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Chapter 13: We are the Golden Trio

"What's a Rune Trap?" said Harry.

"It's a legendary device. It was said to be used in a Medieval conflict in Europe and there are examples dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. I'm sorry Harry but I'm going to have examine this thing. Sorry Ron, but could you feed Rose tonight?"

"Uhh… Sure." Said Ron.

Hermione picked up the box and took it away with her.

"Do any of you know what that thing is?" Ginny asked.

Ron, Sirius, Remus and Harry all shook their heads.

"Why would the Mirror give it to us?" said Harry.

"It obviously thinks we need it for something." Said Ron.


Ron once more made dinner, while Harry the faithful uncle bottle-fed Baby Rose. Hermione eventually came down and dinner was served in the lounge while the Wizarding Wireless News was running in the background.

Tonight's top story, Malfoy Manor today burnt to the ground following a large explosion. Lucius Malfoy stated that whoever was responsible for this would suffer the full wrath of the Malfoy family.

"To destroy another person's home, what if my son Draco had been in there? I shall make sure that the culprits behind this are caught and spend a long stretch in Azkaban for what they've done."

A Department of Magical Law Enforcement spokeswitch confirmed that a criminal investigation into the fire had been opened and the charred ruins of Malfoy Manor have been cordoned off while Law Officers investigate the cause of the fire. However an anonymous source in the Ministry has indicated that this investigation is being led by an Auror Division Commander suggesting that Dark Magic played a part in this act of Arson.

"I don't know why he's complaining it's his own stupid fault." Said Hermione "Honestly who is stupid enough to keep Water of Muspelheim stored in their house, or for that matter a gas that explodes when anything warmer than tepid comes into contact with it."

"The same sort of person who would keep a Horcrux." Said Harry.

In other news there have been no sightings of the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter since his dramatic escape from Diagon Alley after a lengthy pursuit by Hogwart's Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. The day after tomorrow marks the ten year anniversary since Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord He-Who-Must-Be-Named and became the only person to survive the Killing Curse. The Minster for Magic, Cornelius Fudge stated that senior members of the Ministry, as well as child welfare officials and Molly and Arthur Weasley, the parents of several children who seem to have disappeared with Harry Potter, will be attending a meeting at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where they will also join the students in the annual Halloween Feast.

Harry, Ron and Hermione looked at each other.

"That it, that's when we need to go back." Said Harry.

"When Fudge is going to be there?" said Sirius "I don't understand."

"It's not just Fudge who will be there." Said Ron. "Umbridge, Madam Bones, Crouch, Dumbledore, the Order, my Parents, Journalists for both the Wireless news Network and the Daily Prophet."

"It's the perfect opportunity for Voldemort's resurrection." Said Hermione.

"Or for us to publicise his demise." Said Sirius understanding.

"Everyone will know that he's been alive for the last ten years and that he's going to die." Said Remus catching on. "You're going to kill Voldemort in a manner the entire Wizarding World will be able to see."

"That and other things." Said Harry "We're going to need an audience. We're going on Halloween."

"That's the day after tomorrow." Said Sirius. "I guess this is going to be goodbye soon."

"It is." Said Harry "But we don't have time for that, we have a lot of planning to do."

"Actually we don't." said Hermione. "This Rune Trap, it's genuine and it'll work."

"What's a Rune Trap anyway?" asked Ginny.


The Rune Trap made things distinctly easier, and severely cut down on the amount of planning that had to be done. Soon this quest would be over.

"Hey Harry." Said Ginny from his bedroom door the night before Halloween.

Harry turned to see her dressed in the Pyjamas she's borrowed from Hermione. Ginny was distinctly smaller than her and almost two years younger, so they didn't quite fit at first, but the wonders of magic meant that Hermione merely had to shrink them down to Ginny's size.

"Hey Ginny." Said Harry.

"I can't sleep." She said "I know you said to ignore everything that happened during our time together, but I don't think I can just do that."

"I'm sorry." Said Harry "It might have been better if we never dragged you into this."

"I'm glad you did." Said Ginny "I know now that I don't have to fantasize about you, I can actually get to know you. But still this has changed me. I've seen myself older, through your eyes, I've even seen my niece. I want to become that Ginny, not just because she's the one you love but because…"

"…because she's grown to become a wonderful young woman." Said Harry.

"Yes… because she is so… wow…"

"She is wonderful, I tell her it all the time and I still don't think I tell her enough." Said Harry.

Ginny blushed and looked to the floor as she giggled "Nice to know I'm going to have such an effect on you. Tomorrow's going to be…"

"Yeah." Said Harry "Tomorrow we end this and show the world that Voldemort is no longer a threat."

"Tomorrow you're going to say goodbye to Remus, Sirius and Fred." Said Ginny "I know you've been thinking about that."

"Yeah I have." Said Harry "But I also said goodbye to them a long time ago. I believe that they'll be just fine in this new world we create for them. The dead never really leave us and I like to think that my Father and my Godfather live on our son, that Remus and Tonks live on in Teddy. I expect to one day have a child who emulates my mother as well. Whether that's Child 2, 3, 4 or 17 I'll find out one day."

Ginny shuddered "No. One Weasley batch is bad enough, no more than three children. Maybe four."

Harry grinned. "I'll tell you, you said that."

"Having babies is hard work Harry, or so I'm told." Said Ginny "And giving birth is excruciatingly painful."

"Ours wasn't." said Harry "Then again we had ours in a Muggle hospital. One injection of pain killers and you just rode the whole thing out."

"Pain killers?" said Ginny.

"Uh huh." Said Harry "Louis was born about two weeks before James was and Fleur screamed and cursed in French for hours on end. You begged me to find a less painful way, Hermione suggested going to a Muggle hospital where they have drugs. It worked pretty well. After you gave birth in one, Angelina did and every Grandchild of Molly and Arthur Weasley since James has been born like that. Neville and Hannah are going to have their first baby in a Muggle hospital too. Little Alice is going to be born about a month after child 2."

"Alice?" said Ginny.

"Oh yeah, they also got a scan telling them what sex the baby was. They've already decided on Alice Augusta Longbottom."

"Didn't we ever do that?" said Ginny.

"You didn't want to spoil the surprise." Said Harry.

Ginny frowned "I'm finding more and more about a world that will now likely mean little if anything in the future."

"Then I'll stop talking about it." Said Harry. "Maybe you should go to bed now."

"C… can I sleep in here?" Ginny asked.

Harry froze at that question.

"I'm sorry… I shouldn't have… I'll…"

"Ok." Said Harry.


"I understand. You can stay with me tonight." Said Harry.

Ginny's face broke into one great big grin. "Thank you Harry." She pulled him into a hug.

As they snuggled together however she had one final thing to say.



