Hey there, folks! Yes, yes it's me, back again! I have got to thank EVERYBODY for egging me on and supporting and because of that, I've got two treats for you! Number one is, I'm getting the big Beginnings Saga novel underway. All I have to do is do a little fixing on Memories and Survival and of course write those special extras I promised and I'll put that up for you. Now surprise number two is the reason I'm writing. Yep, you guessed. Story number six in the saga! YAY! Now, I'm gonna need your guys' help. I have somewhat of a vague idea of this story, but man, y'all have to guide me. I got some wonderful Roscoe/Sabrina feedback and follow ups from Survival and I'm toying with that, but for now, check out this introduction and the first chapter and give me a holla, either at my email address or in the reviews, which I check daily. Cause I love y'all!


Elemental Force


They are from the Net. Through cities and systems, they come to one place. Mainframe. A small system in a bunch of larger ones in the large Net, but somehow this little city has its share of downfalls and heartache. it is also home to some of the most intriguing and extraordinary sprites. These sprites have overcome viruses, games, travel, deletion, bugs, guardians, and who knows what else they may encounter. Mainframe is also host to some very special children, children who, though seem childlike, have seen their fair share of destruction and turmoil.

This is their story.