A/N : When it is italics, it is the internal thoughts of the heroes.

Chapter 4

Lies ( Β Part)

''Misa Misa has the eyes of the Shinigami and knows my name. She will ask to go to the toilet to call Light and have him write it down, as it would be unwise of her to carry the note within her. In other respects, she may have a torn page along. Then I pass away, but Misa will perish too, considering that she'll get arrested. Matsuda, the Chief and Aisawa have already been informed that we are together right now, and you remain a suspect. So, if I fall, you fall with me. And more obviously, Light will have the field clear, without us on his way.'' L commenced the assault by setting up his first traps, ready as she was to plunge into them.

''What do you mean by saying ''without us on his way''? I don't get a thing!'' she panicked and then became silent, because every supplemental comment would be used against her. So far, her reaction had divulged many things on her own behalf.

''Misa, Light's intellectual and deceitful methods are beyond your understanding. Going out with me to learn my name is superficial and inappropriate of him, if you think it more clearly. So, such a shallow plan would draw suspicions away, and apparently transfer all accusations to you. He knew I would figure out your actual intentions and make you confess that you are the second Kira. And when you begin to show your true colors, if I threaten your life, the female Shinigami will sacrifice herself to redeem you. Then I die, but given the fact that the police knows, you will be arrested anyway. And without the white monster to save you again, you will be led to your death. All in all, Light will be the only one who will come safe and sound from this, and he will get rid of us both. That's what he truly wanted you to do."

Lies. Outrageous, preposterous lies he threw against her so that he could bring her on his side of the field. L wanted to imprison her to the vortex of suffering, trying his best to make her admit. It was so unfair and inhuman of him to treat her like that. He was hitting her below the belt, metaphorically, exploiting her weaknesses for Light. Misa declined to swallow the thought that Light detested her. She was his girlfriend, and definitely he must have felt something for her. At least, he was thankful to her. Misa then summoned up the time she was given a serious mission by L . Her dear Light had refused for her to be put in hazard, and that purely meant he had feelings.

And since feelings could not be deleted with the forfeit of the ownership, that led to the conclusion he still felt for her. Let alone when they recovered their memories. There's another thing conflicting L's deduction: if Light wanted to dispose of Misa, he was free to do it. Misa gladly approved to be killed by the one she loved. However, the concept of Light trying to get rid of her in such a sinister way was unbearable to grasp. And sooner or later Misa would begin to collapse more quickly than a building on a demolition site...

''Cursed you, who dare and enter my mind, control my feelings and plant in my head those terrible ideas. Light cares about me to do such a thing. He would tell me if I was of no use to him anymore. He said he would love me forever if I wrote your name down. And even if I am unable to do it tonight it will happen later. I'm the most useful partner Light could ever have!'' she thought inside her, but it seemed like L could even deliver her intimate monologues:

"In Light's judgement, you're a mere criminal who blocks his path. According to him, you should be penalized, because you have also murdered innocent people so to meet him. And that's something he will never forgive you for.''

''Ryuzaki!'' she exclaimed, eyes wide open.

She realized that she failed miserably to fool L. He had fetched her to a dead end, incapable as she was to repel his penetration into her mind. And the alcohol made her more vulnerable and frail, contributing to her defeat to mislead him.

"Why do you have to make me confess something I haven't done only because you force me to do it? Poor Misa Misa doesn't have such a clever mind to counter you, and that's why you want to put the blame on me. But you should know that this is not a man's way. It's just unfair!'' she pretended to be a fool.

That trick worked for most of the people on more than one occasion. Especially when she was finding herself in a tight spot.

" I only ask you to tell me the truth, and I promise to permit you to kill me the following days. You're the second Kira. I can sense that. I just need your word to confirm my suspicions. That's wherefore I decided to implore you on a date and make myself a solid proof. Confide in me, then I will step aside. This is the last time you actually see me, because the moment of my department is approaching. All I ask of you is not to breathe my last in silence. Additionally, the purpose of our meeting is to give you a taste of what will befall in the future. Things that will happen to me, to you, and Light."