"Tomorrow is going to be amazing."

"Yeah." Said Harry.


Lunch the following day was a little glum and Harry knew why. It was because today things were going to end.

Harry had been in battle before. But this was not an operation like any other he'd tried before. At the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, the Battle above Little Whinging and at the final Battle of Hogwarts he had known he was heading into a situation where someone could die but he had never had to prepare for it before.

This was not a situation like any of those though. Harry knew that their plan was good and that the chances of any of them getting hurt in any way were slim at worst. But, while no one was going to die, Harry was going to be saying goodbye to people he cared about. People he loved. Everything was working out for the best, but Harry now angrily thought that the best wasn't good enough.

He wanted everything, he wanted his wife, his children, his godson, his nieces and nephews, Fred, Remus, Sirius, even Hedwig to be together. He wanted his parents back, he wanted everything that had been so wrongly taken from him back. But that wasn't going to happen.


"It's nearly time." Said Hermione. "Stay in the living room, Ron will send the signal, Harry and I will be too busy to do it ourselves."

"Once the signal comes, activate the Portkey." Said Harry. "Do you remember the password?"

"Oracle." Confirmed Remus.

Harry nodded.

"Remember guy's." said Fred "The passage entrance is the broom cupboard between the toilets."

"Also remember that this is our last secret passage and we don't want to lose it like we did the other one you used." Said George.

"Don't worry." Said Harry. "We won't get caught and we'll reinforce the structure and repair any damage. I don't care if the whole of Azkaban comes after me, I am not being held back from Hogsmeade again."

"That's the spirit." Said Fred. "Thanks for everything." He said, Harry and the other two could tell this was difficult for him. "Could you tell George…"

"I'm right here." George tried to joke, but his heart wasn't in it.

"Tell Georgie… that I love him… and… I am so proud of him. Also tell him to treat Angelina right. Also tell Mum, Dad and everyone else that too. Tell them I love them."

Ron nodded, tears leaking from his eyes. He pulled Fred into a hug. Hermione and Harry joined in as well.

Harry then turned to Remus.

"Don't make the same mistakes the other you did. Dora didn't care about you being a werewolf and I doubt she cares now. I may regret saying this but trust Sirius. You suffered too much during these last ten years. The rat will pay for that." Harry glanced at the cabinet where Pettigrew was locked up. "Don't take him out of there until you receive the signal, he doesn't need any indication as to what's about to happen."

"It will be a struggle not to kill him, but I'll do my best." Said Remus.

Harry pulled him into a hug.

"Tell my son I'm sorry. Also tell him that I'll try to be a good father this time round." Said Remus.

"I will." Said Harry.

Then he turned to Sirius.

"I guess I never made a good Godfather in your time huh?"

"I think you were the best." Said Harry "I had a Firebolt to prove it."

Sirius chuckled at that.

"You did far better than many would have in your place. You can't raise me from birth like you should have been able to. But you can take care of me from now on. He needs you Sirius, more than you can possibly imagine."

"I'll take care of you Harry, don't worry. I'll buy you a broom to."

"Just make sure it's not a 2001." Joked Harry.

Sirius chuckled and pulled him into a hug.

Tears were streaming down Harry's face. "You can stay here, or in some other place if you want." Said Harry "From the moment I learnt about you, I always wanted to be your son, never to be with the Dursleys again."

"I love you Harry." Said Sirius. "We'll be a family this time I promise. You, me Remus… and your friends. I promise you."

Ginny thought she said her last goodbye to this Harry last night. She didn't.

"Ginny." Said Harry. "I believe in you and I believe in our love. You will be a little confused at first, but that will be nothing compared to how he'll feel. Be his friend first. I always valued my friends greater than anything else I ever had."

Harry embraced the ten-year-old Ginny tightly and delicately held her head in his hand and kissed her on the cheek. She responded by kissing him lightly on the lips.

"I guess we'd better go." Said Harry. "Thank you all for everything you've done."

Before Harry and the other two could leave though, Hedwig swooped over and landed on her master's shoulder.

"You want to come for this?" Harry asked.

She bobbed her head up and down in a nodding manner.

"What the heck." Said Harry. "This will be the last time I see you as well I guess."

"KEAH!" screeched Hedwig.

Harry smiled.


The trio and Hedwig apparated into the cave Sirius had hidden in during their Fourth Year in the original timeline.

"This is it." Said Harry. "Thanks for having my back again."

"No worries." Said Ron.

"We're a team Harry." Said Hermione "We are the Golden Trio, that's what we're known as in our time."

"Yeah, the only people to ever successfully rob Gringotts." Said Ron smiling.

Hermione glared at him.

"Probably best if we don't mention that in front of anyone." Said Harry.

"Well the point is, that's what we were known as in our time." Said Hermione. "And todayt we're going to show this world what we've done. We're going to show the Wizarding World they no longer have to fear Voldemort."

"And I thought I was the one with all the speeches." Joked Harry. "This makes no sense to you I'm sure girl."

Hedwig merely hooted affectionately at her master.

"She's going to miss you Harry." Said Hermione. "Even when your younger self is around."

"I have missed you Hedwig." Said Harry. "I always thought we'd leave Privet Drive together and you'd be at my new home, wherever that may have been."

"We need to get going." Said Ron apologetically. "The feast starts in less than an hour."

They made their way down the hill. Once they reached Hogsmeade, whilst still out of sight, they all got under the invisibility cloak and made their way towards the Three Brooksticks whilst Hedwig took to the skies.

The pub was crowded but they were able to get in easily through the back door, unfortunately they could no longer trust there hairy dwarf disguise so they had to carefully make their way through the pub under the cloak without attracting attention. There were some close calls but they made it upstairs and were just outside the toilets.

Harry stopped long enough to let Hedwig fly through the window he opened, so she could land back on his shoulder. He didn't know why, but something told him she was going to play a part in this final showdown.

"Here is the brick." said Hermione. She had opened the broom cupboard and found the secret passageway from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts. The only one that the teachers and Filch had yet to find. "Aperio!" she tapped the loose brick with her wand and the wall at the back of the cupboard slid open.

"Let's go." Said Harry.

The trio plus one owl entered and let the door shut behind them.

Harry took out the Marauders Map.

"It looks like half the Ministry is in the Great Hall." He said.

"All the better for us." Said Hermione. "Come on, Voldemort will doubtlessly want to celebrate his rebirthing by committing a mass murder in Hogwarts."

"I can't find Quirrell." Said Harry. "It looks like things are going the way they did last time."

The troll in the original timeline was kept in the Forbidden Forest which did not show up on the Map. If Quirrell wasn't to be seen then it was likely that he was in the Forest now waiting for the right moment to send the beast inside.

