Chapter 7: New enemies, new friends, and a new position?

Going crazy here, lol, trying to juggle this story with family issues, and I'm going to be honest with all of you. I like spending time with this story and you guys than with them. It's less complicated. I love them to death, but there is only a handful that I can actually stand to be around. It's also fun that a couple of readers of this story are family, so to you two who I know read this; you guys are on the list of family that I like to be around. (Also, there is going to be a little rant at the end, for all you people who like our society's morals and think that we should push our morals into the Naruto-verse.)

Ok, so last chapter Naruto took Sakura out on a date, then got some attention by said girl, and then got caught by her mom! What will happen next you ask? Why, a simple mission to the land of waves, that's all. What could possibly happen?

Sakura and Naruto walked into the Hokage's office with Kakashi behind them. They had already packed and had two storage scrolls that Kakashi lent them at their hips. Their gear was secure, and their focus on was on the mission that they were about to undertake.

When Sarutobi saw who walked in he smiled. Team 7 had grown faster than any other team that had graduated. He just hoped that they continued their policy of discretion with their relationship, from what Kakashi had reported they had gone beyond simply kissing, though thankfully they had kept their promise and had never done anything while on missions.

Today was a bit surprising for him though. Naruto was locking his fingers with Sakura's, and they both radiated a glow of inner happiness that sent a chill down Sarutobi's spine. "I must ask Kakashi what they did to have that glow surrounding them." Thought Sarutobi.

Sakura spoke up before his thoughts could go further.

"Team 7 reporting as ordered Hokage-sama."

Kakashi patted her on the head and said, "That's my line, Sakura."

Sakura giggled and looked back at the Hokage. Sarutobi smiled at them all. "Thank you Sakura, before we proceed, I want to congratulate you both on your hard work. I truly believe that you two can pull this off without a hitch." With that the Hokage sent his secretary to fetch the bridge builder that team 7 would be guarding.

When Tazuna walked in he took one look at team 7 and said to the Hokage, "This is the team that will be escorting me home? They don't look ready to walk a dog, and aren't they short a member?" pausing he looked directly at Naruto. "Hey kid, where's your third team member? To lazy to come here and do his job?"

Kakashi had had enough of this guy's attitude, and by the look on his Genin's faces, so had they. Before they killed the old drunk, Kakashi stepped forward and spoke. "Tazuna-san why don't you take another look? These two are ahead of the rest of their class in every way." Gesturing to his students, Kakashi continued. "They don't have another team member, and they don't need one, wouldn't you agree?"

Tazuna looked back to Sakura and Naruto, and saw pride in their eyes when they heard their sensei speak up for them. He sighed, and looked back at Kakashi. "Well, as long as they do the job."

As team 7 left Konoha, they got a little surprise in the form of Sasuke Uchiha, who was yelling at the guards to the village. When he saw who was approaching Sasuke turned and grinned at Naruto. "So, they finally decided to kick you out of the village eh? Bout' damn time."

Naruto couldn't suppress a giggle, and Sakura started laughing at the idiot. Sasuke yelled, "What's so damn funny?"

Naruto calmed himself, and smiled at Sasuke. "Well Teme, we just got our first real mission, we are to escort this drunk here," Naruto thumbed back at Tazuna, who was standing beside Kakashi watching the exchange. "Back to the land of waves."

Sasuke growled, but said nothing and walked past him back into the village. One of the guards smiled at Naruto and said, "Thanks for that kid, we couldn't get the brat to leave, he kept insisting that he be allowed to leave the village un-supervised, to go train. He said."

Naruto grinned, "It was no problem, Mr. …"

"Kotetsu, call me Kotetsu. And you of course are Naruto Uzumaki, bane of Konoha, Master Prankster, and the nightmare of the ANBU. It's a pleasure meeting you." At the newly dubbed Kotetsu stuck out his arm, and Naruto promptly shook hands with him.

"Thanks, glad someone appreciates my work. Well, we gotta go now, so I guess we'll see you around."

Kotetsu smiled at him, "Yeah, see ya kid, and take care of your girlfriend!"

Team 7 was already past him as he said this, and on their way so all he got from Naruto was a wave.

On their way through the forest surrounding Konoha Sakura and Naruto pulled ahead to talk in private while Kakashi stayed beside Tazuna. Once she was sure they were out of earshot, Sakura spoke. "Naruto-kun, umm…I…uh, I want to talk to you."

Naruto was curious as to why his girlfriend was acting like Hinata, so he asked. "Sakura-chan, what's the matter."

Sakura blushed. "Well, see, before we left my mom pulled me aside and asked me a few questions, and uhh… well one of them was kind of awkward."