Misa lacked the words to retort, to accept, to disclaim, to falsify, to make excuses, to utter anything at all. Her mind was empty. This sudden defeatism expressed by L... This wholeheartedly self-sacrificing willingness was more than suspicious. L simply hated to lose, and this L was someone else than the man she knew. There must have been something more than this, something fishy, he was up to something, that was for sure. On the other hand, he had piqued her curiosity into learning what was so significant about him undergoing her future. Even so, she had to keep her composure, so that she wouldn't allow L to win more in this battle.

''Tell me what you know about me and Light. Come on, begin your folly talk, lets have some fun!'' she minced, and instantly fell to another mistake.

For she had not uttered a single word at the reference of Light, nor the accusations implied about her being the second Kira, not even she seemed to worry about L's upcoming death.''

''I expected such a reaction. You are unconcerned about me, and already know that I will be gone for good. Because you stopped thinking of me as a friend from the very moment you retrieved your memories. And Light asked you to dispatch me, though you lack the nerve to do it and give away yourself. So, let me tell you:

You will be flying over the moon the following days after my death, since Light is going to ask you to live together. You will ignore and forsake the imagined pal you had, because you'll be with the love of your life. Many years will pass, and you won't even spare me a single thought. You will both think you have won, and soon will get engaged. Marriage is another possibility. Your precious one will be yours and only yours to the eyes of the people. But you will never have him for real, because Light doesn't love anyone except for himself. He pretends to have affection, feigns laughter and joy, masks his isolation by being social and outgoing. And I know that because I am that way. He does what I do, he feels and thinks exactly my way. If he was someone other than Light, I would suppose it would take him forever to imitate my actions. And I am surprised to have met such a genuine carbon copy of myself. Light is the perfect liar, so am I. Then, you can choose which part to believe from the things I said. It's up to you now.''

''It's all a lie, and you are a fool to think I will fall for that.'' Misa disregarded every comparison between Light and L.

All the more, she was satisfied to hear that she and Light would become an official couple.

''Yes, perhaps you are right, for I only showed you the happy part of this story. Let's get to the unpleasant one:

Kira's dominion has a limited amount of time in the world. When Light is finally uncovered, his very note will send him to death. While you will stay behind, mourning for your long-lost love, without a single memory of your previous actions. And just before you terminate your life you will see me before you, and remember everything. Then, you will fall from despair in vacuity, and regret for everything you have done.'' he took a last sip from his sweetened drink, which made him regret for his action.

It was awful, alcohol mixed with sugar was simply a terrible thing to consume. Tasted bitter, just like his cup of suffering, and sweet like Misa's future life. Tasted like the fire burning his heart. Bittersweet fire shoving down on his throat, he would endure that for the last time.

A cold shockwave ran down her spine, and began to shiver, as her mouth went open wide. This voice sounded so certain and determined about the events narrated, as if he was granted the lights of winsdom from high above. As if the voice of judgement spoke through his entity, his whole existence. Like a god who enabled him to envision things, he sounded like a supernatural being. Like someone who knew everything and had answers to all questions imposed on humanity. As if he held everything in his delicate grasp, and she imagined herself as a tiny figure attached firmly onto his long and slim fingers.

No, it was just his talent to bait people, he even said so. She would just laugh at his stupidity, and keep on pretending she had fun with all the things he said.

'' That guy's nuts. He's crazy, he stands for the word paranoia. When did he have the time to make up all this? Is it true that too much sugar harmed his mind? Or he has always been like this with the odd way he behaves. He looks like an autist now and then, or should I say schizoid? He's mentally disturbed for sure. But... he's also smart and I have to stay calm on the surface. Misa, it's just another mind game, lay down and pretend you had fun with this nonsense.'' she thought before she retorted like this:

"Ha ha, what a funny script, write it somewhere so that we can laugh more often. I was right after all to call you a pervert. And now mister-know-it-all tell me the secret behind your wild fantasy. Is there anything special you eat or drink that we miss?'' she tried to calm the tempest beginning to grow inside her, drowning her to the waves of anguish regardless of her seeming comic side.

