"Haha, we made it! The edge of America!" I grinned, getting out of the car. We had managed to get a proper people carrier, enough for all of us. We had made it, 27 hundred miles, to California.

"Any of you got change for the meter? Last thing we need with a stolen car is a ticket."

"None of us do." Ianto mumbled, as Rex and Esther went to find change.

"Wow look at that horizon!" I exclaimed, as we all walked over to the shore, sitting down on the golden, hot beach, the old team.

"Decades since I saw the Pacific, 70 years maybe?" Jack said, as we all sat down. He gently placed his hand on mine, watching out to the sea, Ianto holding my other hand, completely awkward for me, but the others hadn't noticed. I always held hands with Ianto, I was used to it. But Jack, it sent goosebumps down my spine. "You ok?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded slowly, before smiling at him. I squeezed both of their hands, not sure what to do.

"Arwen's gonna be fine won't she?" I asked, turning to Ianto.

"Of course." He said, giving me a quick peck on the lips, Jack's nails digging into my hand. We all looked out to the sea, admiring the view.

"Is there any possibility of the hub being up and running again soon you reckon Jack?" Owen asked. "I do miss the autopsy bay."

"Whoah sorry?" I interupted. "Did Owen Harper just say he missed work?"

"Doctor Owen Harper." He corrected me. "And yes."

"You just miss sitting on your arse at your desk playing your gameboy." Tosh joked, hitting his arm.

"Well it's nearly finished already, but since this has happened..."

I sighed to myself, here we were, on the run... again. I held hands with both the men I had grown to love over the years, and I knew it might come to the point when Jack asked me choose between them.

"So where's PhiCorp from here?" I asked, as Rex and Esther came over to us.

"Maybe ten miles that way?" Tosh said pointing the way we came, getting up of the floor.

"Technically PhiCorp is in another city, it's in Los Angeles and were in Venice"

"We need somewhere to hide." Jack said, clutching my hand again.

"Can't we stay here by the sea?" I grinned at him. "Not some stinking, dirty pit for once Jack?" He pointed off in a direction, pulling me along with him, everyone else following. "Please?"


Jack, Rex and Esther were talking to some big burly man, discussing payment of the place we were setting up in, which left time for Me and Ianto to talk. We needed to talk, we were kissing and acting like a couple now, but were we even together?

We sat down on one of the dust sheets, and I turned to him.


"Yeah." He smiled.

"I need to ask." I said, breathing in sharply. "Us? What's exactly going on?"

"I, I'm not sure. But you know how I feel about you? I love you Gwen." He smiled sheepishly.

"I love you too." I said, kissing him. "But let's sort this out after all this is over yeah?"

"Yeah." He said, kissing me again. I caught Jack's hurt glare from behind us, and my heart broke just a little.

"So!" Esther said loudly, catching our attention, the big man had left with the money and Esther was already setting up her and Tosh's computers. "I'll use this place as our delivery address so we can order that new server. Then we can start on PhiCorp but first thing we gotta do is take out the security profile."

"Oh sorry, I gotta take this." I said, lifting up my phone as it started ringing, showing Ianto my phone and we put it on loud speaker. "Hey Mam!"


"Mam, stop shouting were fine." I reasurred her.

"How's our little girl?" Ianto asked. I could feel the pain from Jack seething into me, his eyes staring at me. "Do we get to say hello?"

"No, she's asleep, took me 2 hours to get her off!"

"I miss you." I said, starting to choke up, Ianto putting his arm around me.

"We miss you too love- Oh hang on!" She said, as we heard Arwen's cries in the background.

"Sorry, I. Er. Sorry. Here you talk to Mam." I murmered, passing Ianto the phone and wiping my tears and getting up, walking outside and sitting on a nearby bench. Of course moments later Jack was sitting down next to me. "What do you want Jack?" I asked, wiping more tears.

