Steve had been walking through a long desert, a short forest, and a small cave for a couple days now. Coming across a swamp was new territory for him. After the sky began to close, he noticed a small patch of light and moved as fast as he could over to it. He came across a small wooden house. Steve knocked on the door, and out came a young woman with a green shirt and blue jeans. She had orange locks, and some of it came over to her green shirt. She took Steve into the house. Many of the mobs such as Endermen and Creepers were out and about, but they didn't bother with them as they weren't attacking the house. The young woman introduced herself as Ezra. Steve had to wait the night out as Ezra had only one bed.

The morning finally came, and Ezra went off to cut some wood. Steve went out to mine. They did this for quite a while, each doing their repetitive tasks until night fall. Ezra was cutting down some more trees, when an Enderman, an Zombie, an Creeper, and a Skeleton came up to her. The Enderman grabbed her shirt and threw it onto the ground, and then grabbed for her pants. Ezra had no time to react, but when they grabbed and tied her to a tree, she yelled for help. The Enderman finished her pants and laid onto the ground, and Ezra saw a blue, shiny metallic like dick emerge from the Enderman. The Zombie dropped it's pants and a green dick erected. The Creeper's leafy cock sprouted, and the Skeleton had a bone between it's legs. She yelled for help again, but the Enderman grabbed some wool and shoved it in her mouth to keep her quiet. She watched as the Enderman grabbed some of the wood from her pants and placed onto the ground, making a small seat for Ezra. The Enderman seated her legs onto the wooden seat, and the placed two blocks of wood next to it. The Enderman grabbed her left bra strap, snapping it off and breaking it, leaving it to hang over to the right. A rustle could be heard from the top of the tree, pausing the Enderman, and then he continued snapping the other one. The bra fell off, and the Enderman moved it over to the pile of clothes. He removed the block of wool, but the zombie kept her mouth shut. He grabbed both of her legs and placed them onto the recently placed blocks of wood, spreading her legs. She tried to move her legs away, but the Enderman put two fences on her legs, making them stay the way the way they were. He ripped her panties, and now she was fully nude.

Just as the Enderman was about to insert his appendage, an flash of blue came upon the rapists, and they lied on the grass dead. Steve, wielding a diamond sword, broke off the fences and the string. Ezra jumped out, with her nude body and orange locks in the night, hugged and kissed Steve. Steve and Ezra walked into the small house, and placed down another bed. Steve and Ezra kissed each other while Ezra latched arms to Steve's blue shirt, pulling it off and launching it off the bed, and grabbed his dark blue pants and boxers, and in one motion, tore them off his body and placed them by the shirt. Ezra felt Steve's erection with her hands, rubbing them up and down, giving Steve an sense of pleasure. Ezra and Steve stood up, and laid down on top of the sheets. Ezra latched onto Steve's rod and began riding on him, going up and down using her womanhood. Ezra gave small moans every time she went down. When Ezra and Steve had enough, Ezra went onto her hands onto the top of the bed, Steve stood up and inserted his dick into her ass, grappling onto her thighs. Once again, Ezra gave small moans of pleasure. Steve then squirted sperm on her ass, and then Ezra and Steve went under the covers and slept.

Their lives together had began.