A Dark Presence.. 0_o

I came up the stairway and walked towards my bedroom door. It was open and right before i could be 2ft away from it, it slammed shut!

I wondered if Kayla is in my bedroom she is in trouble !

so i opened the door looked around and no one was there.

so i decided to go to bed early cause i was tired.. so i layed down and alomost drifted to sleep when a white light moved right infront of my bed. I heard growling.. i was scared! but i couldnt talk because i was sooo scared!

the white light disappeared but the growling didnt. So I kept trying to find it came from, it was coming from my door!

and i knew we didnt have any animals so what could this be! well i think i got my answer when the door opened slowly and it got closer. next thing i know, it feels like a child is walking around on my bed. And no one was there, i finally got the courage to scream, and Kayla (my 10 year old sister) came running in and heard the growling as well, but right when she stepped inside the room it disappeared!

"what was th..at...?" i asked. "i have no idea but can i stay in he...re...?" she asked me, afraid. "sure but i was gonna ask the same thing..!" i exclaimed quietly.

thats when the two of us went to bed that night. this thing scared the both of us. so since we thought we had imagined it we decided to let i go. but after a couple days we were both in the hpuse doing our homework and mom was at work, for about 2 more hours. while we were doing our homework the TV turned on by itself. we then knew what had happened a couple nights ago was real! so i turned off the TV, not knowing that the 'entity' was watching us, finished my homework and went into the kitchen to get some food.. the air suddenly turned cold, and i called Kayla in there. when she came in there a knife was thrown at my feet.. then the growling started again.. (O Great!) and i had enough, so i screamed, "GO AWAY! This is our house!" it immediatly stopped.

Kayla came over to me and hid behind me. thats when i told her, "Kayla, it's still here." her eyes go really wide! "but dont worry i will take care of this, I need a video camera, and you are sleeping in my room tonight. this things seems to react to the both of us."

So that night we both stayed in my room a camera capturing what might happen if it does come out. and we both went to bed. Kayla was scared but i wasnt.. for some reason.

because i knew fearing this thing would never let it go away. so i tried to sleep, and just as i was about ot fall asleep, i heard the growling again, but this time there was footprints running all over my bed... and kayla was fast asleep so i decided to wake her up. after she was awake i knew she was really scared!