Silence is a burden.

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Chapter 1:

Harry had come back in his sixth year unable to talk, no one knew why, and Harry wasn't going to tell. The memory of that night was to painful to relive and he just wanted to move on. When he first returned and everyone realized he wasn't playing a game with them, they took him right to Saint Mungo's . After all the tests and hours of waiting the Mediwizards couldn't tell them how it happened, and they said there was no way to cure him.

Harry had come to terms with being mute about a month after it happened, and started to carry around a note book when he was at his relatives. Now that he was back at school he had a pad of magical paper that would write what he was thinking with a tap of his wand and would erase the words once he tapped the page with his wand a second time.

He quickly realized who his friends were and who they weren't. He was now thought of as a Freak in this world also. When ever he would walk into the Gryffindor Common room everyone would suddenly become quiet, like he would be hurt that they could talk and he couldn't. No one wanted to be around him, tired of having to read everything he wrote down, thinking it was easier just to stay away.

His best friends Hermione and Ron had tried their best to be supportive and help when they could, but he knew the moment they started to drift away. Ron would always make excuses to have to be somewhere else, doing something else, and he would drag Hermione along with him. He gave up trying to find them and hang out about a month into the school year, and found himself completely alone after that.

He couldn't understand how these groups of people could just cast him aside like they had done. He was always there no matter what for every one of them. If someone was sick he would make them soup, if someone was injured he would visit them in the hospital wing. No matter what the problem he would be by their side. So why were they all treating him like crap.

Harry was sitting in the library, trying to look up information about his condition, but nothing he was reading would tell him how to heal his vocal cords. He couldn't believe that magic could not heal him, but for some reason this was one of the few things it could not fix. He banged his head on the book he was reading and just stayed like that. He didn't even hear the person sit down beside him. When he sat back up he jumped in surprise as he saw Marcus Flint staring intently at him.

"Hey" Flint said, Harry just stared at him waiting for him to continue. "Oh right, sorry. I forgot you couldn't talk. I was wondering why you were not playing Quidditch any longer?" Harry looked at him with a frown on his face, hearing this for the first time since he quit the sport. He grabbed his pad of paper and tapped it with his wand, then showed it to Marcus.

No one seemed to want me on the team any longer, so figure it was best to just stop playing.

"How could your own team not want the best seeker on their team" Marcus asked sounding concerned. This surprised Harry, never knowing any of the Slytherins to have ever cared before.

What are you on about Flint. What the hell do you want?

"Hey I'm sorry you seem to think I'm here to be hostile, Harry, but I was just worried."


"I know how much you love the game, the way your face used to light up every time you would catch the snitch. It's just a shame your not playing."

You would think you would be happy, captain of the Slytherin team, with having me off your opponents team.

"No not really, why play when the best isn't out there playing against you?" Harry felt himself turning red and wondered why he would be doing that. "Sorry if I am making you uncomfortable but I just thought you could use someone to talk to."

Why would you care, your older, in a different house, and have your own friends to talk to.

"Can we get past the house colors for a little bit please?" Harry saw him smile when he nodded in response and couldn't help but stare into the dark brown eyes staring at him.

"I thought we could hang out, get to know one another."

Harry sat there staring at Marcus like he had grown two heads. He really didn't know what to say to that. He never thought he would be sitting with a Slytherin that wanted to be friends with him. He figured it couldn't hurt however since he didn't have any friends to yell at him.

Sure why not. I don't have anything to loose from making a new friend.

"Maybe more" He thought he heard Marcus whisper to himself before he smiled at him.

"Alright lets say we get out of here and hang out somewhere a little more lively." Marcus stood up and offered to take Harry's bag.

I can carry it thank you. Where are we going?

"To the Slytherin Common Room of course."

WHAT? Harry almost started freaking out, why the hell would he want to go hang out there.

"No one will be in the common room right now, and if they do show up I'll tell them to fuck off."

Fine but I swear if I get hexed I will kill you for it. Harry smirked when he saw Marcus raise an eyebrow after he read.

"Nothing is going to happen to you Harry, I promise." they were walking down towards the dungeons as Harry was writing his response.

