AN: This is the sequel to the way things could have been. I will attempt to add more romantic Charah moments and hook Casey up. Unlike my last one I have no idea where this one is headed. If you have any idea's you'd like to see happen let me know I'm good at adlibbing! The rock climbing places are real and so are the names, I'm not kidding. Thanks for your support.

Chapter 1 Learning to Fly

Chuck, Sarah, White and Eve were beginning to get restless over the past few months. Since they had taken down the Ring a good many organizations that at one time had delusions of grandeur faded away. It's not that they were giving up; they just decided that for the time being discretion was the better part of valor and backed off.

Chuck said it the best, "You can only spend so many hours a day training and having sex."

"I will agree with you on the training parts Chuck," Sarah chimed in, "But I have to disagree with you on the sex part."

"You see what you created Bill? All they talk about is sex anymore," complained Eve. "I remember the old days when Chuck was all shy and reserved and never brought up sex. He couldn't even look at a hot chick without stumbling over his tongue. Now they're like a couple of rabbits. I have to wipe down the chairs every time in come in here." Eve faked a shiver as she finished speaking.

"She's right you know," Sarah said as she jumped back into the conversation. "Ever since we caught you two doing it in here he became more daring. I like it," this was said with a laugh.

"You only caught us a few times," White said defending himself.

"It was three times in one week for crying out loud," it was Chuck's turn to join in.

"What can I say, when the mood strikes…" he was cut off by Chuck.

"Enough about sex. I've never been this idle before and it's driving me nuts."

"Chuck, I have an idea that I have been holding off on for a while now. We have several birds just sitting around waiting to be used. We have Beckman send you two to Fallon and learn to fly. They still have instructors qualified on the Cats. If anything comes up you need to take care of you can just leave."

"It sounds like fun but how will it help us in the long run?" questioned Sarah.

"Several ways, first we can make short trips on a moment's notice and not have to depend on Beckman getting us a flight. Second, I'll use Casey's current mission as an example. Casey is currently with Carina in Texas trying to stop a drug smuggling operation. They have to depend on ICE and others for their Intel. We would just have to do a few flyovers and snap pictures, same as they did in the gulf. They get better data and get it quicker."

"That sounds like it could help them out a great deal, or other agents for that matter," replied Chuck.

"The other thing is I won't have to scramble to find another wingman if we need them like we did against the Ring. If you decide to do this Sarah will need to pilot the bird and you'll ride back seat. With you special abilities you may see something that you need to report in. I can't have you hitting the side of a mountain if you get hit with a big flash," explained White. "If nothing else it's a great way of stress relief, not as good as sex of course, but close to it." That comment caused Chuck to groan and Eve and Sarah to laugh.

"You make the calls and set it up, besides I always wanted to learn to fly," Chuck added.

"I need to call Ellie and make sure we're still on for tonight. What are you and the guys gonna do?" remarked Sarah.

"Nothing as hedonistic as you three ladies I assure you," answered Chuck.

"Since when is planning our wedding hedonistic?"

White looked at Chuck and shrugged giving him a look that said it's your funeral.

"You win Sarah, were just going to hang out and plan a rock climbing thing that Devon wants to do. Now let's go home."

Later that night the couples met at Ellie's place before splitting up and heading their separate ways. The guys were dressed casual in jeans and tee shirts. The ladies were a different story. Sarah was the tamest of the group in tight jeans, black tank top and boots. Eve was sporting a black mini and red tank with low heels. Ellie was the wildest of the bunch. She was wearing skin tight black leather pants and chain belt, white belly shirt that showed off her toned abs complete with navel piercing, and boots.

Ellie's transformation had taken place over the last year, at first it was just the daring clothes when she went out with Eve and Sarah. One day after spending time at the beach with the two ladies she decided she wanted the same muscle tone and definition her friends had. They began working out together whenever they could doing cardio and martial arts. Now when the three of them strolled down the beach in their barely there bikini's all eyes were on them. Ellie found herself thinking, take that Devon.

The three ladies departed and the men started planning the trip. "Why don't we try this place Devon, its' called Sunset Boulders Goat Rock," suggested Chuck.

"I saw some pictures of it on the internet and it looks wild," added White. "Plus it's in northern California."

"How about this one, the Shredding?" asked Devon as he showed the site.

"Hell no, I'm not telling Sarah I plan on climbing the Crack Whore, Space sluts or Porn Star. Good luck with Ellie on that one."

"Yeah Devon, I can see it now. You walk up to her and say, hey babe me and the boys are gonna go climb the crack whore. You'll see stars for a week and Chuck will need to give you first aid when your ass stops bouncing across the court yard," White laughed.

"I've been meaning to ask you guys for a while now. What's up with Ellie? She's changed a lot over the last year or so."

"It's your own fault dude," began White. "When I first got here you used to prance around here bragging about how great you looked, but you never told her how good she looked. I think she was insulted. I know I was. You look good but can't save you own ass. Ellie looks great and can kick your ass. You might want to start working out with her some, show you care about what she does. We both do and it's a lot of fun."

