Blinding white hot pain lanced up and down his leg and rebounded in his head as the two clones, their faces so familiar to him, held him fast and brought the drill bit to his left kneecap. Hot blood trickled down his leg in dark red rivulets. His piercing black brown eyes widened with the pain, the whites encircling the irises. His yells and screams went unheard till he was hoarse and numb with the pain.

Sound and words were muffled, and even though he could hardly see with the right eye, from his previous tourture session, the dark man noticed when she entered his 'examination' room. She was beautiful, but menacing, holding the syringe like a pet snake, its silvery tip glinting in the harsh artificial light of the sterile room. It was then that he once again became lucid, his mind released from the existent pain, still reeling, in expectation of imminent tourture and fear of what she would do.

But he already knew that she would kill him for his knowledge. Somehow she had determined that breaking him was the key to her mission. Evil, ruthless, bitch… The dark man waited tensely for his captor's next move. She wrapped slender fingers roughly around his right upper arm, mercilessly plunging in the needle. A thin stream of blood ran down his heavily tattooed arm, and, letting the solution flow into his system, she smiled thinly in anticipation.

It didn't take long for the drug to execute its potency. Soon his yells had subsided and he, subdued, fell limp in the chair to which he was chained. The ruthless, menacing woman's lips pressed to his in a kiss of death as he gave in, feeling his heart begin to slow, and the blood grow sluggish in his veins. He was going to die soon… Mumbling his final acquiescence, the dark man's eyes flickered briefly, and the woman smiled wider, gratified as he gave her his breathless statement. It didn't matter any longer; he was going to Hell anyways…

The cuffs were removed and he was placed in a white outfit, a then dragged from the room, unable to stand. He was thrown into the cell with the other two. As the clones pushed him, he fell to his knees, a lightning bolt of pain striking sharply up his leg. He swayed there for a moment before the throbbing pain took over and his nervous system overloaded, sending him to the ground unconscious, with the other two, familiar faces. The woman left them, satisfied, to die, the three clones following her, wearing the prisoners clothing.

Confident that the experimental facility was a stronghold, the Fraulein thought on them no more.