Chapter One

As Gaius was walking through the hallways of A Jule castle he stopped for a moment to think..
he still mourned the loss of his comrades, Gaius let a deep sigh and said for Liese Maxia.. as he continued walking onwards.

Jude was walking through the city where he first met ''her'' as a breeze let up and a familair feeling stroke through his hair...
Milla.. it sure has been awhile since you left us.. but its alright we will move forward even though we can't see each other anymore.

Alvin was traveling around Liese maxia like he did before even though he'd still missed the good old times he had with the group..
even though he can't go back to el empyrious anymore he smiled as he looked up at the sky.

Elise was walking with her new found friends through the town as they had fun like any other kid around her age.
she did't need Tipo anymore but she still misses him.. as she missed Alvin as well.

Gaius sat down along with Rowen as they had tea and talked about the future.. Rowen wanted to help Gaius and the rest of the world rebuild slowly.. but he could not help but feel a bit sad for Gaius...
Rowen.., Gaius said with a calm tone. Yes what is it? Rowen replied with a smile.
i'd like sometime alone and with alone i mean traveling through Liese Maxia..
Hmm.. i see Rowen replied and asked: If i may ask what is it you seek Gaius?
Nothing in particular i just wanted some time for myself replied Gaius.
Well i can handle the affairs here in A Jule so why not just go? said Rowen.
Are you sure Rowen? i know it is a selfish request and its so quick after the..-Rowen interrupted Gaius and said"
Gaius you are still young unlike me who has seen every corner of this land, yet you still have alot to learn..
i'd suggest you journey across the land and find your own cause. said Rowen with a serious face.
I see.. your right Rowen replied Gaius with a soft smile. i shall depart sometime this week and leave the affairs of the Country to you Rowen.
Rowen took a sip of his tea and smiled.

Milla and Myuze where taking care of the spirits even watching new ones born every day was a joy for them..
Milla missed Jude and the group alot but she knew deep within her heart that this was the best choice.. for both worlds.
Myuze and the four elemental spirits saw the sadness Milla had locked away within her..
they could not do much about that, That much they knew since Milla took the role of Maxwell and a painfull one that is for Milla atleast.
Myuze did regret what she did.. but she wanted to stay by Milla's side now.. and help the spirit world.

End of Chapter One.

i know it is a short one but i am still thinking in what direction to take this Fanfiction ^.^