At the same time, she made him certain that she didn't give a damn for him. She ignored the mention of his imminent death, she made not the slightest effort to profess that she cared for a change. She could purely ask him whether he could come up with a plan to avoid this calamity. Instead, she did nothing. And that was one of the deepest complaints of L, who knew that he would walk away from her life without a single feeling for him. For he came in her life as a stranger and would leave this way. He wasn't a friend. He wasn't a lover, nor anything to her... However, L did not insist on this part and went on.

''Life is mathematics and has a natural flow. I calculated all the factors according to the prospect of Light being the first Kira, and you the second. And everything jumps to this conclusion, I mentioned you before, starting from the very moment of my death.''

"You're nuts. We make our fate, and we can change it with our ways, not the cold and fixed numbers.''

"There are more arithmetical ways to reach to a result, yet it will be the same again. So the different actions we take are variable methods of solving a problem. The outcome is always the same.''

"You're wrong! Each different move we make alters the course, so the result changes, too! We choose how to get there.''

''My thoughts, exactly. For you, destiny is made with actions, for me destiny is written down by numbers. We say precisely the same thing, even when we put it in different ways. At last, we begin to come to some agreement. That also means you have accepted everything I've told you. Therefore...''

His words were quick-witted and devastating, like daggers piercing in her chest. Every fear and insecurity lurking within her was brought to the surface. Slowly, and irresistibly, she was beginning to go down to the depths of the abyss, being controlled by terror, shaking like a body ready to be delivered the reaper.

Because the greatest pain of all was the concept of Light's future death, and L' stupefying assurance about this event. Only Light was her Achille's heel, and L was well-informed how to benefit from that weakness of her. He managed to make her create such a monstrous scenario inside her mind, breaking every shield that protected herself. He hurt her feelings to such a degree that the pain was too much to bear.

To make matters worse, he succeeded in doing it first, before she even tried to exploit his feelings for her. He turned the tables to no return. L undeniably reversed the rules, defeating her in her own game, much more by using terminology that was almost unknown to her and non-existent mind games.

Then, from the things she could comprehend from him, she therefore shuddered that L was unambiguously right. He had brought her to a blind alley. He had cornered her and she was found in a tight situation. He was dragging her the edge of the cliff. Whatever she might say or do was pretty enough to count as confirmation of her guiltiness, even if she did nothing at all.


The end. She had lost everything, every step she might take would only bring her closer to the verge of destruction. It was a certain death for her, whether she murdered or not L that night. Because more than ever, her intuition made her to believe L's predictions about Light' s uncovering. Hence, she was rendered vulnerable as she pictured her love fading away...

L was an insightful man. He had anticipated and calculated everything, as if he had solved a mathematical problem before he was given the issue, the challenge and growth. He had taken into account all factors and uncertainties, all variables and types. He irrefutably proved that he was always a step ahead of everyone, and now and then, and forever. Perhaps he was even better than Light, Misa dared to admit, and that truth was far from being likable.

Silence infiltrated her mind, unendurable silence in her shut mouth. Her eyes almost got filled with tears, her lips in a firm line, and the glass in her hand had already been crushed. Small drops of blood washed her dress, like unshed tears sent from the heaven.

''Therefore, I shall take your silence as a confession that you're the second Kira. I guess I'm right.'' he gave her a sharp look after he had devoured the last cube of sugar.

It was over for Misa. Everything was lost, because she feared that she would die whatever way. She was doomed, either if she got arrested that night or from Light's pen due to her failure to carry out his plan. And that concept was closer to Misa's reality, rather than the tricky calculations of L... Why would she care about the future when there was no present and tomorrow?

Nothing could compare to this excruciatingly crucial moment, when her spirit was melting and withering under controllable situations.

She longed to be shot, to die right away without being harassed by such thoughts. Salvation was impracticable, though. She was still alive and had been exposed to L. He had read her mind, manipulated her with his beautiful fairy tales, as if he could see her unclothed, in full detail.

