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A year after Yuna defeated Vegnagun, Shuyin and Lenne reunited first time in a thousand years and after Sōsuke Aizen is defeat in the Winter war and after Warriors of Light return to their dimension .

At Besaid island.

"Lady Yuna are you truly going to Mt. Gagazet?" A man with orange hair asked.

"Yes Wakka since I have some questions that only Kimahri can answer" Yuna said.

"And what may that be?" Wakka asked.

"I wish I could tell you Wakka but until I have all the answers I'm looking for."

"Well good luck then."

Besaid Island Port.

"Rikku where are you" Yuna said very impatient.

Just then the Celsius flew by and landed beside Yuna.

Rikku walks out of the airship.

"Yunie Sorry that we're late Brother was stuck at Macalania Lake since he lost control and the ship got stuck in the lake" Rikku said.

"But how did you get stuck in Macalania Lake?" Yuna asked.

"Well long story short he was thinking about you and you can figure the rest out" Rikku said.

"Ouch" Yuna said.

Yuna & Rikku got on the ship.

Yuna & Rikku headed to the Bridge.

"Buddy set course for Mt. Gagazet" Yuna said.

"Got it" Buddy said.

At Mt. Gagazet.

"Rikku, Yuna and Paine what brings you here?" Kimahri asked.

"Well I've been having these weird dreams lately" Yuna said.

"What kind of dreams?" Kimahri asked.

"Well you see in one dream I see Rikku, Paine and myself on the ground dead" Yuna said.

"Wait a sec Yunie us dead but it's just a dream" Rikku said trying to convincing herself that it was just a dream.

"Rikku I think it's a vision of what is yet to come" Kimahri said.

"A vision what could it be then?" Yuna asked.

I don't know but whatever it is it isn't good Kimahri said.

"But Yunie defeat Sin and Vegnagun aka Shuyin so how could someone or something kill her and us?" Rikku asked.

"Yuna are there any more or your dreams?" Kimahri asked.

"Yes and my second one I see a man with long silver hair holding a long sword in his left hand and on the blade of the sword has blood on it" Yuna said.

"It seems like that person has a thrill for killing young woman or it is something else" Kimahri said.

"And the last one is Rikku, Paine and I fighting that same person with these Black Kimono on and each of us are fighting it with a different weapon in our hand" Yuna said.

Maybe when that person who I think killed all of you, the 3 of you come back somehow and fight him Kimahri said.

"So Yuna so this person is going kill us, but where is the area that he kills us?" Paine asked.

"Umm I'm not sure I think it was a rocky area" Yuna said.

As the 3 of them walks down the path to leave a man come out of nowhere and as Yuna described a man long silver hair holding a long sword came out and quickly stabs Rikku in the gut and then pulls his sword out.

"Yuuun… iiiee" Rikku said as he fell on the floor with her face on the ground.

"Rikku" Yuna said.

Paine turns around and sees the man with long silver hair holding a long sword and attacks him but he dodges her and slashes her in the neck.

Yuna sees him and Fires a full powered Holy at the guy but he attacks it and it is destroyed like it is nothing.

"No way" Yuna said as she is very shock.

Without warning he slashes Yuna in the stomach and then pulls his sword out.

"Mission complete" Silver hair man said.

"Now to return to Shinra Headquarters" a person on phone said.

First thing first isn't ExDeath supposed to finish off Zack Fair? Silver hair man asked.

"Yes he should be done soon" a person on phone said.

Silver hair man hang up the phone.

"Now that High summoner Yuna & her friends are dead now I got to return to Headquarters" Silver hair man said as he disappeared to Shinra Headquarters.

At Gongaga.

"Man I'm sure glad that I'm taking a break from SOLDIER since they said for me see my family but I'm afraid since I left without telling them" Zack said as a man wearing a sky blue suit of armor about seven feet tall with a horned helmet, spiked shoulders and a long blue cloak came out of nowhere and fires a powerful Firaga at Zack but Zack rolled to the left to dodge the attack. "So you're going to challenge 1st Class SOLDIER Zack Big mistake."

Zack pulls his Buster Sword to battle the unknown person.

"Who are you?" Zack asked.

"Call me ExDeath."

"Well freak of nature you're going down" Zack said as he went to strike ExDeath with his Chain Slash but ExDeath cast Vacuum Wave to keep his distance from Zack.

"So it seems that you're tougher than you look" ExDeath said.

"Don't judge a book from it's cover" Zack said.

"I never did, you see my allies are expecting me back in ten minutes" ExDeath said.

"I guess you're going to keep them waiting."

"I'll give you two minutes to finish me off."

Zack swings his sword around and many swords comes out (Omnislash and if I took it from Cloud's move but so what in my story he has it).

At top speed Zack Slashes ExDeath 20 times but before Zack attacked him ExDeath used a few Protect to reduce the damage to only 25% damage per hit and due to this ExDeath was still standing.


"It took the two minutes to hit me with all those strikes now my turn" ExDeath said as he fires a powerful Holy and greatly injury Zack due to Zack being very tired from attacking ExDeath.

Zack falls to one knee.

"Now to finish you" ExDeath said as he pulled out a Sword.

"Please spare me you've defeat me ain't that enough" Zack said as he pleaded for ExDeath to not kill him.

ExDeath Laughs with an evil smile on his face.

ExDeath lunged his sword into Zack Neck and killed him off.

"Now to return to Shinra Headquarters" a person on phone said.

