I love Timothy McGee. I really do. And even more, I love him with Gibbs. There aren't many stories of them together romantically, and I hoped to add to that list. So...I hope I did well as this is my first NCIS fic. So please go easy on me.

A two-shot which contains slash. So...don't like, don't read.

~This came to me when watching the season premiere and as everyone knows, I do not own NCIS.


Gibbs growled as he felt Tim press against his back and nuzzle his neck as he tried to open the door with the key. "Jethro," he whispered and licked his neck to his earlobe where he nibbled, "open the door."

"I would if you stopped," he said and finally opened the door. He threw his mail and keys on the side table before turning to Tim and wrapping his arms around him. He ran his hand down his back, giving his half smirk when Tim practically purred in his arms. Tim always reminded him a bit of a cat with the way he turned to a pile of goo and purred when given attention. He's never had a lover who responded the way Tim did and he loved it. He loved his Timmy.

"Jethro," he sighed and moaned when Gibbs brought his lips to his, their tongues caressing and their breaths panting. Gibbs started walking him backwards, they chuckled—giggled on Tim's side though he'd deny it—along the way as they stumbled around, tearing at each other's clothes.

"I'm worried about Tony," he whispered as he started unbuttoning Gibbs' shirt.

"I know Timmy."

"What are we going to do?" He groaned as Gibbs leaned down to bite at Tim's nipple before lapping it up.

"What we can," he mumbled. "Just be there for him. Now stop talking," he ordered.


Gibbs pushed Tim against the nearest wall, rolling his hips into Tim's; smirking when Tim groaned and his head fell back, hitting the wall with a thud. "Fuck, Jethro."

A growl escaped Gibbs as his name passed Tim's lips—he loved when Tim said his name—and nibbled on his neck as he started attacking his pants. He needed him naked damn it. He needed to feel Tim writhing under him and screaming his name. He may not be able to help Tony with whatever he was doing but he could definitely make his Timmy cum.

He felt Tim still when he reached for his belt and narrowed his eyes at Tim, only to see him looking at something over his shoulder. Gibbs looked over his shoulder to see Tony and Agent E.J. Barrett staring at them with wide eyes and their mouths open.

"Looks like Tony needs you Jethro," Tim whispered, unwrapping his arms from Gibbs' shoulders.

Gibbs jerked his head towards the kitchen and Tony quickly snapped his mouth shut and ushered Barrett from the living room while Gibbs and Tim started redressing. "I'm going to go," Tim said.

"No," he said shaking his head but Tim just smiled.

"Tony wasn't exactly planning for me to be here Jethro, especially the way we were. He needs you. So, I'm going to go and I'll see you tomorrow at work."

"Tim," he sighed.

"Don't worry. Who knows," he shrugged while putting on his jacket, "maybe whatever Tony and Barrett has to say will help move this case along and we won't have to worry about anything disturbing us." Besides, they had a bit of a rule about sleeping together when on a case. Though they usually only followed that rule if the case was #1 priority, like the case they were on. They needed their heads on the case, not in their pants.

"Fine," Gibbs grunted, "but you better not touch yourself when you get home. That's mine to touch."

Tim groaned before pouting at Gibbs with his big green eyes. "Gibbs," he whined, "that's not fair."

"I know," he smirked before kissing Tim and shutting the door behind him, smiling when he heard Tim continue whining on the way to his car.

If anyone from Gibbs' team walked into his home, they would have pulled their gun and called for backup. The house was a mess. There was a lamp overturned in the living room and cushions everywhere or hanging lopsided from their place. The few picture frames on the wall on the stairwell were either lopsided or on the floor broken. In the kitchen there was empty Chinese food cartons on the floor and a stool tipped over while another leaned against the island. Clothes were everywhere. However, the worse was the bedroom, though there laid the answer to the wreckage of the house.

Tim and Gibbs laid panting, sweating, and shaking in the middle of what was left of the bed, just done with another round of sex and nowhere near sated. Tim's ass burned while his throat and jaw was sore from both some deep throating and the fact that he hadn't drank anything besides Jethro's cum since they had leftover Chinese food that morning. Which they had basically forced themselves to eat so they had some substance.

They've been attacking each other like animals since the night before in a way of celebration. Their team was safe, Tony was safe, the case and everything was closed, and they didn't have to deal with Secretary Jarvis anymore. Plus, they pulled some vacation time to give themselves an extra few days added to their weekend. More like Gibbs pawed him in the elevator between floors with a kiss that left him daze, said to put in vacation time, and Tim did it with a pounding heart.

Tim brushed up against Gibbs and groaned as he felt Gibbs harden against his ass and roll on top of him. Damn Gibbs' appetite when it came to sex would scare most people, but not Tim. No, Tim matched his appetite.

Gibbs grunted as he pushed into Tim slowly but hard and growled as he sank his teeth into Tim. "Shit," he gasped. Gibbs was definitely a biter, he loved leaving bruises and Tim had no problem showing them off, though no one had any idea who they belonged to. "Ngh!"

He raised his legs to wrap around Gibbs' waist and met his thrusts, their wet skin slapping as they met. The air was thick with their scents and sex. Tim mewled when Gibbs hitched his legs higher, his cock pushing deeper into him and right on his prostate.


"That's it Timmy," he growled, "cum for me. Make a mess for me. Scream for me."

"Jethro!" he screamed as his cum shot out of his cock, landing on their chests as Gibbs coated Tim's walls with his cum.

They collapsed in a boneless heap. "Timmy…I…love…you," he panted.

"Love…you…too." He limply raised his hand to very slowly run his fingers though Gibbs' hair. It was so slow and had barely any pressure as Tim had absolutely no energy left, but Gibbs didn't care. Tim said he loved him back and that was all that mattered.