And like a wounded animal that had to struggle for its last battle with the almighty predator, so she would fall with glory and honor. Consequently, she adapted a hostile attitude, determined to strike her enemy in the most vulnerable spot: his emotions. If the real plan of Light requested L and she to be dead by tomorrow, so be it.

L got up from his side on the table, neared her and tried to touch her wounded hand. It was unusual for a man with agoraphobic tendencies to attempt such a thing, yet he was skilled in taking care of such minor injuries. Beyond any reluctance and embarrassment, the necessity of this crucial moment called for some vital help. And he would gladly accept the call, especially when it came to her.

Misa suddenly pulled her hand off him, refusing his touch, and he reacted by adding some strength in his grasp. He was tenacious in stopping the trivial bleeding, against her self-destructive mood. And this could purely lead her to glare at him in such a blazing hatred that you think she might scorch him alive.

Anyhow, they both had to lower the tones and back off, as the waiter came to their side. With a curious look, he picked up the broken glass and replaced it with another. At least, they should talk a bit lower, so to dispel the likelihood of attracting more attention, since that could be really disastrous.

'' What do you think you know about love? What you can do by the name of it ? You haven't ever felt it nor you deserve it! she almost tottered while he was treating her injury, ( holding her hand in his weird way, as if she was fragile like a porcelain doll).

Misa would keep on fighting, and it was high time she used his feelings to get the upper hand.

Maybe she still had an opportunity ahead of the final end. She would fight tooth and nail for it. She would damage him until he would crave for his death the same way she pleaded for her own. And she knew that she ravaged him, impoverished him, torn him apart. As if she held a grudge against him for something dreadful he had done to her in the past, in a faraway season before she got her own note...

''Maybe you're right. I don't deserve love. But I can sense it and know how it hurts. That's why I told you all this, in hopes of saving you from your own pain.'' he said almost wretched and lowered his head, like a small child whose favorite toy was taken away.

Then his eyes in an instant got life. They became more eloquent and vivid, as if he was confessing her of his love through the black sea of his gaze. That was one of the few times he could cause a change to her, making her to feel strange. It practically seemed that she somehow liked the fact that someone was staring at her in such an overwhelming longing, lust and passion, even if he was her despised opponent.

And to her greatest shock, he had managed to bring to her cheeks a faint blush. Regardless how much she loathed him ( because of her dear Light and due to the things she had been told formerly- as it seemed until that moment) it was impossible for L to be passed over.

Even so, the battle was on. They still remained enemies, and this part was far from over. L's efforts to send away these abominable feelings for him were just fruitless.

''Because I would never ask you to kill for my sake, loading your shoulders with such a great burden.''

''Stop claiming you're an honest person, L! You've sent people to death to find Kira! That makes you a criminal, too. You have no reason to care about saving me, especially you! But yes, you have some power. How could anyone judge you? You pick up only the cases that interest you. You're a legal criminal, but you know something? You're the same scum!'' she snarled.

''I knew you would say that. I've sacrificed lives, and my actions have deprived me of my sleep. But I'd never ask you to shoulder my mistakes. I am the one who must apologise for them when my time comes, because they are only mine."

'' Now that the show is over, come on, arrest me! Or do you fear of the Shiginami being used as a trump card?'' she teased him before she went on in a cynical way:

'' That's what you've been planning all along and asked me out. You wanted to play with my mind and bring me where you want to. Well, you won. You know it all now,and you hold the proof you've been asking for. Cookies to the world's greatest detective, we'll both die tonight. I'll take you with me, and we can call it a draw! Let the light of justice shine true, I'm so happy! Cheers!" she took a sip from her new glass by using her available hand.

Then, she went on and said something out out of the blue.

''There's something you don't even know about me. You can't kill me again, especially you- of all the people. For I'm long since dead, before you got to know me! So, you will be the only one to die this night, you idiot!'' she left him speechless, like a frozen statue.

There went something that even L failed to cope with. How could Misa, the girl with the stunning smile feel like this?

