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Kaoru stayed the night again, and he was crying almost all night while Hikaru comforted him. Kaoru was dreading going home, so the next day he decided that he would go back to his house once he was sure his parents would be asleep. Throughout the day, Kaoru's parents tried again and again to call him, but he ignored them all, and eventually turned off his cell phone all together.

At midnight, they kissed their goodbyes. "I'll see you tomorrow." Hikaru whispered to Kaoru before he snuck out of the house and back to his own.

The next day, Kaoru wasn't in school. By second period, Hikaru began to worry. didsomethinghappentohim?Didhisparentsfindoutanything?But all his worries flew out the window and joy rushed through him as Kaoru walked in during the last period. He handed a note to the teacher, most likely explaining his absence. To his great surprise, Kaoru didn't even make a sideways glance towards him, but instead sat down at his desk and put his head down. Hikaru watched him carefully. Soon enough, he noticed the tacit tears shaking his body. Hikaru yearned to go over to him, embrace him, comfort him, and tell him that everything was gonna be alright. Instead, he agonized over those thoughts for the rest of the period.

About 45 minutes later, the bell rang. By the time Hikaru had gathered his things, Kaoru was already out the door. Hikaru ran to catch up to him "Kaoru!" he didn't stop. Instead, he seemed to be picking up his pace. "Kao!" He finally caught up to him and spun him around. He tried to hold Kaoru still, but he ripped himself from Hikaru's grasp. He was getting angry now. As Kaoru began to run away again, he was blocked by Hikaru's arms on either side on him, effectively pinning him against the wall. Hikaru was only now able to se his face. It was distorted with a mix of pain, sadness, and anger. "Kaoru," He begged. "Tell me what's wrong."

Hikaru watched as fresh tears rolled down his love's cheeks. "I-" he struggled to say. "I"m leaving..."

Hikaru stared at him in disbelief. "What- what do you mean by that?"

"My parents- they found out about us." Kaoru sobbed. "They disowned me, and said they were gonna send me somewhere far away, I don't know where." He sobbed again and Hikaru wiped away some of his tears. "They said the were gonna try to 'cure' me. And if they couldn't, they said they're gonna lock me up in some mental institution." Hikaru pulled him into a tight embrace. He himself was getting choked up now at the thought of loosing his loved one. "I don't wanna go Hika... they only let me come here right now was because I begged them to let me say goodbye to everyone."

"I don't want you to go either." Hikaru breathed, barely holding back the pain in his voice. Hikaru loosened his grip on the crying boy as he wiggled out of his grasp. He ducked under Hikaru's arm and began what very well may be their last walk to music room #3 together. They walked hand in hand, to where they might never be again.

By the time they arrived, the club activities had already begun. Tamaki yelled at them almost as soon as they walked through the doors. "WHY ARE YOU TWO LATE?" His rage ended when he noticed the redness in Kaoru's eyes, indicating that he had been crying only moments ago. "...Kaoru?" Hikaru glanced at the face painted with dried tears, but was now filled with what seemed to be pure rage. Hikaru followed his gaze to Haruhi. who was staring right back at him.

With seemingly no provocation, Kaoru lunged at her. "YOU BITCH!" He screeched as he fell upon her, hitting and clawing every inch of skin he could get to. She held her arms in front of herself in defense, not that it was helping her avoid his punches at all. Hikaru and Tamaki rushed forward to pull Kaoru off of her.

"Kaoru!" He chided. "What the hell are you doing!"

"It was her!" Tears welled up in his eyes again. "She's the one who told my parents!"

Tamaki was suddenly knocked over as they both ran at Haruhi again. Thankfully for her, the two vengeful boys were held back by Mori, Kyoya, and Honey. Haruhi sat up from where she had been knocked down. "Why did you tell them!" Hikaru demanded.

"They had a right to know what was going on in their own house!" She sounded righteous in her statement.

"IDIOT!" Kaoru ducked under Mori's arm and went back to attacking her. His first punch hit her straight in the eye. She fell back again. "You bitch. We're not even related!" He admitted through his tears. "We were only messing with you!" He sobbed, even more tears falling from his eyes as he continued to rain punches down on Haruhi. "And now I'm being sent away because you told them I was gay!"

"What?" Haruhi gaped in disbelief at all the information she was being given.

"They're homophobes, Haruhi. And you told them. It's all your fault!" One last punch to her nose ended the pummeling as blood gushed everywhere. "Haruhi!" Tamaki rushed over to her side, handkerchief in hand. "Kaoru, I'm sorry, but with this behavior, I'm going to have to ask you to leave now!"

Hikaru's jaw dropped. "You're an idiot Tamaki."

"Didn't you listen to me at all? My parents are taking me away because of that Bitch! It's all her fault!" He pointed, accusingly at Haruhi.

Hikaru stepped forward and pulled the crying boy into his arms, Kaoru leaning his head agains his shoulder. "Hikaru." He whispered. "Walk me to the gate." All Hikaru could do was nod as they slowly stood.

"No Kao-chan!" Honey hugged the taller boy's leg. "You can't go!" He shouted as tears welled up in his eyes.

