Chapter Two

Gaius was preparing for his journey.. Rowen knocked on his door Gaius said enter in a calm voice...
Rowen replied: My lord... have you heard about the trouble La shugall is having choosing its new leader?
Gaius replied: I have not heard about this yet Rowen.. but i am confident they will be able to handle it...
Rowen continued.. That i believe as well my lord but ever since Nachtigal's passing his descendand has refused to speak with anyone even the doctors.. which is leading to political turmoil.. Rowen ended his speech with a concerned look on his face.
Gaius replied: So Rowen.. you want me to visit La shugall and talk some sense into Nachtigal descendand?
Yes rowen replied. but i was thinking my lord.. why not take him/her on your journey?
Absolutely not! said Gaius while raising his voice.
My lord please stay calm! it was only a suggestion. said rowen with a calm voice.
I see that Rowen.. maybe i just need to meet him or her and make a final decision about your suggestion. said Gaius after calming down.
Then i will take my leave for now my lord.. said Rowen.
Gaius let out a deep sigh... just who is this person? i did not know Nachtigal had any children...

Meanwhile in La Shugall...

Eylena! please talk to me! is there anything you need or want? just tell me! Eylena say something! please! the screams of a concerning woman could be heard throughout the mansion...
Its no use.. my lady, she has been like this since her fathers passing...
I know! first her mother.. and now her father! the world is too cruel to her!
Calm down my lady let the doctors do there job, the'll find something... the two walked away from Eylena's room.
Eylena stared outside of her window with a blank expression on her face..
A girl walked into her room with a concerning look on her face.. Eylena.. why do you refuse to speak did something horrible happen to you? asked the girl who came with two certain doctors to La shugall.
Leia.. its no use i know you are trying to help but... said a young boy. Leia turned around and saw Jude standing in the doorway.
Jude! its been so long! Leia stood up and ran up to him and embraced him.
Yes its been awhile Leia.. said Jude with a smile.
Jude... do you know whats wrong with her? asked Leia.
i have a vague idea it could be she is in some kind of emotional shock... said Jude.
Well she did lose both her parents and she has a huge responsibility on her shoulders. said Leia with a sad tone in her voice.
Leia come with me for a second. asked Jude.
What is it Jude? Jude replied: i think something else is at work here though i am not 100% sure...
What could that mean Jude? asked Leia with a concerned voice. Well i allready noticed she has never publicly been seen outside this mansion, i did't even know Nachtigal had any children said Jude.
But we did ki- Jude interrupted Leia and said: No Leia we did not, it was Jirando and Celcius that dealth the killing blow.
Ah right everything went so fast at that time.. said Leia. Jude replied: Leia its allright.. we will find out the truth about this matter.
Leia said: So Jude how about some Tea? Jude replied: that is a good idea, i am kinda thirsty...

Gaius readied his dragon bird for his trip to La Shugall...
Rowen approached Gaius and said: My lord, i have made the Preparation for your absence.. and i shall handle all affairs while you are gone.
I am sure you are more then capable for this job Rowen said Gaius with a small smile.
Rowen said: Good luck Gaius i hope you find what you are searching for.
Gaius sat down on the dragon and said: i will find it someday, i will not return till i find it.. Farewell.
And so the Dragon bird flew off in the direction of La Shugall.. Rowen slowly walked back to the palace.

Gaius could feel the wind go through his hair and looked at the blue sky... i only wish i could have done this more often.. said Gaius with a smile.

End of Chapter Two.