"It looks like everyone's heading from the Common Rooms to the Great Hall now." Said Harry.

The Trio picked up their pace. After a time they got to a wide open area which, according to Remus, Sirius and the Twins, was the halfway point between the Three Broomsticks and the Mirror on the Fourth Floor. The area was in a heavy state of disrepair and Harry was surprised that the cave-in hadn't happened sooner.

The Trio stopped to perform repairing charms on the pillars, the walls and the ceiling. Then for good measure they cast Hardening Charms on them to improve the structural integrity.

"You know I reckon Sirius was right, this would have been a good place to train the DA." Said Ron.

"Yeah." Said Harry. "It would also have been a good place to sneak out from. I wonder how many times the Twins snuck though here to get drinks."

"I wonder how they got them." Said Hermione "I hope they didn't steal them."

"They didn't." said Harry "George told me, they learnt early on how to do glamour charms and talk in deep Irish and American accents, so they looked and sounded like short adult foreigners. They also tended to do their business with new or temporary staff if they could. But I think that Madam Rosmerta at least suspected they were coming down frequently when they shouldn't have."

"Well business is business I suppose." Said Hermione. "Still… someone probably should have said something."

"Someone probably did." Said Ron "It's Fred and George after all, they've always known what they want to do, even Mum's failed to stop them on occasion."

"Guy's I think this is the back of the Mirror." Said Harry. They'd reached a dead end and there was a flat stone wall in front of them. "It's clear let's go in."


The Golden Trio emerged with Hedwig in the castle.

"It looks like everyone except Quirrell is in the Great Hall." Said Harry.

"Keep an eye out, he might not be in the forest. He might not bother trying the distraction, with things so busy down there he might just try heading for the Third Floor." Said Hermione.

"Maybe but I… See their, at the boundary near Hagrid's." said Harry.

The three of them saw Quirrell's form gradually escorting the troll.

"Last time he just forced it onto the First Floor." Said Hermione.

"He won't want to risk getting caught." Said Harry. "He'll need to cross the Viaduct, but he'll need to take it through the Viaduct Courtyard and into the Quad before it enters the castle. If he goes through the Entrance Hall, people in the Great Hall will notice."

"That's perfect." Said Hermione. "We can wait till he leaves, quickly kill the troll and then use Giffard Abbot's Portrait to get to the Transfiguration Courtyard and down to the Great Hall before he arrives."

"It'll still be tight, even if luck's on our side we'll be a minute ahead of him at most. Don't forget we need to kill the troll after he's out of earshot." Said Ron. "We also need to set the Rune Trap off in the Great Hall at the right time, need I remind you people here have plenty of reasons to stun us on sight."

Before Harry could respond, Hedwig screeched eagerly at Ron.

"What?" said Ron.

Harry suddenly got a thought. "Hermione. Does the trap need to be set off by anything other than a hand?"

"What? No. You just need to hold this switch in place for at least a minute and then release it in the right space." Said Hermione taking out the trap and holding it in her hand.

Harry turned to his snowy feathered friend. "I'm counting on you girl." He took the tiny box out of Hermione's hand and held it up to his owl.

"Harry what are you…" began Hermione. But to her shock, Hedwig took the little box in one of her talons and pressed her middle claw into the switch and took off out a nearby window.

"Harry?" said Hermione.

"I trust Hedwig with my life. She won't let us down, she never has before." Harry reasoned.

Hermione sighed and smiled. "We're going to win this no contest aren't we?"

"It looks like it." Said Harry "Fate does seem on our side."

"Uh hate to interrupt the 'we're great and awesome moment', but Quirrell's got the thing halfway across the Viaduct now."

"Right." Said Harry. "Let's wait in the next corridor, there should be an empty classroom or something we can hide in."


"I can't believe no one can see that thing." Said Ron.

They had found a classroom, with a window overlooking the viaduct and they saw Quirrell escorting the troll along.

"Everyone's in the Great Hall." Said Hermione.

"What about the ghosts and the house-elves?" said Ron "And the portraits for that matter?"

"The ghosts celebrate Nearly-Headless Nick's Death Day on Halloween." Said Harry "We were there once remember?"

"Let's hope we never have to go back." Said Ron.

"If our other selves remember enough then they'll make sure not to." Said Harry. "The House-Elves will be busy supplying both the feast and the party and the portraits mostly operate a 'you have to ask first' policy. Not very helpful you have to admit."

"Be quiet." Said Hermione.

The trio silently waited for Quirrell to pass the classroom. They knew he and the troll were there the second they got a whiff of the very familiar and horrible stench.

They heard the huge footsteps slowly walk passed and then get further away. Harry peaked out of the classroom door and saw Quirrell and his green and scaly companion. The three of them then cautiously and quietly followed behind. By sheer lucky coincidence, Quirrell stopped at a 'T' section of corridor where Giffard Abbot's portrait was located.

"Release it here." Hissed a familiar voice. A voice that did not belong to Quirrell. "Now go and create your scene."

"Yes Master." Said Quirrell. He fired some blue lightening from his wand at the Troll, encouraging it down one of the corridors before Quirrell himself ran in the direction of the Great Hall.

Harry whipped the map out. "On my go." He whispered. "Alright he's far away enough. Three, two, one, Go!"

They ran towards the 'T' section and While Ron and Hermione cast silencing charms on the corridor Quirrell left through Harry targeted the Troll.

"Hey!" he shouted. The troll turned its head and then growled. But before it could do anything else, Harry incanted a deadly spell.

"Confringo!" The Explosion Curse hit the troll on the head and blew it clean off. The rest of the troll stood standing for a few seconds before it keeled over.

"That was disgusting." Said Ron. "Still better at least it won't hurt anyone. We'd better hurry."

"Yeah." Said Harry. They approached the portrait and Harry said "Dragon's egg!"

"Pass friend to Hufflepuff." Said the Portrait before swinging open.

The trio followed a short passage to the Transfiguration Courtyard and from there went along a corridor and down the Entrance Hall Staircase.

They waited just outside the Great Hall with the Invisibility Cloak hiding them.

"I hope Hedwig does her part." Said Hermione.

"She will." Said Harry. "Let's face it, she can get it to the centre of the hall far easier than we can."

"He's nearly here." Said Ron looking at the map.

"Right. Get ready, this is the moment." Said Harry.

Quirrell proceeded down the stairs.

"Remember, look panicked and emphasise the troll and that it's in the dungeon. They need to believe you and that you are terrified to death of the creature's presence." Hissed the voice.

"Yes master." Said Quirrell. He took a deep breath and ran for the Great Hall door, completely unaware that the Golden Trio were nearby and ready to take him down.

As he burst the doors open, Harry already had his wand trained on him. Silently he incanted:

"Locomotor Mortis!"