"What was the question?"

Sakura looked straight into Naruto's eyes, and said, "She would like to know when the grandchildren will be here." Naruto stopped where he was, looked at Sakura for two seconds, then blew back in a massive nosebleed, rendering the poor boy unconscious. Sakura panicked and yelled for Kakashi.

Kakashi was talking to Tazuna, asking for specifics about the mission, because the man had been very vague about what they would run into. Tazuna decided to change topics. "So Kakashi-san, what's the deal with those two students of yours? Are they together?"

Kakashi had had enough trying to get information from the man, so he went along with it. "Yes, they are, they both suffered an unpleasant experience at the hands of some villagers, and the event brought them together, from there it went uphill for both of them and their teamwork has grown because of it."

Tazuna thought on this for a moment, then asked another question. "What about the ninja's policy of no-relationships-between-ninjas? I though your people kept a tight leash on this sort of thing."

Kakashi eye-smiled at the bridge-builders insight. "While that is almost correct, it has something missing. You see Tazuna-san, ninja can have relationships, but for the most part, these relationships must be kept secret. These two aren't very good at that part of it, but they at least keep most of their fraternizing in the bedroom."

Tazuna nodded at this, but before he could say anything else the girl know as Sakura yelled for her sensei. Both men looked over to see Sakura holding Naruto's head in her lap, passed out on the ground. When they reached the two genin they saw that he had passed out from a massive nosebleed. Kakashi looked at Sakura and said, "What happened Sakura?"

Sakura blushed and said, "Well, we were talking and I told him something my mother said, and…well you saw the result."

"What did she say?"

Sakura glared at Kakashi and said darkly, "Nothing I'm going to repeat to you, Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi eye-smiled, and brought out a vile of smelling salt. Holding it under Naruto's nose for a moment woke the young man instantly. Looking around, Naruto asked, "What happened?"

Sakura smiled, "you passed out from a nosebleed, remember why?"

Naruto blushed deeply, and Kakashi giggled, having an idea now what Sakuya had said. Once Naruto was on his feet they continued, this time they traveled as a group, with Kakashi in front, Tazuna in the middle, and Naruto and Sakura on either side of him.

They continued like this until Kakashi saw a puddle up ahead, and glanced back to his team, getting them to notice it to. Naruto and Sakura almost naturally put themselves in front of Tazuna, and put their hands in their pockets. As they were passing the puddle, two ninja with gauntlets jumped out, one facing Kakashi, the other facing Naruto and Sakura. The ninja facing Kakashi sent ninja wire around him and, pulling it tight, sliced Kakashi apart. Seeing this sent Naruto and Sakura into action. Sakura kicked Tazuna back, out of reach, and ran to the left, pulling out kunai and throwing them at one brother, while Naruto went through hand seals and created thirty shadow clones. Ten clones went after Sakura's ninja from behind, slicing his back with kunai, while the real Naruto and his twenty clones surrounded the other brother, all throwing shuriken at the same time. The second brother dropped and let the shuriken fly uselessly over him. He was straightening up again when Sakura dropped out of nowhere and planted her boot on his head, knocking him unconscious. When she stood up Naruto walked up to her and hugged her, glad that she got her target. Clapping noises came to their ears and they both looked back to see Tazuna and Kakashi-sensei clapping at them for their performance.

Both genin fell over anime-style. When they got back up they both shouted in unison, "What the hell Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi pointed over to where they thought he had been sliced up. All they saw was a diced up log.

"And The Log was good, for it protected us from the evils of thy world." Kakashi stated.

Both his students automatically said. "Amen."

Tazuna spoke up then, "And because The Log protects the innocent, so shall we, while it be within our grasp, to do the same."

"Amen" said team 7. After this Kakashi told team 7 to move on, and so Naruto and Sakura again took the lead, while Kakashi fell back to speak with Tazuna. "So, Tazuna-san, when were you going to let it slip just how much about ninja culture you knew?"

Tazuna chuckled, and said, "I don't, what I do know is the scriptures of The Log." Saying this he pulled out a tattered book, with a title that was barely legible. The Scriptures and Ways of The Log. Kakashi smiled and nodded, looking back at his team.

Tazuna asked, "So what happened to their third member?"

Kakashi looked down, remembering his failure of a student. "Do you remember the boy we met on our way out of the village?" Tazuna nodded. "He was once a member of team 7, but the brat wouldn't know teamwork if it came up and bit him in the ass."

At this they heard Naruto shout, "It did come up and bite him in the ass Kakashi-sensei!"

