Ch.2-The School

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The aching of his joints brought his mind out of his foggy sleep, prompting him to gradually crack open an eye in an attempt to assess where he was. He saw a gray metal floor spanning a few feet before him with many bars extending upward, indicating that he was in a steel cage of some sort. When he curled his toes he could tell that he had no shoes on and whatever clothes he wore were thin, allowing the cold air to seep into his body.

Where am I…? he wondered, shifting his head slowly back and forth as he tried to see where he was; he sensed a few souls on either side of him including a familiar one at the far end of the line.

His body felt too weak to sit up, so he lay there, attempting to figure out where he was as he staved off sleep.

"This one looks good," a voice said as two pairs of legs came into his line of vision. "Strong and lean; he'd make a good Eraser."

"Yes, he would," the second voice agreed. "However, he's already fifteen, so he wouldn't last very long."

"Ah, what a pity."

What are they talking about…?

"Ari said he managed to put up quite a fight," the second voice said.

"Really?" the first voice asked in surprise. "I was certain I told them to use chloroform if they found any subjects."

"He did. This kid fought back, but Ari eventually subdued him."

"If only he were younger," the first voice sighed whimsically as the two people began to walk away. "He'd certainly make a wonderful Eraser."

It went quiet and he thought maybe they had left, but the first voice spoke up once more.

"What about this one?"

"That one hasn't left the corner since he awoke, asking where "Kid-kun" is."


"He's a bit thin. He'd probably give the Erasers a good chase. Sharon."


"Tomorrow, run them through the maze. I'd like to see which one is faster."

"I'll set it up right away." Sharon said eagerly.

What is this place…? Kid wondered, his fight against staying awake lost and his mind was once again blanketed by darkness.


It was faint.


But he could hear it.

"Shit, Crona, just call him 'Kid-sama'!"

He furrowed his eyebrows in his sleep, frowning slightly.

He really hated Ragnarok.

"I-I don't want to get another Kid Chop…"

Sleep was obviously to be put off for now.

"I told you…not to call me 'Kid-sama'…." Kid mumbled tiredly, his voice hoarse and cracking slightly when he spoke as he gradually pushed himself into a sitting position.

"Kid-kun!" Crona's voice yelped in fright, but also deep relief.

Kid glanced around, rubbing the back of his head as he tried to get his bearings.

He was definitely in a cage which was in some sort of room that had multiple other cages filled with small shivering shadows of what Kid could sense as children.

Crona's soul was at the far end of the room.

"Are you okay, Crona?" Kid asked, crawling toward the front of the cage and peering out, trying to find Crona's position.

"Y-yes, I'm alright." Crona responded meekly and Kid spotted a glimpse of his hair. "Wh-what about you, Kid-kun?"

"I am unharmed. Have you tried breaking the cage with Ragnarok's help?"

"I- -"

"You think we haven't tried that? !" Ragnarok interrupted rudely. "This cage didn't even get a scratch on it! It's like some kind of reinforced steel!"

Kid ignored Ragnarok's outburst and tensed up when he felt a strong soul coming toward the room.

"Shh, someone's coming."

A door opened, spilling light into the partially dark room, and a figure strolled toward Kid's confinement.

"So, you're awake," the form said as they knelt in front of Kid.

He was a year younger than Kid and a few inches taller with a well-built body. He had spiked back brown hair, coal black eyes with a vertical scar stretching down his right eye, and wore a neat black suit with a dark blue tie and white dress shirt.

"'Member me?"

"You're the one from the forest." Kid gasped as he recognized the brunette's voice.

"Bingo! My name's Ari. Pleased to meet you."

"Pleasure's all yours." Kid shifted back slightly, away from the wavelength that reminded him of a twisted human on the verge of becoming a Kishin egg.

There was a low growl as Ari bared sharp teeth.

"Little wise guy…" Ari unlocked the cage and grabbed Kid's arm, dragging him out into the open.

"Kid-kun!" Crona yelled as Kid gave an indignant, "Hey!"

"You're coming with me."

"At least hold me symmetrically, you big lummox!"

Kid stared blankly at the humongous maze stretched out before him.

"You are to run through this maze," a woman around twenty-five said, standing beside Kid as she wrote something down on the clipboard she held.

