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Chapter 13

"Mom can I spend the summer in Italy? Grandfather promised to teach me about our history." Ari settled down on her mother and father's large bed. It was the end of her junior year, and with summer right around the corner she wanted to experience Italy as an adult. Her godfather visited often, as did her uncles and aunts, even her great uncle Caius and grandfather Aro visited with their mates, but she had yet to visit Volterra alone, or even as a young teenager. The last time she visited she was ten. With their entire family in tow.

Bella stopped folding clothes and bit her bottom lip. She wasn't sure how to answer her daughter. Jasper wasn't home and Bella liked discussing their children with him before making decisions.

Like sending our daughter around the world.

"When your dad gets home we'll discuss it. Can you go get dressed for dinner? Please don't wear your new blouse, it's almost impossible to get the blood out." It wasn't often when Ari or Gabe wanted human food, Gabe could only tolerate certain foods and they could only be from certain places or made by Bella or Esme. Ari couldn't down anything except chocolate or the occasion smoothie. As Ari dashed out of the room, Bella took a moment to reflect on the past few years, the twins grew quickly, but thankful slowly enough they could attend school. Thought Ari and Gabe were irritated they couldn't stay in a school for more than a couple of years. Since Bella and Jasper hardly looked passed 30 it was becoming harder and harder to be their parents. Thankfully it was their senior year and this would all be in the past.

Unfortunately since they picked up almost everything Ari and Gabe were well passed the other students and didn't truly start school till they learned to hide their gifts and their intelligence. Though much to Jasper's enjoyment, Ari refused to date any boys who asked, their thoughts proving to be more about her pants, than her brain. Where Gabe just dated, didn't become intimate or keep they around long, he was testing his skills, generally because he wanted to be like his father, a good old southern boy, and was "training" as he liked to call it, for his future wife. Though he made sure to tell Bella she was still the only woman he wanted in his life.

For now.

The rest of the family spent a lot of time with the twins, and until recently, they were the center of their worlds. Emmett and Rose came upon a woman in China, on one of their honeymoons, who was in labor, except this woman had been pregnant with a hybrid, like the twins. She spoke to rose in Chinese begging her for help. The woman claimed that Rose had felt like the man who had taken her in body temperature. According to Rose, Emmett caught the man and had promptly killed him, but it was too late for the woman and the child needed to be looked after, it was as if a higher power had smiled on them for Rose being patience and being such a good godmother to Gabe, though it was terrible for the woman to die. Rose made sure she didn't feel anything as she went. She refused to be changed, and while Rose understood, she hide her feelings about the woman's horror at the "thing" she was forced to bear. In broken English the woman begged for Rose to kill her.

Rose and Emmett brought Ellie back to the states to meet the rest of her family. They held a naming ceremony, just as they had for the twins, and Evelyn Belle McCarty was officially named a member of the Cullen Coven. Ari and Gabe loved spending time with their cousin and it gave the rest of the family hope to see their future and know they weren't damned or the things of nightmares.

"Darlin'" Jasper strolled into the bedroom and kissed Bella's cheek. She smiled at her cowboy and slipped into a pair of old jeans and loose fitting tee.

"We need to talk Cowboy. Arielle wants to go to Italy for the summer." Jasper nodded, listening as he changed into some old clothes.

"We could arrange that, we haven't gone away in while-" Bella cut him off.

"Uh uh. She wants to go without us. Aro promised to teach her our history and she wants something to talk about for her senior project this year."



"No." Bella let out an unnecessary breath. Jasper was truly a southern boy, and his first born daughter going out of country…unescorted. There was nothing doing.

"Let's talk about this. She is of age. Besides you know the Volutri would slaughter anyone who thought about touching her." Jasper had to see her point. But he didn't want to think about Arielle being all grown up. It seemed like just yesterday he was changing her diaper and letting her ride on his shoulders as they sped through the forest. He was her hero and he wasn't exciting about letting the title go so soon.

"Bella…I can't. She's my baby girl."

Ah and the truth comes out

"Oh Honey," Bella pulled Jasper down on to the bed and snuggled up on his chest. "She'll always be our baby girl, but sweetie we have to let her grow up. Someday soon she's going to find a boy who is right for her, like you were right for me. And we'll know because he'll look at her the way Emmett looks at Rose, the way Carlisle looks at Esme, the way you and Edward look at me and Alice. We have to let her go." Jasper sighed. He knew his wife was right, but he would be damned if Arielle went completely alone.

"Alright she can go. But only if Gabe goes with her."

