[11. My boy builds coffins for the rich and the poor.]
Florence+The Machine, My Boy Builds Coffins

The Doctor, Amy discovers, creates a special sort of coffin for all those he has lost. There are no bodies, usually, for him to bury and to find closure with, so he comforts himself in other ways.

She stumbles across her own box amid others. Amy opens Donna's, and she sees a photo of her in ancient Rome; in Rose's, Bad Wolf Bay is everywhere. Martha Jones's has footprints, and Sarah Jane's is filled with articles.
Curious, Amy opens her own box. There is just a note.

Never, ever, lose Amy.

Her heart teems with love for her raggedy man at that moment.

[12. My feet are buried in the sand, and there's a breeze.]

Regina Spektor, Folding Chair

The TARDIS finally allows the Doctor to land in Rio, and Amy shoots out of the phonebox in a heartbeat.
The beach is nearly empty; it is not to hot, and the sea breeze feels perfect running through her hair.

The Doctor, enchanted by her beauty among the sand, stops and stares at her for a minute.
Amy Pond is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, complex people he has traveled with.
She lays out her towel and kicks off her shoes. Sitting down, she lets the sand run through her toes as she burrows her feet in the grains.
Her magnificent hair flips around as she turns to look at him.
"Oi, Doctor! Quit staring at the sea and come sit down! We're here to enjoy ourselves!"
"I'm coming Amy!" he shouts, breaking from his reverie.

They spend the afternoon with her head on his shoulder and his head on top of hers, and with their arms wrapped around each other.
It's perfect for them, getting to simply exist for once.

[13. She lives in a fairytale somewhere too far for us to find.]

Paramore, Brick by Boring Brick

When the Doctor watched Amy dance with Rory at their wedding, he was left to his thoughts.

Like every wedding he had been to, he realized all over again that he had never really known what marriage was like.

After all, his only long-term romantic commitment left him when her husband, his nemesis, returned.

This time, thought, her thinks about River and what his future with her is like as well.
"She won't be Amy," he thinks, "but she'll be wonderful, I bet."

But as Amy and Rory's fairytale wedding ended, the Doctor wished that, just once, he could find himself lost in his own fairytale: living a normal life.
Not that that was likely to occur anytime soon,

[14. Ships are launching.]
Radial Head, Welcome Home

The Doctor has his own secret tradition with each companion.

And no, it's not the way he presents the TARDIS.

When the TARDIS takes off for the companion's first time, he looks over to see their faces.
Rory was rather unimpressed compared to everyone else, he remembers.
But Amy Pond, oh, her face was magnificent. She was exhilarated and enchanted as the TARDIS launched herself into the time vortex.

He also judges their reaction to the first place he takes them.
Amy was a pleasure, because she was so completely starry-eyed, and her Doctor- well.

Her Doctor wished that the stars in the universe shone as brightly as her eyes did.

[16. I need another story; something to get off my chest.]

OneRepublic, Secrets

After another chance of finding Melody slips through the Doctor's fingers, he feels the need to call Amy and simply cry. Cry because he is the Doctor and something like finding a baby should be simple for him and his blue box!

He picks up the TARDIS's phone, and dials Amy's house number.

He hears a beep, and starts rambling.
"Amy? It's me. I haven't found her yet, and," here he sighed, and felt the tears roll down his cheeks.
"I'm sorry, Amy. I didn't think it would be so hard. She's a baby, she's part of you and you're a part of her and she's River too and I should be able to find her and I just can't!
"I'm 912 years old. Why can't I do one simple thing? I haven't cried for years, possibly decades, and here I am, blubbering like a child.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You are all magnificent and-"
This number is no longer in service. Please hang up and try again.
He sets the phone down in the cradle, and the Doctor cries and relieves years' worth of emotions. The weight in his chest lightens considerably, but still weighed him down quite a bit.

[17. One of us is gonna be here and one of us is gonna be running.]

A Fine Frenzy, Blow Away

She pouts.
"But Doctor, I really want to come with you!"
"Amy, no. This is something I need to do on my own and you can't come with me".

"And why not?"
Exasperated, he responds:
"Because you can't, Amy! Goodness, we spend all our time together and I can't get any alone time. Please, Amy, just let me!"
She frowns. "Fine, but don't blame me if something bad happens while you're out!"
He kisses her forehead. "Nothing will. Thank you, goodbye, I'll see you soon!"
After he leaves, she grumbles to herself.
"Even on my birthday, he won't listen to me!"

An hour later, he bursts back into the TARDIS, out of breath, and immediately dashes to the console to take off.
Amy comes out of her room.
"What on earth have you done this time?"
"You earth people seem to expect money in return for things; I'll never understand why".
"Did you still something, Doctor?"
"It's quite possible, yes. I might have also ran away from the security guard".

"Relax, Amy. Here," he says, pulling out a small box, "happy birthday!"
She grins and asks: "How did you remember?"
"I'm the Doctor, I know everything. Now open it up and make my time worthwhile!"
"Always so impatient!" She gaps as she opens to box to find a set of blue diamond earrings inside.
She tackles him in an embrace.
"They're beautiful, thank you, thank you!"
The Doctor loves moments like these.

[18. Breathing's just a rhythm.]
Regina Spektor, One More Time With Feeling

Something about the way Amy laughs makes the Doctor forget how to breathe.

It's pure happiness for him, hearing those pearls of joy coming from her Scottish mouth. He treasures those sacred moments, as they happen less often nowadays.
He's grown more accustomed to the rhythm (in-out, inhale-exhale) because she hasn't been quite the same since she and Rory (Rory, Rory, Rory, who somehow holds her heart, much to the Doctor's ill fortune) lost Melody.
He makes a vigorous vow that he will make her happy and full of laughter again.

[19. I'm trying not to think about you; can't you just let me be?]
A Fine Frenzy, Almost Lover

The best thing she can do, Amy decides immediately after his departure, is to not think about the Doctor.

She dives into finding a new job and career, and into her marriage with Rory, but he always seems to surface in the smallest ways.
When she gets a job at the local coffee shop, the uniforms are TARDIS blue- and Amy can't help but laugh at the irony.
An agent slips a card into her hand when she hands him his coffee one day, saying to her that she has lots of potential.
Clearly, she can't avoid references to the Doctor, because this agent's company is named Pandora's Box. She remembers explosions and new beginnings and

She pleads with him in her head.

Please, Doctor. Just let me get my life in order.

And, of course, he ignores her, because she models for a perfume titled Petrichor with the (oh-so-ironic) tagline that she suggested.

"For the girl that's tired of waiting".

[20, Love is not a victory march]
Rufus Wainwright, Hallelujah

It's Amelia Pond of all people who makes him realize that love is not a possession or something to be won.

By using the people I love! Never a good idea.

He was angry beyond reason, the kind of anger that blinds him to the true evil at Demon's Run.

But underneath that anger, his love for Amy is what fuels him.
How could the Doctor not have seen it beforehand? His Amy, his companion, replaced by a flesh copy.

You're half of my soul.

That's why he cannot walk out of Demon's Run with his head held high. He has failed his other half- even if they are not in love, the Doctor and Amy love each other at the end of the day with all their hearts.