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Nameless: Chapter 4

It was morning the next day. The Titans had a rough night, each fearing the havoc that Slade could wreak. But now four Titans were situated around their kitchen table, their heads pivoting back and forth as their leader paced to and fro in front of them, muttering to himself. But no one really thought to listen to his grumbles, caught up as they were in the notion of what could and what might be. What if Slade was back? What if this? What if that? "What if" was a land of endless possibilities. Questions went unanswered. Nevertheless, if he kept going at this rate, Robin would erode the floor until it was barely discernable.

All of a sudden, Robin came to a screeching halt, slamming his fists on the table. "What does this newbie have to do with Slade?"

Raven offered, "Maybe the better question is 'What does Slade have to do with this new X character?'"

"What difference does it make? They're both criminals!" Robin exclaimed. "And if Slade's involved, we can't take this matter lightly."

Already agonizing about the possibility of Slade's return, she promptly blew a fuse. They had just went over this yesterday. Yesterday she may have been able to hold her tongue, but not today. Temper flaring, eyes growing a passionate crimson, Raven snapped, "You don't think I know that, Robin? After all Slade's done to you, to Terra, to me!" An ebony ringlet started to make it's way from under the table towards her leader.

"Friends, please!" Starfire bore her eyes into Raven's, hoping to cut in before any verbal bombs could be thrown. "We must not focus on what we do not know. Instead we must find the facts."

"Star's right, you guys," Cyborg interrupted. "To 'assume' is to make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'."

Beast Boy chimed in, "Pfft. Where'd you get that, Cyborg, a self-help book?"

Cyborg gave his green friend the evil eye and made a fist to warn the changeling, "Not the time to get into this, man. Unless of course you're ready to try meat now? How's about a knuckle sandwich?"

Beast Boy backed off. "So let's see. What do we know about this guy?" He let the question ring in the air for a moment. He abruptly transformed into a canine and began sniffing around the room for evidence.

"I don't think turning into Scooby-doo will help us any, Beast Boy," Raven uttered.

Robin had a look of contemplation on his face. "Well, this guy was able to bust in pretty easily. He seemed to know where he was going too…"

"Man, that probably means he's done stuff like this before," Cyborg pointed out. "Amateur villains wouldn't have been able to break into our home. We're the Teen Titans after all."

Starfire put in her two cents, "But Friend Cyborg, we thought the same of the HIVE and they were able to infiltrate our systems quite easily. We should not underestimate this 'Red X'," she emphasized giving a wary look at Robin. Could Friend Robin have been behind all this? Starfire trusted her life to her leader, but this was something she couldn't be sure of.

Not being the best listener of the group, the shape-shifter stopped what he was doing to try and process what Robin was saying. "HEY I have an idea!" Beast Boy smiled cheekily, "This might sound like it came straight from a James Bond movie or something, but hear me out." He cleared his throat as the others waited for his latest conspiracy theory.

"Maybe this guy's a super villain spy working with Slade who's been watching us since who knows when! He must've known where we'd all be the day he broke in. Maybe he's been studying all our weaknesses too! He could have even set up the whole fiasco of getting us out of the tower. And maybe he plans to hack into our systems to discover our top-secret confidential files on the Justice League only to take over their Watchtower in space so that he can destroy the Earth! Maybe he'll find Warp and go back in time to cause havoc so that the Titans will have never been created! Maybe he's working with Brother Blood to resurrect Trigon in this plane once more! And then he– " He continued to babble on with excitement, but the rest of the team had long since stopped listening.

Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg shared an incredulous look. "Man, BB. A little over-theatrical, but that first bit totally made sense! That's gotta be one of the smartest things you've ever said," Cyborg remarked.

Beast Boy quickly slicked his hair back and pulled a pair of sunglasses out of thin air. Trying his best to imitate the smooth and sultry voice of the legendary Elvis Presley himself, the shape-shifter said, "Thank you, thank you very much."

Raven rolled her eyes at his antics.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Robin's head. "That's it! Cy, maybe if we look at our security tapes over this past week, we'll find something!"

It was a couple hours after Beast Boy's revelation - if it could even be called that. Raven was on the roof. Robin and Cyborg could only find tapes of the entrance, which is where they saw a man in a hockey mask hacking into the tower. The Titans didn't have cameras inside the Tower, but they did have heat sensors. They figured out that X, whoever he was, had went through the kitchen, living room, and all of their bedrooms.