It was almost impossible for him to think of her being suffering from depression, for she barely indicated such symptoms. Eventually, it appeared, she had more than he had initially thought, and that could only impress him.

There was also that ambiguous sentence of hers that could stop his train of thoughts and misdirect his calculations. She said that he couldn't kill her again, though he never tried to, and that was something he had to clear up with her, when the right moment arrived. Indeed, Misa was smart to make him feel like this. She was witty when she permitted herself to unearth this part of her, now awakened from its long-lasting slumber.

L finally realized why he fell for her in the first place. Just because when you thought that you knew what to expect from her, she would do or come up with something out of the ordinary. She was unforeseeable, catching you off guard, like a thief who came at night. She was vibrant and charming, like a smooth rainfall that turned into a thunderstorm. And such a stimulating assumption was more than fascinating to conclude.

''Misa, calm down. You and your secrets are safe with me. Truth will be kept inside me, and I'm satisfied to know that my deductions were right. We'll both stay alive tonight. I only want you to think over the things foretold you about the future. I hope you realize that it's unfair to carry the sins of Light in your back. This way, you'll be released from all accusations and there'll be a small chance of you ending your life."

L went over the same fairy tale anew, the usual mathematical absurdity about Misa's future self-murder.

''Cut the crap! Stop thinking you're smart, and stop wishing I will do you this favor by ending my dear lifespan. I need to spend it with my lovely Light. The hell with your stupid numbers and false predictions. I speak another language, which is new to you!''

And as soon as L bound her injured palm and was about to go back into his position, Misa got up from the table, kept on speaking and did something unexpected to provoke him.

''I order you to tell me why you want so bad to save me, as you claim, while you know that I am criminal! Tell me why! If you have the guts just do it!'' she confronted him by coming face to face with him.

Only a breath's distance separated their lips, like a fine line between love and hatred that electrified the atmosphere between them. Never before had she approached him in such an intimidating way. Instead, she evaded him within every chance, as if he held a frightening and abhorrent visage.

And now, she had dared to step forward, inflaming his senses, almost making him dizzy with this trial she put him into. When her lips were so close to his own, he could just lose it.

'' I can tell you why. My greatest mistake is that I have fallen for Misa Misa, and she managed to cloud my judgment, when she taught me what love is. That's why I prefer to pay my own crime by sacrificing myself, in hopes that her life will be spared." he retorted in full sincerity in his composed air.

To her distress, he remained calm and simple, when she expected him to break. L was such a master of self-control, as if he lacked intelligibility beyond the importance of his words as they flowed out so smoothly.

''I love you. Forgive me for this and ignore what I said. It just came spontaneously. I may not mean anything in the end. That's what liars do. And I'm just happy with the kiss you had given me. By the way, I would advise you to keep your distances from me, for I may be unable to get a hold of myself and do something inappropriate. Just in case, avoid tempting me again." he kept on, without the slightest trace of embarrassment, profoundly knowing that his confession would inevitably result in rejection.

His confession was actually resulted by the alluring view her crimson lips, that made him mislay his well-founded character and nature. That gorgeous heart-shaped mouth played viciously with him, and he said things out of his character. To make matters worse, L was fully desperate in trying to maintain his composure. All that he needed was to drive back the most forbidden thought that occurred to him: to kiss her with all his lust.

He could easily bring his immatureness back to the surface. He could succumb to his spontaneity through kissing her, and that would merely result in him getting slapped by her graceful hands. He could give it all on the grounds that his end was drawing near, and he would depart from life with the taste of her lips in his mouth. He could assume, then, that he won, by making her feel something for him, even if that sentiment was loathing and revulsion. For abhorrence was much superior to this vacuity she beheld for him. Yet he had to resist the temptation, only because he respected her everything, and knew when to step back.

It would be ideal for him if there was a one-percent chance that she would reciprocate to his warm pleading for some adrenaline and passion. Just wishful thinking, existing in the sphere of his imagination. He was staring at Misa for some seconds that looked like centuries, daydreaming about her, and that was enough. Every fantasizing picture gushing out of his eyes was discernible and clear, as along as he allowed to. For later, he might suddenly turn the switch off and become someone else. He was crazy in many ways, and this was a unique talent of his. And honestly, it was one of the rare occasions that L didn't want to conceal anything his eyes could say, not the slightest movement. This devastating fire burning in him was capable of making Misa to recognize that even L could become interesting at times.