Who is going to finish off the Warriors of light Bart, Lena, Farris & Krile ExDeath said.

Yes a person on phone said.

ExDeath hang up the phone.

"Now that Zack is dead now I got to return to Headquarters" ExDeath said as he disappeared to Shinra Headquarters.

At Soul Society.

Rukon District 10.

"Where am I and what happened to Rikku and Paine?" Yuna said.

Yuna walks and sees many people with strange clothes on and thought it was weird and

District 1.

Yuna decided to go in the big Gate and she walked to it but a huge man block her.

"You can't go in" the huge man said.

"I'm going in if you say or not" Yuna said.

"And how do you think you're going to do that" the huge man said.

"This" Yuna said as she used Haste on herself to make her speed of her spells faster, used Regent to make her health recover when she gets hurt.

"That ain't going to do anything" the huge man said as he attack with his axes but Yuna dodges the attack with ease. "How did I missed?"

"Simple you're just slow" Yuna said as she used Slow on the huge man to make him slower.

Yuna then used Focus to increase her Magic strength and due to Haste the speed of Focus is increase by 3 times and in no time the magic spell was strong enough to beat the huge man.

"Why can't I move faster" the huge man thought.

Yuna's Haste spell on Yuna finally stopped.

So Haste has stopped no big deal Yuna said as fires a big red ball fired at the huge man but a man with kimono and a Captain Uniform on top of it came and block the attack with his Sword (Zanpakuto) but the strength of the spell was still too much for him even for a Captain.

"You can't beat my Flare spell" Yuna said.

"Bankai" a man said.

starting at his right arm which ice forms onto in the shape of a dragon's head around his sword hand, encasing the sword up to the hilt. The ice continues forming up over his shoulders with two large wings sprouting from his back and a long tail. And finally The ice forms down his left arm encasing his hand which ends in a claw.

And with the power he just gained the man easily overpowered the attack and it almost hit Yuna but someone pushed her out of the way.

"I missed?" the man said.

"You bet you missed I'm not about to let Yuna get hurt by her own attack" Rikku said.

"And who may you be?" the man asked.

"Rikku" Rikku asked. "And you?"

"Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya."

"Is that supposed to impress me" Rikku asked.

"I can tell both of you are new souls here and yet you're quite strong" Toshiro said.

"We have no idea where's Paine since she was killed with us" Yuna said.

"You're friend right?" Toshiro asked.

"Team mate" Yuna said.

"And why were you trying to get in?" Toshiro asked.

"To hope to kill the person that killed us so he can't kill anyone else" Yuna said.

"Well I know who that person is."

"And who is he?"

"Sephiroth and he's not alone since he has some powerful allies."

"What do you mean?"

"You see there is about ten people there but not all of them are strong about 5 of them are strong the rest of them are weak, but the way you are now both of you can't beat any of them, but if you go to Shinigami Academy you just may be able to give them a good fight."

"Before we do that we got to find Paine" Rikku said.

District 69.

Paine walks and someone bumps her and then tries to kick her in the head but Paine blocks the hit with her left arm.

"Nice try but I'll defeat you in an instant" Paine said as she grabbed her sword to fight the person.

"That isn't a Zanpakuto so that's just a regular sword" a man said.

"This ain't a regular sword it's a special sword that let's use an element on it" Paine said as she used Firaga on it and turns the sword into a Blaze sword.

"It's burning and it's going to get destroyed" the man said.

"Nope but you'll only get burned" Paine said as she quickly attacks him in a X shape across his chest and leaves a burn on his chest.

Paine returns her sword to normal and leaves.

District 1.

"Captain Hitsugaya there's a large battle at District 69 that just ended" a man said.

"So you two can you help me if I need it?" Toshiro asked.

"Sure and who knows it could be Paine" Yuna said.

District 69.

Captain Hitsugaya, Rikku and Yuna got to where the battle is at and Yuna sees Paine.

Yuna about to go towards Paine but Captain Hitsugaya goes to fight it but Toshiro attacks her but she blocks it with her sword.

"Isn't that Paine's sword that can use an element on it?" Rikku asked.

"Yep" Yuna said.

Thundaga Paine said as she used Thundaga on it and turns the sword into a Thunder sword.

"You're black sword turned yellow after you yelled that word and it went on the sword" Toshiro said.

"Yea so what" Paine said.

Toshiro attacks Paine but she put her sword in front to block and when Tōshirō hit her sword the sword instantly made Tōshirō Zanpakuto paralyzed for a few secs knowing this she went in to strike him but he pulled up his right hand and used Hadō 4 Byakurai at her and Paine jumped to the left to dodge it.

"Not bad for a shrimp" Paine said.

"Your sword paralyzes my sword if I attack it if I'm not mistaking" Tōshirō said.

"Yes it does, but only when I use Thunder element" Paine said.

"Are you the one who attacked the person with that burn on him?"

"Yes but I only attacked him when he attacked me but the burn won't kill him it might leave a scar if it's not healed completely."

Ok I see what happened he attacked you and you just fought back."


Paine returns her sword to normal and put it back on her back.

At District 1.

"Now we will go inside here and go to Shinigami Academy" Tōshirō said.

"What's Shinigami Academy?" Paine asked.

Tōshirō explained what Shinigami Academy is and what it does and how long does it normally takes.

"If it means taking the a****** down then I'm all for it" Paine said.

"I agree with Paine on taking him down and making sure he can't kill anyone else" Rikku said.

"I'm just going to Shinigami Academy so he can't kill anyone else" Yuna said.