Jeez. I still can't do Evil Laughter worth a damn. Sigh.

Anyways. Yes you read that Chapter Title Correctly. This is a notice that I am currently planning on rewriting this story from stratch. It won't be a Verison 3 nor am I going to be continuing this version. This is mainly thanks to what six years (Yikes!) since I even really wrote anything for this story not to mention several issues I had with the story including the whole Cain Subplot, constantly getting better ideas on what the factory ship should be based on, and a few other minor issues with the story. Doing a more through rewrite of the story with some new ideas and a fresh start would I hope make the story far better in the end.

The reason behind all this is that National Novel Writing Month 2019 is right around the corner and I wasn't sure on what to do this year for I had plenty of ideas swirling around in my head with little excitement for anyone of these ideas to make me choose one over them all. Those who have been browsing the NaNoWriMo Thread over at Spacebattles most likely saw my earlier post about that sometime last week about it. I then got caught in exchanging ideas with another poster in that thread and after I mentioned an idea I had thanks to his post I got the idea of doing a similar version of said idea in Battlestar Galactica which then saw this idea sprouting into a Lucky Miracle Rewrite. Not to mention there was the later post in my old Lucky Miracle Verison 2 thread on Spacebattles which is quite similar to this own announcement along with some general discussion on my plans for the rewrite. It does help that I have recently watched the Macross Delta Movie and currently in the process of watching the series itself along with finally maybe finishing watching Frontier. I also had been caught up reading a few threads over at Mecha Talk including the Valkyrie Thread which gave me a few more ideas.

Moving on.

This story is going to move away from the Colonial RTF finding a derelict Macross Factory Ship in the blasted remains of a Macross Colony Fleet and more towards a true meeting between the two: Colonial Rag Tag Fleet of Refugees with that of a Proper Macross Colony Fleet. Granted I did plan on the RTF eventually meeting up with another Macross Colony Fleet which would have been the sequel to Lucky Miracle. This time it would right off the bat. Though the kicker will be that the Macross Colony Fleet would have suffered a Misfold which sent the Fleet all the way across the galaxy from any human, or allied, claimed space where they end up meeting up with the Colonials. Also not to mention it will make a few Macross fans happy to see Valkyries in action, which if I remember correctly was a common complaint about the original story. So expect the Colonial's reaction to the Valks.

This Colony Fleet wouldn't be a full-on Fleet as we see in Macross 7 and Macross Frontier that would be kind of Overpowered really. Instead its a Splinter of a larger colony fleet which is something I believe happened somewhere in Macross since it was shown on the Intro Map Screen of Delta where one of the Fleets was split into two who went their seperate ways. Also there is that image of the New Macross 01 Fleet in orbit of Earth with three New Macross Class Colony Ships along their number along with the brief image we get in Macross 7 of the Macross 5 Fleet which also sported more then one colony ship. Heck! Frontier gave us the smaller Island Cluster Class Auxiliary Colony Ships so it is not that much of an issue to believe it happening. I haven't really decided on why this fleet would have split from the larger main fleet, but I have a few ideas.

That said. I have a few questions for you the loyal readers of this story.

Any suggestions on what to call this new story? Since really I am rewriting the entire story after all it should deserve its own title don't you think.

Any canon Macross Characters (i.e Characters from SDF Macross or the new Macross The First Manga) you want to see as part of this Colony Fleet? I know I had Komilia in the original Version 2 of Lucky Miracle and she may once more make an appearance but I figure I'll ask. Not to mention I did not know she was the main character in the Macross 2036 video game till recently.

Any suggestions on why this Splinter Fleet ended up splitting from the Main Colony Fleet? Like I said I have a few ideas myself but I would love to see what you all say about this. Going hand-in-hand with this question. What would the name of this colony fleet be? Since it is a splinter fleet after all.

Any ideas on when during the Macross Timeline to base this story in? From 2035 to 2040, which gives us the early New Macross Colony Fleets (New Macross 02, New Macross 03, New Macross 06, etc) or later on in the timeline like 2050 to 2060 which will give us the newer Colony Fleets with maybe an SMS Branch tagging along with the fleet. Also this won't be a Megaroad Fleet, unlike the original story, since we know that the New Macross Fleets had more then a single colony ship in their fleets while we never have seen the Megaroad Fleets having that.

Do you think I should keep the Cain Subplot in the rewrite or just throw it out entirely keeping with the canon way the series went during this time? I am kind of leaning towards throwing it out myself. Since it was kind of out of the blue sort of speak and I never really told the story of the Pegasus Fleet like I wanted too. So keeping it canon sort of speak would be the best bet.

Sigh. Deep Breath.

Finally. Do you folks actually want to see a total rewrite of this story? Along with moving away from the whole Factory Ship concept in this story? As much I would love to write this story. I won't if there is little interest in it. I may just go with another of the several ideas I have floating in my head right now.

That said. Any other suggestions, and remarks on this story idea or the story itself? Feel free to post them here! I also maybe posting my own ideas and maybe some further background info I have come up with for this story. Yes. I am that excited for this story!

I eagerly await your response