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~ Jessica will have scenes with both Damon and Klaus. I even have a little bit of the story where it's just Damon and Stefan.


Jessica's POV

I haven't been in the Salvatore's basement for long. At least it hasn't felt that long. They tossed books into the cell for me to read, which is how I spent most of my time when I wasn't sleeping. I told them everything I knew about Klaus, only the stuff that would help them kill him. I still couldn't believe that he killed my parents. He seemed to like them when I was human, but I guess that was a lie to. I starting thinking about all the things he told me. How much of it was a lie? How much it was real? Even though I wanted to get it out of my head, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I stared up and the ceiling and couldn't help but think about things that happened while I was human.


I walked out of second period, English. Megan and Elizabeth were right behind me.
"Did you see Kyle's hair today?" Elizabeth asked me in a slight giggle.
"What guy dyes their hair pink? Megan asked. I held in a giggle as we stood in front of Elizabeth's locker.
"You mean besides your brother?" I asked Megan.
"It's not my fault he accidentally used the dog's shampoo."
"Sure." I said sarcastically with a smile. "Maybe Kyle just accidentally used he's dog's shampoo." Elizabeth looked at me like I was hiding something. "What?" I asked, holding back a small smile.
"You're blushing."
"No I'm not." I stood straighter and looked at Megan.
"You are." She said with a small smile.
"You have a crush on Kyle." Elizabeth said with a small smile.
"No I don't." I looked between them and after a moment gave in. "Okay, I like him, but I have someone already."
"Yeah, your mysterious stranger." Elizabeth said to me. "Is he hot?" I rolled my eyes with a smirk on my face.
"Yes. He's hot for the first British guy I've met."
"And you like him."
"Of course I do." I could tell I was starting to blush as we made our way to Megan's locker. "You think I would have let him take me to dinner last night if I didn't?"
"What's his name?" Megan asked me.
"He says I can call him Nik."
"Ohhh." Elizabeth said with a small smile as we stood in front of Megan's locker. "When do we get to meet him?"
"I don't know." I laid my head against the lockers. "He still hasn't met my parents yet."
"But we're your best friends." Elizabeth stepped closer to me. "We have to meet him."
"I know, I know." I said as I stopped leaning against the lockers. "You can't meet him thought until he meets my parents."
"Why? I want to see him." I gave a small smile as we started to walk towards my locker.
"Then I'll get him to be in a picture with me." I opened my locker. "Until he meets my parents you can't see him in person."
"You're mean." Megan joked.
"I know." I gave her a smile before getting my books from my locker.

~End of Flasback~

I let out a sigh. That was back before I knew what he was and before everything went to hell between me, Elizabeth and Megan. If I could turn back time and make different choices, I would. I would make sure that Elizabeth, Megan and I never would break apart like we did and I would make sure Klaus and I never got together. Sure, being a vampire is one of the best things that happened to me, but the main reason I turned was so Klaus and I could be together. There was no way that I'd be going back to him, especially since he should be dead before tomorrow.

I could hear footsteps coming into the basement, but I didn't turn my head towards the door.
"I got you some blood." I could hear Damon say. I didn't make any movement towards the door. "Come on, you know starving yourself isn't going to do you any good." Damon said after a moment. I slowly turned my head towards the door. Damon was holding a water bottle filled with blood.
"I know exactly what it'll do to me." I managed to say to him. I've been denying myself blood for the past couple of days. My body was weakened from the lack of blood. What was I really going to do with my eternity? There was nothing out there for me any more.
"Why are you starving yourself?" He asked me.
"My answer is going to be the same as yesterday."
"I just thought you might have changed your mind since I actually brought you blood this time." I let a faint small smile appear.
"You know how I feel Damon."
"Oh? I do?" He asked in slight disbelief.
"I know what happened between you and Katherine." I could tell he eyes got a little colder. "You know how it feels when you hate the person you used to love. Questioning everything about the relationship. You question yourself on rather or not you should continue existing."
"I never starved myself."
"That's the difference between us. You have your brother and Elena. I have no one. Klaus killed my parents and my sister died two years before I turned because of a drunk driver. I have no one, unlike you. You actually have reasons to continue your existence." I turned my head back to the ceiling and took a deep breath.
"Well, if you change your mind." I heard a thud. I could tell he had pushed the bottle of blood into the room. "It might surprise you who you decide to live for." Damon said after a moment before walking away. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath.

