This chapter is dedicated to Taylor! (I don't own Batman)

"And so you shall go out into the world, changing each other's lives…"

This speech was killing more brain cells than the Law Enforcement Academy had filled. Easily. All four years, down the tube in one fell swoop. I checked my watch and sighed in defeat. This graduation thing that we had been leading up to since we hit preschool was turning out to be taking about that much time to be done with. After about ten long minutes…

"Congratulations…class of 2011!"

A great shout rose from the crowd as hundreds of caps were thrown in the air. I myself let out a very un lady-like shriek and jet out of my uncomfortable metal seat faster than you could say pure genius. No living family to tow me down, no friends to hold me back! I could go, go, and go until I finally found someplace where I wasn't considered a know-it-all…even if I did.

"Beth! Oh Beth!"

Oh crap.

"It's been such a good few years! Promise we'll stay in touch!" Stacy, the school creeper, flung herself at me, tears and all.

"Stacy…you've hated me since year three…"

"Oh silly! We all want to start anew! Don't you? Hey, that rhymed!"

I could have sworn my eye twitched. Then the airhead saw something shiny on one of her followers and ran off towards the people who would now get a job at McDonald's, go work at Best Buy and stay in the same zip code all their life.

Hell if I could help it.

I ran out the blessed auditorium doors before even more fake friends could try apologizing to me and went straight to my car. I was the first person out of there and not regrettably too. They might have their social life but I had something better. A brain.

First order of business; pack and get the hell out of Dodge, needless to say I did exactly that.

I went ten above the speed limit to my apartment where my belongings were already thrown in suitcases and ready to go. I had packed the night before in hopes of avoiding the rush of graduates ditching this town and was making good time so far.

Taking one look at the tiny room I had tried to inhabit for the last few years, I slung my bags over my shoulder (as there weren't that many to begin with) and started out the front door, leaving my keys in my mailbox.

"Do pack some snacks so you won't get hungry dear?"

"Thanks Ms. Dingleberry!" I snatched the snack bars the elderly landlady offered to me and kissed her on the cheek. She had been like my second mother, and was the only person I was going to actually miss in this hellhole I had called home since I could remember.

I waved back and shot her my most charming smile before switching on the air conditioning and radio full blast. I slammed my blue Toyota hunk of crap into full gear and left skid marks for five feet until I turned a corner and was gone, shooting like a gun with a granola bar sticking out of my mouth.

I reached Gotham City the next week.