Be My Escape

Song: Be My Escape by Relent K

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I've given up, I'm giving up slowly.

I'm blending in so you won't even know me

She didn't belong there, she knew that. She also knew that she wasn't the only one.

From all over Ooo, every town and village, every cave and kingdom, people of all types flock to this one place, this once deserted place.

She knew she wasn't meant to be there on any circumstances, but she blended into the crowd well enough to go more than unnoticed; she'd been looked over all night, no one cared.

The line had been stretching on literally for miles. This sight to see was a once in a generation, once in a life, the wait meant nothing to what they were here for.

Rumors had been flung around Ooo for weeks to almost a month, that's why she was here. She was the only one who actually knew, who could prove that they were true.

They couldn't be, though.

They could only be lies and ignorance.

They had to be.

"How could somebody even find one?" A person had asked from behind her to another.

"I wish I knew, I thought there weren't any more."

"But that's what everyone thought. Maybe it's not even real? Maybe they made a mistake, and it's not?"

"We better hope it is. We've been waiting for hours!"

She could hear the impatience in their voices, but she wasn't like that. She had an endless amount of time ahead of her, an endless amount of time behind her as well. A few hours were mere seconds- waiting was nothing.

Apart from this whole world that shares my fate

He had been locked in there, for who knows how long. Each night and day for almost a month he's been stared at, had things thrown at him, prodded, and screamed at to move. He was not an animal, but treated as one nonetheless. He was not one of them, is what he's been reminded.

He didn't belong here, he knew it. But he wouldn't- he couldn't- leave, you see.

Yet another, "Look! Look at it! It's so weird!" Was called out but went right through his ears.

No, he wasn't part of this world. He was here for the world to decide what to do with him.

'Cause I know to live, you must give your life away

But what if the rumors were true? She told herself they weren't, they couldn't be, and they weren't.

She'd had her life taken away for a reason. It had nothing to do with flight, fangs, power, or eternity. It had nothing to do with anything. Eternity was a sucker punch in itself, but thanks to it she was more knowledgeable than you may realize. She didn't have a true reason why she would want to live an eternity, and that may have been because she didn't.

Who would? To be stuck in one place in time… forever?

"No, they're extinct, I've told you already. We're coming to see the Cyclops."

That was a lie, too. Everyone wanted and needed to see this, even her. Something had to be wrong for there to be one still alive.

And I've been housing all this doubt, and insecurity.

He would never get out. Even after all the times he's tried he could never save himself. There was never a time in his life where another had even attempted to help ease his torments. It didn't take long before he had come to the conclusion that he was worth less than nothing.

But he didn't show it, no one would care though. He didn't try to leave, because he knew he'd be dragged back in chains by his ankles.

And I've been locked inside that house, all the while you hold the key

Before sheknew it unlike the rest, the line had moved her to the front. Everyone around was excited to finally enter, and that was the only thing she shared with them.

The staff member took the dollar bills from the awaiting, letting each in one at a time.

In what must have been only moment, she was taking the last steps to stand directly in front of the cage.

And I've been dying to get out, and that might be the death of me

But if he somehow succeeded in escape, he would be killed. Most likely by the colorful, gentle creatures called Rainicorns. And speaking of which, they hadn't been allowed into the room where he was kept, and viewed at a "Safe Distance", but that distance was not for him.

He may have sort of tried to get at someone, but what could you expect?

He had gotten as far as he could through the bars of his cage, his own eyes filled with furry as he attempted to reach out to the man the previous day. He didn't get far, though.

He was a sight to see, alright! Like an animal, but still not. Like a person, but far from it.

He had always asked them, asked himself, and asked the visitors what he was.

He only received one answer-


Even though, there's no way of knowing where to go, I promise I'm going

There was an uncountable number of people in there

The lack of air made her dizzy in an instant. Who would stay in here?

Maybe that was what actually drove them out for the next group.

She began to shove herself through the sea of bodies. Slipping through shoulders, ducking under arms, and stepping over kids. She was going to get to the front to see it.

"Look at it! What is it?!"

That stung. Even if it wasn't directed at her, it sizzled on her skin like the sunlight.

She tugged on the hood of her cloak to cover her eyes further, breathing in deeply the scent of all the blood in the room that was hidden under flesh.

O-Oh I've got to get out of here

I'm stuck inside this rut that I fell into by mistake

He was scared.

Glob, was he afraid.

All those people, for weeks. All that sound, it was too much! And he could hardly breathe now, was he dying?

He was ignored as an infant, no one came to pick him up. He was considered a weird goblin up until the point when he took off his hat in public. Only one person in that entire crowd from so long ago knew him for what he was, whatever he was- Human? He still had no idea of the meaning.

