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Kimber Wolf

-The Hunt-

The night was calm, the full moon above giving the hunter enough light to see the trail ahead of her. She moved as quietly as she could, hoping not to scare off her prey, especially since she'd spent nearly two days tracking the deer. If she didn't bring down something, her small pack would surely starve. Just thinking of her younger twin brothers and cousin, safely curled up next to each other in their den, focused her determination tenfold. This hunt had to be successful; there was no alternative.

Olive eyes raised to look at the moon, the shewolf forcing the urge to howl a prayer to Fhang, the wolf goddess, down as she sniffed the wind, looking for the scents of her packmates. Two were upwind of her while the other member of their small hunting group stayed downwind. Kim, the unofficial leader, didn't need her scent to know Yori, like a shadow along the forest floor, was in place on the same side of the clearing as Kim, downwind of their targets. On the other side of the clearing were Rone and Wade who, while not being much of hunters, provided rather excellent distractions and interference when needed. Reassured that her packmates were in place, Kim stalked forward, her ears laying back against her skull as she crept along the forest floor, making as little noise as possible. In her ears, every snapped twig echoed through the night and she was certain the deer could hear her coming from a mile away.

Come on, Kimber, pull yourself together! Focus! Kim mentally reprimanded herself, her crimson fur standing on edge in anticipation for her strike. Hiding in the shadow of a tree, Kim could see her targets lightly grazing in the moonlight. Three deer, obviously separated from the rest of their herd, chewed on the grass aimlessly while the wolves began to surround them. On the north side of the clearing, Kim could see two blobs moving through the underbrush of the forest, one a light golden color while the other looked nearly black in the shadows.

Rolling her shoulders slightly, the shewolf lowered herself to the ground, waiting for Rone and Wade to drive the deer straight towards herself and Yori. Already, the deer were abandoning their meal, heads whipping around in fear as the wolves' scents reached them. Kim dug her paws into the dirt, preparing to use every muscle in her body to launch at the nearest deer. If they managed to bring down all three, the whole pack would eat well for at least a week. They needed this! The deer took a few hesitant steps towards Kim and Yori, Rone and Wade about to pounce from the treeline opposite them to startle the creatures. She felt her heart soar as two shadows, one golden and the other chocolate, began to surge from the treeline. One more pounce and the deer would be sufficiently terrified into charging for Kim and Yori, and Kim couldn't-

"Argh!" Kim yelped, her paws instantly moving to cover her ears as the most horrid sound she'd ever heard tore through the night. Fear gripped her heart as she felt a slight rumble, her eyes flying open as the deer bolted away from the noise, driving the creatures away from her hunting group. Though the noise still hung in the air, Kim surged forward, trying to sink her teeth into the slowest deer. As she lept, the shewolf knew she'd missed her target, meeting only grass and dirt as she hit the ground, rolling slightly. Shaking her head, Kim saw a black wolf fall in the same way she did, confirming that Yori had also missed.

"Aw, what is that?" Rone whimpered, batting his ears with his paws in a vain effort to make the torture stop. Wade was simply huddled on the ground, paws pressed against his skull while his tail curled up against his body, as if his chocolate fur could blend in with the dirt. It was his first hunt and for something of this nature to happen, well, it was less than ideal. The hunt had failed. The taste was bitter in Kim's mouth.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out," Kim growled, stalking in the opposite way the deer had fled, heading east. There were brief pauses in the sound but Kim couldn't, for the life of her, figure out what it was. She saw her packmates attempt to follow, though Wade had his tail tucked between his legs, and the crimson wolf had to stop. "Whatever it was drove them towards the den; you three should go after them. I'll catch up after I put an end to that awful racket."

"Is that wise?" Yori questioned skeptically, her jet black eyes reflecting the moonlight. "You don't know what that thing is."

Kim dipped her muzzle in acknowledgement but gave a cocky, canine smile. "Please, like anything out there can handle me."

