chapter 1



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Sesshomaru smirked as his eyes met his father's, nodding in his direction with a triumphant smile. He felt the strain of the past few weeks leave his body as he leant forward in his seat to sign the contract that laid on the conference table. It had taken one month, he thought, languidly scrawling his signature on the dotted line. One long, grueling month of wining, dining, and wooing, but it had been worth it. Finally, he had convinced the board members of Murasaki Co. and of course Mr. Murasaki himself, that YK Takahashi would be the firm to help them build the tallest and most luxurious set of apartment buildings to ever grace the skylines of Tokyo.

"It is a pleasure to do business with you Sesshomaru," Mr. Murasaki began, standing up from his chair as he moved to shake Sesshomaru's hand. "I see that you take after your father in both his tenacity and charm."

Sesshomaru chuckled at the compliment, rising to his feet, "Thank you Murasaki-sama."

"You should know," the older man leaned in, a twinkle in his eye, his tone hushed as to not have the other men hear. "You have only your wife to thank for this partnership."

Sesshomaru raised his brow, "Oh?" He thumbed his wedding band thoughtfully, what have you done now Rin?

"Indeed." Murasaki pulled back, resting his hand on the bamboo table, "Your wife is truly something else. A lovely young thing, isn't she? She came down to my office yesterday, demanding that I cancel all of my morning appointments so I could have a chat with her. Intrigued, I appeased her demands and we had a lovely meeting by ourselves. She said that since the proposal your company put forward weeks ago, she has not seen much of you. And, being pregnant, she needs you." He laughed as he remembered their conversation, "Your wife is utterly charming Sesshomaru, you should consider yourself lucky to have someone like her in your life."

Sesshomaru felt the corners of his mouth lift, "Thank you." It seemed that somehow Rin had managed to wrap one of Japan's most ruthless businessmen around her little finger. He gave a look over his shoulder to his father, shaking his head in disbelief, only her. Only his Rin could pull off a feat so unimaginable.

Mr. Murasaki smiled sagely, "Your Rin is truly unlike anyone I have met before in my life. If she were not already so wholly enamored with you, I would court her myself and make her wife number six."

And not only did Rin have him wrapped around her little finger, she managed to curve his womanizing habits. Amazing. Sesshomaru cleared his throat, "And do you think Rin would truly appreciate being wife number six?"

Mr. Murasaki laughed whole heartedly, thinking back to the girl, "No, perhaps not. But for a woman like her, I would ensure that there would not be a wife number seven. Does she have any sisters?" He continued eagerly, "Perhaps a widowed mother? Divorced Aunt?"

"Unfortunately no, but I'll be sure to pass along the compliment."

Murasaki nodded, "Be sure you do. Be sure you do. Take care of your wife Mr. Takahashi, she's someone you don't want to ever let go of." With a quick handshake he and the rest of his minions filed through the heavy oak doors, leaving Sesshomaru and his father in the boardroom.

Inutaisho laid a hand on Sesshomaru's shoulder, no longer able to contain his laughter. "Well," he beamed with delight, "It seems that once again, we are indebted to your wife."

Sesshomaru nodded, chuckling, "So it would seem." He picked up his phone from the desk, looking through the thirty-nine e-mails he had amassed in the almost four hour meeting. He glanced at his watch, noting the time. 6:30. "Shall I be seeing you in two weeks?" he asked as he turned to his father, grabbing his leather briefcase.

Inutaisho nodded, "Yes. Perhaps even longer." He gathered his topcoat from his chair, folding it over his forearm. "It's been a while since we've been on vacation. With you in charge and the deal with Murasaki closing, it seems that now would be a most opportune time to take one."

"Izayoi will be pleased." Sesshomaru noted, holding the door open for his father as they exited the conference room.

Inutaisho smiled, "I should hope so." He took his car keys from his pocket, his amber eyes twinkling merrily, "Thank Rin for me won't you?"

Sesshomaru smirked, tucking one hand into his pocket. He thought briefly of all the ways he intended on showing his gratitude, "Of course."


Rin stood in front of the full-length mirror, running her hands down the smooth silk. Her body was a jumble of nerves and anxiety. "What do you think?" she asked, her tone hushed as she turned to face Izayoi who sat on the edge of the leather settee.

