to live here! I even have my own room. And I really like Terra. Not like like him. Boys are gross, and they never listen. But I think we can be really good friends. I can't wait! Terra… I owe him a lot. But I will prove that I am worth something, that they can both be proud of me. I just want to be everything that they expect and more. I don't want to be a mistake. Not anymore.

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