Kaoru patted Honey's head, not daring to look into his eyes. "I'm sorry Honey." The smaller boy loosened his grip. "Good bye everyone." He called out to the room before striding out the door.

They walked in solemn silence through the empty hallways of Ouran. They arrived at the front door in what felt like moments, even though the walk felt slow, as if they had been walking to a set of gallows. They stopped short of the door and turned to each other. They simultaneously rushed in for one last embrace, and pulled back to share a bittersweet good-bye kiss. "I'm sorry for leaving you Hika." Kaoru's voice wavered as he spoke.

"Kao, It's not your fault." He smiled grimly as he added, "I'll make sure Haruhi never forgets the pain she caused us."

"Thanks Hikaru. I love you."

"I love you too Kaoru."

"G-good bye, Hi...karu." Kaoru choked on his last words as he turned away from him and approached the door. The door that Kaoru's family was waiting on the other side of. Waiting to take him away.

An idea struck Hikaru. Itssosimple.HowhaveInotthoughtofthisbefore?Coulditreallybe...thateasy?

Kaoru's hand lightly touched the cold metal door handle, but before he could grasp it, Hikaru pulled on his arm, forcing him to take a step back. However, he refused to turn back and look at him. "Hikaru..."

"You don't want to go, right?"

"Of course not!" He couldn't believe Hikaru would ask him something like that. "... but I have to."


"My family is making me Hika, you know that."

"I know. But why should you go, when you could run away?"


"Kaoru," He took a deep breath before continuing. "I guess I'm asking you to run away, and come live with me." Hikaru spun Kaoru around and looked hopefully into his eyes, but they only met the confusion dwelling in them.

Kaoru turned away from him again. "Hika... I"

"Think of it Kao, for a moment. We would never have to be apart. We could be together, and no one could get in our way."

"But my family..."

"Kao..." A tear ran down Kaoru's cheek at the thought of those that were tearing him away from his friends. "I don't know if you noticed it," Kaoru bit his lip. Ialreadyknow..."but that family of yours," ...Theyhateme. Another tear ran down Kaoru's cheek. "They don't seem to like you much."

It was a moment before Kaoru answered. He still wouldn't face Hikaru. "I know."

"Then why don't you stay with the people who love you." Hikaru pleaded.

"Because I don't want to believe it." Theyreallydohateme... He finally turned around, falling into his love's arms. "They hate me. They hate me Hika..." He burst into tears once again. Hikaru wrapped his arms around him and stroked his hair, comforting him.

"KAORU!" A figure stormed through the door in front of them. "Whats taking you so-" But the figure froze as his eyes happened upon the two almost identical boys embracing before him.

"Dad!" The man grabbed Kaoru's arm, tearing him away from Hikaru. "Dad- Stop! Ow!" He yelled as his father pulled him forcefully along.

A flash of anger flared through Hikaru's body as he ran up to them. "Get. Off. MY. KAROU!" He shouted as, at the last second, he lifted his foot and kicked Kaoru's father in the back.

"Oof!" He fell to the ground, letting go of Kaoru's arm from the shock of the attack.

"Kaoru!" He looked over to where Hikaru stood, his hand outstretched towards him. "Come with me. Please!" Kaoru glance over to where his father was beginning to rise off of the ground. I'msorryfather.Kaoru thought before taking Hikaru's hand in his. They smiled at each other before they sprinted for the door.

Once they were out Kaoru spied rest of his family standing by the limo. "Bye!" He called out to them as he continued to run. They only had the sense to stare after him, jaws agape as he and Hikaru ran off.

"God Dammit Hikaru!" Kaoru panted. "When you asked me to run away with you I didn't think you literally mean running all the way back to your house!" The two had collapsed onto the couch in Hikaru's room.

"Of course thats what I meant! I told the driver to pick me up after the club, so it wasn't like he was gonna be there anytime soon to help us with our escape!" The two of them sat in silence for a few more minutes, their heavy breathing soon returning to normal.

"Hey Kaoru?" The other boy queried as soon as he regained his breath.


"Does this mean you'll want to be with me, forever?"

Kaoru could hear the apprehension in his Question. He leaned over so his head was in Hikaru's lap. "Of course Hika. I'll always be here with you." Hikaru leaned down an wrapped his arms around Kaoru for what seemed to be the millionth time that day. However, it was the first embrace that day out of love, rather than sadness. Kaoru turned his head toward Hikaru as he lowered his head to where their lips met. A moment later, their lips parted as they smiled at each other. "Thanks Hikaru."

"What for?"

"For convincing me to come with you."

"Of course! I wasn't about to let you just leave like that." Hikaru's fingers became lost in Kaoru's soft hair as Kaoru cupped his face and pulled him down for another kiss. "Although, I haven't actually consulted my parents about any of this... It was rather spur-of-the-moment."

"They'll let me stay, right?" Kaoru asked with a slight touch of fear in his voice.

"Of course they will. And even if they don't, I would hide you here so neither your family, or mine could find you... That sounded a bit creepy, didn't it?"

Kaoru chuckled. "Of course it did. But I know what you mean. Thank you, for everything." He pulled Hikaru back down for another kiss.

From then on, they decided that nothing mattered to either of them, except for each other.

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