If Only You'd Just Say You Love Me

By Bojack727

Chapter One: Brave Hayami

Hayami stood outside in on the deck of his house on the sea shore. He glanced sadly towards the ocean. The Bounty hunter watched the sun setting slowly into the ocean, staining slightly with crimson and pink as the sun itself was becoming a dark red ball of fire.

He had built a house there, on the ocean, after the war with Zorndyke had ended. Lots of lives had been lost and lots of buildings had been destroyed, but now he found his own separate piece through solitude, or at least he thought at first…

"She's out there." He thought to himself, remembering the strange but exotic 'fish-girl' called Muteo during the siege of Tokyo Harbor.

He remembered how she was suffocating when she fell out of that crawfish- shaped robot after he had broken it; he had picked her up and put her back in the water.

It made Kino mad, she didn't understand why he did it, and he didn't understand why he did it. Except that it seemed so tragic for such an exotic and lovely creature to die. She was like a wild animal at first, she was probably afraid of his touch, she bit him, but then when he put her back in the water, she looked at him quietly and just made a strange chirp- like sound and then swam off.

Lovely? Was that a word he could use for her? "Yes it is." He told himself in his mind as he pictured her gliding through the water like she was flying in the air. He could se her there in the Endless Blue.

Muteo was his beautiful 'Sea Queen', a lovely maiden of the sea, unspoiled by the blight of the surface world, she was a beautiful child of the ocean.

He longed for a chance to see her again, if only for just a moment. "But we don't even speak the same language." A more rational part of his mind told him. "What if she doesn't have these feelings for you, it's not very realistic to imagine an entire relationship just on a feeling that you don't even know is mutual."

Then the bolder part of his mind chimed in to defy the first voice. "What if she does share this feeling with me, then I'd be happy. But I think, even if she doesn't, then at least I'd have peace of mind." He told himself, sighing.

Hayami pulled up a deck chair and sat down in it. He contemplated smoking a cigarette, but lost interest before he even took it out of the carton.

He sighed. The loneliness of his life was devastating his mind and heart. It was so ironic that I could never connect with anyone in his life and then he finally did and it was with a fish-girl created by Zorndyke as part of his plan to replace humans with animal-people.

Yet through war and death, and misunderstanding, and despair, there was a singular gift to all living things- peace. This was probably what Zorndyke had wanted all along, but he decided that humans were cruel and petty and could never achieve peace between one another, and maybe he was right. But at least now, it seemed that there would be some understanding and tolerance between the humans and Zorndyke's "Children".

His only other companion in the overwhelming sea of despair was Kino, and- at best- he could only think of her as a good friend or like a little sister. But, it was Muteo that he connected with on some grand level that he could just not explain. She was his companion in this never-ending sea of unrest and waves.

He wondered to himself, why the seagulls sang, did they sing for joy, or was it despair, Hayami wondered about himself like that too.

The dark-haired man stretched himself out and leaned back in his deck chair, the gentle sound of the waves and the seagulls was rocking him slowly to sleep.

It was then that a strange sound seemed to pull him out of his haze and he sat up abruptly and looked around.

The noise was strange and alien to him, yet it was beautiful and comforting and familiar at the same time, it was like a kind of musical note that was also a word. But he knew of only one type of person who talked like that, and she hadn't been seen in a long time. "No, it can't be her." He told himself. Yet the seed of doubt in his mind forced him to get onto his feet and go see what it was.

Hayami walked over to the railing and looked down into the crystal clear waters beneath him. At first he saw nothing, just the gentle movements of the water, but then he started to distinguish something coming up to the surface.

It was shaped like a human and had yellow and white skin with white and gray hair and finned elfish ears.

It was her!

Hayami could now distinguish the figure of the girl he been thinking about for so long. "Muteo?" He managed to utter, barley above a whisper.

The beautiful siren looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. "Ha-Ya-Mi." She said to him simply. "Brave Ha-Hayami?" She then added. Trying with some difficulty to mimic the speech that she had heard the humans speak before.

"Muteo?!" He said in a gasp, preparing to jump over the railing, even though he was fully dressed.

The fish-girl watched quizzically as Hayami threw off his shoes and jumped over the railing and landed into the water with a splash.

Hayami came back up to the surface and joined her, their, floating in the water across from her, though the ground was only, at most, about two feet beneath his feet.

"Hayami." She said as she slid over to him and pressed a finger gently against the muscled surface of his wet chest.

"Yes, Muteo?" The man asked her desperately.

"Muteo has wanted to see Hayami." She said to him, first pointing at herself and then at him.

"I've wanted to see you too, Muteo…" He said hesitantly, reaching his hand out towards her. He touched the tips of his fingers gently against the soft, wet surface of her cheek.

Hayami then took her hand and led her under the deck where the shade was better; he stopped once he could feel the soft sand under against the flesh of the bottom of his feet.

The fish girl just continued to drift above the sand gently.

Hayami was surprised when she took his hand placed in on her chest, where her heart was. Still holding his hand in place, she looked up at him and began to speak. "Muteo has looked for you for… long time. She… wants to tell you that she wants Brave Hayami to be with her."