"Tro…AHH!" shouted Quirrell as everyone in the Great Hall turned to see the Defence Professor fallen on the floor. Suddenly they were all distracted by a screech from and owl.


When Hedwig took the Rune Trap, she flew up to the owl hole above the Great Hall and waited for her Master to make his move. When she saw the man barge through the door she leapt from the hole and flew down the centre of the Hall.

"Hey in't that Harry's owl?" said Hagrid recognising Hedwig, from when he'd bought her for Harry's birthday.

Hedwig released the Rune Trap and it landed on the floor directly in the middle of the Hall. Before anyone could react the box glowed red and wave composed of magic spread out from it and extended beyond the boundaries of the hall.

Just as Harry, Ron and Hermione exited from under the cloak.


There followed a round of shocked gasps as the Trio suddenly appeared with wands in their hands.

"Ron!" shouted Mrs Weasley. She attempted to get up.

When he saw Harry Potter, Fudge reacted on instinct. "Aurors… stun them, they must not get away."

Mr Weasley, well aware of how dangerous this emerging situation was becoming, held Molly down firmly and urged her to keep back.

The four Auror guards assigned to protect the Ministry representatives targeted their wands at the three of them and incanted "STUPEFY!" but it was no good. The purpose of a Rune Trap was to immunise any wand within a given area of it's activation and prevent it from being able to cast any spell. Except that is wands selected beforehand to be exempt from the trap.

While Ron conjured chairs and enchanted them to forcibly seat the four Aurors, Harry and Hermione set to work on Quirrell.

Harry cast a severing charm on the palm of his hand and then used his wand to extract blood from it, allowing Hermione the use of it.

"Protego sanguineus!" she incanted at Quirrell. A shield began to form around him, but before it completely formed, Harry's blood was absorbed into the texture of the shield so that when she had finished the shield was a transparent red colour.

Quirrell looked up and saw Harry and the other two missing students. He lunged for them in rage but when his palms contacted the shield; they burnt, blistered and dissolved before everyone's very eyes. Several students sitting near the scene screamed, but Quirrell's agonising sounds outdid them all.

Meanwhile several other people, teachers, Ministry officials and one or two prefects tried incanting stunners only to find that their wands were not working.

"It's secure." Said Hermione. "He's not getting out."

Harry nodded. "Send the message." He said to Ron, who nodded.

"Expecto Patronum!" Ron incanted. The silver-coloured Jack Russell Terrier shot out of his wand and left the school at Great Speed.


Those who had been left behind at Potter Manor in Cumberland were sitting in the Lounge agonising that they didn't know how their time traveling friends were doing.

Then Ron's Patronus shot into the room.

"Safe and in Great Hall. Come to Party.

"Well this is it." Said Remus. Everyone grab a hold, he held up the portkey, a folded up umbrella with his right hand and he held Pettigrew's in the other.

Ginny in the meantime was holding Baby Rose cuddled up to her with a single arm, her left. She was beginning to struggle because she didn't like the position. But Ginny spoke comforting words to her that seemed to hold back any protests. She took a hold with her right and her brothers and Sirius took a hold as well.

"Back to Hogwarts." Said Sirius.

Remus said the password. "Oracle."


Everyone who understood what it was, was absolutely astounded that an 11-year-old boy who'd yet to even attend Hogwarts could cast a Patronus Charm.

To Albus Dumbledore, and a few the other more inquisitive and well informed minds, the realisation that Ron's Patronus was the same as one of those used to get Sirius Black out of Azkaban was barely beginning to emerge when the Cumberland party materialized in the Great Hall.

"AH! Sirius Black!" screamed Umbridge. This of course set everyone off and a number of braver people once more attempted to use their wands.

"Ginny, Fred, George!" Shouted Mrs Weasley at the sight of the rest of her missing children.

"SILENCE!" shouted Harry, drawing everyone's attention to him. "Your wands will not work so long as the Rune Trap is active. For the time being you are all to remain seated and to keep quiet, anyone who thinks they should do otherwise will be stunned."

No one, not even Umbridge was willing to challenge Harry.

Dumbledore might have tried something a week ago, but Harry defeating him in a duel had left him somewhat subdued. Ollivander had kindly come to the school to outfit him with a new wand, sparing him the humiliation of travelling through Diagon Alley where everyone could see him to get a new one.

"Where's my baby?" said Hermione affectionately as she approached Ginny and scooped her daughter up.

Rose was very happy to see her Mummy after such a horrible ride. Portkeys were nasty.

"Have you got the Mirror?" Harry asked Remus.

"Here." Remus handed it to him.

All eyes were on Harry and, initially at least, people began to wonder if they were being held hostage by a lunatic.

"We are at the end. Please. Release us." Said Harry

Nothing happened.

"Harry." Said Ginny cautiously.

But Harry ignored her "We are at the end now. You know as well as I do that we want this completed. But there is no need for him to suffer. Let me do it without him. Release us and let him live his life without this on his conscious."

Whatever Harry was saying seemed to take effect. The Mirror of Emit glowed bright blue, hovered out of his hands and into the air, then began rotating. The light engulfing the mirror left and shot out in three bolts which entered Harry, Ron and Hermione through their abdomens.

The Mirror, having granted Harry's request, stopped rotating and merely hovered above the ground.

"What happened did it not work?" asked Ginny.

"I don't know maybe it's…. Ah!" screamed Harry suddenly bending over.

"Harry?" said Ron "AH! Bugger it."

"Ronald Weasley, watch your… Ah… Shit that's sore." Said Hemione. "Ginny."

Ginny who had been trying to see what was wrong with Harry turned and looked at Hermione.

"Ginny, hold my baby please. Mummy's about to change a dress size."

Ginny ran over and took her niece in her arms.

The people in the Great Hall were glancing nervously at the three missing First Years as they seemed to be in a great amount of pain. The presence of Sirius and Remus armed with wands however kept them from trying anything stupid. Many people yelped in shock when Harry, followed by Ron then Hermione were engulfed in white light.

Harry felt as if his entire skeleton was trying to extract itself from his body. It was extraordinarily painful. At least it was until he felt himself detach from his body. Suddenly he no longer felt any pain.

From what everyone else could see, it looked like the trio were expanding upwards. The light that engulfed them had stretched outwards then grown several feat. Ginny began to realise that Harry and the others were taking the forms of adults. Of their 2006 selves.

As Harry felt the process end he saw himself as an 11-year-old floating in the air. As the light of magic began to fade he took his younger self in his arms.

The entire hall stood… well sat stunned as the missing trio of First Years had suddenly created larger copies of themselves. Those larger selves now had their smaller selves held in their arms.

"Are we back?" said Harry.

