Ch.1-In the night they come

All right, so here's my first multi-chaptered crossover! :3 Yay! I seriously wanted to do a multi-chapter with KidxCrona in it because I'm so fricking in love with the pairing! XD So I first came up with one to Black Butler, but decided, nah, not gonna do it. That doesn't mean I've scrapped the idea because I laughed at the prospect of Sebastian meeting Kid and thinking 'Great, another Shinigami. *Annoyed face*' :) I have the idea saved for future uses if I so desire to actually make a story of it.

Anyway, this is Maximum Ride and Soul Eater crossover. :) I don't want to tell you what happens, because then you'll know what the plot is. Seriously, I don't have an idea what the plot is. I just know there's gonna be Kiona in it as well as some Mang (MaxXFang). Mang! Or Fax. :/ Whichever you people prefer.

Now as for how far along this is, I was gonna say it's after the Lost Island episode in Soul Eater and probably after book 2 of Max Ride, but I don't really care, okay? It's kinda just gonna be ambiguous and random. There is also gonna be some humor in it, just to keep it light. :3

And FYI, Kid will most likely be not as OCD as he is in the anime; sometimes, I swear he can be normal if you don't bring up symmetry. He mostly is as long as it doesn't enter his mind. So, no neurotic Kid. Crona's gonna be a little braver too. But he does have those courageous moments. :D

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"See, if you just move the exponent to this side and then multiply it and the base, you get the answer, which is 69," a cool voice said in the large room.

The room was incredibly big with three marble covered floors with bridges connecting the opposite sides of each floor. There were shelves upon shelves of books and on the first floor were multiple desks with torches lit for the purpose of studying in the semi-dark room.

"Th-thank you," a soft, timid voice mumbled. "I th-think I understand it better now, Kid-sama."

There was a whack followed by an injured squeak.

"I told you to stop calling me that."

"Please, not another Kid Chop! I don't know how to deal with a hit like Maka's!"

Near the far corner of the silent library were two people, one sitting at the table and clutching his head while the second person stood behind the first, a heavy-looking book resting on his left shoulder.

The first male was fifteen and incredibly thin with a pale face. His hair was a faded pink with many strands and clumps sticking out in random places while his eyes were a pallid blue. He wore comfortable blue jeans and a dark brown T-shirt with the word 'Deathbucks' stamped on the front in black letters with a funny-looking skull beneath the name.

The male standing behind the pink-haired teen was a good inch taller than him, standing at five foot eleven, and lean. He had smooth jet black hair with three white lines cutting across the left side of his head, stopping neatly at the center of his forehead, and had golden yellow eyes with a darker gold ringing around his pupil. Like the first teen, the black-haired youth donned straight blue jeans, a pale red shirt, and had on a short-sleeved black jacket over the T-shirt.

The pink-haired boy glanced at the stripe-haired teen standing behind him nervously, still holding the top of his head protectively.

"Please don't hit me again…" he whispered.

"I won't," the teen said, tapping the book against his shoulder. "As long as you don't call me 'Kid-sama'. It's creepy."

"A-ah, I won't, K-Kid-sa- -"

Kid raised the book he held threateningly and the boy instantly shut up, putting both hands over his mouth and frantically shaking his head.

"I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything!" the boy wailed before curling in on himself defensively. "I don't know how to deal with being hit!"

"Yo!" a voice yelled, breaking the silence in the room. "Kid! Crona!"

Both teens glanced behind them to see a male in his early thirties situated a few feet away from them.

The male was an inch shorter than Crona with shoulder-length dark red hair, sky blue eyes, and had on a basic black suit with black dress slacks, an olive green button down shirt that had two crosses on the folded down collar, a black leather belt, dress shoes, and a noticeable black tie in the shape of a cross.

"Hello, Spirit." Kid greeted as he set down his book beside Crona, who flinched at the appearance of the vile item before quietly scooting away from the tome. "I'm in the middle of tutoring Crona in mathematics."

"Your father wants to see both you and Crona." Spirit explained seriously. "It appears there is a new area."

Kid narrowed his eyes slightly while Crona hesitantly touched the book laying on the desk before rapidly pulling back as if he'd been bitten.

"What do you get if you add together 2x+1 and 2x-1?"

"O-oh, I k-know this." Crona said as he walked beside Kid with Spirit walking ahead of them. "4...4x?"


The trio was walking down a passageway of Torii gates that were styled to look like guillotines and while they were going down the long hallway Kid was continuing his tutoring session with Crona.

"What about 3x to the second power minus 3x with x equaling a negative 2?"

"O-oh…um…" Crona nervously fiddled with his fingers as he tried to come up with the answer. "Um…18?"


The corridor suddenly opened up to a strange-looking room with a dome-shaped ceiling that was a beautiful sky blue with wispy white clouds floating around the bowl with small windows revealing the outside world embedded at the top of the rounded ceiling. A huge, round platform sat in the center of the room with a small staircase leading up to it and a gigantic mirror with a brass frame and a cartoonish skull attached to the top was situated at the far end of the platform. A vast desert-like landscape surrounded the rostrum with wooden crosses rising from the ground.

