The Doctor and River were standing in the console room. Well I say standing. River was currently nibbling at the Doctor's neck and ear lobe, sometimes venturing to his mouth. The Doctor groaned. "River we really shouldn't be..." The Doctor groaned again as River started to move her hands down his back. "...Your parents..." He managed to mutter. River smiled as she kissed him.
"You so realise I do have siblings?" River said, her tone of voice not giving anyway anything.
"No and why would that matter now?" He asked. River leaned back at him one of her eyebrows raised. "Oh!" The Doctor said eyes wide in realisation. River leaned into kiss him; a small chuckled escaping her lips. She then trailed a line of kisses over to his ear.
"Hence I don't think we'll be disturbed." River whispered.

The Doctor smiled and grabbed her round the waist and pulled her over to the seat, causing her to squeal in surprise. He sat himself down and pulled her onto his lap. They quickly resumed where they had left off.

"Oh River Song, you'll be the death of me."