"Are you asking me to sleep with you?"

"How crude!"

Sakura ignored the outburst from the young noble and stared at the group in front of her. Ichijou was with his usual smiling face and behind him stood the group she had just delivered to their beloved leader for divine punishment, with a skip in her step just moments ago. Class had ended earlier than expected when Kakashi had failed to arrive in class; it was when a different teacher came in and announced that they were to be dismissed for tonight.

Sakura wasted no time in running out the door without even bothering to listen to whatever the hell the pure-blooded brunette had to say to her. She ran out the building with determination to scold her so called guardian and beat some sense into the older man for ditching his job.

Imagine her surprise she arrived in an empty home with a little note from her over protective father-figure was taped on the main door saying that the guardian in question would be away for a few days. Shock registered through her as the note fell from her dainty fingers.

"He… left?"

Sakura saw red.

The man she trusted her life with had left her without saying a word and thought that a single piece paper would be enough to keep her sanity at bay. She wanted to claw her eyes out, smack the smile off the face of the eye-patch wearing-pirate wannabe man-child guardian she had, pull her hair out in frustration and destroy everything she had come into contact with.

And so she did.

After an hour of destruction, she decided that the living room would need refurbishing and a nice soothing cup of tea was in order. She let the pot warm up as she headed up to her sleeping quarters, ignoring the site of mayhem as she passed the once livable living room and stripped herself from her clothing as she wandered into her private bathroom for a relaxing soak. Ten minutes into her relaxed state, a series of angry knocking disturbed her peace. Cursing, she quickly finished her bath and threw on some of her sleeping clothes that consisted of a thin cotton shorts and an old shirt that Kakashi used to wear.

With her hair still wet and dripping she answered the door with an angry scowl and didn't even bother looking surprised when the underlings of her long time friend instructed her that they would need her to pack her belongings and come with them for the night.

"I'm perfectly happy right where I am, thank you very much." Sakura made a move to slam the door shut to their faces but the young vampires were just too fast for her and were already inspecting the mess she left.

"Do all humans live like this?" Ruka frowned and walked around what seemed to be remnants of a rather expensive vase.

Aidou whistled as he examined a painting larger than himself was broken in two and left to burn near the fire-place. "Anger issues much?"

Sakura laughed and combed her fingers through her wet locks then headed towards the kitchen for her much needed tea for tonight. "I would offer tea, but I despise having to put up a front when I'm angry."

Ichijou smiled. "No need for that Sakura-san, Kaname only wanted to let you know that Hatake-sensei left instructions stating that you will be housing at the moon dormitories within the duration of his absence."

She frowned. "I will do no such thing."

Ruka scowled. "Kaname-sama has spoken little girl," She stalked into the kitchen with a fierce glare and snatched the tea-cup from her hands. "He wishes for your presence and you will grant it!"

Sakura frowned and held out her hand, fully expecting her to return her tea. "Well I wish for you to get the hell out of my house but you don't see me bitching out."

Ruka's face was red with anger and was about to retort but Akatsuki had stepped in once more dragging her away from the pink haired girl with heavy sigh.

"Calm down."

Sakura sighed. "Look, it's late and all I want to do is sleep so if you would be so kind as to—"

"Sakura-san! Aidou and I took the liberty of packing up your belongings," Ichijou smiled. "We managed to pack quite a lot so you wouldn't worry of running out of ensembles to wear during your stay."

Aidou grinned. "You sure do like frills don't you Sakura-chan?"

The painful slap that came into contact with Aidou's face didn't come as a surprise to anyone but him.

"Wait… what?" Kaien stared at his silver haired friend. "You want me to what?"

Kakashi smiled a smile far too innocent to belong to a season hunter like him. "I agreed to your demands now you will mine,"

"B-But that's not fair!"

That earned him a genuinely amused laugh. "Come now, surely it won't be a problem for a man in your position."

"Well yes, I could easily grant your request to—Do you even understand what you're asking me to do!?"

The scarecrow didn't even bother replying as he read the reply from his earlier message with a smile. "Take care of them, chairman."


"Stop glaring, Sakura."

"I will as soon as you drop dead."

"How dare you—!"

Kaname sighed and raised a hand to silence another upcoming headache. "Quiet."

Aidou looked as if he was to protest but held his tongue when the dorm-head stared him down. "…Yes, Kaname-sama."

Sakura sighed and stared at the bunch in front of her. It was nearing day-break and the few vampires that were present in the expanse of the common room were now wearing casual clothes rather than the usual black and white uniform. She played with her long pink locks and stared at Kaname who thanked one of his underlings for informing them of some inspection that the unpredictable chairman of this godforsaken school had so randomly announced.

"Dorm inspections!?" Aidou whined.

Ruka frowned, "Goodness, there is no way to predict the chairman's thinking…"

A red-head he sat near Ichijou straightened up and yawned. "Well, it's okay as long as you don't have anything they could consider against the rules…"

"That's right, as long as you don't have anything out of the ordinary inspections won't matter."