He was gagged, hog-tied, blindfolded, and thrown into a body-bag when he was nine. The first sight he saw was that "Ring Master". He was in a different cage at that time, though, one meant for the most vicious of beasts.

He knew he wasn't meant to be there. He was meant to be free. It called through his veins and every cell in his malnourished body that he needed freedom, more than just wanted it. Was there something wrong with him? Was he crazy? What… what was wrong with him?

But it was his fault, is what he's told.

His entire fault for where he ended up.

And no one was going to save him.

O-Oh, I got to get out of here

Her goal was to leave as soon as possible. But in that first instant, looking into those frightened blue eyes, she knew she couldn't.

Seeing the loss, the fear, and the hopelessness simply screaming in his gaze. Unable to look away, she was just as trapped as he was.

The laughs, the oohs, and aahs, they all were fading into the background. All she could see was the un-bathed, grotesque creature curled small in the corner of his cage, as far from her as possible. Only its eyes peeked out from above its knees, studying her as she him.

The rumors were true.

Dang, were they true.

That was not good.

The engraved metal banner welded to the front of his container said the truth: The Last Human

She could smell the sweetness of his blood through the sweat of the crowd, something she hasn't even dreamed of in centuries. The rabid side of her yearned to yank away the bars to his cell, and suck him dry. She was one of the known two things in Ooo that would kill any human for their own benefit.

She raises a hand to her hood, and pushes it down to her shoulders to show her face.

Almost immediately screams start to echo back and forth through the ocean of citizens.

The human rose from his position, revealing he was on the shorter side of five feet, and who's clothes hung loosely on the bag of bones he was. His ragged locks of hair fell over his face, but were hastily shoved away as he watched everyone dispatch, fighting to get out the tent.


Literally, everything was cleared in minutes. All that was left was the unmoving Cyclops, the Vampire, and the Human.

And I'm begging you

He stared into her red eyes, questioning and thinking and wondering. Somehow, he didn't feel safe holding her gaze.He knew he shouldn't have, for everyone else had fled for what must have been an obvious reason.

"It's amazing," She says coolly. Stepping the extra few yards to the edge of his cage, "How at least one survives."

He isn't speaking, not for here, not for anyone.

Her eyes narrowed slightly, "How long have you been here?"

He bravely, takes a step towards her, but that's all.

She raises an eye-brow, expecting something more. But reluctantly she says "Marceline the Vampire Queen; you are…?"

His lips tighten and his eyes drop to the metal floor. His fingers began to play with the end of his clothes, and the toes of his bare feet curled. He was a Human.

She blows a piece of onyx hair from her line of view. "Why are you in a cage? From what I remember, it should be the other way around." She crosses her arms, turning her head away to mumble the last words.

I'm begging you

She bared her fangs, and hissed. He jumped away, and scooted as far back to the wall of the container as he could.

"What, are you afraid?" And then she laughed.

She cackled. Right at him.

He tried not to cry, and get his heart's beating under control.

He was taught to be an animal. She wasn't going to take that.

"Look guy. This is wrong, I can tell you that much. But as long as I'm here, no one's gonna be coming back in." She took the two bars, and bended them easily to a space big enough for him to climb out of. "So, go on! Before someone figures out about the 'No Stakes to the Heart' rule."

He eyed her, then the new door, then her again.

After so long since the last time he escaped, he can just walk out of his prison? It was some kind of trick, the Ring Master was testing him… she was going to come out of nowhere and have him beaten, or killed, or STARVED OR DROWNED OR EATEN OR-

"What are you just sitting there for?!"

I'm begging you

She lifted her hood above her head again, and scoffed, "Fine! I was just trying to help!" She raised from the ground, and disappeared faster than his eyes could take in.

He was hesitant at first. He hadn't stepped foot out of that cage in so long since his last liberal attempt.

Could he, would he?

He peeks his upper body out, then his lower, and swiftly drops to the trampled ground.

What if he was caught? What if he was kept in a dark room, where he would never be allowed to see sunlight again?

He looked over to the still Cyclops, but turned away before he could get emotional.

He wouldn't be caught if he ran fast enough, right?

He took only a couple of baby steps, before a voice shouts out from behind him.

He turned slowly, fear racing through him again.

Then a yellow dog, only half his height, is waving from the entrance to Ring Master's quarters. Had he been there the whole time?

"Are you going somewhere?" The dog was smiling, but not in an evil way. He didn't wait for an answer, though, "C'mon, let's get out of here before that chick comes back."

He's silent for a moment before whispering "Who are you?"

The dog's smile didn't fade, "I'm Jake."

To be my escape

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