"I… think so. Let's see." Said Hermione, handing her younger self to Remus who stumbled and nearly dropped her in surprise. "I have the extra weight from having Rose and… oh I can't believe it. I'm lactating." She squealed excitedly.

"That's wonderful." Said Ron happily. A few of the braver students snorted at that declaration, but Hermione didn't care. It really hurt that she had to feed her baby using a bottle and powdered milk.

"What in devils name is going on here?" demanded Fudge.

Harry turned to look at him. "I am Harry Potter, in 2006 I am Deputy Head of the Auror Office and head of the Second Auror Division. These two were my best friends at Hogwarts and still remain as such now: Ronald Weasley, Senior Auror and head of the Fourth Division and his Wife Hermione Weasley Senior Undersecretary to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement."

People began to gasp at the declaration Harry was making, even to the most ignorant in the room it was clear what he was insinuating.

"And this is his niece." Said Hermione, taking her daughter back from Ginny. Meanwhile Harry continued.

"From the age of eleven I, with my dear friends by my side, have been placed in a position where we were witnessed and at many time involved in events that led to the Second Wizarding War against the Dark Lord Tom Riddle and his ultimate defeat. After we three defeated him, we, along with others, spught to and rather successfully built a new regime to replace the corrupt and inefficient Ministry that you all currently suffer."

"Now see here." Said Fudge getting to his feet, Harry had hit a sore spot.

"I never said you could stand up Fudge." Said Harry dangerously. Something in his voice sparked fear in many in the room.

"Perhaps an example." Said Ron. "Starting with the case of Sirius Black."

"Sirius Black is a dangerous murderer." Said Umbridge. "We knew this ten years which is why we locked him up…"

"Without trial." Said Hermione "Even though you are the foulest woman I have ever met, you were given a trial before being sent to Azkaban."

"Lies!" shouted Umbridge in protest.

"That is a matter for the courts to determine." Said Harry. "We have here proof that my Godfather never committed the crimes he was extra judicially imprisoned for." He handed his unconscious younger self over to Sirius used his wand to relocate the cage that was in Remus's hand so that it hovered in the air where everyone could see him.

"That's Scabbers" said Mr Wealsey.

"No it's not." Said Harry "I'm sorry but for you in particular this is going to be a bit of a shock."

One swish of his wand vanished the cage, leaving the rat hovering in the air. The second swish turned Pettigrew back into his human form.

"But… that's Peter Pettigrew. Black… Sirius…" stuttered McGonagall. "Harry what happened?"

Many who'd condemned their friend Sirius Black as a traitor suddenly felt overcome with guilt.

"Please… Harry… Please… he begged. It wasn't me it was Sirius, it was…"

Harry flicked a silencing charm on Pettigrew so no one had to listen to his whining.

"I am not interested in your pathetic whining Pettigrew. You betrayed my parents to Voldemort, you framed Sirius for that crime and killed twelve people in order to achieve it."

Harry conjured ropes from his wand and bound the still begging traitor.

"I have heard your excuses before." Said Harry taking out a phial of memories. He tapped it a few times with his wand. "See for yourself."

A cloud of mist rose from the phial and the whole hall bore witness to several seconds Harry's memory of Pettigrew begging for his life in the shrieking shack.

When the memories had finished, the Mirror suddenly started glowing and rose back up into the air.

"What's going on, why's it doing that?" demanded Fudge.

Harry and the other's who'd dropped in on the Great Hall turned to see the Mirror deposit a stone which proceeded to hover over to Harry and Pettirgrew.

"I think we're about to find out why the Mirror kept the Resurrection Stone." Said Harry. He turned to look at Dumbledore who was in the process of getting out of his chair. "Albus. Please don't. Nothing can bring her back."

Dumbledore sat back down in shock. "You… know about that?"

"Yes. I'm sorry."

The Resurrection Stone turned over three times and the bodies of a man and a woman formed.

"Mum? Dad?" said Harry in shock. He moved over to them. A small part of his mind knew what would happen when he tried to touch them, his hand should pass through. Harry still felt his heart break as he realised, once more, that he could not touch his parents.

"It is good to see you son." Said James. "Both of you." He looked to Sirius and the younger Harry in his arms.

He then turned to Pettigrew.

"You are wrong Peter." Said James "For merely betraying me, I might not want you dead. But for my wife? My Son? Not to mention what you did to Sirius and Remus. I would very much like to kill you with my own bare hands."

Said hands passed through Pettigrew who screamed behind the Silencing Charm.

"Hey Amelia." Said Lily. "You remember me? I was a few years below you at Hogwarts, you used to help me with my History of Magic homework."

"I… I remember." Said Madam Bones.

"Sirius really is innocent. Please. Make sure that things get put right?" Said Lily.

"I will do all I can to see everyone gets there justice." Said Madam Bones.

"Thank you." Said Harry. "I suppose we'd best hand Pettigrew over to you when this is all over. Oh yeah I almost forgot."

Harry reached into his robes and pulled out a roll of parchment and handed it to her.

"This will help with the Trinity Investigation." Said Harry. "There are a few other things in there that will help you find all the evidence you need to overhaul the Ministry. The last time it took a war and for Riddle's forces to take control of the Ministry for a year before things were rectified. This should help you sort out more than a couple of problems."

Madam Bones was speechless. The Trinity Investigation was a top secret investigation into the affairs of the Ministry of Magic. It was looking for evidence of corruption but thus far it was unsuccessful. Madam Bones didn't know that in the other timeline, she had been forced to close the investigation in the New Year after Fudge and Malfoy became aware of it and the whole case became compromised.

While all this was happening the younger Harry began to stir.


The last thing Harry remembered was crossing off the last day on his calendar before the train left for Hogwarts. Or was it?

No it wasn't. He woke up suddenly but he could see nothing. He was not blind there was just nothing to see. Just an endless white plain. Yet he could feel his body doing things that were outside his control. It was really scary because Harry didn't know why, he felt himself eat, sleep, walk, travel erratically and scarily and he felt his body being affected my magic.

The scariest moment came when he felt an almighty pain enter his scar and pulsate right through his body. Then he felt his body completely stiff, stale and inanimate for a seemingly endless amount of time.

Then the regular movements started up again. The walking, the eating, he even felt himself go to the bathroom in his own clothes and magic being cast to compensate for that. He, like his older self, felt absolutely repulsed by that. Then one day he felt absolute exhaustion as if he'd just run the length, the breadth and the circumference of London. That wasn't so long ago on the grand scale of things. Now vague memories were emerging to match those feelings, alongside sixteen years of memories from another lifetime.

Now though. Sight was beginning to come back. Harry found himself in the arms of a young man with dark black hair, inside a hall he had never set foot in before, yet had memories of from other times.

