Elemental Force


The next second proved to be a happy one. The night hadn't been restless for five sprites, they were able to sleep with no interruptions. Dot called the Little Bit Elementary to say that Chip and the twins wouldn't be coming in that morning. Truth be told, they were all still asleep, their energy drained. It was late afternoon before Kit stumbled upstairs into the Diner, still in his pajamas. Slowly, all five children had managed to make it to the restaurant, feeling some what renewed, but also still tired.
It was only then the announcement of Enzo and Alex's engagement was known. Chip had overheard it, but had been sworn to secrecy. Finally they had something to cheer and be proud about. It was in the Diner Enzo made an official proposal in front of friends and family, to which Alex of course said yes. Their happiness was only tempered when Jet asked about Gain. Bob actually smiled and said Hex was watching him, but that she promised not to do too much damage to him.

"That leaves another question." Dot mused.

"You mean just one?" Sabrina asked.

"What are we planning to do with him?"

"I guess we'll have to put him in a holding cell." Bob suggested.

"Will that hold him?" AndrAIa questioned.

"He's a criminal, Andri." Bob stated. "I think attempted murder is a pretty good reason for him to be there."

"But with his powers, Dad, who knows what he could do." Kit replied. "Unless Hex has plans on completely riding him of our powers, we could be in future trouble."

The room was silent, as all pondered this.

"Great way to bring the room down, Kit." Chip replied, sarcastically. "Thanks."

"Look," Dot said. "As long as we get him out of Mainframe."

"And then what?" Matrix asked. "He goes postal on some other system?"

"I don't think so." Jet replied. "He knows where we are, what we are. Why go to some other system when he can just come after us again?"

"That isn't going to happen." Matrix stated.

"This is getting us no where, gang." Bob stressed. "For now, someone's gonna have to go to Lost Angles and retrieve Gain before Hex does something I'll deeply regret."

"Don't worry about it." Matrix said. "We'll go get him. Enzo, Kit, Sabrina, and I. We'll bring him to the P.O."

The way he said it and the looks he gave the trio sent shivers up Dot's spine. Though she didn't want them too, knowing what Gain could do to Bri and Kit, in a much bigger way, she wanted Matrix to handle it. "Hey, I'll go too!" Chip piped up. "We're on the way home. I'll go for company."

"No Chip." AndrAIa said, in no uncertain terms.

"But Mom..."


"Aw, AndrAIa, let him go." Matrix said. "I'll watch him and if Gain tries anything, I'll be prepared. Don't worry."


It was late when Hexadecimal transported a dazed and rather angry Alexander Gain from her lair to Floating Point Park. She had gotten a vidwindow from Bob, saying Matrix would meet her there. Sure enough, as she popped out of space, with Gain tied the same way as his prisoners, Matrix and four others waited for her.

"It's rather late for you children to be out, don't you think, dears?" she asked, practically ignoring Matrix.

"We have some final business to take care of." Kit replied, giving Gain the evil eye.

"We'll take him from here, Hex." Matrix growled, grabbing Gain and shoving him towards Enzo and Sabrina, who took a firm hold on his arms. "Thanks for your help."

Hex regarded him with a smirk. "It was my pleasure, renegade." she said. "Remember, don't call me. I'll find you." With a loud cackle, she disappeared.

"Come on." Matrix said, walking away, Gain being pulled behind him.

They walked through the quiet streets, Matrix looking around for anyone that could see them. Finally, they reached a long, dark alleyway. The renegade stopped, allowing enough room for the trio and Gain to get through. Chip stood looking out into the darkened street. "You know what to do?" Matrix asked, his eyes also focused on the dark system.

"I have a pretty good idea." Chip replied, looking up at his father. The boy watched as Matrix turned and walked into the alley, sounds of a muffled struggle coming to his ears.


AndrAIa heard the muffle sounds of talk coming from the living room. She put down the read me and went to investigate. Matrix, Enzo, and Chip stood talking. Rather, Matrix and Enzo were talking, Chip was leaning against his father's leg, apparently asleep. "I know you can't be comfortable like that." she said, grinning at the sight. Matrix looked down and couldn't surpress his grin either.

"Hey Junior, wanna go to bed?" he asked, ruffling the boy's hair under his cap.

"I'm not even..." Chip started, but a yawn interrupted him. "...tired."

"Come on, Chipper." AndrAIa said, softly, pulling the boy towards her. Looking up, she said, "And I expect you in bed too, Mister."

Matrix chuckled and kissed her gently. "I will." he said, brushing a hand across her cheek.

"You too, Zo." she said, giving her brother a kiss on the cheek. With that, she lead Chip to the hallway and to his room.

The brothers watched as she left and turned the light off. "Do you think she knows?" Enzo asked.

"No." Matrix said. "But she will."

As the room became darker, two pairs of viral green eyes shown in the night.