Raven glowered at the thought. He went into my room. No one EVER goes inside my room.

But she guessed it made sense how he found out about her secret. Although her picture frame was untouched, X must've figured out it was a picture of her and Robin. But how could that have happened? The picture could have just as easily been of her with Cyborg, Beast Boy, or Starfire. Or maybe even of one with the whole team together. How did he know it would be of Robin? It's not like Robin would have feelings for me... She shrugged it off.

Instead, she focused on what her senses were telling her. The air was crisp and the sound of the bay's waves calmed her. The sun hit the towers and buildings of the city and it made the view breathtaking. That's why she loved the roof. This was her place to think. And this time she was contemplating the appearance of this new Red X.

Her logical side pleaded with her to see that he was involved with Slade, indicating his bad nature. But her instinct reminded her that not everything is what it seems to be. Take her for example. She might have been the hell spawn for her demon father Trigon the Terrible, but she wound up doing good in the world instead of destroying it. Maybe Red X was in a similar position, though she doubted Red X could have an inter-dimensional demon as his father. But you never know... But X's memories did give her a glimpse of the pain and suffering he might be going through.

The door to the roof unlocked, but Raven's back was to the door. She didn't have to see him to know that it was Robin. She continued gazing at the city skyline. Robin slowly opened his mouth, ready to ask her about what Red X had found out.

"I know what you're going to ask," Raven spouted before Robin could even let out a word.

Raven turned to face her leader and reluctantly complied to answer his unasked question. "He found out my true weakness."

"He found out about your demon origins?" Robin asked. That didn't seem too bad. "But Raven, you're free to feel angry now. We've already defeated your father," Robin logically reasoned.

"That's not what I meant." She paused, turning back to the city laid before her. "He found out about you," she whispered.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. Him? What did he have to do with anything? He must've been hearing things. "Uh, sorry Raven, could you repeat that?"

"I said," Raven huffed. "He found out about you."

Me? "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, Robin," she hissed icily, "It means he found out about my feelings for you."

Robin's thoughts screeched to a halt. Hold the phone. Hold the damn phone! Raven had feelings for him? Robin didn't know what to think. Sure, he was just like any other horny teenager that wanted to get laid and sure he'd found himself thinking of her in less than appropriate ways. But he thought about the same stuff with Starfire. What was he supposed to say?

Robin cleared is throat uneasily. "As a hormonal man of my age, I must say I'm attracted to you as well."

Raven laughed darkly. Seriously, that was what he got out of that? What was it again she saw in her leader? She suddenly just couldn't remember right then. "Are you kidding me? Sure your name is Richard, but sometimes you really need to stop thinking with your Dick." She paused for dramatic effect. "I'm in love with you, idiot."

"I love you too, Raven. I love all of the Titans. You guys are the family I never had." Robin smiled warmly. The air around Raven changed, as black tendrils started creeping from her shadow in annoyance and frustration. Did he have to be so awkward? Everyone knew never to invalidate her feelings. Was he TRYING to get on her nerves?

"And they say that you're the smart one on the team," Raven muttered to herself. First lesson Robin ever learned with Raven: DON'T MAKE HER ANGRY.

"No need to make a fit," Robin lightly warned. "I was just pulling your leg. I know what you mean. I have feelings for you too." Raven heaved a sigh.

"Do you know what this may mean for the team?"

"Raven, I know now that you have feelings for me, but I don't think I'm ready to start dating," Robin offered, matter-of-factly.

"I didn't say anything about dating. Think about Starfire. The whole team knows what she feels for you. We all know you two are perfect for each other."

"Now, Raven, I don't think I need dating advice from you. I'm the one with the freedom to choose."

Raven chuckled. "And we all know you're going to choose her."

He didn't reply. Which only made Raven confused. "You are going to choose her, right?"

"I... I don't know, Raven. You should know that emotions can become weaknesses in battle. I haven't really thought about it because I don't want to put anyone at risk."

Raven turned back to her leader. "You're putting us all at risk by associating with all of us, you do know that?"