The whole group laughed at his comment, and Kakashi looked back at Tazuna. "That it did, see I had team 7 perform a test, this test was supposed to gauge their teamwork and cooperation skills. These two performed flawlessly, but Sasuke thought that he was too good for them, and tried to do the test on his own. He failed, and was sent back to the academy for recycling into the next class." Turning to Tazuna, Kakashi said, "Now that that topic is out of the way, why don't you tell me why two missing-nin's are after you?"

While they talked sakura and Naruto had their own private conversation. Sakura said, "Naruto-kun, um, if you're not going to faint again, I'd like to ask you about what my mother said."

Naruto bowed his head slightly. "What do you want to ask Sakura-chan?"

Sakura developed another blush. "Well, I was wondering what you thought about the idea."

Naruto looked at her with love in his eyes. "Sakura-chan, I would love nothing more than to marry you, and have kids with you, but, I just don't think I'm ready for that yet, I mean, we're only kids." Naruto put his arm around Sakura, and held her close. "I love you Sakura-chan, but I want to wait a bit. If that's alright with you."

Sakura smiled. "Yes, that's fine Naruto, I don't mind waiting. I think I'd kill you if you asked me for a kid right now."

Naruto grinned at that. "Maybe later then."

Kakashi yelled to them from behind. "Team 7 fall in, we have something to discuss."

They back peddled to fall in line with Tazuna and Kakashi. When they were with them Kakashi spoke. "Alright you two, I have spoken with Tazuna about the missing-nin that we fought back there, and he has something he would like to tell you." At his gesture, Tazuna spoke.

"I have something to confess. This mission is going to be more difficult than you thought. You see, a man is after my life, a very dangerous man. His name is Gato. He runs an industry by day, but by night he's an underground crook, one who has taken over the land of waves in a monopoly and has driven its economy into the dirt. We didn't have enough money to pay for a higher mission rank, but we really need your help."

After he stopped talking Kakashi took up speaking. "Since technically Tazuna-san lied to us, we have the right to back out of this mission here and now, but it's going to be a group decision. I want you two to make a good decision, so here's what I'm going to do." Pointing to Sakura Kakashi said, "Sakura, you're in charge of this, talk it over with Naruto and once you two come to a decision about proceeding, we'll go from there."

Nodding Sakura led Naruto over away from the adults. Once they were out of earshot Naruto asked, "So Sakura-chan, what do we do?"

Sakura thought for a moment, then spoke. "Well, on one hand we have our team, you and I make great coordinated attacks, and with Kakashi I think we can handle just about anything, even if we have to protect Tazuna-san." Seeing Naruto nod she went on. "But on the other hand, we don't know what to expect, the two that we fought today could just be the tip of the iceberg so-to-speak. Or they could have been scouting ninja, or just about anything. There are a lot of unknowns."

"So do we abandon them to their fates?"

Sakura looked up and saw Naruto looking at the ground. She knew that that was the last thing he wanted to do to the people of the land of waves. Sakura put her hand on his shoulder and said, "No Naruto-kun, we won't abandon them, we will help them, no matter what!" Naruto nodded, smiling, and Sakura smiled back. Together they went back to Kakashi and told them their answer.

Kakashi smiled and turned to Tazuna and told him their answer. Tazuna, who they had never seen with any expression on his face other than drunkenness, started crying, and thanked them for their help, despite the dangers that they might face. After he calmed a bit, they went on.

Toward midday Team 7 found themselves on a boat heading into the misty land of waves. Kakashi was sitting in the front, reading a special orange book. Tazuna was in the middle, looking forward to seeing his family again, and Naruto and Sakura were in the back, cuddling. Kakashi turned back to them and said, "Hey you two, none of that while on a mission, remember?"

Naruto and Sakura glared at him, but reluctantly separated. After a moment Tazuna spoke up. "In just a moment we'll be in wave country. The bridge marks our land."

Naruto looked away from Sakura and stared at him, "What bridge?"

Tazuna pointed ahead of them and said, "That Bridge."

Naruto and Sakura looked up. There above them was a massive bridge, half-finished, that led deeper into the mist and presumably back to the land of waves. Sakura was awed by its size, whilst Naruto was wondering how it was possible for the old drunk to be able to make such a thing.

When they got close enough to see, Team 7 realized that they were now in the docks of what appeared to be a small village. The boat touched down and the group got out, following Tazuna through the docks. When they reached the end of the docks Tazuna pointed along a pathway that went into a forest. "This way leads to my home, please get me there safely." Kakashi nodded and motioned for Sakura and Naruto to take point. When the formation was formed they went in, genin in front, builder in the middle, and the ever-watchful Jounin backing them up. Nothing was said as everyone was on the lookout.