"Kim, maybe you shouldn't. This isn't our territory," Rone piped up, his chestnut eyes flicking to behind them where, looming above the treetops, their mountain stood silently in the night. A cave near the foot of their mountain was their den, their home, but their territory didn't extend much further beyond the mountain's shadow. "What if one of the Go wolves find you?"

"Oh please, Rone," Kim rolled her eyes, padding off to investigate the sound still ringing through the night. "I'm a Possible. I'm sure I can manage."

"But if you run into an Alpha..." Wade trailed off, already retreating towards the safety of the mountain. While he had always wanted to go on a hunt, the youngest matured wolf of the pack was ready to admit he wasn't a hunter by any means. He would gladly stay with the pups now that he knew what the hunt was like.

Again, Kim rolled her olive eyes. "Alpha or not, I'll be fine. Omegas can be just as strong as Alphas."


"Go home, Rone," Kim growled, her lips curling up to reveal a hint of her fangs. It wasn't meant to be threatening and Rone didn't take it as such; continuing the conversation just was not an option with his best friend.

"Right. Yori, lead the way, those deer shouldn't have gotten too far," the golden wolf turned and padded towards the fresh tracks, sniffing around them to get the scent for himself. Wade eagerly followed the golden wolf though he didn't bother pretending he wanted to run into the deer again. Yori, black fur gleaming in the moonlight, flashed Kim a smile.

"Fhang watch over you, Kim. Please put it out of its misery," Yori giggled before running after Rone and Wade, easily picking up the scent. She was certainly the best tracker of the group and no one would ever contest that.

Turning away from her packmates' trail, Kim set her olive orbs on the far end of the clearing, sniffing the air for any sign of what was causing the noise but got nothing. It had died down a bit since it initially started, a minute or two passing before it would start up again. Without her nose to lead the way, though, her ears had to, despite how utterly painful it was to do so, especially with the sound getting louder with each step.

What a pitiful creature! How could anyone let it just writhe in pain like this? Fhang, where is your mercy? she thought, all the while drawing closer, weaving through the forest until she came to another clearing. The sound had stopped so she would need to wait until the next cry before proceeding and she needed the rest besides. Two days on the trail had worn her out. Kim sat on her haunches and sighed, scratching behind her right ear absently.

"Damnit!" Kim ears flicked forward, hearing the growl easily in the still night. Curiously, but cautiously, Kim crept towards a large rock formation, her eyes scanning for any movement whatsoever. "Why can't I get this right?"

The voice was distinctly feminine, though the angry growl gave it a rough edge. Kim couldn't help but grin; obviously someone was a little upset. As she came to the foot of the rocks, her olive orbs caught sight of another wolf, mounting the highest rock with ease. Instantly, the shewolf was awestruck.

Pale green fur practically glowed in the moonlight, broken up by patches of black between her ears and on her underbelly, with two black socks on her right forepaw and hind leg. She looked exotic, as Kim had yet to see a two toned wolf, and though there was still distance between them, the crimson wolf could see the muscles rippling beneath pale green fur. No doubt about it; this wolf was an Alpha of the Go pack.

Emerald eyes were fixated on the moon, anger written all over the Go's muzzle as she prepared to howl. Kim wasn't sure what she expected- no doubt something that portrayed the strength and fierce pride she could almost taste in the wolf's scent- but what she got was the pitiful shrieking that had launched her quest in the first place. As close as she was, Kim couldn't help but whine as her ears were assaulted once more, earning the pale shewolf's attention.

"What are you doing here?" the pale wolf demanded, fur rising as she glared down at Kim. While never one to be rude, Kim flashed her fangs, a sign she would defend herself if need be.

"Just looking for what was making that sound," Kim growled out, backing up slightly. She wasn't afraid of the shewolf but, knowing which pack the pale green wolf belonged to didn't bode well for Kim if the other chose to fight. "Question answered. I'll be on my way now."