"Wha… What's happening?" he said. Surprised at having regained the use of his mouth.


The Great Hall was so quiet that even those furthest away could hear the younger Harry's voice.

Older Harry turned towards his junior self. "Hey there." he said. In a way it was like confronting his son for the first time. Junior in his current state could not stand or walk yet, the trauma of separating Senior and Junior forms was exhausting and the younger versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione had taken the brunt of the transformation pains.

"You're… me?" said Junior.

"I am." Said Senior Harry.

"Why have you separated now?" said Junior. "I'm still having trouble remembering everything but… our task was to end things here wasn't it?"

"You don't remember the coma do you?" said Harry.

"Bits of it, all I remember was that we had something important to discuss… with your, my… our son and godson." Said Junior.

"We discussed you." Said Harry senior. "This is where the task shall end once and for all. But I am taking you out of the equation."

"What?" said Junior. "Why?"

"In 1998 I killed Voldemort. Considering everything he's done, both to us and to others, and what he would have continued to do after May 2 I will never regret what I did. But killing someone, no matter how just the cause affects people. Ginny puts up with me and my moods a lot more than I deserve."

"No she doesn't." said Hermione. "You are never too much for Ginny."

"In any case I had to kill Voldemort in 1998 and I will have to kill him now. But there is no reason for you to have to live through that. I can't stop you being the Boy-Who-Lived but I can stop you becoming the Chosen One." Said Harry senior.

"Are you saying Voldemort is alive?" said Madam Bones.

"That is ridiculous." Shouted Umbridge.

"Delores, please calm down." Said Fudge. "I may not want to believe this, but these people are clearly time travellers."

"Nonsense Minister it's all a trick." Said Delores. "There is a Werewolf amongst them."

"See what I mean." Said Harry senior not willing to resist the temptation. "In our time a dangerous creature like Delores Umbridge would be locked away in either Azkaban or secure mental asylum. Yet this corrupt administration would allow her a position of power. Though now that I think about it, we did lock her up, I remember testifying at her trial."

Umbridge face turned flaming red with fury; she shot out of her chair, wand in hand, and incanted "Crucio!"

Harry was ready though and conjured an iron cannonball out of thin air in front of him. Of course everyone, him included, forgot the Rune Trap was still inhibiting spells. So Umbridge's unforgivable curse never materialized.

Madam Bones however saw fit to leap to her feet and hold the woman down, of course Umbridge tried putting up a fight.

"Auror Potter, since you've denied everyone else the ability to cast magic, a little help would be greatly appreciated." She said.

Harry flicked his wand and ropes flung out and secured Umbridge in a rather undignified manner.

"A simple Body-Bind would have done." Said Madam Bones.

"No it wouldn't." said Ron. "The last time Harry left someone in a Body-Bind before leaving the office we had to call in a professional Curse-Breaker to get it undone. Bugger tries too hard."

"Ronald. Do not swear in front of Director Bones." Scold Hermione. "I apologise for my husband's behaviour."

"That's quite alright, I was once a Law Officer. But Voldemort…"

"Oh that's right, I almost forgot why I was here." Said Harry. With one more flick of his wand, Quirrell's Turban flew off the back of his Head and out of the shield."

Almost every student in the hall screamed at the sight of Voldemort's face sticking out the back of Quirrell's head.

"POTTER!" it screamed over the noise "You shall die a painful death for this sha…"

"SHUT UP!" shouted Harry. By this stage the younger versions of Ron and Hemrione had awoken and what little information they had managed to gather from the memory transfer told them enough to know that that was Tom Riddle, the Dark Lord Voldemort.

"You dare speak to me like that?" sneered Voldemort.

"You are trapped in a shield composed of my son's blood." Said Lily "Composed of my blood. By killing me that blood is now harmful to you."

"What's the matter Thomas?" said James with fake light-heartedness "Scared of ghosts?"

Voldemort did indeed look frightened, Harry was reminded of what Dumbledore had said in Limbo "…as for the stone, whom would he want to bring back from the dead? He fears the dead. He does not love."

"This is where your life ends Tom." Said Harry drawing the attention from every person in the Great Hall. "In the eyes of this Death Eater" He indicated Pettigrew "and to be witnessed by the hundreds in this hall, you shall die by my hand."

"You cannot kill me Potter. I do not believe your story for one minute. You could not stop me in the future so by some misguided belief in yourself you came back in time thinking you could stop me. But I shall regain my body and the Wizarding World shall bend to my will."

Harry for his part merely continued. "This is your last chance. If you do not show remorse then you will suffer in the afterlife. I've seen you throw away this chance before but…"

"Ha ha ha. I am not going to afterlife. I have conquered death, I am immortal. I am bound to this Earth for all eternity." Preached Voldemort.

"Diary." Said Harry very firmly and very aggressively.

Suddenly Voldemort looked far more scared than even Lily and James' spectral forms made him.

"The Diary that you create at the age of sixteen by murdering the girl, an act which you framed Hagrid for; the Ring you stole from your uncle whom you framed alongside an innocent muggle for murder of your father and your paternal grandparents; the locket and the cup that you murdered Hephzibah Smith for and framed her House-Elf for poisoning her and the Diadem you got from the Albanian Woods have all been destroyed. As has the fragment you inadvertently placed in me ten years ago."

Voldemort's began to panic. "No this can't be happening, I cannot be brought down by you."

"That which you had anchored yourself to, have all been destroyed and what you carry with you is all that remains of yours soul." Said Harry. "By the power vested in me by the Auror Office, I, Harry James Potter, I hereby condemn you to death for waging war against both the magical and non-magical realms and the murder of untold numbers of innocent people."

"I, Ronald Bilius Weasley, by the power vested in me by the Auror Office, herby concur with Auror Potter and grant the sentence my blessing."

"I Hermione Jean Weasley, by the power vested in me by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, herby concur with Auror Potter and grant the sentence my blessing."

"You will not kill me." Shouted Voldemort.

"I am not sorry you have to die." Said Harry as he raised his wand to the shield. "But I take no pleasure in carrying out this task, and only do it, so no one else has to."

"You shall die by my hand Potter." Shouted Voldemort. He had gone mad with desperation.

Harry took a deep breath. This was it.


The shield bubble that Voldemort was imprisoned in shrank. First it was slow but then it began to speed up.

"No. No. No. I will not die. I am immortal. I have created five Horcruxes I will not die. I have conquered death. AHH!"

Voldemort could no longer avoid the shield. It compressed him and Quirrell, burning their shared flesh and reducing the vessel to ashes. The shield got smaller and smaller. Voldemort died and his ashes continued to burn in the shield as it shrank to nothingness and soon all evidence of the shield, Quirrell and Tom Marvolo Riddle was gone.

