Harry Potter, My Brother.

The author would like to thank Mogias for betaing this chapter.

Protect her

It was Halloween 1981 in a small house in Godric's Hollow. Lily Evans Potter stood over her children for the last time. Her 15-month-old son was standing in his cot and his 2-month-old-sister was snoozing just behind him. While Harry looked like James with Lily's emerald green eyes, Emma looked like Lily but with James' hazel brown eyes.

"Harry, Emma! Your mother loves you. Your father loves you. Harry James Potter. Emma Lily Potter. You are both so loved."

Lily Potter heard a creak as someone she knew and feared climbed the last of the stairs. She was all that stood in the way of him and her children.

"Harry sweetie, protect your sister. Love her and protect her, you're all she's got now."

Lily turned to face Voldemort. To face him for the fourth and final time.

"Stand aside Girl!" he sneered.

"No, I won't let you harm my children."

"Foolish Mudblood! Stand aside and I will spare you and the little girl's life."

"Leave them please, I beg you take me instead please."

"Stand aside!"


"Avada Kedavra!"

Lily Potter fell to the floor, dead. Voldemort proceeded to the children. Harry was now crying at the sudden death of his mother. His crying woke up Emma, who started wailing in turn.

"Now for the daughter to die."

Young Harry saw the wand pointed at his sister. He clumsily adjusted his position to block his sister. He wasn't sure what he was doing, for some reason he just felt the urge to keep his sister safe.

"Foolish boy." Voldemort sneered. "Fine, Harry Potter, you shall die before your sister, just like your pathetic Mudblood Mother did for you. Avada Kedavra!"

But Harry and Emma Potter did not die. The House exploded and when a half-giant searched through the wreckage, he was looking for Harry Potter but what he found was Harry hand in hand with a 2-month-old girl that no one knew existed.


Many miles away in Little Whinging, Surrey, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall were discussing the events that had led to the demise of Lord Voldemort, when out of the darkness Hagrid arrived on a flying motorbike.

"Hagrid, at last. And where did you get that motorbike?" asked Dumbledore.

"I got it off tha' Potters frien' young Sirius Black, but ne'er min' that, look at this."

The Professor's looked at the bundle in Hagrid's arm. Only to notice there were actually two bundles.

"Hagrid there is only supposed to be one baby, why do you have two?" asked McGonagall. She looked at the child with auburn red hair. "It couldn't be, could it?" she thought.

"S'a bit weird I was in tha wreckage looking fer young Harry here an' I fin' him holding the han' of young Emma here."

"Emma?" said Dumbledore

"Sirius said, he said that James an' Lily wanted ter keep Emma a secret so as a last resort she cud be protected. Fell thru' though looks like some'un close te the Potters betrayed em. Sirius said he was off ter find out who, ga'me his bike, wanted ter take both the tykes with him but I said I was under yer orders and well it took a bit of effort but I convinced him ter let me take both of em. They're both his god children."

"Who knew that Emma was born though?" Said Dumbledore

"Sirius said he knew, was apparently there two months ago, an' Remus an' Peter knew. Usual suspec's an' all. Sirius also reckoned the Potters neighbour, Professor Bagshot might'a known. Apparently she was quite friendly with them, lived just next door."

"Emma Potter" said McGonagall sadly, she was heartbroken, there were now not one but two orphans.

"Emma Lily Potter." Said Hagrid "Sirius said."

"This is a surprising development, but it doesn't change anything. I will have to write a new letter but both brother and sister need to stay with the only family they have left."

"What about Emma's identity. Should we conceal it?" inquired McGonagall.

"Both children will return to the Wizarding World when their time comes. I will inform the Minister of her existence but I will insist that this information does not go beyond her ears. She will remain secret until it is her turn to come to Hogwarts. I will make sure Millicent knows that the secret of Emma Potter does not leave the office of the Minister for Magic."

McGonagall nodded "I still don't like the idea of leaving a child with these muggles, never mind two children."

"It is for the best Minerva. The Blood Wards will keep them safe."

Dumbledore moved to take the children from Hagrid.

"Be careful Professor, Harry's still holdin' his sis'ers han'. I tried to separate em and they both woke up wailin'." Said Hagrid

Dumbledore smiled, Harry and Emma had lived through such a short amount of their lives but they showed a level of commitment to each other that he himself had failed to show his own brother and sister.

Dumbledore carefully lifted the children and placed them on the front step of number 4.

Hagrid was on the verge of tears as he saw the babies lying on the step, still hand in hand, the two children were cut off from their magical heritage.

Dumbledore quickly rewrote his letter to the Dursleys and placed it on top of Harry's blanket. "Good luck, Harry Potter. Good luck Emma Potter."