Robin faltered. "Well, yeah. But if I established romantic feelings for one of you, I may stop at nothing to protect either of you, even if it cost the team."

"Why don't you just come out and tell the world that you love Beast Boy then?" Raven asked flatly.

"Not funny, Raven. I'd rather sort through all of this after we catch X."

"Suit yourself. You never know, Starfire could fall in love with someone else..."

Or you could fall in love with someone else...
Robin thought.

Keith decided he would visit Kaitlyn at the hospital in Star City today. It was the least he could do. Besides, he had good news for her - he just got more money to fund research for her, albeit in a less than honorable way. He just didn't know how much more money it would take.

What he wanted to see was the glass half full - even if it was really nearly empty. He knew his time was limited. He knew he would have to act sooner than later. But what he didn't know was what could kill him.

As his car approached the hospital, he noticed that sirens were blazing and that the building was surrounded by cop cars. Something must've happened. He hoped to any God out there that could hear him that it didn't have anything to do with Kaitlyn. But things don't always go the way you want them to.

Red flashes pierced his eyes. Worried looks of the bystanding crowd didn't put Keith's insecurities at ease. His heart pounded wildly against his chest; breathing hitched, palms sweaty, and anxiety levels off the charts, Keith's car drew closer to the scene.

Bad things always happened to Keith. From the looks of things, he knew this couldn't be just a coincidence.

He slammed the brakes into his car as fast as he could. Keith didn't care that he parked sloppily. That didn't matter. What mattered was the wellbeing of his sister. He raced to the nearest police officer. The officer was busy writing a report down on his clipboard. "What happened?" Keith asked hastily.

The officer didn't even look up. "It appears that a villain from Jump City has kidnapped a patient."

Keith gulped. Oh no. He had hoped it wouldn't come to this.

Keith asked another question. "Does this villain happen to be called, Slade?"

The officer looked up this time. "How'd you know? Are you from Jump City?"

His fingers started to tremble. "My sister and I are. Do you happen to know which patient was kidnapped?"

Glancing back at his clipboard, the officer spouted a name, "Kaitlyn Wright. Any relation?"

Keith visibly deflated. He feared he had lost the war before it had even begun. "She's my sister."

"Then you must be Keith. Slade left something for you." The officer pulled out something in his pocket and handed it to Keith. It was a black cell phone with a golden 's' emblazoned on the back. Keith glanced at the device uneasily. He didn't want Slade back in his life. Not after Slade murdered his parents years ago. Not after Slade gave Kaitlyn MacGregor's disease, only to tell him there was no cure. Not ever.

Keith made his way back into his car shakily. This wasn't a good sign. He knew what Slade was capable of. He prayed for his sister's safety. As he examined the phone, it came to life, ringing and vibrating. Keith checked the caller ID. It read that it was none other than Slade himself. He cleared his throat, trying to eliminate any sign of emotion. He answered gruffly.


"My, my, my, look what we have here. How are you doing, Keith, my boy?"

"Slade," Keith spat. "What have you done with my sister?"

"Oh, touchy I see," Slade paused. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not a good way to speak to me after all of these years."

Keith glared, even though he knew Slade couldn't see him. "Well, what do you expect? You killed my parents. They did as you told. They just took their earnings to do good."

"Which is exactly why I killed them. I only hire criminals who do bad things. Though your parents were criminal masterminds, they sought only to take from the rich to give to the poor, much like the fabled Robin Hood. My orders were clear. Take from the rich to make me richer. "

It hurt to think about them. Now was not the time to do so. That was the past. He needed to focus on the now. "Nevermind them, they're gone. What do you want with Kaitlyn? Haven't you done enough to our lives by infecting her with MacGregor's disease?"

"Silly boy, I'm not doing this to hurt you, I'm doing this to help you. I have the cure you so desperately need to save her."

Yeah, right. "You would never do us a favor. What's the catch?"

"Hmph. You always were a smart one." The villain paused. "Simple. I'll give Kaitlyn the cure if you make a few stainless steals for me."

"Yeah right. You're Slade. Can't bother to do your own dirty work? Don't you have robots or minions to do that shit for you?"

Slade chuckled sinisterly. "Now Keith, do you want me to save your sister or not?"

Keith would do anything for his sister. He didn't have to think twice. "Deal."

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