"My dear, you look stunning," Izayoi rose from the seat, inspecting the full-length gown from a different angle. The dress was perfect, a majestic purple silk, strapless, with a jewel-encrusted empire waist. "Absolutely stunning. You'll be the talk of the town."

Rin blushed, her cheeks tinging with rose, "Oh, no," she shook her head, she didn't want that.

Izayoi laughed, her aged eyes crinkling, "Dear Rin, you must get used to having all eyes on you. That is part of the job ne?" she winked, "Besides, dressing up is one of the perks of being the wife of a Takahashi."

Rin laughed nervously, tugging on the dress, swallowing deeply. "Still, I really wish you two were coming tonight," she murmured, her voice muted by fear.

Izayoi's gaze softened, she knew how Rin felt. Being a wife to a Takahashi was certainly no walk in the park. Being a Takahashi meant being a constant figure in the public, with an overwhelming amount of pressure to look perfect, act perfect, be perfect. It would drive anyone to the brink of insanity. "Rin," she started, brushing a loose curl behind her ear, "There is no need to be nervous. You will charm the socks off of every one of those stuffy bastards in their thousand dollar suits and make your husband proud. And when you tell the world that you two will be bringing a new-life into the world, well," she waggled her finger, "Just get ready for the belly rub requests that you will be bombarded with for the remaining six months of your pregnancy."

Rin giggled, giving the older woman a hug. "Thank you," she spoke sincerely, "For everything."

Izayoi smiled fondly, Rin was like the daughter she never had. "Now," she clapped her hands together, "There is one more thing missing from your outfit." She moved towards the large vanity, opening the lid of an antique jewelry box she had brought to the hotel. She lifted a gold chain from within, a diamond encrusted locket hanging on the end.

"Oh, Izayoi," Rin whispered as Izayoi lifted her hair and placed the locket around her neck, "It's so beautiful," she spoke softly, clutching the locket to her heart.

"Yes, it was my mother's," she stepped back from the younger woman and smiled. "She gave it to me when I was sixteen, three weeks before she passed away. She told me to give it to my daughter... a heirloom of sorts. And now, it's yours."

Rin's eyes fluttered open, "No! I couldn't."

"Nonsense," Izayoi waved her hands, "I choose to give it to you Rin. You should know by now that I consider you to be my daughter, a part of my family."

Rin's eyes began to water at the thought, family, she finally had a family." Thank you Izayoi-sama." She caressed the locket with her fingers, holding it delicately as if it were made of snow, "I'll treasure this forever."

"No more crying Rin," Izayoi reminded her softly, tears welling up in her own eyes. "You'll only ruin your make-up." She laughed, gently dabbing the corners of her eyes with her fingertips, "Kami only knows how long it took to get your eyes perfect."

Rin laughed, throwing her arms around Izayoi, "Thank you."

Izayoi hugged her back, "Of course."

"Oh boy, what have we got here?" Inutaisho asked as he walked into the bedroom, tucking his hands into his pockets. "Now why are my two favorite women crying?"

Rin sniffed and pulled away from the embrace first. "It's just the hormones," she explained with a giggle, wiping away her tears.

"Oh dear, I certainly remember this part from Izayoi's pregnancy," Inutaisho replied, taking his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe Rin's eyes. "And now comes the part that you request ramen, ice-cream, pickled orange juice and toilet paper for a light midnight snack."

Izayoi laughed, swatting her husband lightly on his arm, "Don't listen to him love, he's exaggerating." She wrapped her arm around his waist, "Besides, it was pickled apple juice."

"Ah, yes, of course. I've a horrible memory." He joked, pressing a kiss onto Izayoi's temple. "Also Rin, speaking nothing of the sort, it would seem that I am once again indebted to you."

"Oh?" Izayoi's curiosity peeked, "What did you do now Rin?"

Rin blushed, "Nothing really," she waved her hand, playing it off.

"Nothing?" Inutaisho laughed, "She managed to wrap Murasaki-sama around her little finger! He's utterly in love with you, you know."

Izayoi raised a brow. Mr. Murasaki was known among their social circle for his infamous ways with women, "That womanizing pig?"

"Indeed." He held Rin's left hand, "He's even requested for her hand in marriage."

Rin laughed, "Oh, I'm sure Sesshomaru was pleased with that."

"He was actually quite delighted." Inutaisho smirked, jesting, "I don't know how you did it my dear. You must teach me the way of the Rin."