The was silent, the silence echoed around the Great Hall. Only the sounds of wind outside and the odd heavy breathing could be heard. Then.

"You who has vanquished the Dark Lord." Came and ethereal female voice, causing everyone except the two Harry's to jump in shock. "Your task has now been completed."

Harry turned to the Mirror. "How long do we have?"

"You do not have to leave immediately, but you must leave soon. I realise that this is not going to be easy for you, but it is necessary that you leave this Realm and return to your own. My task in this time is done, I will reappear again, when there is a justification to change time and there are those worthy to change it."

Harry nodded. He turned to his parents. "I guess this is it." He said. "You know considering you died when I was a baby, I have seen you lot, you know considering…" Said Harry, his mind going to the Graveyard at the end of Fourth Year and the Forbidden Forest during the lull in the Battle.

Lily and James smiled.

"You don't need us to tell you how proud we are." Said Lily "But I need to say it anyway. I am so proud of you, both of you." She looked to her younger version of Harry.

"I am honoured that you named you child after me, but why Sirius?" said James.

"Oi?" said Sirius.

"Just kidding." Smiled James.

Sirius smiled back.

"It's all on you now Sirius." Said Lily. "It may seem strange saying it now, but please take good care of my son."

"I promise I will." Said Sirius. "I'm a bit late but…"

"That was not your fault Padfoot." Said James.

"You're going to take care of me?" said the Younger Harry.

"I'm sure Remus will help as well." Said Lily "After all I want at least one sensible adult around."

While the Potters were talking with Sirius, Mr and Mrs Weasley ran over to their no longer missing children.

"And just where on Earth have you all been?" demanded Mrs Weasley.

"We can't tell you." Said Ginny.

"I beg your pardon young lady?" said Mrs Weasley.

"Harry and the others put the place under Fidelius Charm. So all we can say is, we've been at the Headquarters of the Golden Trio." Said Ginny.

"The what?" said Mr Weasley

"That would be us." Said the older Ron.

Molly and Arthur Weasley now had the distinct shock of having to look up at an older version of their youngest son carrying the present day version.

"Harry, Ron and Hermione." Said Ron. "The Golden Trio."

"And just who are you?" said Mrs Weasley glaring down at Hermione.

"That is the mother of just one of your Granddaughters." Said Ron. Suddenly both Mr and Mrs Weasley were speechless.

"Percy." Ron shouted "Get your butt over here."

Percy had been glum ever since his brothers and sister vanished. The fact that he was the only Weasley at Hogwarts was a very visible reminder of that.

He quietly walked over. "Um Hi." He said.

"Don't worry you're long forgiven." Said Ron.

"For what?"

"We'll tell you later." Said George.

"Actually we'll show you, providing younger Harry doesn't mind." Said Fred.

"My Granddaughter?" said Mrs Weasley.

Hermione smiled. "Do you want to hold her?"

Mrs Weasley nodded and carefully held out her hands.

"Ah!" grunted Rose. She reached up with her tiny pudgy hands and touched her Granny's check.

"Rose Ginerva Weasley." Said Hermione.

"And I'm her godmother." Said Ginny.

"Are you now?" said Mr Weasley.

"It's an arrangement we had ages ago." Said Ron. "Hermione and I would be Godparents to Harry and Ginny's first child and Harry and Ginny would be Godparents to ours."

"HARRY AND GINNY?" shouted Mrs Weasley.

"WAAAA!" screamed Rose.

"Sh sh sh." Said Mrs Weasley. "It's alright." Rose calmed down and smiled again under her Grandmother's influence. Mrs Wealsey then handed her over to Mr Weasley.

"Harry and Ginny?" said Mrs Weasley. "It wasn't just a crush."

"It was to begin with." Said Harry. Coming over to join the Weasleys. "Ginny eventually grew out of it though and it allowed me to see her for what she truly was: A beautiful, smart and wonderful young woman. We have a son in the future and a second child on the way."

"How many Grandchildren do we have?" Said Mrs Weasley.

Hermione answered this question. "Ginny and Harry are working on your ninth. George and his wife are working on your tenth. Both Ron and I and Harry and Ginny are planning for at least one more though."

"Twelve Grandchildren?" said Molly.

Hermione nodded.

"Why did you come back?" Asked Mr Weasley.

"It wasn't by choice." Said Harry. "We found one half of the mirror after seeking out and arresting a wanted Death Eater, the other half of course came from Mundungus Fletcher."

Harry heard someone, he assumed Madam Bones, snort at that. Mundungus Fletcher was a common pain in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. It was rare for any Law Officer, Hit Wizard or Auror not to meet him at least once in the line of duty before retirement.

"I accidentally put the two pieces together while Hermione was taking Rose to visit the Ministry." Said Ron. "The four of us were alone in Harry's office at the time, next thing we knew, it was the day before we were all supposed to go to Hogwarts."

"I thought you seemed a bit off that morning." Said Mr Weasley.

"Yeah sorry about that." Said Ron. "We were still trying to make sense of everything. We snuck on ahead here and researched what we could on the Mirror of Emit."

"Then we remembered that Voldemort was here teaching so we had to get out." Said Harry. "Oh, by the way, who's got the stone?"

"I have." Said Ron. He reached into his pocket and extracted the Philosopher's Stone rapped in a tissue.

Harry took it. "Professor catch!" he tossed it over to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore caught the item with the aid of his wand and took a peak… "But… that's downstairs?"

"Yeah, you should really revise your understanding of the concept of security." Said Ron "I nicked that when we picked up the twins."

"So why did Ginny and the twins have to come with you?" said Mr Weasley.

"They didn't." said Hermione. "It just sort of happened."

"Ginny got caught up when Ron and Hermione went back for Scabbers." Said Harry. "The twins found us when we were sneaking around the school, after everything that happened in our time we couldn't just leave them ignorant."

"I remember." Said the younger Harry. "I… we… kissed Ginny on sight…"

Ginny suddenly blushed and both Harry's found themselves under a lot of attention.

"Harry." Said Dumbledore approaching the older variant. "In your time, did I… did I make your life…"

"You're human Professor." Said Harry "You made mistakes, but you did both me and the world a whole lot of good. You will forever have my thanks and if my next child is a boy he will be called Albus. My advice at this stage is, start to pass on your burdens. Start with him." He pointed at his younger self. "Voldemort is now dead, his remaining supporters will be hunted down and arrested for what they did, at least I think they will I gave Madam Bones the information but it is up to her to use it. Be there to give people advice but let them find their own way, be there to help people, but let them do it some things themselves. I want this me to have his life back to grow up without the pressures I had. Since there is no Voldemort and Sirius and Remus are here that should be easy."

