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We are the Golden Trio

Chapter 1: The Mirror of Emit

26-year-old Deputy-Head Auror Harry Potter was sitting at his desk in the Potter residence. He was going over Auror Office paperwork when Ron Weasley's Jack Russell Terrier patronus arrived.

"Harry I've got something important to show you, can you get yourself to the office as quick as you can?"

Harry looked at the clock; it was just after one in the afternoon. He sent his own stag patronus to Ginny telling her he had to go in to work and not to be surprised if he wasn't at home when she got back from the Burrow. Walk out of the study, grabbed his clock and approached the fire place.

He grabbed a handful of floo powder and called out "Ministry of Magic" and disappeared in a flash of green flame.

Harry reappeared in the Atrium of the Ministry and proceeded to the Auror Offices. When he got there he got a surprise.

"Hermione, what are you doing here?" he asked pleasantly, very pleased to see his sister-in-law.

Hermione Weasley had given birth to a baby Girl just 5 days earlier. A red-faced 5-day-old Rose Ginevra Weasley was snoozing in her mothers arms and being lovingly ogled by over half the law office.

"Harry." She said happily she strode over to him and gave him a one armed hug "What a pleasant surprise."

"Hey Rosie how are you still keeping mummy and daddy awake?"

"I actually got her to calm down a bit last night, Ron and I got a grand total of 6 hours sleep!"

"Six hours? When James was born we didn't get that much sleep until he was 4 months old. Rosie you are an angel, obviously you don't have the disruptive Weasley genes your cousin has."

Hermione smiled "Has the freckles though. Why are you here Harry?"

"Ron actually, he said he had something important to show me."

"Oh I'll come with you. Rose time to go meet Daddy." Rose actually seemed to react to that statement; it might have been Harry's imagination, nut Rose's mouth seemed to twitch upward ever so slightly in her sleep.

They went into Harry's office; Harry told Ron he could always use it while he was out of the office.

Ron greeted his wife and brother-in-law "Hey Harry, Hey love why are you here?"

"Rosie and I thought it might be an idea to visit the office and see where Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Harry work." Said Hermione "Whatever you've got to do isn't dangerous is it?"

"I doubt it, I didn't mean for you to come so quickly Harry, although to be honest I should have said no immediate rush but since you're here."

Ron held up a semi-circular mirror with a jagged edge along the straight sided indicating it was only one half of a mirror. A part Harry knew where to find.

"Where did you get that?"

"I was conducting a search of Mundungus Fletcher's place and found this along with several other interesting items, he claims it was his mothers but the Patil twins are questioning him now, he'll soon tell us where he got it."

Harry had found the first half of the mirror when he and Ron raided a hideout where Death Eater Thorfinn Rowle was hiding. They determined that it wasn't flowing with dark magic but that it was trying to summon something towards it; the logical guess would be the other half of the mirror.

Harry smiled "Well since I'm here now we might try taking the two pieces to the test area to see what happens, after we finish introducing my niece to the ministry of course."

Ron smiled and approached the secure cupboard "I'll just leave it in here then."

"WAIT RON DON'T…" but it was too late. Ron opened the cupboard where the other half of the mirror was locked. As Harry feared they were summoned to each other.

Three of the four pairs of eye, the fourth still being asleep, focused on the now complete mirror. That floated itself into the centre of the room. Now pieces together it was now an oval shaped mirror, the kind one might nail to the back of a door. As it floated upright in the middle of the room it rotated. Then a silver coloured frame emerged around the top of the mirror with an inscription: Emit ni ogl lah su oyer ehw tube rau oye rehw ton wohsi.

The Golden Trio looked each other into the eyes, each recognizing the worry and concern behind them, a skill they'd achieved after years of experience.

The Mirror began rotating faster, there was a yellow flash followed by a second, then another and then another, each time getting faster.

The next thing Harry new he was standing in a child's bedroom, the mirror spinning just in front of him. It began to slow down, and then it dropped. Harry only just managed to catch it and place it on the bed when he heard the soft hooting of an owl.

Harry turned to the noise. All of a sudden, as he saw the source, his heart clenched and his eyes began to water. It had been over 9 years but he had never… ever… forgotten.


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