Rin paused thoughtfully, "Well," she began playfully, "I think you must first become a woman and wear a very revealing dress. Perhaps red, it seemed to do the trick."

Inutaisho raised a brow, "My dear, please tell me you are joking."

Rin giggled, "Of course Inutaisho-sama." She blushed, "I'm not exactly sure of what I said to him actually. Something along the lines of missing Sesshomaru and impending motherhood."

"Well, whatever you said to him worked. For that, you can expect large bouquets of roses to be delivered to your home at various hours of the day for the next month."

"Sending flowers to my wife father?" Sesshomaru asked, leaning against the doorframe. He had arrived at the hotel moments ago, going through the back doors to avoid the growing crowd lingering throughout the hotel lobby. When he had reached the suite he had only wanted to spend some alone time with his wife before the ball but nevertheless, fate had other plans.

"Well someone has to," retorted Inutaisho, smiling as Rin began to blush deeply at Sesshomaru's gaze. "We better get going, ne Izayoi? The plane won't wait for us forever."

"Yes, goodbye my dear," she brushed a kiss against Rin's warmed cheek, "Have fun tonight."

"Thank you," Rin murmured, "Have fun in paradise."

"Always," Inutaisho nodded his head at Sesshomaru, wrapping his hand around Izayoi's. "What do you think the chances are of that dress staying on?" he asked, whispering into his wife's ear.

Izayoi laughed, swatting her husband's arm. "Inutaisho," she chided, turning to the pair in front of her. "Goodbye you two. Have fun, and Sesshomaru darling," she patted his cheek affectionately, a gesture she wouldn't have dared years ago. "Don't allow your dear little wife to be mobbed by the hordes of greedy guses waiting for their next big paycheck."

Sesshomaru chuckled, "Of course Izayoi, enjoy your vacation," he kissed her cheek before shaking his father's hand.

Once they left the grand room and headed into the elevator, Izayoi leaned against her husband, thinking back to the look Sesshomaru had given Rin. "Two minutes," she told him, a sparkle in her eye, "Tops."

Inside the room Sesshomaru stood, gazing at his small wife. "You look beautiful," he told her as he walked closer, cupping her chin with his fingers, tilting her head upwards. Her cheeks were flame-red, her eyes refusing to meet his gaze.

"Rin," he murmured, his tone strict yet soft, "Look at me when I speak to you."

"Sorry," she briefly peeked up her chocolate orbs to catch his amber ones, only to settle her gaze on his tie.

Sesshomaru laughed, slowly, fondly. They had been married for nearly ten months, together for more than a year before then and yet, she blushed as deeply and as easily as the day they had first met. Adorable, he thought, catching her soft lips with his.

Rin was hesitant at first, worries of wrinkling his suit fluttering through her mind. Yet, those lips were so strong, so hungry, so sinfully delicious. They were impossible to resist. Rin whimpered, her knees buckling as his lips were remained against hers, plying her to submit to her desire. In a matter of seconds she moaned into the embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck. Sesshomaru smirked as he lifted her small body off the floor, her lithe legs, impossibly long for someone so small, wrapping around his waist. "Sesshomaru," she whispered, eskimo kissing his nose with hers, "I've missed you."

Sesshomaru smiled, "As I've missed you." He laid her onto the bed, looking at her hungrily, running his hand down her soft curves. I want her, he thought, his hand already finding the zipper to her dress. He cursed as he briefly caught sight of his watch, seven o'clock. Damn it to hell. The event was set to start for 7:30. It was at times like this that he cursed his self-control. He fisted the silk sheets beneath them, "As much as it pains me to say," he whispered hoarsely, "We have a ball to attend in a half-an-hour."

Rin pouted, her lips swollen, her cheeks flush with desire. "It would only take ten minutes," she suggested, moving onto her elbows to nuzzle his cheek. Her small, delicate hands played with his jaw, "Please?"

Sesshomaru laughed, running his fingers through her midnight tresses, "Rin, it, would take longer than ten minutes with what I had in mind."

"Oh," she blushed deeply, her interest piqued. She looked up at him beneath long lashes, "Really?"

"Really," Sesshomaru brushed his lips against once more, "For you see, my wife has once again charmed my clients into signing their contracts."

Rin giggled, lying on her back, enjoying his ministrations. She played along, feigning innocence, "Oh really?"