"You." He whispered, pulling my face around to his, planting his lips onto mine. He eventually pulled back, and I looked into his eyes. I got up and placed a kiss on his forehead, sighing.

"Oh why did you have to do this now Jack?" I walked back inside, leaving him speechless.

"You ok Gwen?" Ianto asked, pulling me into a hug as I walked in. "Your Mum had to go, she was getting restless."

"Fine." I murmered into his chest.

"She'll be ok, she's with you Mum."

"I know." I sighed, sitting down on a dust sheet again, Jack walking in. "So what do we need to do?"

"We need to lift the security protocols in Jilly Kitzinger files."

"Here Gwen, you can help with me with that." Tosh said, tapping the computer desk next to her, never taking her eyes of her own.

"Think you can do that?"

Me, Ianto, Tosh, Owen and Jack all glared at him. "Torchwood software, what do you think?"

Jack started fiddling with the projector, a TV interview with Oswald Danes appearing.

"Your obsessed with this bastard." I said, watching him.

"I'm putting a permanent trace on him, so we know where he is."

"What about Kitzinger? Anything on her?"

"Nah, she's freelance, been working with PhiCorp for about 6 months, she's good but I don't think she's connected. She just happens to be at the right place at the right time."

"Just like Oswald. It's a waste of time following them."

"It's not, because whatever has happened to the world, it's invisible. And Oswald's found himself right at the heart of it. Patterns are starting to revolve around him, and all we gotta do, is keep watching."


We were getting ready for bed.

Luckily, god knows how, Jack had managed to get us a place with enough bedrooms in it. I was with Ianto, Tosh with Owen, Esther and Rex, and then Jack. I could here Esther and Rex half arguing half talking outside, then the sound of the door closing. I put on my vest top and jogging bottoms, climbing into bed, Ianto next to me. He put his arm round me as I sighed, thinking about what had happened the last couple of days.

"What you thinking about?" He asked, stroking my hair.

"Everything." I said, looking up at him. "Sorry I over reacted earlier, on the phone, I couldn't bare hearing her cry when we couldn't help her." I sighed, putting my hand on his cheek.

"It's fine." He smiled at me. He lightly kissed me on the lips, and I kissed back harder. He looked a bit shocked at first but carried on kissing me. "I love you." He whispered.


I woke up. Oh fuck I had done it again. I felt like such a slut, but I loved both of them. I looked over at Ianto, sleeping peacefully and got up and dressed, and headed into the living room where Rex and Owen were opening a massive wooden crate, whilst Tosh and Esther were busy on their computers, whilst Jack was sitting there. I went and sat next to him, smiling. He gave me a quick kiss without anyone noticing, which felt weird, as the others were used to me and Yan kissing but not Jack.

"Where's Ianto?"

"Still asleep."

"So to recap." Tosh began as the boys managed to rip of the lid to the box, inside a big computer server. "There's over 100 dedicated servers, indentical to that one in the PhiCorp building." She said, Ianto coming in already dressed and sitting next to me, saying nothing. "All containing corporate data but, according to Jilly Kitzenger's information number 113 is a secure server, only accesible by the highest corporate brass."

"That's our target then."

"But when PhiCorp says it's secure, it's secure." Esther said.

"I've never seen firewalls like it." Tosh said. "And that's saying something!"

"The only way we can do it is physically take it and put a duplicate in it's place."

"How though?" I asked.

"Fire damage, they'll think the data's lost not stolen."

"Take this Yan." I said, passing him my phone as it started to ring. He took it and walked out, talking to my Mum as the others went into their own conversations.

"Did you sleep with him?" Jack whispered in my ear. I glared at him, earning a chuckle from him.

"Sorry, she couldn't get her to sleep." Yan said, walking back in.

"Didn't she have the bear?" Owen asked.

"Didn't know she needed it. She's got it now though, she's fine." He smiled at me.

"So how you gonna get me inside?" Rex said.

"Whoah no way." Me, Ianto, Owen, Jack and Tosh all said.