General POV

Damon walked up the stairs with Jessica on his mind. He didn't know how she started to get under his skin.
"She still won't drink." Damon said as he walked towards his liquor.
"I don't blame her." Stefan said, who was sitting on the couch. "She just has to forgive herself."
"I don't think that will happen Stef." Damon drank from a glass. "She seems dead set on her decision."
"You don't seem too happy about her decision."
"I don't really care about her."
"You want to try that again?" Stefan said, not completely believing his brother.
"Don't you have a girlfriend to take care of? You know she's gong to be sacrificed tonight." Damon stared at his glass for a minute. "You should spend the day with her."
"Everything will be okay." Stefan said before getting off the couch.
"We can't all have your optimism Stefan." Damon turned away and walked toward the stairs. Stefan was right, Damon wasn't happy with Jessica's decision. He understood her decision, but didn't agree with it. Damon always had his brother. No matter what happened. Jessica had no one. Her parents and her little sister were dead and she was no way in hell going back to Klaus. There was something between her and Damon, or there could be if she wasn't starving herself.

Jessica's POV


I sat in the passenger seat as he drove me home. We had just had a fancy dinner and did a little dancing. He was the best person I ever danced with, even though he's the only person I have actually danced with. It was one of the best nights of my life. He slowed down the car as he parked in front of my house. I looked over to him as he took the keys. He looked at me before flashing away. It took me a second before realizing that he was standing by my door.
"I should have known." I said as he opened up my car door. He held out his hand and I took it as I got out of his car. "Who ever said chivalry was dead?" He gave me a small smile as he closed my door.
"It's not dead, it's just simply old fashioned." He said as we walked up to my porch.
"You know all about old things, don't you Nik?" We stood in front of the front door.
"I have been around longer than anything in this town."
"So, what your saying is I'm dating an old man?" I gave him a small smirk which was returned with a chuckle.
"I'm not that old love."
"You're right. You're only a thousand and..." Before I could say anything else, he laid his lips onto mine. I gave in to him and slowly moved my arms around his neck. The feel of his hands on my hips made me slowly pull away. I couldn't help but look into his eyes. "You know," I said in a whisper ", my parents are gone for the weekend so I have the house to myself." I gave him a smirk, which was returned.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"That depends. Are you thinking about breaking into their liquor stash and get drunk while listening to classical music?" I touched his lips with mine and I couldn't help but melt at the touch.
"You're such a tease." He whispered into my ear before kissing my neck.
"I get it from you." I said before he kissed me on the lips.
"So are we going stay on your porch or are going to your bedroom?"
"I don't know." I said, pretending like I was thinking about it. "I thought we could stay out on the porch all night." I gave him a small smirk as I slowly moved my hand towards the door.
"You're too slow." He whispered into my ear before picking me up and speeding into the house. He laid me onto my bed and started kissing my neck.

~End of Flashback~

No matter what I did, he kept creeping back into my mind. I tried to think of stuff before I met him, but nothing worked. I wish he would just get out of my head, but to be fair I wasn't trying my hardest. Denying blood made not just my body weak, but my mind as well. Keeping him out of my mind required strength and I had little.
"Hey." I heard his voice come from the other side of the door. "It's almost time."
"Good." I said without looking at him.
"Still didn't drink?" I turned my head towards the door and saw him looking at me.
"You know I won't Damon."
"Just thought I'd check."
"It's useless you know, trying to get me to drink."
"I know." He said with a hint of sadness. "It never hurts to keep on trying." I gave him a small smile before turning my head back to the ceiling. He stood there for a minute before going back upstairs. 'Why does he care?' I thought.

~Two Days later~

I prepared myself as my body started to mummify. I could still talk, but I wasn't doing much of it. Stefan told me that Damon had gotten bitten by Tyler, the town's werewolf. There wasn't much of a chance that he would survive, but I knew there was a chance. Stefan would have to make a deal with Klaus. From what I remember is that Klaus is the only one with the cure, but he wouldn't even tell me.

