A/N: Here's my first attempt at a drabble collection. As the title says, I'll be doing 365 of these things rather than the 100-drabble challenge. The drabbles take place at any time during the Animated series, so look below for a clearer explanation/my thought-process for certain drabbles. Well, enjoy the next 51 weeks of life! ;)

9/17/11: Bees

"They do WHAT?" Bumblebee shrieked in shock and slight horror. 8 year-old Sari Sumdac giggled at her friend's reaction.

"Earth bees pollinate flowers and help them make seeds so more flowers can grow." Sari answered.

"So they help flowers? That's so lame!" Bee exclaimed, crossing his servos over his chassis, "At least Optimus Prime sounds important to you humans. What do they think of when they see me, a little puffy insect that flies around in the park?"

"Well, think of this," Sari said, trying to calm her friend down, "bees may be small, but their stings pack a punch."

9/18/11: Begging

"C'mon Boss-bot, pleeeaaase?" Bumblebee asked; giving the largest optics he could muster. Optimus put a servo to his helm and shook his head.

"How many times do I have to say no?" he said. Bumblebee shrugged.

"I won't stop 'til you agree." There was absolutely no way Optimus was getting out of this one.

"Fine, keep the turbo boosters installed," Bumblebee fist pumped before Optimus continued, "but you only use them in combat, ok?"

"Yes Boss-bot, thanks!" Bumblebee ran off happily. Once out of Optimus' audio, he shouted, "Hey Sari, you want to make the world's fastest ride to Burgerbot?"

9/19/11: Disturbed

Bumblebee hissed in agony as he was backed up against a tree. Energon leaked from the gashes he got during a fight with the Decepticon leader. His optics focused on Megatron's fusion cannon, powering up for the final blow.

"Any last words, Autobot?" the tyrant asked. Bumblebee racked his processor for anything that could get him safely away. Before he knew what he was doing, he blurted out:

"Megatron, have you ever considered cross-framing?" Bumblebee used the moment of shock to transform and red-lining back to base. Megatron stood, absolutely disturbed, by the scout's question, only thinking, What the slag?

9/20/11: Reflections

Bumblebee frowned, eyeing his reflection in the mirror. He could see what the others couldn't: old scars of the past and anxiety for the future. Before Boot Camp, he had grown up in an orphanage, never knowing who his parents were. On top of that, nobody really seemed to like him, except for Bulkhead. And then there was everyone else on the Space Bridge Repair Crew (sadly, minus Prowl) and Sari. But now they were back on Cybertron, going their separate ways where everyone but him had a destination or "family" to go to. Bumblebee sighed, he was alone again.

9/21/11: Surprise

Sentinel Prime strode down the hallway, scrutinizing every aspect of Optimus' base and team. None of those bots could ever be Elite Guard material. Optimus could have been, but he wasted his chance. Now, he had as much of a shot getting in as that annoying yellow one did. Sentinel turned a corner and continued walking until he heard someone shout his name.

"Hey Sentinel!" Bumblebee yelled, "Like the paint job?" The Prime noticed Bee's servos with the Elite Guard insignia on them and fainted from shock. Sari laughed beside Bee.

"Three words," Bumblebee said through laughter, "Best. Prank. Ever."

9/22/11: Growing Up

Under normal circumstances, Bumblebee would never show any fear, but this wasn't normal in the slightest. His optics wandered over to a teenage Sari animatedly talking to Bulkhead. He couldn't help but remember the incident with Blackarachnia when she aged from eight to eighty in less than a second. Now, his best friend was growing up, so where would it leave him? Bumblebee knew, even though Sari wouldn't age like a human, she was more…mature. So, when she was an adult, would she just up and abandon him like so many others? No, Sari couldn't. She wouldn't do that, right?

9/23/11: Skill

Focused…completely, utterly focused. Heck, even Prowl couldn't beat his concentration. Bumblebee moved with incredible agility and precision. There was no way Prowl would be ahead of him now, besides, this was his territory. The yellow mech cried out in triumph as Prowl groaned.

"What'd I tell you Prowl?" Bumblebee gloated, "You just can't beat me at video games, especially when it's my song. Now fork over the rust sticks, I won the bet."

Prowl just stared at him, unemotional before saying, "Well, it's logical considering you chose Sweet Little Bumblebee…"

"C'mon Prowl, lighten up, it's only a game of DDR."

9/18/11: It wasn't really explained in-show how Bumblebee randomly had his boosters in Transwarped Part 3, so I filled it in. Assuming Bulkhead and Bumblebee did tell Prime about the street race, this is what I thought would happen. They got an AllSpark shard, of course they told OP!

9/19/11: "Cross-framing," in my mind, is the equivalent to "cross-dressing." I was really poking fun at "Bumblebee is a femme in disguise" and Megatron/Bumblebee stories and "reversing" the role of the girl of the relationship. Also, it's based off of a real story from my school. Just…don't ask…

9/21/11: You remember that Elite Guard Bumblebee toy they made? I guess on the Season 2 DVD there was a picture of Bumblebee in the Elite Guard colors. I decided to do something with it since I do like the design (although I kind of miss the yellow with one black stripe) and they never used it in the show. Plus, the description on the package says that he and Sari used some paint from Sumdac's lab. So, knowing them, they'd probably use it as a prank of some sort.