''Now, let's get back to the present. Don't worry about Light's part. You are safe at his hands, not only because the Shinigami exists, but also because you succeeded in fulfilling his alternative plan.'' L preferred to let the romantic part and get back to reality. Enough tolerance had been shown to his other side. Logic had to prevail once more.

''What do you mean by that?'' she remarked with eyes wide open.

"I mean that Light has to win, or make him think he is the winner, anyway. For he knows I would uncover you, yet my feelings would leave you unscratched. There's also the rule of the fifteen days that makes you innocent, in case you keep on writing names just with the need to survive. So, all I have to do is talk to the others about my suspicions of you, test the note and that will trigger the Shinigami's wrath against me, killing me. Light wins again, thanks to you. "

In some magic way, he had managed to liberate her from her pain, rubbing out the worries lurking inside her head. The same man who had tortured her and brought her to her knees now paid off with his trust, getting her sanity back to level one. She began to meet herself again, and she could only express gratitude for that.

''And you're going to do all these things because you want to save me from getting caught? Do you love me so much, Ryuzaki?'' she unified her palms in a romantic way, though it seemed like a child's manner.

"It may be wrong of me, but this is the truth. I'm sorry, Misa Misa. I 'm running out of words because I can't think clearly this moment.'' He replied and decided for a few minutes to sit normally, since his deductive skills were almost exhausted.

''Truth is, I may love Misa Misa and want to save her, but I hate defeat. Even if I have to lose the battle, I will win this war. For I always get what I want, even if that means losing my life.'' was the actual answer he had inside him, and would keep it this way.

It was strange, because it seemed she had forgotten everything concerning their previous fight. As if she had been touched by the hands of the reaper and got away from him. As if she was cured of some incurable disease. Like she had found the one who would heal every wound of her and safeguard her to paradise. And all this was attributed to the fact that L had made up a plan to keep her alive. Safe and sound at Light's hands. L proved that he truly loved her, beyond imagination and limits, in such a degree that she failed to grasp.

She felt moved for his courage to confess to her how influential she was to him. It was miraculous how openly he accepted to being in love with her. For never before had someone told her that frankly and honestly, without abashment and deplore. And Misa was so deeply in need to listen to such a thing from someone, like a tree that awaited the advent of spring to have its branches full of leaves again...

While it was true that she had a lot of stalkers, and it was typical of her to listen to such confessions, most of her fans actually longed-for something. They either liked her for sexual reasons, due to her fame, or some of them chased her just to boast about having a relationship with her. To her misfortune, she had experienced such a thing in the past, when a stupid man had placed a bet on her. Terrible experience, she thought in chagrin.

Contrary to all these mentioned above, it soon came to the light that L was different. All that he ever asked were those moments they were spending together. His initial quest was to try to protect her in an essence, having warned her about Light and his plans. It lied in his hands to change the course, in hopes that he would be able to save her spirit. Save her from herself, from the future misery he believed she would feel.

So, subconsciously, Misa began to make the comparison between L and Light, measure their similarities and differences, despite their common intelligence.

Those two young men were pureblood calculating machines: studying, observing, reading the movements of other people, placing their pawns like in a game of chess. They would do everything to gratify their sense of justice. Light and L them hated defeat. However, scarcely ever Light registered a sign of guilt about the souls he had taken. He considered those sacrifices to be insignificant before the holiness of the new world he wanted to create. L, on the other hand, had opened up, accepting his unlawful actions that deprived him of sleep, revealing an unpredictable human aspect.

Nevertheless, the main difference between L and Light was one : Light was extremely scornful and conceited to think the prospect of death, most presumably feared the idea. That's why he never made the eye deal, which would render him capable of doing all the work on his own. And in turn, Misa's assistance would be pointless. In contrast to Light, L was brave enough to walk to his very end in full knowledge of it, confirming his calculations, sacrificing himself for the sake of the human kind. How courage this requested, and how many emotions to be able to do this in absolute self-denial.