"My sister was never self-absorbed like you get sometimes. Next time you plan a high adventure trip take her skydiving, she loves it. Leave the dopes from work and school at home. Trust me it will help."

"When did she ever skydive?" Devon was surprised by Chuck's comment. Chuck knew he had screwed up just then. He just remembered her reaction after jumping in to treat some wounded DEA agents a few months back. The roads were blocked and all the rescue helos were busy with a major accident. Sarah gave her a quick lesson prior to the jump and off they went.

"Sarah took her for a jump a few months ago, they did a tandem jump." He wasn't going to tell Devon that she had been going with them for a while; it was Ellie's secret to keep.

They looked over a few more places before deciding on Sunset Boulders. Devon had an early day at the hospital so they left him around ten and went to Chuck's to wait for the girls. It was around one o'clock when White's phone rang.

"Hey babe what's up…you need a ride…uh huh…where…see you in a bit." White was biting his tongue in an effort not to laugh. "Come on Chuck we got to bail the girls out," he grabbed his keys and headed for the door.

"Bail them out? Why they get too drunk to drive?"

"No they got locked up that's all I know. Eve said she would explain when we get there."

"This can't be good you know that right?"

White looked straight at Chuck and said, "No shit Sherlock."

At the police station they were shown to the cell that was holding the three women. To say they were a mess would be an understatement. Each of them was covered in scratches and parts of their tops were missing. Eve and Ellie had cut lips and Sarah had a black eye. White was the first to speak.

"Would you three hellcats like to explain how you ended up here looking like that?"

"It's a long story so how about you bail us out first then we explain?" Eve tried batting her eyes to look innocent but in her condition White just looked at her. Sarah was tired of waiting spoke up.

"We got tired of being hit on at the club we normally go to so I suggested someplace different. I asked around and the bartender told us about this place called Red Velvet. He assured us no guys would hit on us. I got directions and we went."

"It turns out Red Velvet is a lesbian club," added Ellie. "We went in and grabbed a table and started talking about the wedding."

"You do see the flaw in your plan right?" Chuck interjected. "Three hot babes, dressed like that going into a lesbian club?"

"In retrospect not our finest moment," Eve chimed in. "We were ok until Ellie took offense at something a chick said to her. And this is the result."

"Ellie? She started it?" Chuck was stunned.

"She called me a baby dyke and I got pissed and whacked her. Next thing we knew all hell broke loose."

"Chuck, those chicks don't fight fair. One of them tried to scratch my eyes out," explained Sarah. "It's hard to hit someone when some bitch is hanging from your back pulling your hair."

"Next thing I know, I'm on the floor in a mass of bodies. I don't even know who I was hitting I was just wailing anything I could," added Ellie.

"My shirt got ripped open when some chick tried to cop a feel and I knocked her on her ass. I don't think her girlfriend liked that too much. The last thing I remember was looking up at the biggest chick I ever saw, she must have been six four and one eighty, then lights out," Sarah added in.

"Well that explains your black eye. We'll go post bail and wait out front till they release you. Come on White lets go spring our women, I'll call Devon to come get Ellie," and they started walking away.

"Charles Bartowski if you don't get my ass out of here you will regret it. Sarah won't be around all the time to save your ass," Ellie was screaming at him.

"Just Kidding El, but the next time you guys get involved in a drunken lesbian brawl, I'm sending Devon to get you out." It didn't take too long to spring the hellcats and return home. Chuck wondered what Devon's reaction would be. Even a year later he was still trying to come to grips with the fact Ellie was different than she was in college. He dreaded the day Devon found out that Ellie had gone on a few missions with Sarah and their Mom.

The next morning the General was not a happy camper when she took in the sight of her two female agents. She was even less pleased when she heard the explanation. Beckman did like the idea of Chuck and Sarah attending the flight school and pulled some strings to get them in. One concession was made for her crew; they would not be in the regular class because they didn't need the aerial combat portion. They would just be taught how to fly the birds and use the equipment in them. It would also shorten the time they would be away. White and Eve would accompany them to the school and help out. White and Eve had great time and at one point were asked to help in the final exam portion for the regular pilots. They would be part of the aggressor squadron that the new pilots would face in mock aerial combat.

During their time at Fallon, White and Eve aided Casey and Carina by doing some reconnaissance work. They did a few flyovers and passed the pictures over to their team mates. It provided them with some routes the smugglers were using that could not be seen on the ground. By the time Chuck and Sarah finished up their training Casey and Carina had stopped a large amount of drugs from crossing into Texas. When they earned their wings White presented them with their helmets and call signs. Chuck's was easy, Flash. Sarah was a bit harder but when he membered the fight at the bar it came to him. Sarah would be called, Hellcat or Cat for short.

With another dimension added to the team, they were even more prepared to take on what was lying ahead of them.