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8 years later

"Wake up Lily, it's Christmas morning!" a seven year old Dylan exclaimed as he entered Lily's room, pulling the covers off her. Lily felt a rush of cold air hit her body.

"You didn't have to wake me up like that!" said Lily towards her little brother.

"Do you think we should wake Mom and Dad up?"

Lily who was eleven, stood up from her bed and fixed her long brown hair, "Let's not wake them. We can just go down."

Dylan nodded and followed Lily out of her room. Quietly walking down the hallway they passed by Audrey's old bedroom, remembering how she used to wake up Audrey the same way on Christmas morning. Lily missed her sister terribly and ever since Audrey left for New York, she has not seen her as much.

The two skipped down the steps and were greeted with a bunch of presents under the tree. Dylan ran towards them and started to look for ones with his name on them. Lily sat next to him on the floor and started opening her own.

"Look Lily, it's the racecar I wanted!" said Dylan trying to get Lily's attention.


"Are you okay Lily?"

"Yeah I'm fine, I just miss Audrey that's all."

"Well she's coming tonight so we'll get to see her then! Adam and his family are coming too!"

Lily smiled and agreed, "Yeah you're right buddy." The only downside to this whole day was that Lily was going to be seeing Austin, Adam's younger brother. The two hated each other ever since they were in the same class together in first grade. When sixth grade came along, they ended up being in the same class again. The two could not stand each other, but when Audrey and Adam were around, they tried to get along as best as they could.

"Do you think Mom and Dad got us the puppy we wanted?"

"Knowing Mom, I don't think so," said Lily.

"They finally forgot about us this year," Finn announced as he and Rachel came down the stairs holding hands.

Both Lily and Dylan turned around to face them, "We didn't want to wake you guys. Unlike some people who like to pull the covers off of their sisters to wake them up!"

Dylan looked away and ignored Lily's comment. He got up and hugged Finn and Rachel, "Merry Christmas!"

Rachel bent down and kissed the top of his head, "Merry Christmas my little boy."

"What's wrong with you Lily Pad?" Finn asked.

"Nothing I'm fine," said Lily as she smiled.

"No she's not, she misses Audrey," said Dylan.

"Honey we all do but she's coming tonight," said Rachel waving her arm over signaling for Lily to give her a hug. Lily got up and hugged her and then hugging her Dad.

"Can we finish opening presents now?" Dylan asked.

"Go ahead," said Finn. Dylan ran back towards the tree and continued opening his presents. Rachel taped Finn on the shoulder and Finn bent down so that Rachel could whisper in his ear.

"Go get the you know what."

Finn smirked and walked away, "Where's Dad going?" Lily asked.

"He's just getting the video camera," Rachel responded. Lily was smart, she could tell that's not what he was getting.

Once Lily and Dylan finished opening all of their presents Finn came into the living room holding a small black and white, border collie in his arms with a big red bow around its neck. Lily and Dylan went crazy when they saw it.

"She's so cute! Wait or is it a he?" said Lily taking the puppy from him.

"Yeah it's a girl."

"I wanted a boy!" said Dylan.

"I said the same thing Dyl, but your Mom thought that a girl would be easier to house train," said Finn.

"Thank you so much!" said Lily giving them both a hug.

"You're welcome sweetheart, you two have to name her," said Rachel.

"Fuzzy!" Dylan suggested.

"Definitely, no, how about Lola?" said Lily.

"That's too girly!"

"What about Maggie?" Finn added.

"She looks like a Maggie to me," said Rachel.

"I thought you said we could name her?"

"I actually like that name a lot," said Lily.

"I guess it's okay," Dylan finally agreed.


That night people filled the Hudson house. Kurt, Blaine, and Mia who was now seventeen along with Carole and Burt were there as well. Adam's family had arrived too.

"Hey Lily," said Austin walking over towards her. He was like a mini version of Adam, brown hair and green eyes.

