A/N: So you may be asking yourselves, what exactly is this? And I will attempt to answer that.
I have chosen meaningful lyrics from one hundred of my favorite songs, and I am writing drabbles for Amy/Eleven based on those lyrics, simply because I was bawling after the God Complex aired here in the U.S. The drabbles will be released in series of ten.
However, you may notice that some numbers are missing, and I have not, in fact, lost the ability to count.
Those drabbles that are missing in this story are those that I have deemed M-rated, and so I will not include them here because I recognize that not everyone wants to read those kinds of stories. If you do want to read them, they are in a companion piece called Explosions in the Sky.
Allons-y! I hope you enjoy, and sorry for the super-long AN!

[01. This one's for the lonely…this one's for the faithless]
Greg Laswell, Comes and Goes in Waves

As the Doctor runs through the desert of Oahu (lovely planet, really), he can't help but look over at Amy.
She's laughing at the thought of being chased by the people they just saved from being forgotten about.
Turns out, the culture of Oahu puts a lot of faith in others forgetting about them- it's a tricky situation, but the Doctor understands because if no one in the universe remembers you, then you're safe.
She's crying in the TARDIS afterwards, and he hugs her as some act of consolation.
"Shh, it's ok, Amy. They're not lonely; just remember that".
I'm not either anymore.

[02. The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out]
Florence+The Machine, Cosmic Love

When the universe is ending, all the Doctor can think about is how the young Amy won't see the stars at night.
Well, he is trapped in a box waiting to be rescued. It's an atypical situation for him. He's unsure of what to think right now.
When Rory saves him, the only light to illuminate Amy's nearly dead (How could you Rory? She's my Amelia Pond! he thinks) body is the fire erupting from the heart of the TARDIS.
He prefers the look of moonlight upon her face, especially when they dance near its reflection in a lake.
Again, atypical for the Doctor, but she was a pretty girl whose fiancé was erased by the universe. She deserved a dance every now and then.

[03. I'm just a little bit caught in the middle.]
Lenka, The Show

Sometimes Amy feels trapped between two hopeless situations.
She loves Rory and she loves traveling with the Doctor and she does not want to give up on either of her boys.
So whenever tension breaks out between them, she is always the one to interfere so that both her Raggedy Man and her Lost Centurion are kept happy.
After all, she came to see all of time and space, not her two best friends bickering.

[04. It was not your fault but mine; and it was your heart on the line]
Mumford and Sons, Little Lion Man

The Doctor knows he's royally messed up when Amy's eyes fill with tears and she hurries down the hallway of the TARDIS toward her room.
He exhales as he hears the door slam.

It was just another argument between the two, and, in his anger, he must have said something to set her off.

He goes into her room quietly, softly shutting the door behind her.
"Amy, I'm sorry. I don't know what I said, but I surely didn't mean it, and especially did not want to hurt you".
She kisses him and he can practically taste her tears on his lips.
"It'll be ok, Doctor. Just don't ever tell me that you shouldn't have come back for me ever again, alright?"
He mentally smacks himself repeatedly because she is Amelia Pond and she is the best thing to have ever happened to him.
What he said acts like a dark cloud; it hangs over them, but once its contents have been released and swept away, Amy and the Doctor can begin to recover from the destruction.

[06. We were only seventeen; we were holding back our screams.]
The Airborne Toxic Event, Gasoline

The Doctor tells Amy about his first roller coaster ride one day.
His girlfriend at the time was shocked that he had never been to an amusement park, much less on a rollercoaster, within the first seventeen of his life.

So, she made a point of it to drag him over to the next planet over the weekend and have them ride the biggest, scariest, and most intense roller coaster on the planet.

They made a pact not to scream during the ride (here Amy snorted and insisted that was half the fun before he silenced her).

And so, at seventeen, the Doctor held back his screams as he rode his first rollercoaster.

"She broke up with me after that."
"Why?" Amy asked curiously.
"I think it was because I threw up on her new star whale boots."
All Amy can do is laugh.

[07. Kamikaze airplanes in the sky; are we going down or will we fly?]
Tyrone Wells, Sink or Swim

The simple fact is, as angry as the Doctor is, he cannot assure Rory or anyone that his plan to save Amy will work. Demon's Run is one of the most heavily guarded bases in this sector of the universe.

All he has is his overconfidence and his special WWII planes to calm down his allies.
As Amy hears and feels Danny Boy's impact on Demon's Run, she knows that the base and the Church are going down; and soon, she will fly away in the TARDIS with her boys.

[08. Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.]
The Fray, All at Once

Companions have left the Doctor before, but it was almost never by his choice; he does not will for it to happen.
So when he chooses to save Amy and Rory, he knows it is the right thing to do, but that does not make his decision any easier on him.
This is the second time in his life the Doctor has to bid his glorious Pond farewell, and both times were extremely difficult.
Amy does not argue; that does not ease the burden on his heart, though.
Rory focuses on the car like the Doctor knew he would, but he does not worry about Rory; it is Amelia he worries about.
The best thing the Doctor ever did for someone else was somewhat selfish (he doesn't want to see anyone die for him again), but he still wrestled with himself over it.
He leaves Amy Williams behind, and he knows that at some point in his life, he will not regret it.

[09. Let's skip the charades; you're seeing right through me anyway.]
Cold War Kids, Skip the Charades

There are no pretenses when the Doctor meets the people whom he decides, almost in the same instant, are going to travel with him.
So when he introduces himself to Amelia Pond, he does not hide his thoughts.
A fairytale name for a girl waiting for something, anything, to save her from her boring life.
The Doctor has always loved the chance to be someone's here without ruining their life for once; is it any wonder that he took it?
Five minutes and twelve years later, any walls she put up around her after he left tumble down; it's useless to keep them up because he's got her figured out and she doesn't feel like playing games with him anymore.
He has a habit of doing that with people.

[10. Your hair's on fire, you must have lost your wits.]
Foster the People, Pumped up Kicks

The first thing he sees when he returns is that she has a fireball of glorious hair covering her head.
He doesn't recall seeing anyone quite so ginger before, and so the Doctor feels he can plead temporary insanity when he becomes so completely enthralled and obsessed with it.
At first glance, that was the only thing truly spectacular about her, and so the Doctor understands why people think he lost his wits by bringing Amy aboard the TARDIS.
But there was so much more to her that made him crazy.
Her courage. Her stubbornness. The way she knew exactly what made him make the wrong decision.

If you ask, though, he'd say that the fireball on her head did scorch her senses, if only for a little while.