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Battlestar Galactica: A Lucky Miracle
Volume 1 of Wayward Family

A Battlestar Galactica and Macross Crossover Story

Written by,

William R. Woods


Story Opening is Scars of Yesterday by Dragon Force

Summary: When Racetrack's Raptor miss-jumps during the Caprica Rescue Mission they find both a surprise that quickly becomes a miracle for the Fleet during their long journey and an intriguing mystery.

Chapter BGM is Mission 13 (Karos Graveyard) from the Homeworld Original Soundtrack

Part 01: The Graveyard

I will always remember that day, the day that the Fleet got its first real lucky break in a long while. However sometimes I still get nightmares over that fraking graveyard. While it was a lucky break for us, it was from the bones of others that we got that break and I shall always remember that…

Taken from an Interview of Captain Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson


System AA-117
Bolo Sector
November 7, 2047AD
Earth Calendar


The cold emptiness and blackness of space is a dangerous place to be in, thanks to many dangers that make it unfriendly, like radiation, novae, solar flares, and many other common natural dangers. However there is also those created by others to harm others, as evidenced by a very large debris field in a small, barren, and lonely system out in the middle of nowhere. This debris field sported many wrecks of dead ships, machines, and even people. One of the largest pieces of debris along the field is a large section of ship that looked to be literally sliced off from a larger ship. This section sported numerous panels some sort of transparent material that covered the entire piece of hull. These panels themselves were covered by some sort of armored shutters, however many of these shutters and panels were literally torn apart by something allowing anyone to see the dead and darkened city that lay at the center of the piece of hull. Numerous bodies of people floated through this dead city their dead eyes seeing nothing but the broken city around them. A piece of what looked to be a billboard floated along them as well displaying the ships name: Megaroad-07. The seventh long-range colony ship constructed and launched by the people of the United Nations Government of Earth after humanity was nearly destroyed during a previous war. Sadly this colony ship was no more and its large crew of colonists now dead from something or someone that destroyed the large colony ship. However something new and alive suddenly entered the graveyard of the Megaroad-07 and its supporting fleet. This something is a tiny ship that suddenly appeared in a flash of light in the middle of the large debris field, right in a calm part of the large graveyard. In the ship's cockpit its pilot shook her head to clear the fuzziness of the jump before looking around to see what happened.

"Skulls? What happened? This doesn't look like Caprica to me," the pilot mentioned looking behind her at the man sitting at a console along one side of the ship or better known as a Colonial Raptor a small transport and support/scout craft for the Fleet of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, now for the small, lonely and desperate fleet that is all that remains of the once powerful Twelve Colonies. The man shook his head as he too tried to get rid of the fuzziness clouding his head from the jump.

"Gods I hate jumps! Anyways it looks like something was wrong in the jump drive's firmware somewhere," the Raptor's Electronic and Countermeasure Officer, one Lieutenant Hamish "Skulls" McCall reported with a dry tone and another shake of his head. The pilot one Lieutenant Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson shook her head angry at this before turning back to look out the viewport.

"Frak! It was our first jump too," she responded angrily after hearing this. She turned back around to look at Skulls when one of the Raptor's passengers looked up from his place strapped in a crash crouch near the back of the small scout ship.

"You got to be kidding me! We mis-jumped! Can't we catch up to the group?" the man said with a curse of his own on his lips. Lieutenant Edmondson looked over at him and the other four suited figures in the Raptor's very tiny passenger compartment before shaking her head with a sigh.

"No, even if we could the Mission orders are to return to the Fleet in case of a mis-jump, and that is what we are going to do," she replied turning back around to her controls to start preparation for jumping back. The passengers looked at one another before groaning out loud.

"Great! Sergeant Mathias is going to be pissed! She is going to be down five Marines," one of the other passengers said with a grimace. The other passengers, or rather Marines, could only nod sadly in agreement with the man. The two Raptor crewmembers could only chuckle at the misfortune of the marines before turning to their duties. However Skulls suddenly cursed out load as a beeping started to come from his console. At the same time Racetrack cursed as well as a piece of debris stumbled almost lazily past the cockpit of the small Raptor.

"Frak! Apparently we are in the middle of a large debris field Racetrack!" Skulls reported after looking through his readings on the DRADIS console in front of him.

"No really! I didn't notice!" Racetrack replied with a snarl before starting the Raptor's engines as the Raptor shook as another piece of debris as it impacted side of the small ship.

"We need to get out of this field before we jump," Skulls warned his pilot as he kept his eyes on his readings. Racetrack only snorted in response as she started to maneuver the Raptor around the various pieces of debris.

"Skulls! Find me a way out of this mess," Racetrack ordered as she whipped the Raptor around one large piece of debris. Skulls kept his eyes on the readings displayed on his screens as he entered commands into the console before him.

"Frak! This field is huge Racetrack! It is going to take a while to get through it!" he reported after a while looking through the readings. Racetrack could only nod at this as she kept her eyes on the surrounding debris and continued to fly the Raptor through the field. Suddenly her eyes widened behind the faceplate of her flight suit as a dead body of someone passed to one side of the Raptor.