"Your still in CIA lists, too risky." I said.

"Leave this to us." Jack said firmly.

"What makes you any better?"

"Jack wiped us off the map remember?" I said, smiling at Jack.

"So this is where it's all held, the IT server house." Tosh said, showing us on the map. "Only one man can gain total access. Nicholas Frumpkin, the man who designed it." She said, bringing up a picture of him.

"Well how the hell we gonna get in there?" Rex snapped.

"Oh Toshiko Sato is warped in the brain." Owen said, putting his arm round Tosh. "She's come up with ideas you wouldn't dream of."

"Like with Billy Davis' body at the Pharm with Martha." Ianto pointed out.

"Bimoterics. So palm print, iris recognition, everything. But I have a idea." Tosh said, eyes glistening.


Me and Jack walked through the park, hand in hand much to Ianto's annoyance. Tosh had come up with one of the most piss take ideas yet, but it worked. That's when we saw him and his wife, pushing a buggy. Nicholas Frumpkin.

"Oh isn't she a beauty!" I said, in a cheesy American accent, cooing at the baby.

"Don't I know you somewhere we've met before? Its er-"


"That's it Nicholas Jackson!"

"Nicholas Frumpkin."

"Yeah I'm sure we've met before! I'm John Smith." Jack said, shaking hands fiercly with him.

"Your baby is so amazing, she is so awesome!" I said, trying not to laugh. "Do you mind holding that for me?" I said, thrusting a canister in his hand, leaning down closer to the baby. "Thank you." I said, taking it back.

"Hey doesn't she remind you of our little girl?" It sent a shiver down my spine, thinking of Ianto saying it.

"Oh yeah! Here have a look at her!" I said, taking out my phone and bringing up a picture of Arwen. "Look at her little face." I said, sticking it right by his eyes. "So, it was awesome meeting you, super great."

"Seeya later." Nicholas chuckled lightly. We walked off, starting to run.

"You are never doing that accent again."

"I'm mortified, absolutely mortified!"


Me and Ianto were all ready and dressed up, and headed into the PhiCorp building. It was big and posh, full of people, this could be a bit difficult.

"Ready?" Owen asked through the comms.

"Ready as ever." I whispered. I walked up to the desk and took out our fake passports. "Yes, were here for the training sessions?"

"Your name?"

"Yvonne Pallister and John Hart, International Sales." Ianto said, passing the man behind the desk our passports.

"Only problem is, I don't see any training on today."

"I got a email." I said. "From Lorraine, in Human Resources?"

"I'll call her." He said, picking up the phone. "I have a Yvonne Pallister and a John Hart here, for training sessions?" He paused and I squeezed Ianto's hand. "Floor 21, go on up." He said, smiling.

"Thank you." Yan said, and we walked into the lift. "For a second there I thought we were screwed!" He said quickly as we got into the lift.

"Thank god!" I said, hugging him tightly. We got out of the lift, and waited a moment before Jack got out of the next lift. "Hey handsome! Love the uniform."

"Ditto. Come on. The fire department's response time is 12 minutes, then Tosh's gonna direct them to the 14th floor, which will give us about another 5 minutes, before they start checking other floors." We walked along the corridor and Ianto pulled out some paper and a lighter, blowing the smoke to a smoke detector, the alarm going off. We walked to the door with the biometric scans, playing the recording of Nicholas Frumpkin's name, placing the hand print on the scanner and showing the iris to the camera, getting us in.

"Never thought that would work!" I hissed, grinning at them both as we walked in.

We ran over to the server, pulling out the wires and putting in the fire damaged one, passing Ianto my phone as it rang.

"Hey Mary, we can't really talk now." Ianto said. "Ok, I'll ask her. Gwen, your Mum said Andy has been able to move you Dad, shall he?"

"Yeah, whatever just get him out." I said, quickly sorting out wires.

"Go ahead Mary, yeah. Bye." He said, stuffing the phone back in my bag.

