Chapter 1-

Carlos Garcia was a prankster. He loved pranking people to no end. He loved watching their faces when they realize they'd just been pranked. He absolutely loved it.

So when he put glue in James's Cuda man spray, James was furious. He freaked out about his hair all morning, claiming that it would turn white and sticky by the end of the day. Carlos just laughed and smirked on the whole car ride there, laughing at James. James kept glaring at Carlos, but Carlos didn't care. He knew James would forgive him soon. And James did, exactly 3 hours later, when he figured out that his hair wasn't changing color and the glue could be washed off in the shower. But James was still angry that he had to buy new man spray. That stuff was expensive.

It was absolutely knee slapping when Carlos swapped math textbooks with Logan's. Logan copied down all the wrong problems and got a huge red "F." He was all depressed and sad for two whole days. Carlos had to admit; it had been kind of funny. But he kinda felt guilty, too, and he tried to apologize to Logan. Logan wouldn't come out of his room. Carlos just shrugged it off. Sure enough, Logan came out all normal and said he'd already forgiven Carlos. But Logan was still angry because he knew the "F" had turned his average grade of an A into a C. Logan had never gotten a "C" average before, never.

It took longer for Kendall to forgive Carlos when the Latino put chicken liver in Jo's hair and told her that Kendall did it. Jo smelled horrible and acted horribly the next few days, and she wouldn't believe Kendall when he said that it truly wasn't him. A few weeks later, when Kendall finally forced Carlos to tell Jo, Jo forgave Kendall but she was annoyed with Carlos for a few days. She forgave Carlos when he pretended to cry in front of her.

The whole Palm Woods was totally pissed after Carlos committed more of his 'famous' pranks. Carlos glued Tyler's butt to the toilet seat, hired a clown to push the Jennifers into the pool, ruined Camille's audition for a new show by stink bombing the whole stadium, and sold all of Katie's stock on her stock market site. Everyone was totally annoyed at Carlos, but they didn't have the heart to be mad at him for long. Carlos was the most innocent thing there was, and no one could resist making him sad or upset.

But Kendall, James, and Logan knew it was time to end Carlos's pranks.

"Dude! No offense, but I'm totally sick of Carlos right now!" Logan snapped, still stressed out about his low grade. James nodded, putting his hands on his hair, which didn't feel as smooth anymore.

"He ruined my hair. It's limp and lifeless now!" He yelled, starting to panic. Kendall put his hand on James's shoulder, stopping him from fainting or something dramatic like that.

"We have got to stop this!" He declared. Logan and James nodded quickly.

"What better way is there than to play the biggest prank on the biggest prankster?" Kendall said, smirking. James's eyes lit up, and Logan's face brightened up. What a perfect idea.

"Kendall, sometimes you're way too smart for your own good…" Logan started, trailing off when Kendall glared at him. But in the inside, he was proud of himself for coming up with such a great, non-violent solution. This would benefit everyone.

"Oooh! I know! We cold stink bomb his room," James started. Logan joined in.

"Or make him do all our homework!"

"Or hit him with pies!"

"Or hide his helmet!"

"Or-" Kendall interrupted James with an annoyed huff.

"I already know what we're going to do." He stated, and then told the other two what his plan was. By the end of it, James and Logan were already getting excited. This was going to be the best prank ever. Carlos would never prank them again after this.

Line line line line

Carlos was exhausted. It had been a very tiring day at Rocque Records, and Carlos was feeling sleep and tired and weary. He kept on tripping over the cracks on the sidewalks, and his eyes kept drooping. Kendall took one look at his friend and knew it was time. It was a bright and sunny day, but sooner or later, it was going to be dark.

Kendall nudged Logan, who nudged James. They all knew it was time.

"Carlos, buddy? You want me to carry you?" James asked gently. Carlos nodded tiredly, not even aware of it when James picked him up and carried his bridal style. He fell asleep almost immediately, not remembering another time he was so tired.

"Where should we drop him?" James asked quietly, not wanting to wake Carlos up.

"Few more blocks." Kendall replied.

James smirked triumphantly. "I knew those sleeping pills would help," He grinned.

Logan looked skeptical. "I kinda think this is a bad idea, guys." He said.

Kendall rolled his eyes and patted Logan at the back. "Chillax, Logan. Everything's going to be fine. We'll come pick him up in 45 minutes. Nothing's gonna happen, man." He assured Logan. Logan seemed to relax and think about his low grade in math, and decided this was for the best. Carlos had to learn his lesson.

"Okay, I guess.." Logan trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

"Here." Kendall commanded a few minutes later. James sighed in relief and dropped the heavy weight in his arms onto the ground. The three worked together to move Carlos right smack dab next to a spooky looking tree. Carlos leaned against it, sleeping peacefully.

"It's almost dark, let's go." Logan said nervously. The dark was starting to creep him out a little. Kendall and James nodded, and James called a taxi to take them home. The three high-fived each other as they rode the taxi home.

"This is perfect!" Kendall declared, sensing victory. "Victory!" He shouted rather loudly. The driver turned around and shushed him, looking annoyed. Kendall just smirked and started chuckling.

James and Logan looked at each other and started laughing, too. This was going to be the best revenge they'd gotten in years on Carlos. They didn't want to hurt Carlos, or make him cry, or injure him, or get him in trouble… but they didn't want to deal with his pranks anymore. And this prank would be nothing. Carlos would be okay, just a little bit shaken. It was the best they could come up with. Their plan was perfect to them.

And it would seem perfect, until something happened that would change their lives forever.

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