Lucky :: Wow, hey, it's a DK fic! Hip hip. . .
Nyx :: HOORAY! *Confetti*
Isabel :: Nyxie, do me a favor and shut up.
Lucky :: Shush, you two! Anyhow, I do not own DK or any of it's characters - I only own Nyxie and Issa 3 oh and Issa's brother.
Hireiko :: You called?
Isabel :: No. Now go away.

NOTE :: This fanfic uses characters from two of my other (Currently un-posted) fics - Nyx Rhiannon from 'Running out of Time', a Saabel/Oc fic, and Isabel AKA Issa from 'Dragon Knights - Moonstone', a Gil/Oc fic. This takes place after most events of both fics (Though as of now I'm not sure what those are). Other pairings include Rath/Cesia, Rune/Tintlet, Thatz/Kitchel, and possibly Lyk/Ras and Cer/Ruw.

AND ANOTHER NOTE :: This is considering that all characters are alive, Ras and Lyk are the dragon rulers (although they aren't in RooT or DKM), and nobody is married or engaged. Well, no, Lykouleon and Raseleane are married, and Ruwalk and Cernozura are either married or engaged - I haven't decided yet, but I will soon.

Here are bios for Issa and Nyx, since their respective fics aren't actually posted yet.

Name :: Isabel
Nickname :: Issa
Age :: N/A, but appears to be about 17-18 years old. Like most dragon tribe members, she doesn't age.
Hair :: Floor-length (literally) Black-violet (like a raven's wing).
Eyes :: Moon-colored (Pale silvery-white/blue) She used to be blind, but got her sight back.
Race :: Dragon/Angel
Overview :: Issa has a crush on Gil. She has an older brother - Hireiko, an angel prince. She is an extremely good artist. She tends to be a bit more depressed, and more embarassed than some of the other girls about her body. She has powers, but I haven't really decided what they are.

Name :: Nyx Rhiannon
Age :: N/A, but appears about 16-17 years old. Doesn't age.
Race :: Fairy (Elf, whatever...)
Hair :: Ankle-length, billowy, straight until ends. Pastel-rose-pink color, no bangs.
Eyes :: Sapphire-blue.
Other :: Nyx had a pair of silvery wings on her back, not unlike those that Lim Kāna has. However, Nyx's wings are larger and longer, and are a silvery color with faint rainbow swirls.
Overview :: Nyx is cheerful and sometime childish, and usually has a 'cute' personality. She can be serious, but in a mellow way. She has a lot of energy, and loves to play games and dance. She's a little naive, but that doesn't bother her.

This is my first Dragon Knights fic, so I'm kind of nervous about it. Please enjoy - I'm trying to make it good!

And without further ado - here is

Girl Troubles And Red Ribbons!