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What's this link? Well, it's a link to my other account of stories. I probably won't be coming out with the next blue sub for a while. So, you might want to tide yourself over with these. It's a crossover between Trigun, Read of Die, and Outlaw Star. Though it's set in an alternate version of Trigun and uses totally new ideas themes.

The reason that I'm bringing this up is that I realize that there is only so much a person can do in regards to a particular theme. And, as it is- Blue Sub has run its course for the time being. I need time off from this to work on other things and do a lot of structuring for the next storyline. But I also want to move on to something else now.

I'm not going to abandon the series, but I need to distance myself from it for a while. The time will help to give me some breathing room and allow me to explore other themes. As I pointed out, I want to structure and plan out the next Blue Sub story arc.

I hope that you- my wonderful and faithful readers- will understand this and give my other works a try in the interim. But also know that I am going to put this time to good use. So, without any more delays, go on and enjoy the 'denouement' of this story.

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Epilogue: The Setting Sun


Kino held the cup of coffee in both hands as she sat out on the deck of Hayami's house. She blew on it to try and cool it. "It's nice to get to see you again." She remarked.

Hayami nodded. "Yes, it's been almost a month since we last visited, and a lot of things have been developing." He replied, taking a small sip from his cup.

"Like what?" Kino asked, genuinely interested.

"Well, it's a bit complicated in some regards." Hayami began. "But it's very simple in other ways." He then added. He set the cup down on the table top.

"Well, it would help if you were a bit clearer on what you're trying to say." Kino explained.

Dianna walked up onto the deck. Her sleeves were rolled up and her collar was unbuttoned. Her dark vest hung open as well. The legs of her gray pants were rolled up to just below her knees.

She adjusted her hat and walked over to join them. "Kino, my dear, you'll find that men seldom make sense when they're trying to sound urbane or elegant."

Hayami sighed and acknowledged her. "Coffee?"

"No thanks, never liked the stuff." She replied and crossed her arms. "I'm fine, thank you." Kino smiled at the woman's usual mannerisms.

"Kino," Hayami began. "I know that we haven't always agreed on things, but I know that I can consider you as my friend."

"Of course," Kino replied with a nod. The girl was small, to a point that it made her look younger then she really was. She might have gotten a little taller, but not much. Her hair was continuing its downward growth, past her collar.

Hayami cleared his throat, trying to ignore the fact that Dianna didn't seem to be wearing a braw at the moment under her white shirt- which was dangerously lacking in regards to fastened buttons.

"I have something to tell you- it's about me. . . and Mutio." He began hesitantly.

As if on cue, the hybrid female rose up out of the waters in the distance and waved to the three of them.

Hayami smiled at her then turned back to Kino. "Mutio is," He paused, drawing out the moment- though not for some sort of melodramatic effect but rather for his own uncertainty. "Mutio is carrying my child- our child."

"Oh." Kino said simply and looked down at her cup again, little ripples passed through it. She then jerked her head up and looked him in the eyes. "Are you serious!"

"Oh, he's very serious- I speak from experience when I say that parents don't take these matters lightly." Dianna added in a matter-of-fact tone. A knowing smile gracing her face as she spoke.

Kino looked at her and then back at Hayami, and then towards where Mutio was, and then back at Hayami. Having come full circle, she opened her mouth and then closed it, covering it with her hand. The gesture wasn't out of disgust but more the result of an inability to articulate a proper response.

Dianna leaned forward and placed a hand on the shorter woman's shoulder comfortingly. "Well, don't just sit there, congratulate the new father." She explained with a smile.

"I- I don't know what to say." She began. She then sighed. "I guess it was inevitable." She then sat up and walked over to Hayami.

"Kino?" He spoke, straightening up.

She wiped her eyes. "Hayami, I so happy for you." She said, looking him in the eyes, the emotions in the words sounded like something between happiness and sadness.

He smiled back at her in turn. "Thank you Kino; that really means a lot to hear that from you."

Kino then looked over Dianna. "So, you knew already?" She asked.

The green-skinned woman smiled knowingly. "A mother knows these things my dear."

"So, what have you been up to all this time, did you just go walking along the beach?" Hayami asked.

Dianna smiled. "Yes, it really is very nice around here; I'm starting to like it around here- I even bought some bathing suits and everything."

Hayami took a sip from his cup and was silent for a moment. "One piece or two piece?" He asked with a slight grin.

She held up her hand. "Two piece, and it's yellow." She replied. "Real skimpy too." She added with a wink.

Dianna took a small picture out of her waistcoat pocket and put it down on the table. "Kisaki took this one of me." She explained.

Hayami glanced at the photo and Kino blushed slightly.

"You posed and everything?" Kino blurted out.

Dianna crossed her arms and blushed slightly. She adjusted her hat. "Well, if you've got it, flaunt it." She smiled at them. "He also took some of me in this little black one and this cute red one too." Dianna gushed.

Kino sighed. "I get it." She then looked over at Hayami. "I've noticed that Mutio's started filling out some, are you gonna make her where clothes?"

Hayami just shrugged at the question.

"She's changing to adjust to the pregnancy." Dianna inserted. "This also may be natural, though it' hard to tell as I don't have any information about their growth patterns."

"I had noticed that a bit." Hayami replied. "I guess it makes sense now- she's a bit curvier and more flush then she used to be."

"And probably getting taller too, making me the shortest still." Kino complained.

Dianna smiled. "Oh, but I think you're perfect just the way you are."

Kino blushed and her eyes grew wide while Dianna simply smiled strangely.

Hayami looked at both of them. "Am I missing something here?" He asked.

"Oh, no." Dianna replied. "Everything is finally working out for all of us." She added. "In fact, I plan on doing a little traveling in the future- I'm going to see the world and try and meet a few new people while I'm at."

"Well then, to the future!" Hayami offered with a smile. For him, the gesture was even more important- for the first time in many years, Hayami felt like he had a reason to live for.

"Yes, to the future!" Kino agreed.

(- End -)

I would like to apologize for getting the Toltec's gender wrong in references. The confusion is due to the fact that he uses his mother's email. Also, the Toltec will be shipping out soon, so things will be a little quiet around here. With the story on hold for now, my function as co-author is also on hold.

As remarked above, Blue Sub has gone as far as it can go for now. I'm going to be working on some new projects, both through this name, and through my other account. I'll try and put in some tidbits in the OTHER things as an incentive, but I think that you all with like them on their own.

What do I have in the works, well that's a pretty good question. First off, I'll probably do a series featuring Dianna as the next bit of Blue Sub work. I'll also be busy planning for "World Games" in the down time as well. This will be the next Blue Sub story. Nothing is in concrete though.

My other major project "Trigun Beta" is going in to full swing soon and I'd love to have the support of all of you on it. It will be a multi genre series, so basically any theme will emerge at some point. Also, as a new idea- I will be accepting works and ideas from you guys on it as well. I encourage you to pitch me ideas for it- the help would be appreciated, from basic concepts to complete outlines and even scripts.

Looking back at myself, seeing who I was and what I now am: "Writer", "Editor", "Beta Reader", and "Co-Writer". That's a lot to have accomplished in the last four years. And I hope that there will be many more years to go.

Future Projects:

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