Hayami's heart skipped a beat. He took her other hand and pressed it against his chest, where his heart was. He nervously began to speak. "I want to be with you also, and I want to be with me." He said to her with lump in his throat.

It was then that Muteo drifted toward him and rested her head against his chest and made a gentle cuing sound. "Hayami?" She asked him, without looking up.

"Yes?" He replied.

"What is the human word for when you only want to be with just one other who makes you feel warm inside?" She asked him softly.

Hayami bit his lip; he knew what the word was, he knew because that was the way he felt. Yet, he had been a mercenary for so many years, he was almost afraid that he had forgotten what the word meant and what the feeling was like. To be with someone ells and to only want to do nothing more than to make them completely happy, and then that makes you so happy that you could almost fly.

"Love…" He managed to utter into her ear, his eyes were now closed tightly.

Muteo smiled. "Yes, Muteo likes that word. Muteo know that she loves Hayami." She then added.

Hayami was in heaven, yet his heart has going a million miles an hour and his head was spinning. "I love you too, Muteo…" He said, his voice quaking as he spoke.

This was extremely difficult for him, he was completely unaccustomed to expressing himself like this to another.

He opened his eyes and looked down at her, she was now looking up at him.

Still embracing her, he began to lean his face forward, trembling as he tried to bring his lips towards her.

As if in response, Muteo seemed to recognize his gesture and lifted her face towards his.

She had seen humans do this before and had always secretly wanted to do this, especially now with her "Brave Hayami". Muteo didn't care if he was a human, it was what was in his heart that counted, and what was in hers.

Hayami himself was terrified, but he'd be damned if he was going to back away from the prefect moment with the beautiful pail-skinned naiad* before him.

So, with no regrets, he leaned in and pressed his lips softly against hers, savoring the soft salty taste of her lips. He soon felt her returning the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him.

It was extremely stimulating to feel the combination of the water and the coolness of her body pressed against him, it was driving him wild, but then, he finally pulled back from her. "Muteo, I love you, but I want to take this slowly, I'm not ready to go too far just yet, but I'll never leave you now that we've found each other." He told her, he was almost on the verge of crying from joy.

Muteo looked up at him and smiled. "Muteo can wait; I love you, Hayami, so much." She said to him.

Hayami couldn't help it now, he did cry, but they were tears of happiness.

Muteo liked the feeling of being so near to the male she loved, but she heard him sobbing gently.

"What's wrong, are you sad?" She asked him with concern in her dark eyes.

Hayami stopped sobbing and smiled at her, looking deep into the crimson eyes of his love. "It's okay, Muteo, these are tears of joy, I'm so happy to see you that it overwhelms me with joy and love." He told her as he pulled her to him and held her there, not wanting to let her go, lest this all be some wonderful dream that he might wake up from.

He looked down again at her beautiful, exotic face and then he was certain. "This was not a dream." He told himself silently. "I'm awake, I'm finally awake."

He didn't care that she wasn't human, that was nothing more than a drop in the ocean to him, he could bare it, bow that he had found the missing peace of himself.

Hayami felt complete now, the feeling was amazing and overwhelming at the same time. "Follow me." He said to her, almost whispering.

Muteo then gently glided after him through the shallow waters as he made his way onto the shallow waters and onto the shoreline. But when he looked back over his shoulder, he saw that she seemed hesitant to follow him. He then realized what the problem was. "You've never really been out of the water have you?" He asked her gently.

She seemed to blush slightly. "Muteo not much good at walking like Hayami." She said hesitantly.

She was then rather surprised, but no upset, when he walked back into the water and scooped her up into his arms, being very gentle with her. "Then Hayami will carry you." He said with a smile as he cradled her smaller frame in his arms and then leaned over and kissed her again.

Muteo reveled in the feeling of being so close to his body; she loved the warmth that came from his skin.

He carried her into the house with ease and brought her out onto the deck and set her down on down on the deck chair he had used earlier.

He then slipped back into the house. Muteo waited there quietly while he was gone, dangling her legs over the side of the chair. She made a decision. She wanted Hayami to teach her how to walk on land. She wanted to be able to do that, to walk with him, one day.

Hayami then stepped back outside, carrying a blanket. "I thought you might like to watch the sunset, so I brought this out so I could join you." He said to her, as he sat down on smooth surface of the deck and looked at the dying sun.

"Why does Hayami need a cover?" She asked curiously, resting her chin in her hand.

"Because, I'm warm blooded, and it'll start getting colder soon." He said to her with a smile.

"Muteo has warm blood in her, she just likes the cool waters. But Hayami doesn't need to be cold tonight, I will warm you." She said and then slid off of the deck chair and made her way over to him and snuggled up against him.

Hayami pulled the blanket over the two of them and sighed as Muteo leaned her head on his shoulder.

The sat there silently watching the sun set that evening, till they both fell asleep together before the dark crimson rays of the sun as it finally sank into the ocean.


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*Naiads are type of water nymphs that are endowed with great beauty and charm; they are licked inexorable to the water that they live in. I think that this describes Muteo pretty well. For more info on Naiads, try http://www.bulfinch.org/fables/naiades.html. =^_^=