That also inferred that L contained strong feelings in his heart, surrounded by thick ice, due to his long years of loneliness. The one who would manage to melt this frozen empire, would win everything from him. And she did it. She was the one.

Probably, L looked like Misa when it came to emotions. He was sort of like her, who would do everything for Light. Luckily enough, they shared some coarse details despite their vast and unbridgeable differences. And to her dismay, she was oblivious to this concept earlier.

Because there was an extra reason that contributed to her being touched, a secret she hid inside her like the most invaluable treasure... She then wondered if L would take notice of the things she had implied to him when she had roughed up at him formerly.

''Ryuzaki, sorry. I guess I got a wrong impression of you! Misa Misa will respect your feelings and follow your advice. By the way, is there anything I can do for you? Ask me whatever you want. Of course, I hope for something normal. And I see you sat like a man. You strike me, it's the first time I see you like this." She expressed her surprise and made him sit again his usual weird.

''Yes, it's strange of me. Then I should better keep my current position'' he grabbed his drink and brought it to the field of his eyesight, glancing at her through the glass.

Scrutinizing, speculating every detail of her, as if the glass could display unknown things about her. Things and secrets that could not be viewed with the naked eye. With a bizarre look on her face, Misa soon got embarrassed, trying to project what L would ask from her, and she truly hoped it was something logical, especially when she had tried to lead him to the point she wanted to. And ultimately, the time had come for her to get the worthy results.

''I found it. I only ask of Misa Misa to tell me why she states that she has already died while she's so filled with energy and beautiful..."

''Let's call it a question, though I have told you before...'' she retorted and a gray cloud covered her eyes. She bit her lower lip and added:

"Actually I don't want to think back. And it seems you have forgotten, too. But you asked for it and Misa Misa has to keep her word. We have to clear up some things between us...'' she was mumbling in hesitation, reluctantly...

''I asked to learn because it's in your mind all the time. Get it out and perhaps I can help. I also want to learn in what way I might be related to this...'' he said in his deep voice, one that could awaken inside her controversial thoughts, as if they existed before.

''I knew you wouldn't remember... And it still shocks me that L finally fell for Misa Misa, just like...'' she inhaled and paused before she could finish her sentence. The time to say it all was yet to come. It was out of place to do it right here, right now.

Despite her second thoughts, she had to stick to her promise and grant his favor. She had to take the big step and open up to him, since there was nothing to worry about. She'd tell him everything in full detail, elementary facts she had even kept away from Light.

Misa Misa and L would spend the rest of the night like two good friends, after that epic warfare. Besides that, nothing of the things she would mention could put her in peril. L had confirmed everything and rested silent. Nothing could change the present. It was all in the past. And since L seemed to be so certain about his death, he would take along with him her innermost confession- her finest wealth -every aspect of the story she hid inside her soul.

''Very well. Follow me. And you will understand why I'm already dead. I hope you'll remember.'' she said as she got up from the table, took her bag and paid the drinks.

While such a gesture would seem inexcusable, it would be advisable to remind ourselves that L lacked in social skills.

"Ryuzaki, or I should say L Law... How is it pronounced?'' she looked over his head where his full name and lifespan were displayed. L was now reassured of all his previous theories.

Misa Misa indeed had the Shinigami Eyes, and L was still in grave danger. Luckily enough, he had won that night, so replied in a heart-soothing manner:

''Like light.' he retorted icily.

''So...Even your names look alike... ' Misa giggled a bit.

'' Ok, then, L Lawliet. Tonight, we'll have to go far away, but it's the only place where you will get the answers you seek, and discover the role you have played in this story. You'll remember all of it and ask to be sorry, but it's too late now... " she said in mixed feelings.

Thereafter, L got his phone out ofhis pocket. With a faint push of the button, he dialed the number of his chauffeur who would arrive pretty soon...


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