I remember the first time we danced. You were so graceful, so beautiful. I was awkward, ungainly in comparison to you, I know. But I knew I loved you then.


Finish this

If you really didn't care about me, Bella, you would break the marriage. I truly believe that you feel something akin to love for me, or you would finish this.



I try to be your light, something good in your dark, bitter life. I try to bring you joy. And how do you repay me? With nothing but your contempt.



The Dark Lord makes no such effort on your behalf. He only draws you deeper into the blackness, until you are so blind you mistake the dark for the light.


Rule Breaking

He has decreed I cannot touch you. But there are times when I cannot resist. I need you close to me, and I will break his rules to have you.


Holding Hands

That's the closest I can get to you. I can still put my hand on yours, can't I? I am still allowed to hold my wife's hand, aren't I, Bella?



Others fear you because of your curses, your torture. I have different reasons to fear you. The pain you cause me is so much more than what you cause others.



If you respected me, I would be happy. But I cannot blame you for scorning me – how could you see me as honourable when I can't see myself that way?



I can transport myself to a world where you love me. I can sit and gaze at you for hours and convince myself you're mine. The illusion is easily shattered.


Going in Circles

That's all I'm doing, don't think I don't know it. I'm going in circles, thinking about you. You've made me lose my mind, Bellatrix. I've lost my mind for you.