When they reached a clearing next to a small lake, Naruto threw a kunai into a bush, prompting a snow-white rabbit to flee from it. Naruto quickly caught it and brought it over to the group. "Sorry, it was just a rabbit."

"No Naruto, that was good of you, it means that you're paying attention. This rabbit also means that we're in trouble. Do you know why?"

Naruto shook his head but Sakura suddenly looked at the rabbit with interest. "This rabbit is white, but this is spring-time, it should be brown!"

Naruto picked it up from there. "Meaning that this fuzz-ball has been kept indoors, for special use." He looked at Kakashi. "What use though Kakashi-sensei?"

Kakashi gave them a serious look, "For ninja use."

Suddenly Kakashi turned around. "EVERYONE GET DOWN!"

The group hit the dirt; only a second before a giant blade came swirling through the air. It passed over their heads and landed sliced half-way into a tree behind them. When everyone stood up and looked they saw a man standing on the handle, facing away from them and looking over his shoulder to glare back at the group. The man was a decent height, being as tall as Kakashi, and was well built, perfectly balanced over his sword. He had no shirt, opting for camo-patterned long-sleeves that went from the middle of his bicep, down to his fingers. His pants were baggy, and ended below sleeves on his legs that matched the ones on his arms.

"Zabuza Momochi, missing-nin of the hidden mist."

Zabuza looked at Kakashi and nodded. Kakashi put a hand out, signaling Team 7 to stay back. "Stay there and keep Tazuna safe. You can't handle him."

Stepping forward, Kakashi put his left hand to his headband and pulled it up. "Seeing as I'm facing the "Demon of the bloody mist", I'd better pull out all the stops."

Zabuza turned around to face the group. "You are Kakashi of the Sharingan. Interesting that you're here, but it doesn't matter. The old man is mine."

"Sharingan? What is he talking about? Kakashi isn't Uchiha." Thought Sakura.

Naruto grabbed Sakura by the arm and backed them both up to stand directly in front of Tazuna. He turned and whispered into Sakura's ear. "If it looks like Kakashi sensei is in trouble, I'll go in. you stay back here with the drunk and cover me with shuriken." Sakura nodded and Naruto returned his gaze to the two shinobi in front of him, each was tied in a staring contest.

Without hesitation the two shinobi launched themselves at one another. At first all anyone could see were two blurs, but steadily Sakura and Naruto's eyes started to track the movement. Kakashi was on the offensive, going through hand signs faster than anyone could see, then suddenly he let loose a huge water dragon from the lake. It swept Zabuza into a tree, where he slumped to the ground unconscious. Kakashi got stood tall for a moment, then fell to his knees. Team 7 and Tazuna ran over to him to check to see if he was ok. Kakashi looked up to them and said, "I'm fine, before you ask. Just a little chakra exhaustion. This Sharingan takes a lot out of me." Suddenly a disruption in the form of a hunter-nin made itself known.

"Thank you for taking care of this Missing-nin for me, I would have had much more trouble if it wasn't for you."

Kakashi looked over and sized the figure up and down. "Huh, a hunter-nin? I take it you're here for Zabuza?"

"That is correct."

Kakashi nodded. "Then he's yours, our job is just to protect this man, not take out missing-nin."

The hunter nodded and picked up the unconscious form of Zabuza, then shun-shinned away. When he was gone Naruto asked, "What will he do with that man?"

Kakashi answered, "That was a hunter-nin from Kirigakure. Like the Inuzuka of Konohagakure. Their job is to hunt down missing-nin from their village and to dispose of their bodies, so that no other villages can learn their village secrets."

"So that means that that man will kill him, won't he?" asked Sakura.

Kakashi nodded, then slumped forward. He was unconscious before he hit the ground. Naruto turned to Tazuna and said, "I'll carry him, just lead the way back Tazuna." Tazuna nodded and waited for Naruto to pick up his sensei before he turned around and started walking, with Sakura beside him in case something else decided to attack them. When they got back to Tazuna's house his daughter came running out.

"Father!" she said. "Are you alright?"

Tazuna wrapped her in a hug. "Yes Tsunami, I am fine, thanks to these ninja."

The woman who was Tsunami sighed, and walked over and bowed to Naruto and Sakura, before addressing Kakashi. "Thank you for bringing my father here safely, if not for you I fear the worst."

Turning to the younger ninja she said, "Well, come inside. I'll make dinner, seeing as your all probably hungry."

