Peace: Helllloooo my few, but loyal readers! Today, I'm going to introduce the Bleach characters, but before that, please welcome RoseDoll Alchemist! Say hello Rose.

RoseDollAlchemist: YAH *HEARTS IN EYES* O and my name is Luna.

Peace: Alrighty then, please introduce ICHIGO KUROSAKI AND RUKIA KUCHIKI!

Ichigo: Yo.

Rukia: Hello.

Peace: Gin Ichimaru!

Gin: Why hello there.

Ed: Oh goody, another squinty eyed bastard.

Ling: That hurts Edward. *kicked puppy face*

Peace: Grimmjow… uh, *looks at card* Uh, anyway, you Bleach fans know who I'm talking about.

Grimmjow: I wanna tear apart the whiny sue and the sparkle-bitch.

Sparklepire: I take offence to that!

Grimmjow: You were supposed to.

Peace: Nice comeback. Ulquiorra Cifer!

Ulquiorra: Hmm.

Ed: That's it! You're not going to say 'hi'!

Ulquiorra: Trash like you don't deserve to be greeted by me.


Peace: Yumichika *looks at card again* uh, oh who gives a damn.

Yumichika: *glares at Sparklepire* So ugly.

Marysue: My Edward is the most beautiful creature in the universe! Unicorns weep at his beauty, gods cry at the mention of his name, mor-

Peace: Luna, duct tape please?

Luna: How about death tape instead *has whip in her hand*

Peace: Oooh, I like your thinking! Go nuts.

Grimmjow: But save some for me!

Peace: And last, and highest on my most hated character ever, Mayuri Kurosuchi. Anyone who claps will DIE.

Ed: Wait, where's this Ukitake guy you keep fangirling over.

Peace: He politely declined my offer, because he's too damn nice to kill someone, even a sparklepire-pixie. In fact, he even said to give this chocolate bar to him. Traitor. *throws chocolate at Sparklepire*

Sparklepire: *eats chocolate, keels over*

Peace: O.o Holy crap, I take back the traitor thing. Poisoned candy; nice one.

L: *sniffs wrapper* It appears to be cyanide.

Luna: *walks out of the dungeon covered blood* She slapped me and a showed her aJacob x Edward C. movie about 5 days long then I ripped her limb from limb andfeed it to my dolls. They vomited after words. *shakes the blood off*

Peace: Oh, she made you watch Sparklepire and Fakey-werewolf together? I feel so bad for you and your dolls. *hugs*

Mayuri: Can I experiment on this 'sparklepire' you speak so lowly of?

Peace: Research room's over there. *points*

Ichigo: Wait a minute, why does he get to go! He's your least favorite character EVER!

Peace: Because a) He is very good torture material.

Sparklepire: *screams of agony*

Peace: See? And b) The sooner he tortures Sparklepire the sooner he can get the hell out of my studio. Well, rented studio if you want to be technical but that's beside the point. You're up next, then Rukia, then Gin, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: Why the hell am I last!

Peace: Because you are. Now shut up before I write a slash fic with you and the Novena espada.

Ulquiorra: You mean Aaroniero.

Peace: Yes, him.

Mayuri: I have collected all available data on the Sparklepire.

Peace: Great. Now get the f*** out of my studio.

Mayuri: *does so*

Peace: You next Ichigo, just don't transform into a hollow; I don't think the building can take it. Don't use your bankai either.

Ichigo: *nods, slashes Sparklepire*

Ed: Cool!

Roy: *sobbing* This kid is more useful than meeeeee. T-T

Mello: Well he is the main character.

Luna: *slaps Roy* Get a grip officer! Anyway I'm going to my latest doll. Royyou're driving me because I cant drive.

Roy: O.O But- but- BUT I DON'T WANNA DIE!

Peace: *also slaps him* Pull yourself together! Are you a man or arent you! You wont die, you moron. YOU'RE the one driving.

Roy: But what if she kills me? Q~Q

Peace: Then tough peanuts.

Roy: *sigh, leaves with Luna in tow*

Peace: Okay, Rukia?

Rukia: Right. *starts going off in a loooonnnnnggggg rant about Chappy the rabbit*

*three hours later*

Sparklepire: My ears… stop… please, have mercy.

Peace: Alright Rukia, it's Gin-gin's turn.

Gin: Gin-gin!

Peace: Would you prefer 'Ginny'?

Gin:… Shoot him, Shinso. *stabs Sparklepire*

Ichigo: Why did you let him use his sword.

Peace: He actually was not supposed to.

Gin: Sorry Peace-chan.

Peace: What ever. Ulqui-

Ed: Wait, why hasn't pretty boy gone?

Peace: He just wants to watch, he doesn't think his sword should be dirtied by Sparklepires blood.

Ed: Good point.

Ulquiorra: *ceros Sparklepire*

Sparklepire: *flies backward into a wall* Owwwww…

Grimmjow: *walks over, kicks him* Quit whining and get up, I got something for you to do.

Sparklepire: What?

Grimmjow: You have to take Marysues' mutilated body to her father and say ' I killed your daughter' with pride in your voice.

Sparklepire: But I could never kill Bella!

Grimmjow: Who said you had to? *slashes Marysue with sword, mutilated but still recognizable* There. Wear these. * hands communication device and camera* The com device is so I can tell you what to say.

Sparklepire: But, but-

Grimmjow: GO!

Sparklepire: *yelps, goes to Charlies house* *flatly* I killed your daughter and I'm proud.

Grimmjow: *over com device* WITH PRIDE!

Sparklepire: *proudly* I KILLED YOUR DAUGHTER AND I'M PROUD!

Charlie: *leaves, comes back with shotgun*

Sparklepire: Uh-oh. *shot*

*back at studio*

All: *laughing*

Matt: That was hilarious!

Mello: I like the way the dad just walked off, then came back and shot him!

L: That… was rather amusing.

Peace: I love that word. Amusing. Amuuuusssiiinngg.

Roy: Okay, enough. That's creepy.

Peace: Wait a minute, when did you get here?

Roy: Just now.

Peace: Meh. Good enough for me. So is that everyone?

Ed: Yeah, I think so.

Peace: Good. Next time the Durarara! cast is coming! Bai bai!

Gin: That's my line!