Chapter 34

"Stupid Big Time Rush! Stupid Kendall, stupid James, stupid Logan, stupid Carlos!" Jake pounded his face on the picture of the smiling band on the front cover of the newspaper. Why did they have to be everywhere?

Every time Jake saw a girl fawning over them, his heart throbbed with jealousy and envy. Every day he asked himself, "Why couldn't I be like that?" Every day he regretted what he had done more and more. What he had done to the poor boys seemed a little mean now, even to himself. He really shouldn't have done that… now his chances of becoming famous were gone.

Well, maybe he could become infamous… Jake shook his head. He committed the crime. In the end, he was the one who caused the dead end to his dreams of fame. Jake sighed, pushing his hand through his dark hair. He pushed open the front door, walking out into the wind.

Just as he was crossing the street into the supermarket, the makeup on his face disguising him as a criminal, he heard a group of pretty girls talking quietly. He leaned in to listen.

"Did you hear about that guy who kidnapped Big Time Rush?" One girl asked.

"Oh my gosh, yeah! They had to stay in a hospital!"

"What stupid guy would do something like that? He's such a jerk."

"Well, not someone I would date!"

Jake closed his eyes and turned away, walking into the store. He'd ruined his chances of becoming famous. He'd shattered his life dream just because he'd made some stupid mistake. Just because he let the envy take him over. Stupid, stupid him…

Jake suddenly dropped his bag and ran. He ran and ran until he found himself back at the Palm Woods, sprinting up the stairs into his apartment room. He hadn't been there for so long, since he was out in the hiding all the time.

Even before he knew it, he'd gotten out a stool and some rope. He placed the stool under the ceiling fan in his room.

Jake let out a choked sob, kneeling onto the ground. Why did this happen to him? All he wanted was to be famous; all he wanted was to be loved by girls around the world… But now it was hopeless. He'd be nothing but a criminal to the pretty girls everywhere.

He was so stupid, so stupid… Jake kneeled on the ground, sobbing and sobbing. He couldn't seem to stop. He stood up, silent tears streaming down his face, and wrapped the rope around the ceiling fan. He then tied a little hole in the rope, and placed his neck inside of it.

"I'm sorry…. I'm sorry, Kendall, James, Logan, Carlos. I'm so stupid."

And then Jake Blanchard, "Guitar Dude", kicked the stool away.

Then, he saw nothing. Nothing at all.

A/N- Yeah… he killed himself, hung himself, if you couldn't tell. I'm sorry… I have no experience with suicide, so I don't know how it goes…Which is a good thing, I guess… ;)

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