Nodding the group walked in the house. When they stepped through the door, Kakashi immediately walked into the other room and collapsed onto the ground and fell asleep. Sakura turned to a concerned Tazuna and said, "Don't worry about him; Kakashi-sensei is just tired."

As Tsunami prepared dinner Tazuna sat down with the couple at the table and the first words out of anyone's mouth was "So why do you need ninja help constructing a bridge anyway?"

Tazuna turned to Sakura and said, "I don't. but a man by the name of Gato doesn't want the bridge built, and has decided that my death will stop it."

Sakura nodded and turned to Naruto, "Gato is a major crime lord, I've read that he has legitimate businesses to hide behind, and that's why he's never been caught."

Tazuna nodded. "In a nutshell young lady. Gato decided that this land was to be the start of his next monopoly. Well, you can't have a monopoly if all the villagers are leaving town via bridge, can you?"

Naruto was going to reply, but was distracted by a small boy who walked out from the adjacent room and shouted. "Go home! You stay here to help and you'll just die."

Sakura sported a vein on her head, but kept silent, trying to calm herself. The boy didn't help.

"Didn't you hear me? You're all gonna die!"

"Sounds like home."

The boy stared. "Say what?"

Naruto stood up and walked over to the boy. "I said, that sounds just like home. I don't know your problem is kid, but leave your wailing for someone else. Back in Konoha, I get attacked by civilians and ninja alike, just for being alive. Not for pissing off a bad guy, not for building bridges, just for breathing. You think you got it bad? Go to hell!"

With that Naruto spun on his heel and walked out, with Sakura following close behind him. Tsunami walked in with a look of horror on her face and whispered, "Is it true?"

"Yes," came Kakashi's voice from the other room. "All of it. Back home Naruto is the most hated person in the village. He has every legal right to slaughter over half the village for the crimes committed against him, but the boy is too kind-hearted to do anything. Personally, if Konoha attacked me I'd fight back, but the only one whose safety Naruto cares about at all is Sakura."

Tsunami turned on the boy and said, "Inari! When they return you will apologize to that boy!"

Inari just nodded, still trying to comprehend being hated by your entire village…

Deep in the forest Naruto and Sakura had found a grove, and Sakura was making use of their privacy by cheering Naruto up with a new position that she wanted to try.

"Now I know that the Hokage said no fun while on missions, but Kakashi is with the drunk right now and I think you need cheering up Naruto."

Naruto grinned, he was already all better from his encounter with the brat, but a little fun couldn't hurt them. "Alright, but how do you plan to do that?"

Sakura smiled sweetly, before yanking his pants around his ankles and knocking him on his ass. She crawled up his body and started kissing him, in between saying, "Well, my mom called it sixty-nine, and when she explained it to me, I couldn't wait to try it!"

"So what do I do Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked.

"You just lay back, and when I get into position, you eat me out like never before!"

Naruto liked where this was heading and nodded. Sakura pulled his boxers off, and then stripped until she was nude in front of him, before laying on him upside down so that the apex of her legs were directly over Naruto's face, and his throbbing dick was situated in front of her. Sakura wasted no time and immediately started sucking on him, while Naruto got the message and gently started licking her pussy lips. Sakura moaned onto his dick when he did that, but hated being teased so she humped his face once to get her message across.

It worked, Naruto stuck his tongue as deep as it would go into Sakura's folds, then swirled it around as he slid it out, before repeating the process. This quickly drove Sakura wild, and she had the first orgasm of the night, screaming her pleasure into his cock and humping Naruto's face harder then ever, causing Naruto to moan hard into her wetness. When Sakura came down from her high she realized that she was still awake even after such a mind-numbing orgasm and promptly sucked on her lover harder than ever. Within a minute of this Naruto felt a wonderful build-up in his balls and began thrusting into Sakura's mouth, licking her sensitive clit to urge her on. After a moment the build-up became too much and overflowed. His cum burst forth and coated Sakura's mouth and tongue. When his warm cream entered her mouth and she swallowed her first mouthful Sakura came again, gushing her juices all over Naruto's face and into his mouth. Naruto lapped up as much as he could, but some dripped down and pooled around his neck. Sakura finished him off with a final slurp as she drew her lips across the length of his dick and with a pop it fell out of Sakura's mouth and landed on Naruto's stomach. Flipping herself around and laid next to her boyfriend, cuddling into his side and licking some of her juices off his neck.

"So what did you think Naruto-kun?"

Naruto turned his head and kissed Sakura lightly. "Loved it. And I love you Sakura-chan."

Sakura smiled and placed a hand on his chest. "Love you too, Naruto-kun."

Back at Tazuna's house, Kakashi sat up, his eye's wide. "Oh shit."

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