i dont own antique bakery or the characters in it (though i wish i did. it a good manga and tachibana's hot) those belong to the original author. in case you guys don't figure it out this is from kanda's point of view. be nice. review please. i'm cool with constructive flaming.

Ever since i was young i've known i liked girls, i liked everything about them, their hair, their

eyes,their personalitys, in highschool (and,yes, even before then) I pretty much

slept with anything that was hot and had boobs. I've always liked girls always have, always will.

well, at least thats what i thought until i met him. to be honest i don't when,or even why i fell for the

geezer. but i did fall for him. Hard. Don't get me wrong i still like girls, but there's something about

him that just...entrances me. honestly, i don't evenknow what it is i like about him, I mean he's a

good cook, but it's not like he's unhumanly gorgeous or anything (i mean he's not ugly but i would'nt

call him beatiful either) he's stubborn and lazy, if anything he's mean to me 3/4 of the time we

spend together. but,despite all i still...more than anything i still just...love him.