~ 3 Weeks Later ~

"Mom the plane's boarding. We have to go now." Arielle smiled happily as Gabe grabbed their carry-on's and their tickets.

"Alright alright you had better call me the second you land, and text me when you're godfather picks you both up, and when you get to the house. We'll see you at the end of the summer. I expect letters and photos young lady." Bella would have been crying if she had been able to.

"Watch over your sister. Mind yourself and your surroundings, listen to your grandparents but trust your instincts. I know you'll take care of your sister. I'm proud of you both. Learn a lot from your elders." Jasper hugged Gabriel and turned to Ari.

"Baby girl…" He sighed as she looked up into his eyes. "Just. Be safe." He kissed her forehead and she swung her arms around his neck.

"Love you daddy."

The whole family had come to bid the twins good bye and after all the hugs and kisses had be passed around they boarded the plane.

"Well, let's go home, I think Ellie is in need of a nap." As soon as the words left Emmett's mouth, Ellie, simmered her way around from his shoulders to his arms and yawned. She would definitely be a handful as she got older.

~ 3 Months Later ~

The trip had done more for the Cullen family, than anyone could have anticipated. While Arielle had be tediously studying the history, she had also had the pleasure of meeting one of the recently recruited guard members, much to Marcus, Aro and Caius dislike. While Aro knew the match would be wonderful, he didn't particular feel like enduring the wrath of the God of War. He'd done his best to keep Arielle and Adam apart, even going to far as to send Adam on a scouting trip with Felix to see if any other rogue vampires had mated with humans, but after hearing a week of Arielle's soft cries in the middle of the night, and her normally glowing smile dimmed, he called him back, and finally gave in, under the stipulation that she had to inform her parents as soon as possible. Arielle may have been 18, but Jasper was a force to be reckoned with. Aro had seen with his gift that Adam was serious, and Marcus had put the boy to the test when he had sent Adam to bring in Selene. Selene was a vampire with the gift of seduction, and she was a useful tool when a male vampire was causing too much trouble. Marcus had instructed her to seduce Adam. Ultimately, she failed. It was as if Adam had a force around his mind and body that prevented her from using her gift. Marcus had decided then that Ari must have either inherited her mother's gift or Adam was truly wrapped around her so tight that only his goddaughter penetrated his mind.

Gabriel had meet a human in the village, a girl with dark brown hair and green eyes, her skin was a soft tan and he'd become hers. Aro knew the girl came from an upstanding family and she would be a wonderful woman for his grandson. Though the thought of an angry Goddess did frighten him, he figured Isabella would at least be a little more understanding.

Melody had been wearily of Gabriel's family at first, the stories that surrounded the Volturi were far and wide, but after having a dinner with them at their invitation it was easy to see, the stories were wrong. Well most of them. Gabriel had already confided in Aro and Marcus that he wanted Melody, that he felt for her what he saw everyday of his life growing up. Complete and unyielding love, with their blessing he introduced Melody to his world. She understood what he was, and that his place would be between the worlds, and that she had a choice to be with him as a immortal or he would stay with her, as a silent friend as she lived her life. She only asked for time. Time was something he had abundance. He truly enjoyed courting her in his southern way and she found it endearing and enjoyed being the center of his affections.

"Well brothers, I have something I wish to discuss with you." Aro sat around the large table in their private study. He had something of an idea to prevent any backlash of the coupling of his guard and granddaughter, as well as his grandson and his chosen woman. His brothers lounged waiting for him to continue. "We both know, Jasper entrusted his children to us, and while I think we've done an exceptional job of educating them both…certain…events, might not go over as well. I propose a…passing of the torch, sort to speak, not in the literal sense, I suggest, since we are as close to royalty as possible in our world, we elect our heirs, for the far future when we grow tired of this mantle." Aro waited as his brothers processes his suggestions. Marcus was the first to speak.

"I assume you are suggesting my goddaughter as your heir, are you not?" Marcus kept his voice natural, while he thought of all the problems this could potential bring.

"Not only your goddaughter, who is also my granddaughter, but her mother and father. I cannot think of a fairer family ruling when the time comes. Other than of course, Carlisle and Esme, but he doesn't care of this sort of thing. I think Jasper and Isabella could handle the duty well, and Arielle is practical a princess, she's quite studious in her history and she's fond of politics, with Adam at her side, I think she would make a wonder queen after her mother, even ruling with her brother, who, like his father is a wonderful strategist, and quite honestly, all of them together as a family? Who would dare dispute them? Not to mention, we all know the Cullen Coven would back their family. I think in the far future they would be the only choice." There, Aro laid it all on the table for his brothers to think on.