The red head stared at him. "Ichijou-san have you picked up all your clothes from the floor?"

Ichijou merely brushed off the reminder with a charming laugh. "It's okay, they're made from the finest silk after all so it doesn't matter if I leave them on the floor for all the world to see—"

Sakura stood up and began heading towards the staircase.

"Sakura," Kaname called out.

She stopped in her tracks and glared at the taller male. "I'm tired. It's quite obvious that you won't be allowing me to go back, so just leave me alone."

"…Very well then. Ichijou, show Sakura to her room."

Ichijou smiled. "Of course."

Her glare didn't falter even when the cheerful blonde walked up to her and offered to carry her belongings. She didn't put up much a fight when he took her bag and led her to the second floor. She kept her gaze towards the floor and tried to calm herself with deep breathes.

"Hatake-sensei must care for you a lot no?"

She blinked. "Huh?"

"Hatake-sensei, he is your guardian yes?" Ichijou stopped walking and looked at her. "I heard that he had asked the chairman to have you stay here during his trip for your safety."

"…So that's why he left so readily." She sighed and gripped the ends of shirt with a bitter smile. 'Even now…huh Kashi?"

Ichijou didn't bother questioning her of what she meant and opened one of the double-doors present in this wing of the mansion. "This will be your room,"

Sakura finally looked up and frowned seeing where she actually was. "Isn't this… Kaname's private wing?"

"It is, Kaname ordered to have you stay here."

She hummed in fascination and entered the large room, noting how everything was done in her preference. "Did he now?" Her hands trailed over the wooden bed frame and smiled at the blonde. "Did Kaname-sama also tell you to act like his bitch?"

Ichijou merely laughed. "Kaname has always been a close friend to me Sakura-san," He smiled and fixed her with a long stare. "But you on the other hand are a complete stranger."

She returned the smile with her own.

"Sakura-san, I would advise you to watch your manner of speaking around our kind." He placed the bag on the dresser and walked closer to the girl. "They may not be as…" He trailed of as his long elegant fingers tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ears. "…welcoming as I am."

Sakura laughed and leaned into his touch. "Don't worry Ichijou-kun," He smiled at the endearment. "I am perfectly capable of handling myself."

Ichijou chuckled and pulled away. "I'm sure you are,"

She watched him leave the room with an amused grin. "Sweet dreams,"

He smirked. "Sleep well, Sakura-san."

"Sakura-san," Ichijou had called out from the other side of the door later on that afternoon. "Class will be starting soon, you best get ready now."

Sakura sighed and stared at her reflection in the mirror, the day had passed rather quietly without anyone bothering her. She brushed her long hair and tried pulling it up into a pony tail but sighed in defeat when she saw the utter mess she was creating by simply trying. She adjusted her ribbon and checked herself over the mirror, smiling a little when she saw that everything was in place.

Heading out she expected to see Ichijou waiting for her but frowned seeing that no one was present there. She walked through the empty halls with a slight pout and brightened when she saw the familiar form of their ever regal dorm-head. She stalked up to him with a smile and hummed in fascination when she saw what he was looking at.

"Well, aren't those two chummy with each other?" She mused with laughter and leaned into his side.

Kaname didn't even look her way, "It is to be expected, they grew up together."

"Is that so?" She moved away from him and watched as the brunette tumble over the flight of stairs; she chuckled when she felt the taller male tense up. She resisted the urge to bait him further but the laugh that escaped her couldn't be contained when she saw the pair below them enter into some kind of disagreement. "That girl doesn't seem to know the dangers of playing with fire doesn't she?"

"…That girl, is named Yuki,"

She glanced at him. "Hmm… well," She smirked. "Yuki-chan is an idiot."

The two watched the silver-haired prefect walk away with a hand stuffed in his pocket leaving a dumbstruck brunette who followed him soon after calling his name.

"Ah, Sakura-san you're up." Ichijou greeted her with that red-haired vampire he was with the other night. "Shiki and I were just about to head to your room."

Sakura smiled. "Thank you Ichijou-kun,"

"It seems the two prefects have forgotten something…" Shiki mumbled as he spotted the two prefects heading towards the gate.

Ichijou followed his gaze and nodded, "Looks like the inspection would be post-poned."

"What!?" Aidou walked out still wearing his sleeping clothes. "After trampling over the little semblance of happiness that I had!?"

Sakura chuckled as she watched the retreating form of the two exit the gates of the moon dormitory. Zero was walking in front while Yuki had gone chasing after him while yelling his name. She snuck a glance at the stoic male beside her who just dismissed a fellow vampire with one look of displeasure with ease.

"Ne, Kaname-kun…"

He barely glanced her way.

"A senpai shouldn't stand by watching when his cute little kohai are about to break the rules," She grinned. "Shall we see to it that they arrive home safely?"