General POV

Damon was laying on his bed, weak from the werewolf bite. He knew death would come to him soon and he wasn't afraid. He could hear footsteps approaching his bedroom door and slowly looked to see who it was.
"Come to put me out of my misery?" He managed to say, barely registering who was standing at his doorway.
"Although I would love to, I made a promise to your brother." Klaus said before walking to Damon. "He made a deal with me for the only cure for a werewolf bite."
"How do I know you're not lying?"
"Because, unlike my brother...I keep my word." Klaus pulled out a bottle filled with blood. "This is the cure for a werewolf bite. The only hope you have of continuing your pathetic existence." Klaus held the cure in his hand and let Damon look at it. "I just need one thing from you." Klaus took a step closer to Damon. "Where is Jessica."
"Why would I tell you?"
"I guess you don't want to live after all." Klaus started to put the bottle back into his pocket.
"Wait." Damon barely said, which made Klaus stop. "She's in the basement." Klaus smiled triumphantly and handed Damon the bottle.
"Thank you mate." He said before speeding to the basement.

Klaus looked into the cell with disbelief. He saw Jessica basically mummified. With no hesitation Klaus opened the cell door.
"Go away." She said, barly audiblle.
"No." He said as he bent down next to her. "You need blood."
"I don't want any." Klaus's eyes were just staring at her face.
"I'm not going to give you that choice love." He said before biting into his wrist. Jessica felt her senses alerting her to the fresh blood. Her body moved on it's own and went for his blood. Klaus held his wrist against her mouth as she sucked. She didn't want it, but she couldn't control it. "Keep drinking I have plenty more." He watched as Jessica's skin started to become normal. Jessica slowly pulled away and looked into his eyes. He let a small smile appear before she fainted. Klaus let out a breath before slowly picking her up and carrying her out of the boarding house.

Jessica's POV

I remembered Klaus coming into the cell, but that was it. I couldn't remember what happened after that. There was something different though, I could feel it. Underneath me was something soft and warm, not cold and hard. I knew I wasn't in the cell anymore. Where was I?

I slowly started to open my eyes and noticed that I was in a big room. It was strange to me. My eyes looked around the room before I realized what I was on top of. I shot up and refused to look at him.
"You're awake." He said before I felt his touch on my arm. I immediately got off the bed and sped towards the door. When I opened it, I got burned by sunlight and sped to the side.
"I thought you would be smarter than that." I still refused to look at him when he appeared in front of me, closing the door. "You can't ignore me forever love." I stood straight and looked at him.
"You want a bet that Niklaus?" A quick smile appeared on his face before quickly vanishing. He went into his pocket and pulled out a little pouch.
"I got you something."
"I don't want anything from you."
"Then I guess you'll be here until the sun sets." He pulled out a bracelet from the pouch. I noticed the stones in it. 'Lapis' I thought. He stepped up to me and gently grabbed my hand. I didn't pull away.
"How come you didn't let me die?" I asked as I watched him but the bracelet on my wrist.
"I don't want you to." He clasped the bracelet on my wrist.
"Why not?" I reluctantly looked at him. "You killed my parents. Least you could have done is let me die."
"I don't want you to die because I love you." He cupped my cheek and rubbed his thumb against it. I didn't look him in the eyes. "I don't care what you think about me lying about your parents. I just wanted you forever." He quietly said. I took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes. They were soft and staring at me.
"You don't have me forever." I looked him straight in the eyes before speeding away, leaving him alone.

I sped to the one place where I knew there would be someone. The door was unlocked as I walked in. I saw him standing by the fireplace.
"I thought you might have gone somewhere else." He said to me before turning around to face me.
"I have no where else Damon." I said as I stepped closer to him.
"Are you okay?" He asked as I went towards his liquor.
"Not really," I said as I started to pour some bourbon into a glass ", but I'll get over it." I looked at him as I took a huge gulp from the glass.

~ Jessica was starving herself and Damon tried to get her to feed, but she still wouldn't. Klaus made Jessica feed and found out that he no longer has Jessica.

~ I know some people liked this story, but it is the end. There is some good news though. Sometime before season 4 starts I will start a sequel to this story following the timeline of season 3. I'm not exactly sure when I'd start it, but it will start before October 11th, which is the date of the season 4 premiere.

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