Standing before the mirror was possibly the most eccentric-looking person anyone had ever seen. A black robe that had jagged edges clothed his entire form, which was insanely tall and lanky, while the same mask that was welded to the apex of the grand looking glass covered his face from view.

"Hello, hello~!" the form greeted, body swaying from side to side. "Good morning, Kid and Crona."

"Good morning, father." Kid responded while Crona gave a meek 'hi' as he instinctively shrunk away from the noisy being.

"I bet you're wondering why I called you here." Kid's father said, now bouncing up and down as Spirit came to stand beside him.

"I already told them about the new area, Shinigami-sama." Spirit explained.

"Oh, poo." Shinigami-sama pouted. "You ruined the surprise, Spirit."

"I didn't tell them everything." Spirit sighed, glancing to the side as he wondered how he had gotten to be the bad guy.

"Oh, goodie." Shinigami-sama clapped two white foam hands together as he happily bounced up and down.

"Father," Kid said, keeping his face neutral as Crona took a step away from the Death God. "Please focus."

"Righto Kiddo." Shinigami-sama chirped as his arms disappeared back into his sides. "The new area that has appeared is near Denver, Colorado. Not much is known about it since it has only popped up recently. It has killed off all the wildlife and the trees have all shriveled up."

"So it is an area much like the Lost Island." Kid supplied.

"Sort of like that, yes." Shinigami-sama nodded. "We have named the area U-Area, or Unknown Area. Luckily, the spot is located in a dense forest, so no humans have come across it. But I'm certain the results of coming into contact with the U-Area would be disastrous."

"So our mission is to inspect U-Area to divulge any information about it." Kid said simply.

"Pretty much."

"Okay. I'll go get Liz and Patty and we'll head out- -"

"Hold on, Kid."

Kid, who had turned around to leave, paused and gazed back at his father.


"You cannot bring Patty and Liz with you."

Kid appeared stunned by the statement as he faced Shinigami-sama.

"B-but, father, I always bring them with me on missions. Without them, my symmetry is ruined!"

"I understand that, Kid, but as the area could be dangerous to humans it could also be potentially harmful to Death Weapons as well. You two shall be fine with you being a Shinigami and Crona having his Black Blood."

Kid didn't say anything and Crona fidgeted nervously as he looked between Shinigami-sama and Kid.

After what seemed like an hour of stifling silence, Kid exhaled as he realized that his dad was merely looking out for his partners' well-being and he truly appreciated that.

"All right, father. They will stay here."

Shinigami-sama seemed pleased at his son's, albeit reluctant, answer and gave a nod.

Kid turned on his heel and began striding out of the Death Room.

"Come along, Crona."

"A-ah, yes!" Crona gave a hasty bow to both Shinigami-sama and Spirit before trotting after Kid. "I-I'm coming, Kid-sama!"

There was a thump followed by a sob from Crona.

"I'm sorry!"

"I told you to stop calling me '-sama'!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Are you sure it's safe to send Kid on a mission without his two weapons?" Spirit asked as he glanced at Shinigami-sama, trying to read what was going through his head.

"He'll be fine~!" Shinigami-sama sang after a few seconds of being quiet as he swayed from side to side. "He's my son after all. And he's got Crona with him!"

Kid sighed as he came into a clearing and glanced around.

"This is a good spot." he said, setting down a small black backpack on the ground as Crona trudged up behind him. "We'll set up camp here and continue tomorrow."

Crona plopped down with a groan. "H-how far away a-are we?"

"A half day." Kid gazed in the direction he was sure the U-Area was. "If we leave at sunrise we should arrive there around noon."

"Just get with the food already!" a dark, child-like voice growled. "I'm starving over here!"

"Ragnarok…" Crona whispered as a small black body reared itself up from between the pink-haired teen's shoulder blades.

Ragnarok was small, as long as Kid's arm, and pure black with tiny spikes along several parts of his body while there was a white X on his face where his nose should have been and had large white ping-pong ball-like eyes with Xs in the place of pupils.

"I'm hungry over here!" Ragnarok complained, gripping Crona's hair and pulling back slightly. "Let's go grab some souls!"

"We don't do that anymore, remember, Ragnarok?" Crona asked as he glanced up at his partner. "Please stop pulling my hair."

"Then give me food!" Ragnarok hit Crona's head with one hand while frantically waving the other arm.

"Stop, Ragnarok, that hurts!"

Kid watched the duo before he set about gathering sticks and arranging them neatly and symmetrically in the center of the area before picking up two nearby rocks and scraping them together.

Both Ragnarok and Crona stopped when they heard the crackle of flames and stared at the fire Kid had started.

"Food is right here." Kid explained, sitting down on a stump that had once been a tree as he rummaged though his backpack and pulled out a can of baked beans, a package of hot dogs that had been kept chilled by a portable refrigerator bag, and a bag of hot dog buns.

"Gimme!" Ragnarok made a grab for the hot dogs, but Kid kept them out of reach.

"They need to be cooked first," the young Shinigami clarified, placing a small pan over the top of the fire as he opened the can of beans.