Dumbledore nodded. "I will help should your knew guardians need me to. I take it you are not going back to your aunt and uncle?"

"No he's not." Said Sirius. "And Remus and I need to talk to you about that later Professor."

Dumbledore seemed uneasy at that prospect.

"Your time is coming to a close." Said the Mirror. "Please set your affairs in order."

Harry looked over everyone. "She's right, we really should be going, we don't belong here."

"Are you really ok with this?" said Ginny looking up at him.

"Yes, we have our life together in my time. But you and he are not old enough to have the life I do. Maybe one day." Said Harry. He then turned to his younger self. "I'm not going to tell you who to fall in love with."

"Yeah you are." Said the younger Harry.

"Just give Ginny a chance and don't even bother with…" Older Harry managed to stop himself.

"She who shall not be named?" The younger Harry smiled.

"Yeah her." Said Harry senior.

"Are you to talking about…" Before Ginny could say Cho Chang's name the older Harry put his hand over her mouth.

"She's in this room, no need to embarrass her." Said Harry. "No matter how… incompatible we were."

Ginny nodded, whilst blushing. Many students were now wondering who amongst them had failed to have a relationship with the Boy-Who-Lived.

"You also have someone on your blacklist." Said Ron to his younger self.

"I get it, I'm a jerk." Said the younger Ron.

"You're not." Said Ron. "You're just a little daft. Trust Hermione and trust Harry, they'll keep you right."

"You can trust us to." Said Fred.

"Yeah, we'll look after you." Said George.

"I'm not that daft." Said the younger Ron.

"We were never that daft." Said the older Ron. "But seriously, try to be more understanding and try not to be so condescending, it just makes things worse."

"And don't date… who I did date before Hermione." Said younger Ron.

"Just date Hermione and forget everyone else." Said older Ron. "When the time is right and when she's ready and you're ready."

Hermione looked down at herself in Remus' arms. "I know you were going to try and come here and be all perfect."

"I was wasn't I?" said younger Hermione.

"You had no friends and were so obsessed with following rules that you missed the bigger picture." Said older Hermione. "These boys are our boys. At least until we have a son. It is important to study, and you're going to have to remind them of that when the exams come around. But it is also important to have fun. Promise me you won't forget that."

"I promise." Said younger Hermione.

Hedwig landed on the older Harry's shoulder.

"I guess I'm saying goodbye to you again." Said Harry. "At least this time I don't think you'll be killed the way you were."

Suddenly the Mirror of Emit flared up. Hedwig spread her wings and began flapping just as light shot out and engulfed her. As the owl took off, it left behind an imprint in the magical light which formed into a perfect replica.

Older Harry felt his knees get rather weak. "Is… this…"

"The copying of a human cannot be allowed." Said the Mirror. "Nor can permanently relocating one out of their timeline. However an allowance can be granted in this case for your pet. You have done this realm a great service and this can be allowed."

Harry looked at the Hedwig that sat on his shoulder.

"Neither owl is technically a copy, one is just 2 seconds older." Said the Mirror.

Harry smiled, slight tears forming in his eyes. "Hey girl, are you coming home with me?"

Shoulder Hedwig gave a light affirmative screech. Her counterpart landed on Sirius' shoulder overlooking her master, the younger Harry.

"It is time." Came the voice from the Mirror. It began rotating at high speed then floated in front of the staff table. It dispersed out of existence and a dimensional gateway opened up in its place. Harry, Ron and Hermione now knew it was time.

Harry placed a hand on his younger self's cheek "Have a good life, it's yours now."

Ron passed his own body over to his father while Hermione picked up her baby. Ron then went over to the younger version of his wife while Hermione went over to the younger version of her husband.

"I… He can be a bit of a jerk sometimes." Ron said to the girl in Remus' arms. "But he means well and no matter how it may seem he cares what you think." He leant down and kissed her on the forehead.

Hermione looked up at him and saw the care in his eyes. "Ok. Goodbye."

Meanwhile Hermione looked down at Ron. "She hasn't had much fun in her life yet. Show her how to have a good time but please remember to study as well."

"I will." Said the younger Ron and Older Hermione kissed him on the cheek. "I don't know if I'm ready for you though." He said looking at Rose.

"You're only 11." Said Hermione. "Act like it, just not too much. I want you to have your first snog before you turn 16. Hermione teased Ron by lightly patted his cheek before walked over to the portal.

Harry had just spoken to his younger self when Ginny went over and kissed that younger self.

"Ron and Hermione are kissing there other halves' youngers." Said Ginny, while her mother looked down with a look that did not looked very impressed.

Harry on the other hand chuckled. He got down on his knee and pulled Ginny into a hug. "You are perfect and I love you for it." He whispered in her ear. For the last time he kissed his ten-ear-old wife on the forehead "Goodbye my love."

Ginny's eyes teared up. "I'll take care of him, and Sirius and Remus to, and Ronnie and Hermione and…"

"I know you will." Said Harry standing up. "Goodbye Sirius, Remus."

"Goodbye Harry." Said Sirius "I'm so proud to finally be able to fulfil my Godfatherly duties.

"And I'm so proud of what you've become." Said Remus. "We shall take care of you. I swear. We shall love you."

"We shall take our leave as soon as you go." Said James. "After all, we do not belong in this realm."

"We are so proud of you Harry." Said Lily. "And we are so proud of your brother and sister too."

James and Lily looked at Ron and Hermione. In many ways, those two were Harry's siblings.

Harry gave one last look to his younger self. "Enjoy yourself. All the crap we went through and what you now will never go through is over. It does not define who you are. Enjoy your life, you've earned it. Remember to remind him of that on occasion." He said that last part to Ginny.

"I will." She said

Harry, Ron and Hermione – the Golden Trio – stood together with Rose Weasley in Hermione's arms and Hedwig sitting atop Harry's shoulder. For one last time, they looked over all those who they loved in this time and particularly those who had died. Then they turned and walked into the portal that lead back to 2006. The last quest to destroy Voldemort was done.

Harry Ron and Hermione left the new timeline of hope that they created, whereupon many from then on would know of the legend of the Golden Trio.

I can't believe it's over. It's only now occurring to me I just held a public execution in front of school Children. Oh well I'm not rewriting this now.

Now to answer a question posed by many. I may come back and write either an epilogue or a successor story but I do not really want to think about it right now. What happens after this all happens for the best. If anyone wants to write a sequel in my place, PM me and we can negotiate terms. But right now, I want to focus on other projects. Actually I just want to focus on My Brother and Jessica Black but same thing.

Thanks for reading. By the power vested in me by… me… and this hairbrush I just picked up. I the Oracle of the Phoenix hereby declare this story finished. So mote it be (whatever that means).

Long Live Hedwig.