We don't need Uchiha, We need Teamwork.

AU: Naruto/Sakura

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Rating: M

Summary: Team 7 is taught a lesson in teamwork. But the lesson just doesn't work on Sasuke. Well then Kakashi figures that maybe Team 7 doesn't need Uchiha at all. Naruto/Sakura pairing; strictly NaruSaku. Sasuke bashing, village bashing.

"Well, I guess I'll start with the introductions." Kakashi said. "My name is Kakashi Hatake, I like reading good literature, and going for walks on the road through life. I dislike those who would leave their fellows behind and those who think that their mission comes before their friends. My hobby is reading I guess. My dream is to repay all the debts that I owe."

Kakashi pointed to Sakura. "You in the pink, you get to go next."

Sakura had a surprised look on her face at having to go first, but quickly hid it and followed her sensei's example.

"My name is Sakura Haruno. Umm, the things I like are…(she looks over at Sasuke, then back at kakashi.), the things I dislike are people who hide behind masks or keep secrets." Sakura noticed that Naruto looked crestfallen after she said this, but dismissed it and continued. "My hobbies are keeping my lean figure and reading up on different justsu's, my dream is to one day be with the one I love."

"Hmm. If she would build a little muscle and get over Sasuke enough to train properly, then maybe sakura will turn out OK." Thought Kakashi.

Kakashi then pointed to Sasuke, saying "ok, you next."

Sasuke stared directly at Kakashi and said in a flat tone. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, my likes are power and those that can make me more powerful, my dislikes are the weak and those who will hold me back. My hobby is training, and my dream is to kill a certain someone."

"Damn and I was hoping he would get over that power hunger of his, maybe a good lesson in teamwork is necessary."

Kakashi snapped out of his thoughts and pointed to the orange-clad genin. "And finally you."

Naruto had stayed quiet throughout Sasuke's introduction, thinking about what Sakura said. He stayed that way until Kakashi came up to him and got up in his face. "Hey! I told you to introduce yourself brat!"

Naruto sat straight up and said. "Hai! My name is Naruto Uzumaki! My likes are ramen and Sa-" Then he slapped himself mentally and scolded himself for almost slipping! "Soup! Yup! I like ramen and soup. My dislikes are arrogant people and those who don't take their lives seriously. My hobbies include pranking and practicing jutsu. My dream is to become Hokage and make everyone in the village respect me!"

"Oh boy, based on their personalities, Sakura is just a fan-girl who won't train because it might upset her figure, Sasuke is still hung up about Itachi, and judging from what Naruto just said, he and Sasuke are going to be at each other's throats the minute we start training…"

Kakashi looks at his three Genin and gives his trademark eye-smile. "Ok I know just what I'm going to do with you. Tomorrow at noon sharp show up at training ground 7, we will be doing some survival training."

"Survival training Kakashi-sensei? What exactly do you mean?" asked Sakura.

"I'm glad you asked Sakura, but sadly, the details will only be revealed to you tomorrow at grounds 7, oh," Kakashi said as he turned to leave. "before I forget, please don't eat anything before our training tomorrow, I don't want you all throwing up on me."

With that lovely parting note, Kakashi Shun-shined away. Sasuke immediately got up and departed without a word. Sakura looked down at this; she had been hoping to talk to him. Naruto noticed his chance and asked Sakura, "Hey, Sakura-chan? Want me to walk you home?"

Sakura knew that Naruto was a nice kid, and was always polite to her, and since she couldn't get Sasuke to go with her, she decided that she could deal with his joking personality.

"Sure Naruto, come on." And with that they jumped off the rooftop, landed side by side, and headed towards the middle of town where Sakura lived with her parents.

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