Chapter 9:

Harry was sitting around his common room the night after he was with Snape. He kept thinking about when and if he would finally be able to talk to Theo, if he could ever get the boy alone. He seemed to be surrounding himself with other Slytherin's since the night they were last together.

He could hear the murmured whispers of his housemates and wondered what they were talking about, but he kind of figured out it was about him when they kept looking over towards him. His anger was rising and he could feel his face getting redder and redder by the minute. So he moved a little bit closer with out them noticing so he could listen a little bit to their conversation.

"Do you think he is going back out with one of those slimy snakes?" He heard Ron asking.

"Never know. He has been acting rather strange lately, I hardly see him any more." Hermione piped in.

"Well I wouldn't care if he was or not, he already has dated Flint and he is the biggest snake of them all. He is a traitor to us and who knows what he is thinking now, he can't even speak up any more. Letting those snakes walk all over him."

Oh this pissed Harry off, more than anything else he had heard them say up until this point. He couldn't hold back any longer and decided to let them know exactly what he had been doing lately.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP." Harry screamed. He couldn't have been more happy about the potion having worked then at that moment. He could have laughed at the faces they made when they turned around and realized that it was him screamed, if he wasn't so pissed.

"Harry, your talking."

"Wow, well if you had talked to me instead of going behind my back, then you would have known that already. If you paid any attention to me in classes today you would have seen I didn't have my pad with me. Instead you decided to say stuff about me, and decide to stop caring and being friends. I would rather be a damn snake right now, even though they hurt me, they listened to me."

"Harry you don't mean that.." Hermione started.

"Yes I do. Before this even happened to me I was with Theo for most of last year. Not one of you knew that, not one of you cared that I was never around. I was so happy last year with him but sad because none of my friends asked me why I looked so happy. I may not have told you, but it would have been nice to have someone to talk to when it didn't work out. Not one of you even asked me what happened to me this summer for me to loose my voice. When you got sick of me you abandoned me, then when we became friends again the first chance you get to turn on me again you did it."

"Yeah mate but you fucked Flint and let Malfoy watch, how disgusting is that."

"I didn't want that. Flint yes maybe at the time, but not Malfoy there watching. They broke me after that, but again I had no friends to turn to because you believed everyone else over me. So you can all FUCK OFF and leave me the hell alone."

Harry grabbed his bag and stormed off, trying not to laugh at all the shocked faces. He was so mad he didn't realize that someone had been following him out of the school. When he reached the lake he threw down his bad and punched the tree. He was so frustrated at how his house mates had acted.

"Harry?" He jumped, turning around to see Theo standing in front of him looking worried. Forgetting that he didn't know he could talk he just spat out.

"Just leave me alone Nott." He heard Theo gasp as he turned around then felt hands on his waist.

"Harry, my god you can talk. That is great. How did you do it? Why didn't you tell anyone? I'm so happy for you." He removed Theo's hands from his waist and turned around to look into his eyes. He saw excitement, love, caring, happiness and lust behind those eyes and all he wanted to do was wrap his arms around the other boy and hug him.

He sat down on the ground with is head in his hands, trying to breath. He really didn't understand the feelings that were flowing in him. He was happy that Theo knew, worried he wouldn't want him any more. Afraid if he did get back with Theo he would hide the relationship again and then break him. He really didn't know what to do.

"Harry are you alright?"

He felt Theo sit down next to him and begin to rub circles along his back. This made him relax and let him remember everything they went though together the year before. He loved this boy with all his heart and he wanted to be with him.

"Theo, why are you here? What do you want from me?" Harry looked in his eyes waiting for an answer.

"I love you Harry, never stopped. I felt so helpless when you couldn't talk, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to help you so bad. Then you got with Flint and I felt like my world had ended, like I never had another chance with you. I miss you so much Harry. Would you consider taking me back, Love?"

"I…I want to Theo, I really do. I just don't know if you will break my heart again. I don't think I could handle it."

"I promise I will try not to. I know we will have out fights and get angry with each other, but I promise I will talk to you about everything and anything so we can work it out."

"What about everyone else, the death eaters, your parents?"

"My parents saw how hurt I was when I broke it off with you, they know I want you back. Fuck the death eaters, we can handle the. If we can't we know people who can help us. As for everyone else, let them know, let them talk. I want to show everyone how much I love you. That is the one thing I regret from last time, not telling anyone. I saw how much you wanted to tell your friends, and I should have let you. I'm sorry Love."

Harry watched Theo the whole time he was talking and knew this was the one person he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. He knew he would be safe with Theo and he had to open his heart and let him back in. So he leaned in and pulled Theo towards him, licking Theo's bottom lip before placing his ontop of the others. He moaned softly when Theo allowed him entrance to explore his mouth.

Slowly Harry pulled back, waiting for Theo to say something. He smiled when he saw the red tinge of Theo's face as his eyes slowly opened.

"So, is that a yes for us."

"Yes Theo. I love you. I missed you so much. Now let's go let everyone know."

They walked back into the castle, holding hands and smiling. When they entered the Great hall everyone went silent as they walked over to Harry's table. He sat down at the end, away from everyone else. Theo leaned over and lifted Harry's face towards his by the chin and kissed him soundly on the lips.

"Love you." Theo said as he pulled away

"Love you too." Harry replied as he watched Love walk away. He looked down the table and smiled when he saw all the shocked faces from his housemates, but he knew that after he had snapped at them that no one would dare to say anything to him about it or anything else anymore.


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