"It's wonderful to get away for a mini vacation, just before school starts and all that paperwork starts." Bella and Jasper had settled into their rooms in the Cullen section of the Volutri house. Aro's invitation for the family to be present for some ceremony in Arielle's honor had sent them all scrambling together to get to Italy.

"Mm-Hmm" Jasper wasn't quite convinced, something in the air was different and he hadn't seen Ari or Gabe since they arrived, that was quite unlike his children.

"Something wrong?" Bella had just finished putting on her gown, a cream color gown that hugged her bust, and then flowed to the floor. The color brought out the darkness of her hair and the gold in her eyes.

"No, just have uneasy feeling," Jasper had dressed in dress slacks and white button down, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

"Mmm me to, but I thought maybe it was just being in a new place." Jasper didn't like that the place was so restless, it was almost as if everything had been hastily brought together.

"You know this reminds of the time we planned that impromptu wedding to renew our vows, remember?"

Jasper smiled brightly, recalling the day.

It had been a day like every other one, it was one of the months the whole family was in the same town and the twins had just turned 9, and were eager to start they're new school. It was the beginning of fall, and the cooler winds brought out the pretty winter clothes Bella had chosen when there had been a sale.

Jasper had handed Bella a candle with cinnamon apple cider infused in it, allowing her to recall her years when this was her favorite drink for this time. They were lounging on the couch when Arielle had promptly suggested a reason to wear the new dress auntie Alice sent her. The simple lavender dress was all frock and lace and Ari was going through her princess stage and her "King" daddy was only too happy to indulge her.

"We could always get married again, we've done the winter wedding, now we can do fall." Jasper tickled her sides as he made his points. Bella could hardly object when her little man jumped on top of them and pleaded to her, to allow him to walk her down the aisle.

The wedding was quick and thanks to many certifications the Cullen Coven had gathered throughout the years it was easy to do it all without having to leave the house.

Bella tossed her hair back and laughed.

"That was one of the faster ones wasn't it Jazz?"

A knock at the door alerted them to the company waiting for them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock, the dinner is about to start and your party is waiting." Jasper waved the man off as he opened the door.

"Thank you, we'll down shortly."

Dinner was…interesting. Bella slowly….painfully slowly for her, but needing the time to process the evening. Aro had proceeded to explain he wanted to pass on the mantle of royalty to her family. Of course it wouldn't be for quite some time, many more centuries before they would take the throne, and of course even more time before Arielle or Gabriel, after them, or together as Bella preferred. It was then that Aro had introduced Adam Santos and Melody Cain. It was then that Bella realized why her daughter had avoided her since they arrived. It was almost impossible for Ari to stop smiling, she grinned ear to ear and her eyes danced with love and adoration for the accomplished guardsman. Adam had addressed Jasper first, a firm handshake, a slight bow of the head, and Jasper had to give his regard. Melody was much more demure, almost shy, and Bella easily related to the human woman who had touched her son's heart. She almost reminded Bella of herself when she was that age, young and in love.

"Of course, Isabella, Jasper, this would all have to be agreeable by you; I would hate to force this upon you." Aro nodded at them while he sipped a tall thin glass of crimson liquid. He knew Isabella might object at their rulings, but she certainly wouldn't object to the chosen mates of her children.

"While I will consent to Adam and Gabriel's request to marry, I would politely ask that you give my husband and I time to think it over, of course, Arielle and Gabriel are of age to make their own choices." Bella had developed her confidence and speaking ability over the many years and travel Jasper took her own.

"Oh Momma! Thank you! Daddy! Thank you so much!" Arielle forgot decorum and flung herself at her father, kissing his cheek and then to her mother.

"Adam!" She was swiftly carried into his arms and he spun them around, kissing her as he placed her back on the ground, his obvious happiness and joy was felt by everyone in the room. He quietly nuzzled her nose and smiled so wide, Bella thought his face would split. Gabriel and Melody's celebration was much quieter, like them, they quietly slipped away from the crowd for their own private moments.

"So it would seem our future is secure, isn't it brothers?" Marcus watched as his goddaughter danced across the floor, her new husband expertly twirling her. His grandson easily spun his new bride all around, the envy of the crowds. But then again, with their family surrounding them it was difficult who was more in love or happy, each couple seemed to be lost in their own private moment and Marcus, felt the presence of warmth at his side. He didn't bother to turn his head, he felt his wife gently touch him, and her smile in the kiss she placed on his cheek. At that moment Ari looked at him, and he could see in her eyes, she saw for the first time her godmother, just as he saw her, when he needed her.

"It would seem so, brother. It would seem so."