I'm going to be posting a series of drabbles as a thank you for a friend. Taking her prompt, I'll be writing 21 drabbles to go with every year of Ace's life. Enjoy!

Prompt: I'd like to see a fic about Roger. Set in modern times. I'd like to see him being a dad to Ace the best he can in his own silly way.

Growing Up With Roger
Year 0

Roger was always the first to try new things. He was an adventurous man, friendly, brave and most of all – a daredevil. He was that crazy guy that jumped off on the count of one instead of three when he tried bungee-jumping. For Roger, life was simple – so long as he was alive, and had his lovely lady, Rouge, he would be happy. At least, that's what he thought until Ace came along.

All the way through Rouge's pregnancy, the dark haired man had prattled on about his desire to have a boy and when at her second scan they found out she was carrying just that, his excitement was evident as he shuffled down the hospital hallway singing the Party Rock Anthem. Now though, as the nurse passed over this tiny little bundle of life into his arms, Roger, the daredevil, felt a knot of terror tighten in his stomach. This fragile little thing was his to care for, his to protect – his son. A surge of emotion washed over him and he swallowed the lump in his throat. He held his baby boy close to his chest and reached a burly hand up to thumb at the downy feathering of hair smattered across the baby's head.

"My boy..."

Ace chose that moment to burst into wails again and Roger let out his own scream of fright and lobbed the baby halfway across the room, where thankfully a nurse had been standing. Rouge looked from her wailing son to her panting, terror stricken husband, mortified. This was definitely going to be interesting.