"What do you want Austin?" said Lily trying to walk away from him but he kept on following her.

"Can't I just say hi?"

"No you can't because soon you will start to insult me for no reason."

"We're here!" a distant voice announced. Both Lily and Austin walked towards the front door and noticed it was Audrey and Adam. Everyone was happy to see the two of them.

Lily made her way through her family and friends and went up to hug Audrey. "I missed you," said Lily.

"I missed you too Lil," said Audrey letting go.

"Hey bro," said Adam as Austin walked towards him and gave him a fist pump. Lily rolled her eyes at the two of them.

"Audrey we got a dog!" said Dylan.

"You did?"

"Yeah we did, her name is Maggie, and she's a border collie," said Lily.

"Um, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Finn? Maggie just peed on your carpet," said Mia pointing towards the small wet spot.

Rachel rolled her eyes, "And so it begins."

Everyone laughed, Blaine picked up Maggie and handed her to Audrey so that she could see her.

"She's so adorable," said Audrey as Maggie licked her face.

After dinner that night and everyone was in the living room, Adam stood up from where he was sitting and started to speak.

"As all of you know Audrey and I have been together for a while now and I think this is the right time to do this."

Everyone could tell where Adam was going with this. He got down on one knee and reached into his pocket. Audrey gasped and covered her mouth.

"A proposal!" Kurt exclaimed.

"Audrey Caroline Hudson, words can't even describe how much I love you. Ever since I walked into home ec and sat down next to you, I knew there was something about you. I want to wake up next to you every morning and I want us to have a future together. So, will you marry me?"

Audrey had tears in her eyes as she looked at the ring and then looked back up at Adam.

"Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times, yes!" said Audrey as he put the ring on her finger. The whole room applauded and cheered. Once the ring was on Audrey threw her arms around Adam. She could see her Mom in tears. After letting go of Adam and walked towards her Mom and Dad.

"You're getting married," said Rachel hugging her.

Audrey didn't say anything, still trying to process everything that just happened.

She let go and went towards her Dad, "My little girl," said Finn giving her a hug.

"Welcome to the family Audrey," said Dave, Adam's Dad.

"Thanks Mr. Montgomery."

"Audrey I've been telling you for years call us Dave and Katherine," said Adam's Mom.

"And welcome to our family, Adam," said Finn.

"Picked out the right ring, didn't we Adam?" said Kurt.

"Uncle Kurt you knew?"

"Yeah, he had no idea what to get you so I went to Tiffany's with him and helped him choose one," said Kurt. Audrey laughed and noticed that someone was missing.

"Where's Lily?"

"She was just here," said Carole.

Audrey walked away from her family and went upstairs. She started to hear a crying noise as she walked closer to Lily's bedroom. Audrey saw Lily sitting on her bed holding her old stuffed animal bunny that was very worn by this point.

"Oh sorry," said Lily wiping away her tears. Audrey smiled as she sat down next to her.

"What's wrong, aren't you happy for me?"

"Yeah I am, I guess."

"Come on Lil, sister to sister."

"I miss you okay? I miss you a lot and now that you're getting married I'm going to be seeing you even less! That's why I'm upset."

Audrey pulled her in for a hug, "Don't you think I miss you too? I think about you, Mom, Dad, and Dylan all the time."

"I wish you could visit more," said Lily.

"Well I'm on this little thing called Broadway. Trust me I wish I could visit more too."

Lily nodded. "I want you to be one of my brides maids," said Audrey.

Lily's eyes widened, "Really?"

"Yep and when you come to New York for the wedding I will make sure that we have a day to hang out. Just us sisters," said Audrey.

"Promise?" said Lily holding out her pinky.

Audrey laughed and hooked her pinky with Lily's, "Promise."

"Yeah us Hudson sisters have to stick together because Dylan's outnumbered."

Audrey laughed again, "Yeah you're right Lil." The two sisters hugged again before heading back downstairs to celebrate with everyone else.

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