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I suppose it was easier this way. I'm certainly glad Edward had come clean about his growing feeling towards Alice, I suppose those with gifts just got along easier, and I'd know for a while Edward was getting fed up with being unable to read my mind. Not to mention after my disastrous birthday Edward was withdrawing more from me, and into himself or at least that's what I had thought, apparently Alice had been the one to comfort him, leaving Jasper to deal with the guilt of what had happened to me. Something I didn't realize until now, I honestly couldn't believe Alice had left Jasper to suffer on his own, Rosalie and Emmett had tried at least, but Jasper was too far into his guilt to listen to them. From what Rose and Em had told me, he was leaving for a little while, he had already known that Alice was having feelings for Edward and they had separated sometime ago.

Carlisle had been the one to figure out what had happened on my birthday. When I cut my finger, it was Edward, not Jasper whose bloodlust had been triggered. The only reason Jasper had reacted was because after Edward, whose lust had overpowered Jasper, everyone else, minus Carlisle and Emmett, had their own lust pushed on Jasper as well. So while the others were able to stop themselves from physically attacking me, Jasper was unable to fight the bloodlust of the coven vampires, and was drawn to my blood. At least that's what Carlisle had said. I had not been able to get a hold of Jasper to hear his side of that little showdown. I could have sworn Edward had said something, or rather growled something but it was low. I didn't doubt the others had heard him or they didn't realize he'd spoken.

I was brought out of my thoughts by someone sitting down beside me.

"Hello Bella." It was Alice and though I wasn't exactly happy to see her, I didn't turn away, if I was being truthful the only vampires out of this family I wasn't holding accountable, was Jasper, Esme and Emmett, and Rose, by her attachment to him. The others I could find fault with.

"Hello Alice." She of course, knew I was more than a little cross with her. "Did you want to talk to me about something?" She nodded slowly, curling her legs underneath her.

"Yea, look I know you think I abandoned Jasper, but honestly we were together only to withhold loneliness. We both knew sooner or later we'd run into our mates and we'd separate, though we're…I'm still fond of him. I know he isn't exactly fond of me at the moment." Apparently she saw me roll my eyes at her attempted defense. "Look Bella, I didn't see it coming, I didn't realize my mate was under my nose all along, I didn't feel our pull to each other, I doubt Edward knew either until your birthday. Mates can't physically hurt one another, and I think Edward realized that when he almost attacked you. It was kind of like coming out of a deep sleep where you aren't sure what's real and what's not. I know you aren't upset with because of who my mate, but rather my actions against Jasper, am I right?" She already knew my answer, and rather than let my temper get the best of me, I took a breath and tried to focus on calmly explaining my thoughts.

"Yes Alice you're right. It honestly doesn't bother me that Edward is yours, or that you're his. I don't hold it against Edward either. What I do hold against you, Edward, and Carlisle, is your actions to blame Jasper. I may be human, but I do know you all left him to his guilt, not telling him the truth before he left. Now who knows what's going with him, it's him I worry for. Not any of you." I couldn't help the bitterness that escaped. She nodded.

"You're right. We should have told him. Rosalie and Emmett tried to reason with him and from what I gather, it's not the guilt of slipping up, or the opinion or favor of our family, but you Bella, he won't seek forgiveness from anyone but you. I think he values you're opinion and favor over us, his family. Even when he's slipped before, he didn't beat himself up like he is now. He would feel guilty if only for slipping up and possibly endangering us, not because he had disappointed us. Jasper in his own right, could have his own coven, I think we told you about Charlotte and Peter." I nodded they had, the story I recalled about the Major and God of War. I was kind of saddened he's allowed himself to become a pampered pet to the pixie next to me.

"I'll leave you then, Edward and I have decided it's best to go away for a little while, to let things settle and then we'll return." She kissed my cheek and danced away, I noticed Edward nearby, but neither of us had wanted to speak to the other, though I could see why I considered him a brother all along instead of someone to spend my life.

Months went by, and it was only days before graduation, when I stopped by to seek Rose and Em, Carlisle and Esme were there as well looking rather grim.

"Has something happened?" Carlisle nodded and held up an envelope with a large decorated 'V' and I knew it something to do with the Volturi. I brace myself for bad news. I drop my book bag by the door and settle down on the couch next to Rose and Em.

"They send their congratulations to Edward and Alice on finding their mates, inviting them to visit, which isn't abnormal, Aro usually does invite mated couples. Esme and I, and Rose and Emmett, I should have known something when he didn't extend that to Alice and Jasper. Second he says their decision stands; you must be turned, though he's extended the deadline to the end of the year. He also says he wishes to extend a position on the guard to you, if you find it pleasing." Carlisle seemed to roll his eyes at the last remark.

"Well my decision is made for me isn't? Though it matters little, I would still like to be changed," Rosalie shook her head, still not liking my willingness but at least she no longer detests me.

"We'll play it by ear then; we can stage your death as you were in a car accident on the way to the university, instantly killing you. Then we can move to Alaska for your first year." Everyone nodded in agreement that this would be how we changed me and how my human life would end.

I ran. I'd be the first to admit I'm not a coward, but at this moment I feel like it. I'm not quite sure where I'm going. I'd gone completely off radar, leaving behind my family and my life. Well at least the life of Jasper Hale.

I never really like that life, too many limitations I hear Major in my mind. He's always there, usually silence or helping me cope with things I can't understand or control.

Granted, I'm not keen on animal blood but I don't much like the thought the killing humans, at least now anyways. That surprises me, Major has always enjoyed human blood, and doesn't usually care who it is.

Why is that? I'm genuinely curious, and though it makes me seem like I have that human disorder of multiple personality, or something like that.

Did you not feel the pull towards her? Surely you know it is not your fault of what happened. It is the other the one who wanted to posses her, his bloodlust overpowered you. And the pixie keep you distracted, though I've known since we first saw her. She was meant to be ours. I doubt the pixie knew as much and I'm protected from the reader's powers as he only reads your thoughts. I slowly pieced together what he was saying, it he was right, which honestly I can't not remember a time when he was wrong, Bella was meant to be my mate, and the pull I'd felt towards her when we first met was shadowed by Alice distracting and shaping me into what she wanted. I never could stand her being so pushy and overbearing. She like things to play her way, and while I didn't mind, I usually drew the line when she tried to take over how I dressed and what I did. I also didn't care for her suspicion of me, unlike most of them, I'd been in wars, I was the youngest Major when I joined the Army, I had no need of their coven, I had my own. I'm not sure where I lost myself; perhaps it was when Alice found me in that diner.

Go back to Texas; bring Captain and Charlotte as back up if the Cullen's give you trouble, but we need our mate. Have you forgotten what the Volturi have spoken?No I haven't forgotten, it was law that Bella needed to be turned before the end of the summer and now without Edward or Alice, I wondered what would happened. I had already know Alice had feelings for Edward, and that he was pulling away from Bella weeks before her birthday, that night had only sealed their fate. I spent the rest of night and day making my way back to Texas to Houston where the last I'd heard of Peter and Charlotte living.

I'll be back soon Bella, returning to her was at the forefront of my mind. But would she even want me? After all I was the one who attacked her.

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