"Really." Sesshomaru moved down to kiss her collarbone, "For that, I am but indebted to please her like a queen."

She blinked, thinking to the last time when she had inadvertently helped to convince the president of Shoji Enterprises to sign a two-year contract. "Ah," she blushed, "That would take much longer than ten minutes."

Sesshomaru smirked, kissing her on the forehead before he rose from the bed. "I'm going to take a shower," he told her, unknotting his tie and removing off his suit jacket, setting it next to her on the bed. He glanced back at Rin, her long dark-chocolate hair creating a halo as she laid against the white silk. Internally he groaned, a very cold shower.

"Ok," Rin smiled as she sat up and grabbed his suit jacket, his scent almost overwhelming. An intoxicating, masculine mixture of bergamot, cedar, white ginger, white pepper, cedar wood and tonka beans. That was Sesshomaru's scent. Rin grinned, pulling the jacket over herself. She would have to remember to buy him another bottle of his cologne, the smell alone was intoxicating.

In the shower Sesshomaru cursed himself once more. Why had he turned her down? He sighed, frustrated with the lack of alone time he had with Rin. Nine days, he thought bitterly, cranking the dial to cold, it had been nine days since he had her. The water felt like ice, the numbness almost unbearable. He growled, agitated as he grabbed the shampoo bottle from the side.

How he missed her.

When he finished showering he looked out the bathroom door to the bedroom. Rin had curled up on the centre of the large bed, using his jacket as a blanket. Beautiful, he thought, resisting the urge to gather her in his arms and ravish her. He curled his hands up into fists in an attempt to prevent himself from touching her. She looked so small, so delicate. He gave a resounding sigh, admiring her form. His navy suit jacket covered most of her body, only her head peaked out as she lay against her cheek. She was daydreaming, her eyes glazed, her painted lips parted as she traced figures onto the bed sheets.

So goddamn beautiful.

He had waited long enough. It was decided then, his self-control be damned, he missed his wife.

"Cold?" Sesshomaru asked, his baritone low and seductive. He strode back into the room, wearing nothing but a towel that hung dangerously low.

Rin sat up in surprise, blushing, again. "Um," her voice broke, "Yes," she averted her gaze from his half-naked form, her cheeks flaming red. He's so handsome.

"Rin." His silky baritone voice came from behind her, "Look at me."

Rin turned to face him hesitantly, swallowing at the delectable sight in front of her. A god, she thought, his beauty was otherworldly. Sesshomaru smirked when he caught her gaze, letting the towel drop to the pashmina floor. Rin's eyes widened as he did, looking down immediately to her hands.

"You're so red," Sesshomaru remarked teasingly, walking over to cup her face, "Perhaps you're becoming ill?" he mused, pressing soft kisses onto her flushed visage. So soft, he thought, running his hands over her frame, so perfect.

Rin whined in restrained pleasure, "Maybe," she replied, arching her back in delight.

Sesshomaru smirked, maneuvering her to lie down onto the king-sized bed, him on top of her, resting on his forearm to leave a small amount of space between them.

"You smell nice," she told him, cuddling in the crook of his neck, "New soap?"

Sesshomaru chuckled, kissing her collarbone, "I'm unsure of what it is."

"That's a shame," Rin reached up and caught his face in her two dainty hands, brushing his bangs to the side. "Hello," she greeted gently, running her fingers across his lips.

Sesshomaru raised an elegantly arched brow, "Hello," he replied, moving down her petite frame, until his cheek lay against the growing bump. "Hello," he repeated, whispering to their child in a hushed tone, kissing her belly. Rin giggled, leaning up onto her elbows. Her eyes began to mist as she watched the tender moment of Sesshomaru and their future child, her breath taken away when he smiled up at her. He rubbed her belly affectionately, making his way back up to kiss her lips.

She tilted her head to the side, "Sesshomaru," she requested, all but in a breathy whisper, "Make love to me," she pleaded, her eyes catching his. She ached for his touch, his kisses. Sesshomaru groaned, ball be damned, leaning his head down to take her lips, hungrily, his long silver hair forming a curtain around them. Almost viciously Rin gripped his toned arms, running her hands all over the length of his form. Sesshomaru grunted in response, caressing her soft skin, placing sweet kisses along her body.

"Rin," he whispered harshly, gripping her soft waist. She was intoxicating; his weakness, his drug.