The woman had flaming red hair tied in a low ponytail that rested against her left shoulder, clever emerald eyes hidden behind small, square glasses, and donned a white lab coat over a pale green button-up T-shirt and a beige skirt that reached halfway down to her knees.

"Just run through it?" Kid repeated slowly, wondering if he was being Punk'd by Black Star. "That's all I have to do?"

"We simply want to test your speed," the woman, who was called Sharon, said.

Kid glanced back at the maze, sensing four or five human souls hovering at the far end. He looked back at Sharon.

"Where's Crona?"

"92568?" Sharon said dully, still writing down notes on her clipboard. "He'll be running the maze after you."

Maybe I can get some more information out of her…Kid realized, seeing an opportunity for not only data about where he was but possibly escape.

"So what is this place?"

Sharon gave a sigh and glanced up at Kid in mild annoyance.

"Just run before I get a few Erasers in here to chase you."

Kid gave an almost disappointed look before he turned and entered the maze at a fast trot.

Once he had completed the maze training, with the four humans at the end of the labyrinth murmuring about how nimble he was, Kid was lead back to the room where he, Crona, and the other children were confined.

As he was lead closer to his cage, with a single scientist behind him, Kid spotted Crona heading in the opposite direction.

The pink-haired meister stared at Kid with frightened eyes as he passed the Shinigami, but didn't utter a peep.

Kid glanced between the scientist escorting him and the one behind Crona. With a swift turn, Kid kicked out a leg to trip the white coat before he bolted toward the other one and tackled them to the ground, using all his strength to keep them pinned.

"K-Kid-kun!" Crona squeaked as he watched the stripe-haired meister practically wrestle with the scientist for supremacy.

"Get out of here, Crona!" Kid growled, glancing at the Demon Swordsman out of the corner of his eye, his tone telling Crona that what he was saying was not a suggestion, it was an order. "Leave this place and return back to Death City to tell the others- -"

"K-Kid-kun!" Crona yelped when something suddenly connected with the Shinigami, knocking him on his side.

"Where do you think you're going?" a wolf-like creature asked with a low growl and baring of sharp fangs as it stared at Kid with steely gold eyes, easily keeping Kid anchored with one large paw.

Kid stopped his struggling when he recognize the voice and stared up at the strange beast.


Ari laughed, his other hand raised with his claws outstretched in a threatening manner as he practically crushed Kid with his massive weight.

"What, were you trying a little escape?" Ari asked in a mocking voice. "No one can escape the School."

Kid twitched when he felt something prick his arm and glanced down to see a small syringe sticking from his arm. He gazed back at Ari as his vision began to blur and his hearing became distorted.

"That was a nice try, though. Have a nice dream…"

The Shinigami's sight turned dark.

The sound of heavy fluttering wings brought his mind out of the shadows. The noise of the wings were too dense to be a sparrow's; they sounded more like the wings of a buzzard the way they moved.

The sensation of warm feathers laying against his arms was pleasing and kept out the chilly air of the quiet room.

Feathers…? he wondered, shifting slightly with the caress for the silky feathers following him.

"He is a capricious one, isn't he?" a voice questioned. "However, the headmaster wants him. She said he'll be very useful to the School and Itex."

The School…Ari said something like that, didn't he?

"Yes," another voice agreed and Kid recalled the voice as Sharon. "But his power could also be very dangerous if we can't control him."

"We'll figure that one out as time goes on," the first voice said. "For now, move his cage to the other room where testing will continue."

"Yes, Mr. Batcheldor."

The cage shifted backward as someone lifted it up and Kid felt it begin to travel somewhere, wheels of a cart squeaking.

"What about 92568?" Sharon asked as her footsteps began to follow wherever the cage was headed.

"Him?" Batcheldor inquired. "He is not as fast as 88448. We will do a few more tests to determine what to do with him."

"Of course, Mr. Batcheldor."

Crona…? Kid wondered, his mind beginning to fade once more. What are they going to do to him…? Where are they taking me?

"Ki-Kid-kun…!" a faint voice yelled.

Crona? Kid thought when he recognize the meister's voice, but his body and mind were too weak to assure Crona that he was alright. What is this place? This 'School'…?

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