A/N: This is the first chapter of the companion piece to your hand in mine. Be warned: adult content and Amy/Eleven loving ahead. Also, my first time writing smut; please forgive the mistakes. For more details about the format, please see the A/N of the companion story.

[05. And it starts sometime around midnight.]
The Airborne Toxic Event, Sometime Around Midnight

The irony of the TARDIS is that while she can't stand paradoxes, she is one herself. It is impossible to keep track of time in the box that can fly through time and space. The hours bleed into days, and the Doctor isn't sure if the moments he shares with Amy are even moments; they could be hours or weeks compacted into one small memory.

So maybe it's sometime around midnight when it starts; he kisses her and she kisses back. He forgets about Rory since she can't remember him.
He runs his hands through her very ginger hair and swears nothing has ever felt so right.

Or maybe it's sometime around midnight when he brings her to his bedroom, since he could not handle the guilt associated with the bed Amy and Rory once shared.
Regardless of what time it is, Amy's hungry for love, and the Doctor only wants to take care of her needs.
(It's not because he wanted this. No, really)
He tenderly takes off her shirt and she pushes off his jacket and undoes the bow tie. Amy's hands work furtively at removing the buttons from the holes in his shirt and the suspenders from his shoulders while he caresses the bare skin of her back.
They're still kissing, getting deeper and deeper and more intense all the while. Her tongue and his don't battle; they fuse and explore each other.

He's not quite sure when it happened, but suddenly there are no barriers left to separate them.
So maybe it's sometime around midnight when he pushes into her gently and she sighs as her hunger is sated.
Slowly, they pulse back and forth, connecting their two bodies in every way possible and he fits her perfectly and it's like they were made for each other. And, as the final act of two souls becoming one, they shout each other's name simultaneously.
As the Doctor comes down from his high and they fall asleep, he remembers he had a watch on the whole time.