"Sesshomaru-sama!" The squawky voice came muffled behind the doors to the master ensuite, irking him to no end.

Sesshomaru cursed as he tore his lips from Rin, "Jaken," he hissed. He cursed his assistant and his horrible timing.

"Sesshomaru-sama! Sir! The ball has already begun! Everyone is asking for you two!"

"We're coming," he growled out, furious for the ruined moment.

"But sir- the guests!"

"Leave now Jaken." He made a fist in Rin's hair, resisting all urges to murder his assistant.

"Uh, yes sir! So sorry sir." Jaken quaked with fear, bowing furiously to the doors, "I'll be down with the guests sir."

Sesshomaru closed his eyes tight, taking a moment to calm himself. I should have fired him years ago, he thought bitterly, relishing in the soft, soothing touches of Rin's hands. Finally collecting himself he sighed, kissing her forehead before getting up from the bed. He walked towards the closet, taking the tuxedo off the hanger.

Rin giggled, oh how the thought of getting caught in the act by Jaken amused her. She shook her head, bouncing up from the bed to comb her hair in front of the vanity. Tonight then, she thought, watching Sesshomaru dress through the corner of her eye.

Sesshomaru kissed her neck when he had finished, "Tonight," he whispered, admiring her beauty through the reflection, "We will finish what you started."

Rin bit her lip, nodding her head in agreement. She turned in her seat to face him, smiling as she noted his complete outfit. He wore a black Armani suit, which had been tailored to perfection. Always so handsome, she mused, wondering if he knew how much it affected her when he wore his suits.

Sesshomaru leant down, fingering the locket resting at her breasts, "Is this new?"

She nodded, grinning as she told him, "Hai, Izayoi gave it to me. It was her mother's."

"Hn," he set the locket down, kissing Rin's lips briefly before he grabbed a tie. He handed it to her as she leapt up from her seat, leaning up onto her tiptoes to tie it for him.

"There," she told him, knotting it perfectly; a task she had honed during their relationship. "Dashing as always," she smiled, leaning up, kissing his chin.

"As you are always beautiful," Sesshomaru stepped back and offered his arm, "Shall we, milady?" He asked, kissing her hand.

She laughed, "Well of course, kind sir," she replied playfully in a Southern drawl, linking her arm through his. She laid her head to rest against his arm, "I love you, you know," she told him as they walked out of the bedroom and into the luxurious sitting room.

Sesshomaru raised a brow, "No," he feigned surprise, "I didn't know."

Rin giggled, how she loved this playful, sarcastic side of him; a side that only those close enough to him knew of. She elbowed him lightly with their linked arms, "Well now you do," she retorted.

"Violence my dear," he replied smoothly, sending shivers down her spine as he looked over at her, "Is never the answer."

Rin stuck out her tongue in reply, jutting out her chin. She squealed as she took a step forward, tripping over what seemed to be a very expensive leather, Italian loafer. "Sesshomaru!"

He smirked as he caught her, his arm wrapped around her waist as he brought her closer, "Do you think I would have let you fall?" he asked, his face mere centimeters away from hers.

She shook her head, "No," her breath hitched as she starred back into amber orbs. She moaned when he took her lips, fisting his lapels in her hands. "Maru," she whimpered when he pulled away, settling her back onto her own two feet. With a delighted smile she leaned forward, nuzzling into his chest. She relished being in his arms, "I trust you."

Sesshomaru was silent for a moment, before placing a kiss on the crown of her head, "Good." He released his hold on her, taking her hand as they walked to the double doors of their master ensuite. He held open the door to the hotel room, letting her pass through before closing it with the back of his foot. Together they waited for the elevator, where he pressed the down button to the first floor; the ball.

"I'm kind of nervous," Rin murmured, trembling with nerves, gripping his hand tightly in her tiny grasp. She was finding it harder to breathe, thousands of scenarios running through her mind, all ending horribly, horribly wrong.

"No need to be," he reminded her, comforting her with his kind, reassuring words. He turned to face her, brushing his lips against her forehead, "The whole room is already enamored with you Rin."

She blushed, letting out a deep breath, "Ok."

The elevator dinged, announcing their arrival to the first floor, "Ready?" Sesshomaru asked, his hand holding the elevator doors open.