"Good luck!" Jack said, pulling the box back out.

"Yan go with him." I said, finishing off the wires.

"I'm not leaving you-"

"Go Ianto please." He left, following Jack as I put in the last wire, as instructed by Esther and Tosh. I turned round slowly at muffled sounds and WHACK. I regained conciousness, tied up around my mouth, arms and feet, Jack holding up my head. The man came behind them, knocking him out too. He woke up again, tied the other side of me. "Jack are you ok?"

"Yeah. What happened?"

"I did." The man came back round a corner, pacing past us.

"Who the hell are you?" I spat.

"Names aren't important right now."

"Oh great he's cryptic." I muttered.

"What do you want?" Jack ordered.

"Well clearly, you dead." He said, looking at us.

"Then why am I still alive?"

"That's the point." He said, waving a finger at him. "The killing stopped, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to meet someone mortal. It's my holy grail."

"If he's the only one that can die, it's in your interest to keep him alive."

"That's exactly what I'm doing, the absence of killing. Because this Captain, fascinates me. I have been payed to iradicate him, but I wonder why, what's makes you different?"

"I don't know. If I knew, I'd tell you, I'm trying to find the same thing out myself."

"Who employs you?" I asked.

"Don't you know Jack?" He said, right up in Jack's face. "It was a very long time ago, don't you remember?"

"Oh no, no. Who told you that?"

"Tell me what I want, or I'll slit her throat." He said, putting a knife against my throat.

"NO!" Jack shouted.

"And her pain will last forever..."

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Jack shouted.

"Then tell me!" He hissed.

"I. Don't. Know."

"They're very special to you Jack. But I here rumours, of a new society here on Earth, and I'd like to get my place. Tell me, what did you give them so long ago?

"Tell me who's employing you." I whispered.

"You'll never stop them." He said, stroking the knife across my lips. "They are everywhere. They are always, they are everyone. They have been waiting, for such a long time. They have been searching the world, for pesific geography."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It means they found it." He said, getting up. "And they've made it magnificent." He said, pointing a gun at my head.

"WHO ARE THEY?" Ianto shouted.

"They once had names, long ago. And those names were-" BANG. BANG BANG. He fell back against the wall, bloody painting it. Ianto, Tosh and Owen came over, sliding against the server blocks in exhaustion.

"He was just about to tell us!" I exclaimed, Me and Jack staring at them.

"Thanks anybody?" Owen said sarcastically. "Thanks?"

"And you shot him in the throat!" They all got up again, Tosh and Ianto untying me and Owen, Jack. "Am I glad to see you." I said, hugging Ianto.


"Thanks for yesterday." Jack said, smiling at Tosh, Owen and Ianto.

"Jack, your our best friend as well as our boss, like we wouldn't." Tosh said.

"You mean a lot to us." Ianto said to him, before putting his hands on my shoulders. "And I couldn't have my child not having her mother now could I?"

"I'm sorry I messed it up." Esther said quietly.

"Yeah, your last warning." Rex said, walking in.

"Got it." Tosh called. "Basic patterns, land prices going back years but all linked. Construction plans."

"What for?"

"They're calling them overflow camps." She said, bringing up things on the wall. "For all the ICU, looks like PhiCorp is taking charge of them. Some sort of strategy with the UN."

"PhiCorp and whoever's behind it? What the hell are they doing?"

"Bollocks!" Ianto exclaimed, grabbing my phone as it started to ring. "I'm so sorry Andy, we've been so busy! I'll call you back in half a hour I promise!" He said to Andy. "What is it, what's happened? What scheme? Overflow Camps?" Oh shit. "Andy, I don't have time to explain, but do NOT let them take Geraint ok? Bloody move, stop them this is PhiCorp Andy! MOVE DON'T LET THEM GO!" He froze and looked at us, tears running down my face. "Gwen cariad, I'm so sorry."

"They've got my Dad, Jack." I said, looking up at him.