"That was a human!" she said after turning her attention back to the debris wondering how in the world humans got all the way out here. As far as she knew no one from the colonies have ever came this far out from the colonies, till now anyways.

"You think it is the Thirteenth," Skulls mentioned quietly after recovering from seeing the body fly past the cockpit. He mentioned the Twelve Colonies long-lost sister colony of Earth, whose location had been lost in time and the place where the ravaged survivors of the colonies were trying to get to.

"I don't know and right now I don't care. We need to get out of here, before whatever did this comes back," Racetrack responded to Skulls who simply shrugged before returning to look at the readings. He suddenly stopped and entered a few commands into the keyboard on the console before turning back to Racetrack.

"There is something very large coming up Racetrack," he reported while Racetrack only nodded at this keeping an eye out for whatever was approaching and soon saw it making her blink in surprise.

"What the frak is that?" she said as the tiny Raptor approached a large boxy looking ship that was remarkably intact with only a few holes in her hull here and there. Skulls moved away from the console and leaned over the copilot seat to look the ship over as the Raptor got ever-closer to it.

"It looks to be about eight-hundred meters all around, it is not as large as a Battlestar but it is pretty close," Skulls mused out loud looking the large ship over with a practiced eye since before he became a Raptor ECO and pilot for the Fleet he had been a shuttle pilot for the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards and saw quite a lot of various ships going through the shipyards, which gave him a general apparition for warships. Racetrack knowing this only nodded before bringing the Raptor around to look at the ship further.

"She doesn't seem to be all that damaged. There are a few holes in her hull, but that is about it," Racetrack mentioned herself as the tiny Raptor flew around the ship towards what looks to be front of the ship. Skulls nodded at this as he continued to look over the lines of the ship, however both of them blinked in surprise when they the Raptor came around finally towards the front of the ship, for gracing the front of the ship where a pair of large-scale hatches covering something from view.

"I have seen something like this when I took a shuttle out one time to the Colonial Mothball Fleet, and saw a Mulciber Class Mobile Space Dock. That ship sported similar hatches on her construction pods," Skulls mentioned in awe as he stared at the ship that sat almost peacefully in front of him. He mentioned the large Mulciber Class Mobile Space Docks that had been introduced after the end of the Cylon War. They at first been converted from a few remaining Jupiter Class Battlestars like the Galactica herself and later constructed from scratch since many of the Colonial Fleet's small shipyards and docks had been destroyed during the war. The Mulciber basically had a pair of large construction bays or pods which would have been flight pods on a Jupiter or another Battlestar. The Mulciber class would help the Colonial Fleet get back onto its feet after the end of the war, and would eventually been retired or mothballed due to the raising introduction of new light shipyards through-out the colonies.

"So this ship has to be some sort of Mobile Space Yard as well or something similar anyways," Skulls mentioned with a gleam in his eyes that made Racetrack groan for she knew what that means.

"You want to board and look it over don't you Skulls?" Racetrack asked shaking her head at this knowing where her co-pilot and ECO were going to ask. The large man simply grinned behind his faceplate at this before looking back out at the ship for a moment before turning back to look at Racetrack.

"Think about it Racetrack, we don't know anything about who built this fleet and who destroyed it. We are going to need some info on what happened here and since this one of the only ships still intact we have to board this one for that info. Also I don't know about you, but I don't want to go back to the Old Man with nothing," Skulls said starting what would normally become a long and drawn-out argument. Racetrack sighed and looked out at the large ship herself before looking at Skulls.

"Yes that's true but we can come back with some ships from the Fleet to look through the debris later on," Racetrack replied trying to convince him to give this up, even though she knew it was hopeless when he latched onto something like this.

"True Racetrack, but who says the Old Man would let us come back and even if he would I don't think the President would. Oh and if both of them say it is okay it would take a while to arrange a mission to return here and who knows once we return all of this would be gone," Skulls fired back with a small smile on his face. Racetrack sighed at this finally deciding to give up, before turning to at her amused passengers.

"So Corporal Nowart, are you guys up for this?" she asked the senior marine Corporal Allan Nowart.

"Yes ma'am. It is far better than sitting around here doing nothing, and heading back to the fleet empty-handed. Besides we are already suited up anyways," Corporal Nowart responded with a grin behind his own helmet faceplate of the more bulky Marine space suit he was wearing, while the other four marines cheered at their commander's decision. Racetrack only snorted at this before looking over at Skulls who looked quite pleased with himself.

"Crazy Jarheads! Anyways looks like the 'ayes' have it Skulls, therefore start looking for a docking port, hanger, or something to board this ship then," she ordered with another shake of her head. Skulls grinned broadly before saluting her lazily and turning to return to his station to start looking for a way to board that ship. Racetrack meanwhile turned to stare out at the ship floating almost peacefully in front of the Raptor. She hoped that boarding this ship would be worth it and that they find something, for she wouldn't want the Old Man get angry at her for something like this. With a sigh Racetrack turned her attention to other matters like scanning the rest of the debris, so they would have some info on what happened here.