Ragnarok grumbled to himself, folding his arms over his chest, before he disappeared back inside Crona to sulk until it was time to eat.

After dinner, with Ragnarok eating twice as much as Crona, the fire was dowsed by the Demon Sword who was laughing at the panicking Crona. The chuckling crescent moon with drops of blood dripping from its mouth shone its pale gold light upon the clearing, dimly illuminating the small area, and made Crona feel comfortable enough to sleep close to the smoldering fire.

Kid lay on his left side with his arm resting beneath his head, not focusing on the fact that he wasn't currently symmetrical.

He missed having Liz and Patty with him on long missions such as this one. Kid always found some kind of amusement at Liz's reaction to the prospect of ghosts and jumping at every little shadow she saw while her younger sister laughed at her reactions.

Kid wasn't saying he disliked Crona's company. Crona was as quiet and sometimes as neurotic as he was; he felt like there was a connection between them because of that.

It doesn't matter. he thought, trying to ignore the musings of his brain as he tried to fall asleep.

Kid's eyes snapped open when he felt a sharp sensation down his back and pushed himself up on his elbow, placing his other hand on the ground for more support, as he slowly glanced around the clearing.

Crona was still sleeping, curled up in a small ball, with Ragnarok against him, using the boy's head as a pillow as he made cute little muttering noises in his sleep and snuggled closer to his meister.

The fire was mere dying embers now, the glow barely enough to light the area.

What was it that I felt? Kid wondered, still gazing around as he searched for anything out of the ordinary. I was certain that I felt a few souls. Was it my imagination?

The Shinigami made one more sweep of the area with his eyes, noticing that Ragnarok had gone back inside Crona for a more comfortable slumber, but couldn't distinguish anything strange.

I'm probably just on edge without Liz and Patty. Kid decided as he relaxed slightly. I probably just sensed the souls of some animals.

Just as Kid was about to lay back down to go back to sleep, someone grabbed him from behind, wrapping a powerful arm around his throat and placing a wet washcloth against his nose as the attacker dragged the Shinigami to his feet.

An ambush…? ! Kid wondered as he seized both of his assailer's arms and yanked on them in an attempt to pull them away, but whoever was restraining Kid was much stronger.

As kid continued to struggle, he began looking for Crona to be sure the boy was all right, trying to get away from the sweet, ether-like aroma of the cloth that was pressed against his face.

Crona was also under attack, but Kid couldn't see the face of the attacker. The boy was fighting like Kid, but couldn't call upon Ragnarok since the weapon was asleep, and was soon subdued when the person gripping his wrist put a cloth against his face.

For some reason, it pissed Kid off when he saw his friend suddenly go limp and the assailant beginning to drag the pink-haired boy to who knows where.

The young Shinigami gave up trying to free himself and instead kicked one leg back, striking his enemy's knee, but the attacker merely gave a low growl and tightened his hold around Kid's neck. Kid narrowed his eyes slightly as he reached back, grasping the back of the attacker's shirt and flipping the hulking brute over his shoulder and slamming him on the ground, which caused him to release Kid with a stunned yelp.

"Hey, you!"

With a dim grunt, Crona's kidnapper turned his head only to have two feet crash into his face.

Kid flipped off his opponent, landing on the ground with a slight stumble.

"Strange," he muttered as his enemy collapsed to the floor with a thud. "My balance is off."

Kid shook his head, deciding that it wasn't important at the moment, and picked up Crona around the waist.

"Come on, Crona. We're- -"

Abruptly, Kid fell on one knee when his leg suddenly gave out, accidentally dropping Crona. Surprised, Kid tried to stand up again only to drop to both knees.

Whatever was on that washcloth is beginning to affect my equilibrium. Kid thought as his vision began to turn hazy and he shook his head in an attempt to clear it. What was on it? Chloroform? That would explain why Crona passed out so quickly; being part Shinigami, my body rejects such substances…that's why it is only now beginning to take effect.

Kid looked up when he heard soft snarls and watched as several animal-like beings loped towards him and Crona, backs arched and heads lowered as if they were hunting.

Kid couldn't protect himself or Crona in the state he was in; his timing and balance were destroyed and his vision was too fuzzy to keep good track of his enemy.

But his protective instincts for his friends were kicking in; he had to protect Crona no matter what.

Picking up a thick stick that was lying nearby, Kid gradually stood up, lurching slightly as he tried to keep his balance, and swung his weapon at the nearest target.

With a growl, the person caught the stick in once hand and gave an amused laugh.

"Still standing, eh?" he asked in a gravelly voice. "They'll really like you. But for now…why don't you just,"

He effortlessly lifted Kid above his head before tossing the Shinigami into a close by tree.

"Sit down for a while? !"

Kid collided back first with the tree before falling to the ground with a thump, small pieces of bark coming with him.

This is not good. Kid thought, panting lightly as he struggled to get back to his feet. I can't get up anymore. I can't think straight. What's happening?

Kid could only distinguish a foot in front of his weak sight before his consciousness was swallowed by heavy darkness.

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