As if I'll take a promise from a Slytherin, I'll just have to wait and see if this is a trap or not. Harry thought he saw hurt go across Marcus' face but brushed that thought aside as they were walking threw the dungeon halls. They suddenly stopped in front of a wall and Harry waited for Marcus to whisper the password.

Once they entered, Harry saw the room hadn't changed since he had been down there many years ago, polyjuiced to get information from Malfoy. He just stood inside the door as Marcus walked over to the couch, patting the cushion next to him. Harry took a deep breath and walked over, sitting down next to Marcus, keeping his back straight against the back of the couch.

Harry just sat for a moment, watching in awe as the other Slytherin's walked past, nodding over at Marcus, acting like they didn't even see him sitting there.

Why do they act like they don't see me?

" Well in this room, we don't care what each other does or who we hang out with, no one says anything and no one outside of these dungeons will know." Marcus said with a slight smile on his lips.

I would think you guys would love to humiliate someone for being down here.

"No, we all want friends out side of our house, it is just rare we find someone that would want us as a friend. We do have to keep an image outside of these walls." Harry heard people laughing and walking towards them and suddenly froze when he saw Malfoy, Nott and Zabini standing in front of them.

"Oi what's he doing here" Malfoy asked a little annoyed.

"What does it matter, you know the rules, now go play with your little friends Malfoy." Harry tried not to laugh as he saw the pissed off look cross Malfoy's face, but yet he didn't respond to him.

"Fine Theo, Blaise let's get out of here." Harry saw Nott hesitate for a moment, keeping his eyes on Harry. He saw a slight blush go across his face before he looked away, making Harry blush a little in response remembering the year before. He suddenly became uncomfortable feeling Marcus glaring at him from his side.


"Were you staring at Nott?" Looking at Marcus he saw a hint of jealousy and hurt behind his eyes and couldn't understand where they were coming from, so he thought it best to lie.

No, why the hell would I do that for?

"Sorry, I just don't trust Malfoy and his little band of followers, This is my last year here and I'm trying to make sure he doesn't end up leading this house when I am gone."

I thought every one loved Malfoy?

"Ha in his dreams maybe. No one in my year wants to see this house run by him when we leave. We just don't know who to pass the torch onto from me." Harry thought of Nott at that moment. The boy may be shy, but he had always had the best ideas running around in his head. He just needed to be able to voice them to someone else.

For the next couple of hours they sat on the couch talking, writing, and getting to know each other. Harry had noticed how Marcus had changed in the last couple years. His attitude had gone from egotistical and nasty, to understanding and caring. His looks had impressively changes, he used to have short, botchy hair, oily skin that was always broken out and crooked yellow teeth. When Harry looked at him now he saw he had, shoulder length black hair, that he sometimes wore back, shiny perfect skin, that look really soft and his teeth were bright white and straight. He definitely must have gotten work done during the summers. Harry found himself really attracted to this new Marcus and was glad they were getting to know one another.

Harry was getting tired and yawned, covering his mouth with his hand and tried not to stretch too much. He knew the shirt he was wearing was rising up his stomach and he felt uncomfortable with any part of his skin showing. When he stopped he looked over at Marcus, who was staring down to where Harry's shirt had risen. He felt himself blushing and started to stand up, ready to leave.

"Wait!" Marcus said as Harry felt a hand gently grab his arm and pull him back down. As soon as he felt himself sit down, he also felt a pair of lips touching his. His eyes went wide until he realized it was Marcus, and he slowly let them close. He felt Marcus' hand reach up into his hair and felt himself being pulled closer. He suddenly started freaking out in his mind and gently pushed Marcus back.

"Sorry, Harry. I just wanted to do that just once." Harry sat staring at him for a couple seconds watching him, not knowing really what to do.

Um it's alright, it's just I haven't been with anyone since before, well before I lost my voice and we just became friends, I don't want to loose that.

"I understand, I'm not going to push anything on you. I just wanted one kiss, just in case I never got the chance again." Harry felt him self blush once again and stood up, starting towards the exit.

I'll see you tomorrow Marcus, thanks for today, I had fun. He smiled at the other boy before he walked out of the door, passing Nott on the way. His stomach hitched as he saw the other boy and memories flooded his mind. He kept telling himself he wasn't going to cry. As soon as he saw Nott look back at him, like he wanted to say something, he turned quickly away and ran back to his own common room.

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