"Good riddance, you filthy omega," the green and black wolf growled, gnashing her teeth. Truly, her anger was directed at herself for drawing attention to her secluded spot with her practicing but she wasn't about to explain herself. However, olive eyes dangerously glinted up at her as the crimson wolf scowled.

"There's no reason to insult me!" Kim defended, her retreat halted as she stood proudly halfway between the rock formation and the treeline. "Your racket ruined my hunt!"

"Hunt? You?" the pale wolf cocked her head to the side, her anger misplaced as confusion took its place. She had already identified the crimson wolf as an omega and, according to pack law, omegas were never part of the hunting parties. Omegas were downright useless in the Go pack, as far as the Alpha was concerned. "What sort of pack allows its omegas to hunt? Are your Alphas so pitiful?"

"My pack has no Alphas," Kim admitted, steadily disliking the pale green wolf the more she spoke. "I lead my pack."

"You lead your pack?" the Alpha shook her head, visibly stunned by Kim's words. At the moment, the anger that had began the conversation was the furthest thing from her mind. She needed the distraction anyway, the pale wolf decided, and settled herself down on the rock to observe the omega. Her lips quirked up without displaying her fangs. "Omegas don't lead packs. That's the Alphas' job!"

"I already told you, we don't have any Alphas," Kim growled, eying the shewolf warily. At least the Alpha no longer seemed aggresive, though the omega didn't trust the pale wolf's appearance in the least. Besides that, the pale wolf was treading on thin ice with this particular subject. "Our Alphas... we just don't have any, okay?"

"Hmph. A pack can't last long without an Alpha to lead them. Why haven't you joined with my pack? The Go wolves have always been strong," the shewolf crossed her paws and laid her muzzle down, still watching the crimson wolf below.

"I'll take it into consideration," Kim growled. "Don't hold your breath though. Possible wolves are just as strong as Go wolves."

"You're a Possible?" the Alpha nearly bit herself when she realized that only two wolves in the entire territory had pelts of crimson, one of whom hadn't been seen in almost a year. "So, it was your mother and father who disappeared last winter?"

"Yes. I have taken over the pack until they return," Kim growled menacingly. The shewolf was now in dangerous territory with Kim and she had no intentions of allowing the other wolf to mock her loss. "We're done here. Next time you want to impersonate a dying moose, do it away from my hunt!"

"Excuse me?" came the growled reply as the pale wolf rose, her anger returning in full force. "How dare you insult me! I'm an Alpha!"

"So you were born with a silver trout in your mouth, no big," Kim turned away and started back into the forest, ready to rejoin her pack. "Might explain why it sounds like one's dying in your throat."

She had taken her third step when one ear flicked back, hearing the scrape of claws on rocks. Instinct kicked in, and the skills she'd honed since taking over the pack put her in motion, her body dropping to the ground as the pale wolf sailed over her. Kim briefly noticed that the black fur that started between her ears ran the length of her spine down to her tail before the shewolf spun around, teeth catching the moonlight as emerald eyes filled with rage. Olive orbs met that heated glare as Kim responded in kind, her crimson hair standing on end as she snarled back, leaping at her challenger.

They danced beneath the moonlight, snapping and swiping at each other with sharp teeth and strong paws. Though the pale wolf was slightly bigger than Kim, the crimson wolf managed to make up for her lack of size with speed and wit, outmanuevering her opponent with ease. Well, not ease, per say, as Kim's strength was starting to flag, her body still exhausted from the hunt. She wasn't about to back down though; the Possibles were proud wolves and would fight to the bitter end, just like any Go wolf. When the shewolf reared up on her hindlegs to deliver a killer swipe with her paws, Kim took the opportunity to leap at her chest, knocking the pale green wolf back. They rolled a moment, ending with Kim on top though the wolf pinned beneath her continued to snap and claw at her. Kim was able to return a few of the attacks but before she knew it she was pushed onto her back, emerald eyes glinting down at her.