"As I'll ever be," Rin murmured in reply. Sesshomaru looked down at her; she was more than a foot shorter than he. Adorably his. He took her left hand in his, lifting it to his lips, pressing a kiss on her ring finger. It was adorned with a platinum wedding band and canary yellow diamond engagement ring. The stone was rare, with an almost impossible beauty, like his Rin.

Rin smiled at his gesture, her heart fluttering with delight, "Aishiteru."


Sesshomaru stood up at the head table, clapping his fork against the champagne glass. Immediately a hush fell upon the crowd, all eyes on Sesshomaru for his speech.

"Thank you all for coming today. Some of you may be curious as to what this ball is for, others are here simply for the free champagne and caviar." Sesshomaru paused as the crowd laughed at that part, "But tonight, is a momentous night," he held his hand to Rin who took it and stood up with him, "Tonight, is the night that my wife Rin and I, share with you, our friends and colleagues, esteemed guests and family, that we are pregnant."

Instantly the crowd erupted in cheers, standing up from their seats to congratulate the couple. Rin beamed to her husband as the DA, a cankerous old man who seemed to take a liking to the bubbly, optimistic woman, pulled her to the dance floor.

Truly remarkable, Sesshomaru thought, taking another sip of his champagne. He smirked as he saw her being dipped back then twirled around the room. It seemed he was being showed up. He excused himself from his colleagues to steal her away, handing his empty glass to Jaken. The DA smiled when he caught Sesshomaru's eye, stepping back from Rin.

"Sesshomaru-sama," he began, patting his back, "Don't let this one go."

Sesshomaru looked into Rin's eyes, "I don't intend to. Have a good night Tienshin." The talking, the laughter, the music, the lights seemed to fade into the background the moment he held her in his arms. He leaned into her touch, her floral scent wafting through his senses. He tightened his hold on her, refusing to let her go. Mine.


Hours later Rin nearly ran to the car-lot, high-heeled shoes in her hand. She was glad to have finally escaped the almost endless stream of congratulatory messages and as Izayoi predicted, belly rubs. Rin giggled at the thought, though the night had been lovely, it had been long. She was certain her feet had blisters now, courtesy of the four-inch stilettos, the sides of her mouth sore from the constant smiling.

Sesshomaru easily caught up with his wife, his stride matching two of hers. He was always the gentleman, opening the passenger side door for her. "Thank you love-bug," she teased, kissing him lightly on the lips before hopping into the black SUV.

"My pleasure," he replied, shrugging off his jacket to place on top of Rin's almost elfin form. He kissed her once more, slowly, savoring the taste; nectarines, and honeysuckle. Reluctantly he pulled away, moving to shut her door. He climbed into the driver's side of the SUV, adjusting the rear view mirror.

Rin smiled, snuggling into the leather seat, "We did it!" She exclaimed, pumping her fist high in the air. The night had been a success, with media coverage from only the most prominent of newspapers, and magazines, as well as a guest list of 300, all of who attended.

"So we did." He started up the vehicle, the Mercedes purring with delight as the engine revved. "And no casualties."

Rin laughed, "No casualties. Though, I think my belly's going to be sore tomorrow morning from all the rubbing."

Sesshomaru chuckled, placing his hand on top of her stomach, on top of their child. "A boy or girl?"

Rin pondered, "Oh, a girl!" She looked over at him, placing her tiny hands over the one on her growing belly, "What do you think?"

"A boy," Sesshomaru replied confidently as he pulled out of the hotel and onto the freeway, "Perhaps even twins."

Rin peeled out in laughter, "Twins?" The sound was magic to his senses. "No way!"

"Hn," He gave her a pointed look, "You should have more faith in your husband's predictions."

Rin sobered up, "Alright mister," she wagged her finger in front of him, "When we get those test result back tomorrow and they're twins, I'll..."

Sesshomaru nodded along to Rin's ramble, keeping his eyes trained on the road. He frowned as he noted a green car speeding down the opposite lane, with several transport trucks that had become a blockade in front of it. The driver of the car was intentionally going over the speed limit; he suspected at least 50 over. He cursed as the idiotic driver tried to pass all three transport trucks at once, leaving the green car in Sesshomaru's lane. If the green car didn't change back soon, they would surely crash.

"Fuck!" Sesshomaru slammed the breaks; the other driver however did not and stayed in the lane. The last thing Rin remembered as they were thrown backwards was Sesshomaru's hand gripping hers tightly and then, everything went black.