"Alright I think I found something, it looks like there is a small hanger located on the ventral hull of the ship," Skulls reported a few minutes later after thoroughly scanning the entire ship from top-to-bottom. Racetrack looked up from her scans, while the Marines looked up from their ongoing triad game.

"Well then let's get going and pray to the gods that we find something good to show to the Old Man when we get back. Gods help us if we don't," Racetrack ordered with a small smile that made the others in the Raptor chuckle. Unknown to them they were about find something that would not only start them on the path to reunite with their long-lost cousins of the Thirteenth Tribe, but would be the lucky break the Fleet needed to keep themselves one step ahead of the encroaching Cylon fleet chasing them.

-o-Chapter End-o-


Post Chapter Notes

Well folks I welcome you all to this new story of mine, which if you haven't figured it out yet, is a Battlestar Galactica/Macross Crossover based around the time of the second full-length series Macross Seven give or take a few years. However before I go on I want to warn Robotech fans this is a cross with the real Macross series not Robotech so please no reviews asking about this for I will just laugh at you. Moving on, the ship mentioned in this chapter is in fact not an official design for those who are left scratching their heads. It is a design I created for the purpose of some of my Macross story-ideas that I have had from time-to-time. This design is the Vulcan Class Long-Range Factory Ship, the precursor to the Three Star Class Factory Ship which we see in Macross 7. These ships are built to support the earlier Megaroad Class colony ships and as noted here are far-smaller than the Three-Star. I should mention that to those Homeworld players out there, I have based the Vulcan on the Shaman Class Carrier from the second game of the series Homeworld: Cataclysm. I shall see about digging up my profile and specs for this ship to post later for those interested. As for the Galactica being part of the Jupiter Class Battlestars, instead of the more popular and fanon Colombia Class is because I read somewhere that according to The Science of Battlestar Galactica that the VFX Artist who designed the Galactica in the real-world called it the Jupiter Class. Thanks to this and the Mercury Class I will have other Battlestar Classes named after the Roman Gods, including the Valkyrie Type.

With that said I am sure some people are wondering why I am giving my foreword here at the end instead of my usual at the beginning Foreword, well this is thanks to several readers of my past works mentioning that they hate my regular foreword and don't know why I keep putting these in. Therefore I am trying something new here and throwing it at the end of the first chapter so these people can just ignore it if they want. However the reason I write-out forewords no matter that I don't really like writing them is to cover my ass, in case of someone mentioning in a review that I should have warned them of this or that, I can just simply point out that I did in the foreword it is your fault that you never read it.

That out of the way let me point out a couple of things before I finish this up. First Corporal Allan Nowart is a canon character from the series, though is seen in the series as a Sergeant not a Corporal. Same when the Sergeant Mathias mentioned earlier in the chapter, who is Gunnery Sergeant Erin Mathias which we know was the Marine leader during the Exodus from New Caprica therefore I have her as part of Starbuck's Rescue Mission. Granted I could have used Venner or Harder but I thought Noward would be better. Also the Old Man mentioned for those not in the know is in fact William Adama, just to let those people now. This leads to my second point I am going to try to use mostly official named characters from the series, I may introduce a new character or two but I am going to try to stay with official named characters or naming non-named characters. My third and final point is that for the purpose of this story Cain has not been killed and is far different from how she is portrayed in the series. How they treated Cain is one of the first of many reasons why I eventually stopped watching the series, therefore since I can I am going to change her character around here. For this reason she is going to be center character for the next chapter which shall flash over to the Fleet, and will most likely have a couple of flashbacks exploring a bit what happened to the Pegasus after the fall of the colonies. No matter that I don't really like putting in flashbacks, going to have to or I am going to have to write-up some sort of prequel later on. That said I do believe that is all I really wanted to say therefore some final things to mention before I am done.

Basically this story is the Battlestar side of things while the next story will be from the Macross Side of divide. This story is only really going to be a handful of chapters, and shall explore what happens when the Battlestar universe meets the Macross Universe. Now this idea came about after I thought that there are very few real honest-to-god Macross and Battlestar crossovers, there are a few Robotech crossovers but very few good Macross ones.

That out of the way I am quite finished and I shall end this small little post-Foreword and get back to writing. Enjoy the story folks!

William R. Woods


NOTE (9/23/11): Wow! Another story from Deathzealot, so soon after I posted the second chapter of Wings of a New Dawn. Well. Basically this chapter has been sitting on my computer for about a month and decided that I really should post it to see what people think of it. So enjoy what little there is. I do plan on getting the second chapter of this done, thankfully it is about half-way done so it shouldn't take long to finish. Also sorry no omake, this story is only going to have a few mainly based on the story itself.

One last note here, yes I am aware of that this is similar to Macross Avalon by Frasermage but in my defense I only read Avalon after I finished this. It is also a bit different from Avalon as well, with Racetrack finding a dead Macross Fleet not a live one and this fleet is an older Megaroad fleet not a New Macross Fleet like in Avalon.

Anyways that is about it folks!