They stopped then, a pause in their battle as each tried to catch her breath. Though most of their blows had failed to break skin, each was bleeding in a few places. Kim's crimson fur kept her injuries from being too obvious in the moonlight but the red stood out vividly on the pale green fur. The wolf's tongue licked along her muzzle, the coppery taste of blood confirming the omega had indeed proven a worthy match.

"What's your name?" the green and black wolf questioned, still poised over the crimson wolf with one paw on her chest. Olive orbs displayed her confusion, so the pale wolf questioned her again.

"Kimber. My packmates call me Kim," the crimson wolf replied, knowing in her heart that she was beaten. However, her head was desperately trying to pull together a plan to escape the shewolf while staunchly ignoring that Rone, perhaps, had a good point when he warned her about the Go Alphas.

"Kimber? Hmmm, I see." Kim's ears laid back a moment before she cocked her head in slight confusion. The pale wolf simply smirked back at her. "I'm Shego. Nice to meet you, Kimmie."

"My name is-" Kim stopped suddenly as a howl tore through the night. Though distant, Kim recognized the tone as Rone, with Yori and Wade joining in a moment later. Her packmates were wondering where she was as her little mission shouldn't have taken so long.

"Friends of yours?" Shego had heard the voices too but didn't recognize them. She rarely paid attention to such trivial matters as the howls of other wolves. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered if that was why her own howling sounded so terrible.

"Yes," Kim replied, eying her captor warily. "Mind getting off me so I can answer them?"

Shego regarded the crimson wolf a moment before slowly easing off the shewolf, watching as Kim righted herself and shook loose leaves and dirt from her fur. Facing the den, Kim lifted her muzzle to the moon and let out a long howl, putting whatever strength she thought she could spare to carry the notes to her friends. Though Kim didn't notice, Shego's jaw dropped open slightly, impressed by the power of the smaller wolf's voice. It sounded almost like music to her, a first as far as she could remember.

A minute passed as Kim's voice echoed through the forest, reaching the mountain with ease. When her packmates returned her howl, the omega realized they had been unsuccessful in their pursuit and would be returning home. The pack would starve another night.

"Great. Just great," Kim sighed, turning back to the path she'd followed to the clearing. Remembering she wasn't alone, Kim turned her olive orbs on Shego and dipped her head slightly, trying to appease the Alpha's sense of superiority. She even laid her ears back and tucked her tail, as if she was afraid of the shewolf. "Excuse me, Shego, but I must return home."

"What about your hunt?" the Alpha raised one brow, sitting on her haunches to set the omega's mind at ease. Shego had enough fighting for one night and there was no honor in killing an omega anyway. Olive eyes dropped to the ground as the crimson wolf growled out her reply.

"It's over. I failed."

Shego watched the omega leave in silence, waiting until she was alone in the clearing before licking her wounds. Though she refused to admit it out loud, Kim had put up a decent fight against her, an omega against an Alpha. It went against everything she'd been taught- the very concept that one of her omega brothers could put up a fight against her was purely laughable- but she had the wounds to prove it. They showed that things she knew to be fundamentally impossible were, in fact, possible.

Shego sat in the clearing, licking her wounds, for an hour or more, listening to the tones of Kim's howl resound within her mind. Once her fur was sufficiently clean, Shego looked up to the moon and made a decision.

To Be Continued: A Fair Trade?

Author's Note: As stated, the premise for this story belongs to Berserkeroo, who posed a challenge over on the Haven about a possible fusion of KP and the movie Alpha & Omega. I, erm, changed quite a bit in regards to her original idea, but it still belongs to her and I have her blessing to post this, and thus, here it be. As it stands, barring any random craziness, this fic will be updated weekly. That's right; I somehow got myself together enough to figure out a posting schedule (*coughforthisficanywaycough*). Will wonders never cease? Bah, anywho, hoped you enjoyed the first chapter!